Claw Plaque

Match 25: Gorgax of Trisol vs Mayor Poopenmeyer

Zoidberg is incredibly full of contestants by now, but is still hungry.

Zoidberg: Hmm… Who should fight today? I know, Servants!!!

Servants 1 and 2: Yes your majesty?

Zoidberg: Servant 1, get the Mayor Of New New York! Servant 2, get Gorgax Of Trisol!

Servant 2: Where is Gorgax, Trisol?

Zoidberg: Bah! Do you know nothing? For some reason Gorgax STILL sits in his chair on the set of “Who’s Dying To Be A Gazillionaire?”!

The Writer is getting bored, so let’s just say *Several Kidnappings Later*

Zoidberg: Your choices for weapons will be: 1) A Pikachu Doll

2) Nun-chucks

3) Several Of “Bender’s Tasty Yummies and Yummy Tasties” (Refer, again, to the Gazillionaire comic)

4) Scotty’s Giant Skirt

Scotty glares at writer

Writer Ahem, I mean “kilts” *Cough*weird*Cough*

Zoidberg: And now for the choosing of the chooser, Get on little doggie, before I eat you!

Dog picks Gorgax

Gorgax picks the multiple “Bender’s Tasty Yummies and Yummy Tasties”

Poopenmyer picks Scotty’s giant Skirt

Scotty glares at writer again

Writer fine, he picked Scotty’s Giant Kilt

Servants 1 and 2: Can we get on with this? We have to be at the house of that bot that is plated gold with the roman accent.

Zoidberg: Fight!!!

Gorgax hits the writer for writing like so, and says “ Use paragraph form, idiot!”. With that, he gets struck by lighting several times, dies, comes back to life, gets struck by lighting again, dies, and comes back to life.

Mayor Poopenmyer tries to strangle Gorgax with the kilt. Just as Scotty is about to glare, he realizes I typed kilt. Gorgax burns the Mayor with some of the Yummy Tasties, but not with the Tasty Yummies. *Street Fighter Music starts playing in the background*

Mayor Poopenmyer grabs a rock and swings it around is Scotty’s giant kilt, using it to throw the rock. The rock passes through Gorgax, because he is made out of water. Gorgax eats all but one of the Tasty Yummies, but leaves the Yummy Tasties. Gorgax grows into the size of Godzilla.

It just so happens The Nimbus is patrolling near Decapod 10, and sees what he thinks to be Godzilla. Zapp gasps, “I thought I got rid of Godzilla, but he’s back and made out of water!”. Writer: *Dull look on face* Oh, the horror. *Yawn*

Flying the Nimbus towards Gorgax, the ship gets plucked out of the air by Gorgax. Zapp screams, then says “ We can’t let the ship fall into Godzilla’s hands! Initiate Self-Destruct Protocol 1A 2B 3C!” Somewhere, Bender explodes. “Damn, that’s not right. It would have to be something I would never think of, I’ve got it! Initiate Self-Destruct Protocol Women Are People Too!” “Five minutes until explosion”, drones a computerized voice, which is actually a robot. Zapp, Kif, the crew of the Nimbus, Servants 1 and 2, Zoidberg, and everyone else who isn’t fighting, escape. Gorgax squishes the Mayor with the Nimbus, 30 seconds before it explodes. BOOM!!! Both are dead. *Street Fighter Music stops*

“Who is the winner already?” inquires Zoidberg. After 2 days of trying to get the Windows Me judging computer to start, if finally drones out ” Because the Mayor was killed with the Nimbus 30 seconds before it exploded, Gorgax is the winner!!!”

Zapp says “What about my ship, I loved her like a woman! Especially the holes I plugged up with my *censors ready* jar of corks” The Writer types, “Like a woman?! What you do in the private is your own business!”

... The End (Or is it?)