Fan Fiction

A Birthday Surprise, Part 2
By Futurama_Hil

As the fudge monster grew ever closer to Leela, Fry sweated buckets in less than five seconds.  He tried to gain control over himself, and when he did, he ran as fast as he could to Leela.  Unfortunately, the monster saw him and lunged for him.  Luckily, the monster only tripped Fry.  As Fry fell, something hit him in the head, hard.  Confused, he picked it up and realized it was the same shape as whatever he had in his pocket.  He’s used to having weird things in his pockets.  When he finally became aware of what it was, he gasped.  It was a pocketknife set.  He, for once, came up with an idea.  He opened the knife out, and grasped it firmly in his hand.  He threw it directly at the monster, and it cut in half just before it finished off Leela.  Fry celebrated with a “yes!” and then quickly realized Leela was hurt, holding her leg. He ran over to her.

“Leela!  Are you okay?” he asked.

“No fry, my leg hurts!” she said, in a painful way.

“Oh no,” said Fry, in a quiet voice.  He thought fast, and decided he should take Leela into town to see what the ice cream people could do.  He took off his jacket and wrapped it around her leg, thinking it would keep it less vulnerable. 

“Leela, we need to go into town to help you.  Even though it’s quite far away, past the woods and mountains, I think we can do it.  If only I could find sticks and branches that I could bend into a wheelchair.  Here, Leela, lean on me, and I’ll bring you over to that opening to rest while I look for things,”  he said, very caringly.

“Okay.  Thanks, Fry.” 

He put his arm under hers to support her, and they walked over to the clearing carefully.  Fry gently lay Leela down.  He went off looking for branches.

Leela sat there, smiling.  She always wondered what would happen in these kinds of times where she was weak and Fry was the only one who could help her.  She mostly thought that he would complain or give up.  She was glad that she was wrong.

Fry came back with many sticks and branches.  He set them down near Leela and rested from carrying them. He got his strength back and tried to shape them into a chair, but they were just too strong.

“If only Bender was here, to bend these things,” Fry mused.

“I’m back, baby!” yelled Bender from a bush.

“Bender!  What are you doing here?  I thought you were in jail.”

“The jail was on this planet, meaty.  I escaped.”

“What about Zoidberg?” asked Leela.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about him…” said Bender, looking nervous.

“You left him, didn’t you?” said Leela.

Bender nodded.

“Bender, do you think you could help me over here?” asked Fry, painfully, as he tried to bend a big branch.

“Sure thing, buddy,” said Bender, in a cheerful mood.

“So, uh, Bender, why are you being so cheerful all of a sudden?”

“Cause, Fry, after you’ve been stuck with 50 Cent’s head in jail, you realize that your life sucks better than that.”

“Oh, I partially see what ya mean,” said Fry, shuddering.

In what seemed like no time, they got a decent wheelchair for Leela, mostly due to Bender.  Leela wasn’t quite sure how well it would hold, but it supported her at least for the time being.  Fry decided they should head for the nearest hospital, wherever that was.  He figured it was in town, so they pressed onward.  There were mountains and hills up ahead, so they decided they should get going right now.  They even seemed to enjoy this journey, for they talked almost non-stop.  Bender usually broke up the good discussions, and brought up robot type ones. They talked about television, news, P.E. moments, and other boring topics.  The strange thing was, they liked it.  Fry asked Bender if he had seen the rest of the crew, but Bender had not.  It was a true mystery, but Leela should be taken care of first.

In a dark cave, all the way on the other side of the planet:

“Did you retrieve them?” asked a purple slug type thing.

“Yes, they are in the quarters of the waterfall room,” replied a smaller slug thing.

“Good, good.  They will become of use yet.”  He laughed evily.  The smaller one joined him but the bigger one slapped him. 

Bender, Fry, and Leela had found refuge on a hill with some shelter.  It was dusk, and according to Leela’s wrist thingy, it was eight on earth.  Fry ha gathered a few ice cream fruits from the woods and they ate.  The food was delicious; they just hoped it wouldn’t kill them.  Bender had beers in his chest cavity, but both Fry and Leela declined his offer.  He chugged them down himself.

Time grew into hours, and it was about ten thirty and everyone was getting tired.  Bender shut down for the night and Fry was trying to sleep on a rock with his jacket as his blanket.  But, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t fall asleep.  Leela couldn’t either.  She was lying on her back on the hill.  Fry opened his eyes and sat up, blinked, and yawned.  He wanted to talk to Leela, because he needed something to do instead of sleeping.  He got up his courage and walked over to Leela, dragging along his jacket. 

“Hey, Leela.  Can’t sleep either?” he asked, looking down at her.


He sat down next to her and yawned once again.  He rested his hands behind his head and smiled.  He was getting sleepier by the second, and really wanted to sleep.  He’s been lacking a good night’s sleep lately. He glanced over at Leela.  Leela shivered, so Fry gave her his jacket to keep her warm.

“That’s sweet of you, Fry, but don’t even think about, you know, with me.”

Fry sat up, jerked his head back and raised an eyebrow.

“Leela quit worrying, that’s not why I love you, you know,”  he said, in almost a chuckle.


“Yeah!  Maybe that’s how I felt with every other girl I’ve been with, but not you.  You’re different.  It’s hard to explain, but you make me feel really good when I’m around you.  Heck, my day perks up when I hear you, and when you smile, my week is at least a slight better.  And I could go on and on, forever, Leela.”

Leela never knew this before.  Perhaps every time Fry said he loved her she didn’t understand what he really meant.  Still, now would be an awkward time to fall for him.  Besides, was he even telling the truth?  Fry wasn’t one to lie to her when he was being serious, and at least he would be better than Zapp.  Fry managed to look at Leela, and she smiled.  According to Fry, he just climbed one step higher on the ladder of him being with Leela, but neither of them was sure of it.  Still, it made Fry hope even more.

“Hey, Fry.”

“Yeah, Leela?”

“Happy birthday.”  She gently kissed Fry on the cheek.


The next morning:

The three were off early, and Fry hadn’t forgotten last night.  Nothing would stop him from winning Leela’s heart.  She was feeling a little better, and her leg was healing fast.  It turned out it wasn’t broken, but it hurt badly.  He was going crazy over Bender’s singing, but it had been manageable for a while now.  They stopped for a lunch at around eleven.

“Lesse… I got ice cream flavored fruit, ice cream flavored crackers from a news stand in town, and a can of slurm.  Let’s eat!”  said Fry.

Bender grabbed a few beers out of his cavity but had them all himself. Leela took a few fruits and a cracker.  Fry gulped down most of the Slurm, but he left a little over for Leela.  Strangely enough, this meal stuffed them. Well, Fry and Leela at least.  And soon, they were back on their way again.

It had been a few hours since hey left their meal and headed south to the town.  Leela said her leg didn’t hurt as much, and she was glad they were helping. Bender said he was just in it to steal stuff from the town, but Fry and Leela secretly thought he felt sorry for Leela.  He wouldn’t admit it, though.  They were passing through a bunch of trees and heard a twig snap behind them.

“Huh?  What was that?”  said Fry, turning around.  He saw nothing.  Bender turned his head around as well.

Leela sat in her chair, arms folded.

“It was nothing, okay?  Let’s go!” she said, annoyed.

“Fine, fine,” Fry said.  “Come on, Bender.”

It wasn’t a while before they heard the crackling again.  Fry and Bender looked at Leela with puppy faces, and she finally agreed that they could check it out.  They cheered and skipped away.  Leela sat in the chair, waiting for them to come back from their useless exploration. 

“Hey, Leela!” yelled Fry, off in the distance.

She sighed.  “What?” she yelled back.

“I think we found something!”

“Ugh.  It’s probably just crap.”

“Nu uh!  It’s cool!  Come here!” he yelled.

“Fine, fine.  I’m coming.”  She pushed her chair, which seemed like it could fall apart any second now, to the area where she heard their voices.  She could make out low chuckles from an area behind a few trees. She approached the area, but was unsure because there was no one there.  Before she could turn around, she felt a giant bucket of strawberry syrup fall on her head.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” she yelled.

After a while, her bawl turned into laughter.  She found herself laughing fairly hard.

Bender and Fry jumped out of the trees and yelled, “GOTCHA!”  They started laughing like crazy.  All three were laughing, Fry holding his belly from laughing so hard.  He managed to open his eyes, and wipe them.  He suddenly perked his head up.

"Uh, Leela, what’s that?" he said, pointing.

Leela managed to calm down.  “You’re not fooling me again, Fry!”

“No, really, what is it?”

“It’s not working,” she said in an impatient voice.

“Besides,” she didn’t finish her sentence when a giant strawberry syrup monster lunged for them.

“GSHJWRGIESRHOGEGEN!” It yelled.  Its arms dangled horribly.  It wasn’t very big up close, almost their size.  It held out its arm to Fry and Fry was shrieking madly.  The arm was inching ever closer to him.  He took one last look up at the monster, and gasped.