Fan Fiction

Any One Else
By Frosty

[It was December 26, 8:30 AM. Last night, the Planet Express crew had their annual Xmas party. There was food, drinks, gifts, laughs, and good times. But for Fry and Leela, one good time they didn’t expect…]

[Fry woke up, tired and disoriented. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around the room, and noticed he was in Leela’s cabin.]

Fry: (thinking) What the hell? Oh! My head is killing me!

[After rubbing his temples, he sat up and his eyes went wide.]

Fry: Leela?!

[He put his hand up to his head, and felt the throbbing pain. Watching Leela slowly get up, she kept her back turned towards Fry, put her hand up to her head and groaned.]

Leela: (groggy) What happened last night?

Fry: I don’t know.

[As soon as Leela heard his voice she looked behind her, and saw Fry.]

Leela: Fry?!

[They both stared at each other and tried to remember what exactly happened the night before.]

Leela: Oh my God.

[Leela looked at his messy hair, and saw his jacket flung over her desk. She saw her shoes on the floor, Fry’s pants by the door, and her bra hanging from the window rod.]

Leela: Did we?

Fry: I guess so.

[Leela sat up fully, and pulled the blanket tighter around her. Fry looked away, knowing she wouldn’t appreciate him staring at her.]

Fry: Leela-

Leela: I think you should go.

[Fry said nothing and pulled on his clothes. He walked out of the room and Leela looked around. Rubbing her eye she thought about what happened.]

[They were the only ones in the lounge. Sitting on the couch, Fry had what everyone had guessed to be his 8th beer. The same with Leela. They were on the borderline of tipsy and drunk, still having control over their decisions. Fry finished his beer, and set the bottle on the table. Leela looked at Fry, and got closer to him.]

Leela: (slightly slurring) Fry?

[Fry spoke in the same slurring voice as Leela.]

Fry: Yeah?

Leela: I had a great time tonight.

Fry: Me too.

[She smiled and looked at the clock.]

Leela: I should get going.

[She tried to stand up, but when she got to her feet, she instantly fell back, landing on Fry. They laughed hysterically, and their eye(s) met. Leela leaned in, letting her lips gently meet with Fry’s. After a few seconds, she kissed him harder, and Fry felt her hands under his jacket. They stumbled onto the ship and into her cabin.]

[Leela gathered her clothes off of the floor and stepped into the shower.]

Leela: (thinking) Oh Lord. I was the one who led him on.

[Even thought she was embarrassed by her behavior, last night was amazing. She had never been with someone so passionate before. She thought about all the other guys who have used her before, but Fry wouldn’t do that. They were just looking for a one-night stand, but Fry wouldn’t. They would be gone the next day and she’d never see them or hear for them again, but Fry wouldn’t. She thought about the days she came in upset after those nights had happened, and Fry would always comfort her. He’d never say things like “You should know what happens by now.” or “Serves you right for being such a slut.” (That was Bender and Amy’s job). But Fry would always say things like “Its okay, he’s a huge jerk.” and “If he cant see how great you are, then its his loss.” But she could never figure out why he would tell her that, when he could just tell her off.]

[After walking into the kitchen, Fry started to brew a pot of coffee, and got out the bottle of aspirin. Still thinking about what happened the night before, he rubbed his head. Did Leela love him? They weren’t that drunk, but then again…. He didn’t know what to expect. Popping two aspirin in his mouth and washing them down with water, he heard Leela come out from the ship. She was dressed and her hair was pulled back in her pony tail.]

Fry: Listen-

Leela: Lets just not talk about it.

[She smiled and he handed her a cup of coffee.]

Leela: Thank you.

[Bender walked in and Fry waved]

Fry: Hey Bender.

Bender: Hey meat bag. So you finally did it with Leela, huh?

[Leela punched Bender‘s head, causing him to fall to the ground.]

Bender: Ow!

[Leela rubbed her fist and walked out of the room. Fry sighed and took his coffee, sitting down on the couch while Bender was still on the floor.]

Bender: (OS) Can some one help me up?

[Once everyone arrived at Planet Express, they all took their spots at the conference table. Leela didn’t even look at Fry, but he tapped her on the shoulder.]

Fry: Look, I don’t want this to ruin our friendship. I mean, its not like either of us knew what we were doing, or took advantage of each other.

[Leela looked down and Fry squeezed her hand.]

Leela: Okay,

[Fry smiled and he let go of her hand. He was happy that he and Leela were still friends, but he was a little disappointed that she didn’t feel anything for him after the night they had. Sure it was a mistake, but they weren’t that drunk. She was the one who kissed him first, and led him onto the ship. She was the one who slipped off his jacket, and she was the one who pushed him on the bed. But she didn’t mean to. All he knew, was that he needed to convince Leela that he was the right guy for her.]

Professor: Good news everyone! Today, you’ll be making a delivery to Santa to take back all of his weapons he dropped!

Leela: Professor-

Professor: Off you go!

[They boarded the ship and took their usual spots on the ship. Leela didn’t say much the whole flight, and when they finally landed on Neptune, all she said was..]

Leela: Bender, Fry, you two just go give Santa’s weapons to the Neptunian’s and get back here. Alright?

[They shook their heads and went down to the cargo bay.]

Fry: (thinking) What do I have to do to make Leela love me? I did it once, but its not like I could move the stars for her again. Something big has to happen, something huge. But what?

[Leela was sitting in her chair watching Fry and Bender walk on the planet surface looking for the Neptunian’s. Even though Bender was there, and they were carrying weapons of mass destruction, she couldn’t help but sit back in her chair and think about Fry. She really did like him, but was there more? No, there couldn’t be anything. Sure he was nice, and fun, and sweet, and kind, but he was- Fry.]

Leela: (thinking) Me and Fry? No, that’s crazy. But on the other hand-no forget it, you don’t have feelings for Fry!(pause) Oh, lets face it, yes you do. But do you love him?(pause) I don’t know.

[She looked out the window again, and saw Bender and Fry running towards the ship, being chased by guard dogs. She started the ship and made sure they boarded. When she saw the stairs start to raise, she took off.]

[Fry stumbled onto the bridge, where Leela saw his ripped clothes, and that one of his shoes were missing.]

Leela: Are you okay?

Fry: I’m fine. I just-

[He sat down and put his head back. Leela looked at him, and thought about going over there, just to make sure he was really okay.]

Leela: Why don’t you go lie down?

Fry: I don’t know, I cant really move, I’m so dizzy.

[Leela put the ship on auto pilot and went over to Fry. Helping him get up, she led him to his cabin and laid him down on the hammock.]

Leela: Just get some rest, I’ll let you know when we get home.

Fry: Thanks Leela.

Leela: That’s what friends are for.

[He smiled and closed his eyes as Leela walked back to the bridge. Even though Fry was smiling, his heart ached when she said “friend”. ]

Fry: (thinking) Always, “Just a friend.”

[Once she sat down, Leela heard a voice behind her]

Amy: What’s wrong Leela?

[She turned around and saw Amy sitting in Fry’s seat.]

Leela: Nothing, just thinking.

Amy: About Fry?

[She turned her head and Amy smirked]

Amy: So, what was it like with Fry?

[Leela laughed and paused]

Leela: Amazing,

[Amy noticed the look Leela had in her eye.]

Amy: You love him, don’t you?

Leela: I-I don’t really know. He’s sweet, and kind, and fun to be around, but he’s- he’s-

Amy: Fry?

Leela: I know that sounds mean, but he’s so immature.

Amy: But Leela, you know he would change for you. He’d do anything for you.

[The next few days, Fry began to be more responsible. He did his work, no longer just sat on the couch, and actually got Bender to do some work too. Leela couldn’t believe it.]

[Fry was sitting on the couch with Leela watching All my Circuits. Neither of them could sleep the night before; Fry because he couldn’t stop thinking about Leela, and Leela because she couldn’t stop thinking about Fry. Plus she had a really bad stomach ache.]

Fry: Aw man, another re-run?

Leela: This is like the 10th time we’ve seen this one.

[Leela suddenly felt sick, she ran into the bathroom, and Fry could hear her throwing up. Walking over to the door, he gently tapped on it.]

Fry: Leela, you okay?

Leela: (OS) Yeah, I must be coming down with something.

[About a month later, Fry walked into Planet Express, and saw that no one was there yet. He couldn’t sleep, so he just decided to come in early. He hadn’t been sleeping lately, not since that night with Leela. Speaking of her, she was sitting on the couch with a water bottle in her hand.]

Leela: Hi Fry.

Fry: Hey, what are you doing here so early?

Leela: I could ask you the same question.

[He chuckled and looked back at her]

Leela: So, guess what?

Fry: What? I don’t know.

[Leela paused and sat up.]

Leela: I’m pregnant.

[Fry stared and he swallowed hard]

Fry: Are you sure?

Leela: Yeah, I’ve taken like 5 pregnancy tests.

Fry: What are we gonna do? I mean, I leaned in health class that pregnancy can often lead to a baby.

Leela; Yeah, that’s usually what happens.

[They both didn’t say anything.]

Leela: (soft) I’m not ready to be a mom.

[He couldn’t believe what he was about to tell her.]

Fry: Have you considered…you know?

Leela: I couldn’t do it. I went there, and there was this one girl protesting who was like “Oh hey, guess what? Baby’s have fingernails.” Fingernails!

Fry: That’s weird.

Leela: Yeah, and then the freaky receptionist was offering me condoms that looked like cherry suckers. And then she wouldn’t stop talking about the fact that her boyfriend’s junk smelled like cherry’s when he used them!

Fry: Ew!

Leela: Yeah, (pause) I’m staying pregnant Fry.

Fry: But if you’re pregnant, you’re gonna have to take time off work, you cant fly the ship, and you’re gonna have to tell people!

Leela: I think they’ll be able to figure it out!

[Fry sat down and took her hand.]

Fry: You know that I’m here for you, right?

Leela: I know, thank you.

Fry: What ever you decide to do, I’m behind you 100%.

Leela: I was thinking adoption, but the thing is, (pause) I’ve always wanted a baby. But I’m just not prepared now. How am I going to take care of a baby by myself?

Fry: I understand. But, what if we both take part in taking care of it?

[Leela looked up and she couldn’t believe it. Fry was offering to help take care of an infant?]

Leela: That would be a lot of responsibility, you know.

Fry: I know, but I can change.

[She looked away, and sighed.]

Fry: Look I know I’ve never been the most responsible person, but I promise, if you decided to keep it, I’ll change.

Leela: You’re really serious about this.

Fry: What do you say?

Leela: I’ll have to think about it, but thanks again Fry.

Fry: No problem.

[He took a deep breath and looked at her.]

Fry: So, when are we gonna tell everyone?

Leela: Well, I know that I want to tell my parents first.

Fry: Do you want me to come with you?

Leela: Would you?

Fry: Do you wanna go during lunch?

Leela: Yeah, the sooner the better.

[After their deliver that morning, Fry and Leela went down into the sewers and stood outside Leela’s parents house.]

Fry: Are you ready?

Leela: Do I really have a choice?

[He put a hand on her shoulder and smiled.]

Fry: Everything’s going to be fine.

[She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Munda answered and smiled.]

Munda: Hello Leela, hello Fry, what are you doing here?

Leela: I need to talk to you.

[They walked inside, and sat down. Morris was sitting in his chair, as Leela took another deep breath.]

Morris: What’s going on honey?

[She didn’t say anything and Fry patted her hand]

Fry: Just tell them.

Munda: Tell us what?

Morris: Are you in some kind of trouble?

Leela: (pause) I’m pregnant.

[Morris jumped at Fry and started strangling him.]

Fry: (choking) Leela, help me!

Leela: Daddy, stop its not his fault!

[Leela got her dad to release Fry, and watched as he rubbed his throat. Leela explained what happened, and Fry sat there with his head down.]

Munda: So what are you two gonna do?

Leela: We don’t know.

Munda: Have you considered the other option? You know…

Morris: Nipping it in the bud?

Munda: Morris!

Leela: I cant do it, that’s out of the question.

Morris: If you want, we’ll be happy to help take care of the baby while you work. Or watch it overnight.

Fry: And like I said, I’ll help take care of it too. I can come over and help around, or take the baby every other week. What ever.

Munda: We’re all here for you Leela,

Leela: I just, have a lot of thinking to do.

[After saying goodbye to Leela’s parents, the two of them went back to work. Then at the end of the day, Fry walked Leela home.]

Leela: I still cant believe this is happening.

Fry: I know.

Leela: I just never thought I’d be going through this alone. I mean, I know I have you and my parents, but-

Fry: You mean with a husband.

Leela: Yeah,

Fry: Same here. I mean with a wife, not a husband.

[Leela laughed and smiled at him.]

Leela: You know Fry, you always know how to cheer me up.

Fry: That’s what I’m here for.

[They got to Leela’s apartment and stood outside of the building.]

Fry: You hungry?

Leela: Starved.

Fry: I can get you something and bring it back if you want.

[She was about to say no, but looked in his eyes. He really wanted to be apart of this, and she knew that he was going to change.]

Leela: Sure, I’d like that. I’ll go clean up, and just come up to my place and we’ll have dinner.

Fry: We’ll?

Leela: Yeah,

[He smiled and they made their separate ways. Leela combed her hair, and picked up around the apartment. After setting the table, Fry walked in with a bag of Chinese food.]

Leela: Lets eat.

[They sat there, eating and talking. Afterwards, they sat on the couch and kept talking. Fry loved spending time with her, and his heart started beating faster when she looked at him. Slowly he leaned in, and to his surprise, Leela didn’t kick him out. Instead, she leaned in too. Softly, their lips met, and Fry felt a burning in his chest. It was soft, but passionate at the same time. Everything was great, until Leela pulled away. Fry knew that, she thought the kiss was mistake.]

Leela: Its getting late. You should probably head home.

Fry: Right,

[He opened the door, but before he walked out he turned to her and said, ]

Fry: I’m sorry.

[He left and Leela sat there, crying on the couch.]

[Over the next few months, Fry and Leela grew closer as friends when they were preparing for the baby. They had decided they would keep it and work everything out. Leela was now 8 months pregnant and was going for her last ultrasound.]

Leela: You wanna come Fry?

Fry: Sure.

[After helping Leela with her jacket, they took a cab to the doctors office.]

[Fry was sitting next to Leela, while the ultrasound technician was looking at the baby.]

Dr.: And there’s the arms, the legs, the head-

Fry: Whoa! Check out baby big head!

Leela: That’s you’re baby Fry!

Fry: I’m sorry, but that thing is freaky looking.

Dr.: And that’s it. The baby is fine, you’re almost there. You’ll probably be giving birth with in the next 5 weeks.

Leela: Great.

[The doctor left, and Fry looked at Leela. These past few months, he had changed so much, so Leela decided to give him a chance.]

Leela: After this, you wanna get some dinner and come over to watch TV?

Fry: (smiling) Sure.

[Leela got cleaned up, and they picked up some Mexican food, and went back to Leela’s. After dinner, they sat on the couch watching TV.]

Leela: You know, once this whole thing is over. We should take the baby out in space during lunch. You remember when we use to do that?

Fry: Yeah, that was fun.

[Leela paused, and Fry took a deep breath.]

Fry: Leela, do you regret that what happened between us, happened?

[She didn’t say anything, she just put her hand on her stomach]

Fry: I mean, do you think that we could-

Leela: Be together?

Fry: Well, I was hoping that after that night-(pause) I mean-

Leela: Fry I know I hurt you,

Fry: Just let me know if you regret it.

Leela: (soft) No,

Fry: If you don’t, then why-

Leela: Fry, here’s the thing-

[He knew she was going to give some long speech about how they’re too different, and he didn’t want to hear it.]

Fry: You know what? Save it!

[He got up and stormed out the door. Leela looked at the door, hoping he would come back in. But he didn’t. She buried her head in her hands and began to cry.]

[The next day, Fry was standing leaning against the counter in the kitchen of Planet Express, drinking coffee. Leela came in and Fry looked at her.]

Leela; I wanted to say I’m sorry.

[Fry didn’t say anything, but got worried when Leela put her hand on her stomach.]

Fry: You okay?

Leela: Its just that, the baby’s kicking really hard. It does that when ever I see you. Maybe its because my heart is beating so fast, because, I’m crazy about you Fry.

[She took his hand and put it on her stomach. He felt the baby kicking and smiled.]

Fry: Wow. So, do you-

Leela: Yes, I love you Fry.

[He smiled and kissed her. Amy was watching them and smiled. Turning around, she laughed.]

Amy: About time.

[They broke the kiss, and Fry kept his hand on Leela’s stomach. The baby was kicking even harder now, and they both laughed.]

Fry: I’m guessing you’re heart is beating 100 miles per hour?

Leela: Faster.

[He held her close, and kissed her forehead.]

Leela: I know that most people fall in love before they have a baby, but I think this works for us.

Fry: Yeah,

[Fry and Leela were sitting on the couch at their apartment on a Saturday afternoon. Fry had moved all his stuff in to her place the day she said she loved him. The TV was on, but neither of them were watching. Fry was running his fingers through her hair, and Leela was resting her head on Fry’s lap.]

Leela: Oh boy,

Fry: What?

Leela: I’m getting one of those weird pregnancy cravings.

Fry: What do you want?

Leela: Fries and chocolate covered strawberries.

Fry: I’ll go out and get some then.

Leela: Really?

Fry: Yeah, I’ll be back in like 10 minutes.

Leela: Thanks Fry.

[He left and Leela placed a hand on her belly. She couldn’t believe that she and Fry were in love, and were going to have a baby. She sat there for half an hour waiting for Fry. The door opened and Fry walked in with two bags.]

Fry: Hey, sorry that took so long.

Leela: That’s fine.

[He sat down the one bag next to Leela.]

Fry: Alright, here’s the fries, and I’m gonna go melt the chocolate.

[He went into the kitchen with a smirk on his face when he heard Leela open the bag.]

Leela: Fry, what is this in the bag?

[She reached in and pulled out a diamond ring.]

Leela: Oh my God!

[Fry walked over to her and got down on one knee.]

Fry: Leela, I love you with all my heart. We’ve been through so much these past few months, and even though we had our moments, I think it was all worth it.

[He paused and Leela smiled.]

Fry: I know that you feel the same way about me, that I do about you and you know what? I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else but you.

[He chuckled and took her hand.]

Fry: You know what this whole long speech it about, so I’m just going to get to the point; Leela will-

[Leela put a hand on her stomach and gasped, cutting Fry short.]

Leela: Fry, I think its time.

Fry: What?! Okay, lets go!

[He shoved the ring in his pocket, but before he could get up, Leela grabbed his jacket.]

Leela: Quick, ask me!

Fry: What?

Leela: Ask me!

Fry: Oh, uh- Leela, will you marry me?

Leela: Yes!

[Fry slipped the ring on her finger, kissed her, and they ran outside hailing a cab.]

[At the hospital Fry was sitting at Leela’s side while she was having another contraction. Her parents were on the video phone so they could see the baby‘s birth.]

Leela: OW! When do I get the spinal tap thing?!

Munda: Its not a spinal tap, it’s a spinal block.

Fry: And the doctors said you cant have it yet because you’re not dilated enough.

Leela: You mean I have to wait for it to get worse?!

Fry: Well, doctors are sadists who think they’re God and enjoy watching other people in pain.

[Leela screamed loudly in pain again and Fry checked his watch.]

Fry: (soft) shit,

[He go up and went over to the door.]

Fry: Hey, can we get her the damn spinal tap already?!

[Leela was squeezing Fry’s hand, as she screamed.]

Doctor: Come on Ms. Leela, push!

[Fry felt her squeezing his hand so hard and actually kept his mouth shut.]

Doctor: One more big push, ready? 1...2...3!

[Leela screamed one last time, squeezing Fry’s hand as hard as she could, and then she heard crying. Actually she heard two different cries. Oh wait, the other one was Fry.]

Doctor: Congratulations, it’s a girl.

[Leela smiled and the doctor held up the baby. She looked at Fry who was crying his eyes out.]

Leela: Oh Fry, you’re crying.

Fry: I’m just so happy. Plus, I think you broke my hand!

[He held up his hand, revealing it was swollen and red.]

Leela: Sorry!

[Hours later, Fry had his hand in a cast, and everyone from Planet Express was there with them.]

Amy: So, do you two have a name yet?

Fry: I don’t know, what do you think?

Leela: Jamie Elizabeth?

Fry: Jamie Elizabeth Fry.

[Fry smiled and kissed Leela’s cheek.]

Leela: I love you.

Fry: I love you too.

[He stroked Jamie’s head, and saw her smiled.]

[The End]