Fan Fiction

Just Another Fry and Leela Shippy
By fry+leela4eva

Scene - The ship, Fry and Bender's quarters.

Fry is lying in his hammock daydreaming about Leela as usual.

Fry(talking to himself): Ah, man, when will Leela relize that we're made for each other? I mean I've so much for her and she still doesn't love me. What can do? Suddenly he hears a loud sobbing noise coming from outside.

Fry(worried): Uh oh, who could that be? He gets out of his hammock and goes to see what's going on.

Fry(worried): I hope everything is ok... He continues walking down the hall way until he notices that the crying noise is coming from Leela's room. Worried, he rushes in to see if she's ok.

Fry(panting): Leela, Leela, are you ok? What happened?

Leela continues crying until she notices that Fry is by her side with his arm around her.

Leela(shakes her head then looks at Fry with a childish look): Nope...

Fry(concerned): What's wrong, Leela?

Leela(teary): Oh, Fry I... I- She starts to cry again but this time she cries into Fry's chest.

Fry(holds her tightly): Shhh, shhh, hey it's ok, everything's ok everything's gonna be fine, Leela I promise.

Leela slows down her crying and looks up at Fry with an innocent face.

Leela(soft): Fry, why are you so sweet and caring and-

Fry(soft): Leela, you know why, I tell you everyday, it's because, well, you know...

Leela(lying): No, I don't actually. Can you tell me?

Fry(going red): Do I have to?

Leela(grins): Well, you do want me to know, don't you?

Fry(blushing): Ok, ok, well, Leela, as you already should know, um, I-

Leela: Yes,


Fry(nerves): Leela, I... I... I love you...

Leela(grins): Really?

Fry: Yes...

Leela(smiles): I don't know what to say... So I'll just um...

Leela gives Fry a long kiss. Then she pulls away slowly. Her face is bright red.

Fry(smiles): You knew all along, didn't you?

Leela(sheepishly): I just wanted to hear you say it.

Fry(smiles lovingly at Leela): I always say it everyday to you, as I have been ever since I first told you.

Leela(softly muttering): And I wish I could say it back...

Fry(surprised): What?

Leela(looks up): Huh? Oh, nothing...

Fry(smiles): But I swear that I heard you say something, Leela.

Leela(lying): It must just be your wild imagination...

Fry(stares at Leela lovingly and sighs): Leela, why are you so beautiful?

Leela(looks away and blushes): Aww, Fry...

Fry(smiles shyly): Well, it's only the truth, Leela.

Leela(smiles playfully): And I have a question for you, Fry.

Fry(confused): What's that?

Leela(smiles lovingly): Fry, why are you always so sweet?

Fry(looks down to his shoes and blushes): Well, I guss it's just because... (looks up at Leela and smiles at her shyly, still blushing) I love you and I want you to know that by not just telling you, but by showing you as well.

Leela(tearful): Oh, Fry... I... I- (she starts to cry loudly)

Fry(holding her tightly): Hey, hey, please don't cry, Leela, it breaks my heart to see you upset.

Leela(looks up into his eyes): But,

Fry, I... I-

Fry(calming her down): Shhhh, it's ok, please don't cry.

Leela(pushing him away): No! No, Fry, it's not! Nothing's ok! Not one thing!

Fry(confused): Huh? But I don't understand, Leela.

Leela(frustrated and tearful): Look, Fry, you wanna know why I was crying before?

Fry(softly to himself): That's why I came, to see what was going on.

Leela(through her sobs): It's because... Because...

Fry(softly): Yeah?

Leela(looks up at Fry and smiles watery): I... I love you... (she starts to cry again)

Fry(surprised): Woah... Really? Wow, this is the best moment of my life... I love you too, Leela.

Leela(cuddling up to him): You know what Fry? This is the happiest moment of my life.

Fry(holding her): Mine too... And- Hey? wasn't the happiest moment of your life when you first met your parents?

Leela(looks up at him and smiles): Yeah, but this is too.

Fry(is confused but smiles): Sometimes, I just don't get you, Leela, witch is one of the many reasons why I love you.

Fry(confused): Leela? Honey?

Fry looks down at Leela to see that she is fast asleep in his arms. With a happy sigh, Fry tucks her in and watches her sleep peacefully.

Fry(whispers, while softly stroking Leela's hair): Leela, you'll never know how much I love you.

The End....