August 2006
Just when Linux/Unix/BSD/Solaris users thought we didn't care...
Posted on August 28, 2006 by Graham
OK, some of you here might think that we only consider Windows users here, but we certainly don't. Not all of the webmasters use Windows (I don't and one other has a non-Windows system alongside his Windows machine), so maybe we should really be pushing out more stuff that's not designed for Microsoft slaves. Anyway, what you can see to your right is a KDE splash screen created by a certain turdfergusson (yes, the first four letters are his invention, not mine or anyone else's), which will brighten up the start-up of KDE. Now, KDE is a desktop environment that's used by Linux, BSD, Unix and Windows users who have installed Cygwin, so if you don't use it, then it's not for you (we do have themes for XP users on the site, though). Now, I couldn't find a dedicated place for this splash screen, so I've put it in our Desktop Themes section, where you'll find some XP themes, too. Don't complain, I'm not going to create a section just for one splash screen, but if more came along, then maybe things could be departmentalised a bit. The instructions on how to install this is on the Desktop Themes page.

I also have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from the bloke with the damn long name of Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA. He's created three pictures, all of which has him in them. Don't run away, there are Futurama characters involved, too. We have Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA, Leela and Zoidberg in some freak show, and two pictures of Leela and Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA, one a drawing and another done on a computer. All pictures, even though they have Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA in them, are quite nicely done, so kudos to Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA, the bloke with the very long name. Yes, that's Futurama_Freak1-MODFIA, a name you won't forget, because it's so damn long! Why is it so long? I just want to explode!

In other news, below is the update by our new webmaster Tim, who some will know as Red_line. He's done a lot of fan fiction work that has been sitting around doing nothing for a while in my inbox, so I thank him for taking them off my hands and putting them up on the site. Feel free to give him more fan fiction work to eat. Maybe he'll burp out some more stuff. Anyway, let's welcome Tim aboard. BTW, that scary picture to the right represents what Tim will be doing once he realises what mess he's got himself into when joining the Futurama Madhouse team*.

* - Any similarity between Tim and the frustrated man shown in the picture is purely coincidental. Although the longer stays here, the more likely he'll be losing his hair.

Finally, Michael, are you happy now?
There's a new delivery boy in town
Posted on August 27, 2006 by Tim
That would be me. Sorry, no pretty pictures this time. How about a load of Fan Fiction instead?

We've got a new one by Dwayne Anderson, "The One Free Man", plus a part 3 of his "Quest For Deliverance". Speaking of parts, there's also a new chapter of Rye Guy's "The Other".

And a couple of new authors to the list, Purplefish with "The What-If Machine Presents" and two by Dead Composer, "Bender's List" and "Freaky Fry Day" (hmm, that sorta sounds familiar from somewhere ..).

I'm too lazy to link them all individually. They're easy enough to find. Enjoy.
Where the heck did I put that Battleship Potemkin?
Posted on August 12, 2006 by Graham
OK, some stuff for today, so at least August will be a month of Futurama content. I have a videoclip that has been kindly submitted by Michael Grote, all done with 3DS Max. The video features Bender doing some random stuff and some pest control. The backing music is Black Sabbath's "Iron Man", Bender B Rodriguez's "Blasting All the Humans in the World" and also the Futurama theme tune. The video was done with 3DS Max, so expect some interesting things in the image department. Nice effort, I have to say. I also have some stuff for our Fan Art section from the long lost Futuregirl234. Long lost to the world, it seems that some historians stumbled upon her, freeing her from whatever it was that was stopping her from submitting stuff. Anyway, she's back now and she's come up with three new pictures, all featuring Fry in various guises. I'm sure that the various Fry fans out there will have something to keep their eyes satisfied. Enjoy!