Fan Fiction

Beyond Reality
By Dwayne Anderson

Note from the author: In case you don't remember, Turanga Fry made an appearance in Part 3 of "Time Compression". This story focuses on him.

My name is Turanga Fry. The year is 3024, in the month of May, on the seventeenth day. Today is my ninteenth birthday. All of my mother's friends will be coming, and a few others as well. Everyone has changed much over the years.

Dr. Zoidberg recently retired as doctor having already applied for social security. He lives in a peaceful retirement home downtown.

Bender the robot still drinks lots of beer and sleeps around with many hooker-bots. He hasn't changed one bit.

Amy Wong and her husband, Lieutenant Kif Kroker, live in their own home here in New New York city. Recently, their children on Amphibios 9 grew legs and came to shore. Amy and Kif are also the proud parents of a human boy named Hubert, named after the late Hubert Farnsworth, who died in his sleep seventeen years ago. Amy is still the intern at Planet Express.

Shortly after Hubert Farnsworth's death, his clone Cubert took over the company. He now looks like he's in his early twenties.

Hermes and his wife also work at Planet Express. Labaraba is the new secretary and Hermes is still a beaurocrat. Their son Dwight recently started attending Mars University.

My mother, Turanga Leela is still captain of the Planet Express ship. She's a single parent to me, having gotten pregnant out of wedlock. Her wedding to Phillip J. Fry was postponed when he was drafted into DOOP's military forces to fight in the war against the Mekrons of planet Uyopliof. Four months after my father was drafted, Captain Zapp Brannigan came to our home with some bad news. My father had been killed in action.

And what about me? I am the newest recruit at DOOP, or the Democratic Order Of Planets. I now am in charge of all Kif's duties as the captain's assistant. The captain still has his eyes set on my mother, although she continues to reject him.

I had recieved all my training from Kif Kroker. I learned how to pilot a ship from my mother at the age of seventeen. Having graduated from school a year ago, I now make my living as a DOOP officer.

However, I felt different from all the other kids. They all had a father. Mine was never there. He died before I was even born.

Like my mother, I am a mutant. But also like my mother, my only mutation is a single eye. I inherited my father's orange hair.

Every once in a while, I pause to look at the photos my mother kept of my father. I would have known him and made him proud if only fate hadn't been so cruel.

Leela: Turanga Fry!

Turanga Fry awakens from his thoughts and back into the world of reality. He was standing near an open window. He turns around to face his mother, who is washing the dishes with an automatic dish washing machine.

Even though she was in her mid-forties, Leela still looked beautiful. Her hair now went down her back.

T. Fry: Oh, mother, I was just thinking. What if DOOP fights another war on a distant planet, and I never had a chance to fight?

Leela: And a good thing too! War isn't a game! People get hurt, or even killed. The war against the Mekrons had many casualties, one of which was your father.

Turanga Fry doesn't say anything.

Leela: Now, no more daydreaming son. You have chores to do.

Turanga Fry walks out of the kitchen.

T. Fry: Yes mom.

Leela: And remember, today is your birthday. Everyone is coming.

Leela begins to put the dishes into a drying machine.

Leela: He's so young, and yet so blind to what the future has in store. He's still wallowing in the past.

She opened the cupboard and took out a can of meat. Then she opened it with an automatic can-opener and puts it into Nibbler's dish on the floor.

Leela: Nibbler! Come get dinner!

Nibbler comes into the kitchen to eat. He hasn't changed much in years.

Meanwhile, Turanga Fry take a remote control and turns it on. A small robot appears from a hatch in the walls. With the remote control, he moves the robot across the floor. It begins to sweep up dust and inhale dirt.

Bender comes into the living room.

Bender: Humans these days. Still depending on robots to do their work for them.

T. Fry: It's the thirty-first century, Bender. What did you expect? Our technology is highly advanced. Things have changed greatly since the timeline of my father's birth.

Bender: You humans can bite my shiny yet slightly rusty metal ass!

Bender takes a beer bottle out of his chest compartment and begins to chug down its contents while leaving Turanga Fry to himself.

Is this to be my life? Growing up without ever having a father around? Father had his dad around, but even he didn't get any respect from his own father. Mother tells me that dad also became his own grandfather, whatever the hell that means.

Meanwhile, Leela has just finished decorating the house for her son's birthday party.

Leela: Fry, if you can hear me, it's his nineteenth birthday today. Wish you were here.

Later that afternoon, at 6:00 P.M., the doorbell rang.

Upon opening it, Leela saw Kif and Amy outside, along with Hubert. Kif is carrying a package wrapped in green paper with a red ribbon.

Amy: We're here!

Leela: You're the first one's to arrive! Please come in! And Kif, leave the gift on the table.

Kif, Amy, and Hubert enter the kitchen. Kif leaves the package on the table.

The doorbell rings again. Leela answers the door. Outside are Morris and Mundy.

Leela: Mom! Dad! So good of you two to come for Turanga Fry's nineteenth birthday!

Morris: We always come every year.

Mundy: So, where is our favorite grandson?

Leela: Mom, he's your only grandson. Please, come in.

One by one, the other guests began to arrive. Hermes, Labaraba, Cubert, Dwight, and Zoidberg all showed up.

Hermes has less hair than he did years ago. He was starting to go bald. Labaraba's hair was longer and went past her back. Dwight had his hair in curls. Cubert looked like he was in his early twenties. Zoidberg's flesh was slightly wrinkled. Amy now had her hair in twin ponytails. Kif's didn't look any different than he did years ago. Hubert had his mother's black hair, and Kif's green skin. Morris walked with a cane, and Mundy's hair was starting to go grey. Both their skin was slightly wrinkled.

Everyone was now gathered in the family room singing happy birthday to Turanga Fry.

All: Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Turanga Fry,
Happy Birthday to you!

Leela brought in the cake. It was chocolate, decorated with red and green icing. Nineteen candles were lit.

Leela: Blow out the candles now.

Mundy: Don't forget to make a wish!

Turanga Fry takes a deep breath. But before he blow, a voice is heard.

Voice: Ahem!

It's Zapp Brannigan, standing in the doorway. He strolls into the room. Zapp's hair is slightly grey and he's wearing an eye patch over his left eye, which he lost in the war against the Mekrons years ago.

Kif: Captain? What are you doing here?

Zapp: I let myself in.

Leela: Obviously.

Zapp: Now Leela, I would never miss your child's birthday.

T. Fry: I'm not a child!

Mundy: Don't forget your manners, Turanga Fry.

Zapp: Is that any way to talk to your someday step-father?

T. Fry: You're not mother's type.

Zapp: Looked in the mirror lately boy? You're no ladies man yourself!

T. Fry: I have a girlfriend!

Zapp: How many eyes?

T. Fry: Two!

Leela: Could you please stop disturbing him, Zapp. Honey, blow out the candles.

Zapp: Don't mind if I do!

He blows out the candles.

Leela: I was referring to Turanga Fry!

Morris: Well, enough chit chat! Let's cut the cake!

Kif: Wait! Shouldn't the birthday boy open his present?

He hands Turanga Fry the package.

T. Fry: What is it?

Kif: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.

Turanga Fry opens the package. Inside, he finds a grey chip two inches in size.

T. Fry: What is it?

Kif: It's an emergency rescue chip. Once you install it onto your body, it calls for a rescue squad if you're in life threatening danger. It automatically installs itself onto your body. It's waterproof, fireproof, electric proof, and it bends too!

Cubert: I built it myself!

Kif: Thank you, Cubert. Try it out later.

T. Fry: Thank you.

Turanga Fry puts the chip into his pocket.

Leela: Now let's cut the cake. As a birthday tradition, the birthday boy gets the first slice.

Later, as everyone finishes eating the delicious cake, Zapp stands up.

Zapp: I must get back to DOOP. Kif, Turanga Fry, I expect you to be at headquarters right away.

Kif sighs.

Kif: Yes, captain.

Zapp: And Turanga Fry, as my humble assistant, I expect you to arrive earlier than you usually do! I didn't get where I am today wasting time, but through discipline, hard work...

Kif: And sexual intercourse.

Zapp takes his leave.

Turanga Fry stands.

T. Fry: Well, I guess I should change into my uniform.

Leela: Now honey, you'd better get going. You know how the captain doesn't like it when you're late.

T. Fry: What does it matter? I'm used to it.

Morris: You don't sound to bright about the future.

Leela: He's still wallowing in the past. You see, his father died before he was even born. And I was going to marry him.

Mundy: Now Turanga Fry, you've got to cheer up and stop letting the fact that you have no living father control your life. You almost went to juvenile hall at the age of thirteen!

Morris: Sooner or later, you'll have to face the future.

T. Fry: I'm in denial! I'll face nothing!

Leela: Then know this: we're your family. We're here for you whether or not you like it.

T. Fry: I don't need babysitting.

Turanga Fry walks out of the family room.

Mundy: You've got to cheer up. You have your whole future ahead of you.

Morris: Of course, with the way you're acting, you just may end up destroying it.

Of course I'm in denial! What do I care? My future is in DOOP. During my school years I was teased about my father being dead, not just because I had one eye.

This uniform which I am now putting on, I wish I could feel so proud wearing it. But I can't. I've never been truly happy in my life. Even when I'm with Rosemary, I still can't smile. I've never smiled before in my life.

I've also already installed that chip Kif gave me. It may come in handy someday. Not that I really care.

Big deal that I almost went to juvenile hall. So I vandalized a few buildings, but why would anyone care? They were old, no one lives in them anymore.

Gosh I hate my life. Things would be better if dad was here. But he's not.

Later, Kif and Turanga Fry were flying their ship towards the Nimbus. Turanga Fry is piloting the ship.

Kif: Turanga Fry, I know how you feel. When I was growing up in the swamp on Amphibios 9, I never knew my parents. All they do is give birth to you, and that's about it. I never got to meet my parents until I was twenty. By now, my children have come out of the swamp.

T. Fry: ...whatever.

Kif: You've got to focus more on the future and let the past go.

T. Fry: If dad had never gone to war, he'd still be alive.

Kif: Turanga Fry, the war against the Mekrons ended on the evening of February 15th, 3005. Your father was still alive by then.

T. Fry: What are you talking about? Why are you telling me this? Zapp told my mother that dad was killed in action.

Kif: Are you saying that Zapp told your mother less than what he knows?

T. Fry: That means something else killed my father!

Kif: Then what was it?

T. Fry: Hell if I know! What do you care?! This isn't your problem!

Kif: In DOOP, we don't have problems. We solve them.

T. Fry: What's that supposed to mean?

Kif: You'll learn the true meaning sooner than you think. If you can't solve this problem, nobody can.

Turanga Fry's frowns. Up ahead, he spots the Nimbus.

T. Fry: I will solve it!

Zapp: Turanga Fry, please prepare my bath! And bring me my favorite rubber ducky!

T. Fry: Yes captain.

Zapp: And while you're at it, bring me a bottle of champagne! And the latest issue of Playboy.

T. Fry: I get the picture already!

Zapp: Is that any way to talk to the man who one day may become your step-father?

T. Fry: Oh brother.

Later, as Zapp is bathing...

Zapp: Turanga Fry, please refill my glass! And while you're at it, start scrubbing me!

T. Fry: Ok, you got it toots...er, I mean...captain.

Zapp: And don't scrub too hard! I'm in my fifties, so my skin isn't as tough as it used to be!

T. Fry: Oh man!

Geez, this is ridiculous! Now I know how Kif felt all those years ago when he was the captain's assistant! But I must hurry and finish! For the sooner I complete my tasks, the sooner I can begin to investigate!

Later, as Zapp is drying himself off, Turanga Fry leaves the bathroom.

T. Fry: Zapp is hiding something! I can feel it!

Then suddenly, Turanga Fry has a thought.

T. Fry: Didn't the late professor Hubert Farnsworth invent a time machine? And didn't DOOP take it into possession after the professor's death? If so, I must find it! Perhaps the answer I seek lies in the past! Maybe I can change the past to create a new future, with dad!

On Zapp Brannigan's Observation Deck, Turanga Fry found what he was looking for. Standing against a wall, was a cylinder shaped object. Inside, Turanga Fry found a series of buttons, dials, and a monitor which showed the current date.

T. Fry: This is it! It's gotta be!

He steps into the time machine and sets it for February 14th, 3005.

T. Fry: Here I go!

Turanga Fry is enveloped by a bright white light.

Time passed. A minute? An hour? He didn't know. All that mattered was that he would arrive with time to spare.

Finally, the bright light faded. The time travel process was successful.

He stepped out of the time machine.

T. Fry: Ok, now I must find dad!

He climbed down the ladder to the floor below.

Suddenly, he heard a voice over the intercom.

Voice: Attention! Would the following soldiers please report to the cockpit: Kif Kroker and Phillip J. Fry! The captain has an announcement to make!

T. Fry: I must hurry!

Turanga Fry runs down the hall towards the cockpit. From a distance, he spots Kif Kroker and Phillip J. Fry standing before Zapp Brannigan.

T. Fry: There he is! Now, I must wait to make my move! If I am to save his life, I must prevent his death!

Suddenly, behind him, he heard distant footsteps.

T. Fry: Uh oh! I've got to hide!

He opens a nearby door and runs inside.

The DOOP president passes by.

T. Fry: Phew! That was close!

The DOOP president enters the cockpit. She is carrying a briefcase.

Zapp: Kif Kroker, Phillip J. Fry, I congratulate your efforts in vanquishing our enemies. Sure we had some casualties, and I lost one of my eyes, but in the end, we achieved victory.

The DOOP president opens the briefcase, revealing two shiny silver medals.

DOOP president: For your bravery and efforts, I award you both a medal of honour! Wear them with pride!

She places one medal on the uniforms of Kif and Fry. Then, she takes her leave.

Zapp: So tell me boys, what's the first thing you're gonna do as soon as you return home?

Kif: Well captain, I've been invited to attend the wedding of my fellow soldier, Phillip J. Fry.

Zapp: Is that so? Tell me Fry, who's the lucky lady.

Fry: Leela.

Zapp: Leela?

Fry: That's correct captain.

Zapp: Well then, you are both dismissed. This meeting is over. And Fry, I wish to see you in the observation deck. I would like to personally congratulate you.

Fry: I'm quite honoured captain.

Zapp: Kif, leave us!

Kif: Yes captain.

Kif leaves.

Zapp: I'll be waiting for you in the observation deck Fry. Don't keep me waiting.

Zapp begins to walk out of the cockpit.

As Fry stepped out of the cockpit, trailing behind his captain, a nearby door opened. Out came Turanga Fry.

Before Fry could react or realize what was happening, Turanga Fry zapped him with a stun-gun, rendering him unconcious.

T. Fry: Sorry to do this dad. But it's for our own good!

Turanga Fry drags his unconcious father's body into the room he came out of and leaves him there.

T. Fry: Now, I will take your place at the meeting with Zapp Brannigan.

Turanga Fry runs down the hall towards the Observation Deck. He climbs up the ladder.

When he reaches the top, he sees Zapp Brannigan standing before the glass windows, looking out at the stars.

Turanga Fry stands up and steps forth.

Zapp Brannigan begins to speak.

Zapp: Oh Fry, you've really done it this time you meddling oaf!

T. Fry: What did I do?

Zapp: You're marrying Turanga Leela, the only woman who I ever truly loved. Yes I know she loves you and despises me, but I've still got my eye on her.

T. Fry: You're thinking of her right now? How very touching.

Zapp: I'll do more than that.

Zapp reaches into his uniform.

Zapp: I won't be a minute.

T. Fry: Captain what are you up to?

Zapp: You're marrying Turanga Leela, right?

T. Fry: Yes I am captain.

Zapp: I cannot allow you to do that!

Suddenly, Zapp Brannigan turns around. In his left hand, he's holding a gun.

Before Turanga Fry can react, he's hit by an electrical pulse, which channels throughout his body.

Weakened, Turanga Fry collapses forth.

Zapp: It's all over Phillip J. Fry! At long last, I am finally rid of you forever! You're fight's over schmuck! You're out of luck!

Little does Zapp Brannigan realize, that the chip Kif gave Turanga Fry for his birthday, begins to emit a silent siren and blink red.

Zapp: For, now I will dispose of your body. Don't worry though. You'll sleep in peace for eternity, floating around the endless boundaries of space where no one will ever find you!

He approaches the body and turns it over. Then he suddenly steps back.

Zapp: What the hell?! You're not Phillip J. Fry!

Suddenly, Kif and two uniformed soldiers climb up the ladder and stand upon the floor of the Observation Deck.

Kif: Captain! What's going on?!

Soldier 1: And who is this?

Soldier 2: Captain, have you gone mad? Killing a fellow officer?

Zapp: This boy isn't one of our soldiers!

Soldier 1: Then what's he doing dressed in a DOOP uniform?

Kif: Seize him!

The two soldiers grab Zapp and handcuff him.

Soldier 2: Zapp Brannigan, you're under arrest for the murder of an officer.

Kif: Take him away.

So now I know! All along, Zapp had lied to my mother! It wasn't the war that killed my father! Zapp Brannigan was my father's killer! He must have been pretty desperate to reclaim Leela.

My mind is fading. I can feel it. But it does not matter. In this time period, my mother is pregnant with me, so I will be reborn into the future. And my father will still be alive. I'll get a chance to start over.

I knew this chip Kif gave me would come in handy! And Kif was right. In DOOP, we don't have problems, we solve them! I have fulfilled my objective. I have saved my father's life at the cost of my own. But when I am reborn, I will have a better life, now that my father lives.

My time is running short. But now, for the first time in my life, due to my accomplishment, I feel like smiling.


Shortly after his return to Earth, Phillip J. Fry at long last married Leela. On May 17th, Turanga Fry was reborn. Three years later, Leela had another child, a second son, who was named Yancey, after Fry's brother, who had named his own child after him.

Zapp Brannigan was court-martialed for murder and dishonourably discharged. Not long afterwards, he committed suicide by letting himself out of an airlock. Kif Kroker was promoted to Captain

Turanga Fry grew up to still join DOOP, but he is now much happier, having lived a better life with his father around. He is living happily with his fiancee Rosemary.

Turanga Fry's life was never the same the day he died in the past. It was now much better.


The End