Fan Fiction

At First Sight
By Frosty

[Another 3 months passed and the next thing they knew, it was the day of Leela’s C-section. Fry woke up in the morning, looking at Leela who was still sleeping. He quickly showered, changed and went back into the bedroom. He keeled next to the bed and gently started to wake her up.]

Fry: Leela? Honey, wake up.

[She stirred and started to sit up.]

Fry: Good morning.

Leela: Morning.

Fry: Are you ready for today?

Leela: Yeah. Just think, by the end of the day, we’re gonna have a baby boy and a baby girl.

Fry: I know.

[She swung her legs over the side of the bed, and Fry helped her up. After taking a shower and changing into some sweats, Leela met Fry at the door. He was holding her bag and was playing with his keys.]

Fry: Ready?

[She shook her head and took Fry’s hand leaving the house.]

[Leela was sitting in her bed at the hospital with Fry at her side. The doctor had already talked to them, and now they were just waiting. The nurses gave Leela “her sense of well-being“ so to speak and Fry was trying not to laugh.]

Fry: How are you feeling?

Leela: I feel great!

Fry: Well, good.

[He laughed a little and Leela took his hand.]

Leela: I love you.

Fry: I love you too.

[There was a knock at the door and Leela’s doctor came in with two nurses.]

Doctor: We’re ready for you now. Mr. Fry, I’m sorry, but family isn’t allowed in the operating room.

[Fry shook his head, disappointed.]

Fry: I understand.

[Fry smiled and looked at Leela. He gave her a small kiss and walked out in the hallway with them. Once they were standing outside of the OR, Fry squeezed Leela’s hand.]

Fry: I’ll be there when you wake up.

Leela: Okay,

[He kissed her forehead and they took her in the OR. She waved to him and he smiled, waving back. After the door was closed, he made his way back to the room. Sitting down in the chair, he pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Munda and Morris’ number, he heard it ring a few times before there was an answer.]

Munda: Hello?

Fry: Hi Mom, it’s Fry.

Munda: Hi Fry. What’s going on?

Fry: They just took Leela into the OR. I just thought I call to let you know.

Munda: Oh, thank you for calling us. How was she doing?

Fry: Well, she seemed fine.

Munda: They drugged her up?

Fry: Yeah.

[She laughed and Fry did the same.]

Munda: Well thanks again for calling,

Fry: No problem. I’ll call you when she’s out and let you know how everything went.

Munda: Okay, bye Fry.

Fry: Bye.

[He hung up the phone and stretched his arms. Luckily, he had his lap top again, and decided to listen to some music. Putting on his head phones, he opened his music player.]

[An hour had went by, and Fry had fallen asleep. Soon, he felt someone shaking his shoulder. Opening his eyes and saw the doctor shaking his shoulder. Leela was in her bed sleeping and Fry sat up.]

Fry: Is everything okay?

[Before the doctor could answer, Leela’s eye opened. Fry took her hand and felt her squeeze it.]

Leela: How are the babies?

Doctor: They’re fine. Their lungs look healthy, everything else is fine. They may need another surgery in a few months, but everything’s better than we hoped for.

[Fry and Leela gave a sigh of relief and the doctor left.]

Fry: How are you feeling?

Leela: Alright. I’m so glad everything’s okay.

[Fry kissed her cheek, but she pulled him into a kiss.]

Leela: I love you.

Fry: I love you too.

Nurse: Mr. Fry?

[Fry was sitting next to Leela about a hour later, she had fallen asleep and Fry was just watching her. When the nurse called his name, he was worried that something was wrong and he walked over to her.]

Fry: Is everything okay?

Nurse: Yes, everything’s fine. I just wanted to know if you wanted to see your son and daughter.

[He smiled and shook his head. The nurse led him down the hall and to the nursery. Inside were about ten sleeping babies.]

Nurse: They’re right there.

[She pointed and Fry saw two little babies, one wrapped in a blue blanket who had two eyes and purple hair, and the other in a pink blanket, who had one eye with red hair. Fry smiled, and chuckled happily.]

Fry: (soft) Wow,

[He remembered having this strange feeling when he first met Leela. And now, as he looked at his son and daughter, he felt it again, realizing that it was love at first sight.]

[Hours later, Fry was standing next to Leela’s bed as she ran a brush through her hair. They had seen the babies and now everyone was coming to see how Leela was doing.]

Leela: Fry,

Fry: Yes?

Leela: I am drugged up.

Fry: Yes, yes you are.

Leela: I have pictures of our babies, and I am ready for the flood of people.

[Fry picked up the pictures on the end table and looked at them.]

Fry: Honey, I hate to break it to you, but these aren’t our children.

Leela: Yeah, I got those off of the internet. Ours still look like lizards.

[Fry shook his head as there was a knock at the door. Opening it, Bender, Amy, Kif, Cubert, and Hermes walked in.]

Amy: Congratulations Leela.

Bender: So where are the little meat bags?

Fry: Their in the nursery now. Actually, they should be bringing them in here soon.

Leela: Did you guys know that Fry gets manicures?

[They all looked at Fry, eyes wide. He laughed nervously and pointed at his wife.]

Fry: She’s drugged up. She doesn’t know what’s going on.

Leela: Yes I do. In fact you called Audrey to make an appointment.

[Bender laughed hysterically and Fry shook his head.]

Bender: I’m so glad I recorded that!

Fry: What? Give me that tape!

Bender: No way skin tube!

[Fry ran over and the two began fighting. Amy finally separated them and held them by their collars.]

Amy: You two stop it right now.

[They did and Fry went back over to Leela.]

Amy: You two should just be happy that Leela didn’t stop you two.

[Both Fry and Bender shuddered at the thought of what Leela might do.]

Cubert: So, can we see the twins?

Fry: Sure, I’ll take you guys to see them. We’ll be back Leela.

Leela: Okay.

[Fry led them down the hall to the nursery and pressed his finger against the glass, pointing at two cribs to the left.]

Fry: There they are.

Amy: They’re adorable!

Hermes: What are their names?

Fry: Well, that’s Taylor Joseph and that’s Jessica Allison.

Bender: What happened to naming them “Bender”?

[Fry shook his head as the nurse walked by the window. She saw them all standing there and opened the door.]

Nurse: Mr. Fry?

[Fry turned his head and walked over to her.]

Nurse: We were just about to take the twins back to your wife’s room.

Fry: Alright, we’ll head on back there.

[They all walked back to Leela’s room and the nurses handed Jessica to Leela and Fry sat down holding Taylor. Amy was standing next to Leela looking at Jessica.]

Leela: Amy, we wanted to know if you and Kif would be the godparents.

[Amy and Kif gave a happy (and high-pitched) squeal.]

Amy: Leela, we’d be honored!

[Fry smiled and looked back at Taylor when he started crying.]

Fry: (soft) Oh, shh, it’s okay buddy. Daddy’s here, don’t worry.

[He held him closer and Taylor started calming down. Fry kept whispering to him and Leela watched, smiling the whole time.]

Leela: Wow Fry.

[He smiled and felt Taylor squirm in his arms a little. Once he stopped, Fry noticed that he was falling asleep.]

Fry: Would someone like to hold him?

[Amy raised her hand and Fry carefully stood from the chair. After Amy took his seat, he handed Taylor to her and she smiled.]

Amy: He’s so cute.

[Fry walked over to the other side of the bed next to Leela. She looked up at Kif and then back at Jessica.]

Leela: Kif, would you like to hold your goddaughter?

Kif: Oh my yes.

[He sat down on the edge of the bed as Leela handed Jessica to him. She cooed and Kif smiled, as Fry and Leela watched on.]

[Everyone left about an hour later except for Fry (of course). Around 9:00 that night Fry was sleeping in the chair next to Leela’s bed. Jessica was asleep in his arms while Taylor was in a crib on the other side of Leela’s bed while she watched him. Turning back to Fry, she placed a hand on his shoulder.]

Leela; Fry, wake up.

[He stirred a little and realized he was still holding Jessica. He held her up right and yawned.]

Leela: Why don’t you go home honey?

Fry: I’m not tired.

Leela: No, you’re exhausted. I can tell.

Fry: I don’t want to leave you.

Leela: Don’t worry, I’m in good hands.

Fry: Oh, I was talking to Jessica, not you.

[They both laughed and Leela motioned for Fry to hand over their daughter.]

Leela: Just go home and get some sleep. You know you can come back tomorrow.

Fry: Are you sure?

Leela: Yes. You’ll sleep better in bed than in that chair, plus you can take a shower.

[Fry laughed and stood up.]

Fry: Alright, I’ll be back in the morning.

[He kissed her and the kids.]

Fry: I love you.

Leela: I love you too.

[Fry walked out into the parking lot and got in his car. After a short drive, he was home. He opened the door and tiredly made his way upstairs to the bedroom. After changing into his pajamas, he laid down and closed his eyes.]

[The next morning Fry was already awake when his alarm went off. He had trouble sleeping since it felt so strange not having Leela next to him. He smacked the alarm clock and sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. After stretching his arms, he walked into the bathroom and took a long hot shower. He changed into his jeans and a tee-shirt and walked out to his car. Before he reached the hospital he stopped to pick up a coffee and a doughnut. When he walked into Leela’s room, he found her sleeping and saw Jessica and Taylor in their cribs. Taylor started crying and Fry picked him up.]

Fry: Shh, shh, relax. Daddy’s here, don’t cry.

[Taylor’s eyes opened and he smile. Once he saw Fry, he laughed and reached up to him. Fry cuddled him and sat down. Leela’s eye stared opening and she saw Fry holding Taylor in his arms.]

Leela: Hi.

[Fry looked up and smiled.]

Fry: Morning.

Leela: When did you get here?

Fry: A few minutes ago. How are you feeling?

Leela: Pretty good.

Fry: Did they say when you get to go home?

Leela: Tomorrow night.

Fry: Okay. I have some stuff to take care of, but I’ll be here to get you.

Leela: Alright. But what do you have going on?

Fry: The dean called me, and they need me to come in for a meeting tomorrow. Then I have to get some stuff for the substitute. But I promise I’ll be here at 6:30.

Leela: Okay,

Fry: Are you gonna be okay?

Leela: Yeah, I’ll be fine.

[Leela reached over and took Taylor’s hand.]

Leela: Good morning Taylor.

[Fry handed him to Leela and watched her rock him in her arms, and finally put him back in his crib. Smiling, Fry scooted his chair closer to Leela’s bed and took her hand.]

Fry: Are you ready to go home?

Leela; Yeah, I mean, finally get to sleep in our bed, relax on the couch with you and the kids.

Fry: Yep, then we have two nice long weeks together.

Leela: But we’ll barely get any time to rest with these two.

Fry: I don’t care. As long as I get to fall asleep with you.

[The next day, Leela was waiting for Fry to pick her up. She was still in her room, but she was dressed and was holding Jessica.]

Leela: We’re going home today you two.

[Even though she didn’t understand her mother, Jessica smiled and Leela did the same. Soon, Fry came in the room with the nurse.]

Nurse: Are you ready to go home?

[Leela smiled and shook her head. Fry kissed her when he walked in and did the same thing to Jessica. After picking up Taylor and putting him in one of the carriers, Leela handed him Jessica and Fry put her in the other one.]

Fry: Lets go.

[The two of them picked up a carrier and made their way out to the parking lot. It took longer than it should of since almost everyone stopped to see the kids. After buckling them in the back seat, Fry put the keys in the ignition and pulled out.]

[They walked in the door of their house and Leela smiled.]

Leela: Home sweet home.

Fry: Hey, I’ve got a surprise for you.

Leela: Really?

Fry: Yeah, follow me.

[He led her upstairs and into the room he and Bender had painted yellow and white months ago. Only now, it was pink and purple.]

Leela: What’s all this?

Fry: I lied when I said I had to go in and do some stuff for class. I really stayed home and painted.

Leela: This is wonderful.

[She looked down in the carrier she was holding and saw Taylor.]

Leela: But what about your son?

Fry: Come on,

[He led her to his office and revealed it was no longer his office. Instead the walls were blue with red stripes.]

Fry: Do you like it?

Leela: You did all of this today?

Fry: Well, I had some help. Hermes, Bender, and Kif came.

[Leela set down Taylor and put her arms around Fry.]

Fry: Welcome home Leela.

[She smiled and kissed him.]

Leela: I love you Fry.

Fry: I love you too.

[Smiling, they picked up their kids and took them into their bedroom where Fry had set up the cribs, ready to start their life as a family.]

The end