Fan Fiction

A Birthday Surprise, Part 3
By Futurama_Hil

*Hello, everyone! Here is part three*

Fry’s mouth was gaping wide open, when he saw the monster. The strawberry syrup was falling off! And the monster, is really a, a…

“Fry, my good friend, here is your wallet that I found in Bender’s locker. I only took two bites out of it.”

It was Dr. Zoidberg! He held out the wallet to Fry and Fry glared at Bender.

“Hey! You took two bites out of this!?”

“Three, actually,” Zoidberg said, ashamed.

“Well, at least you’re not a monster. How’d you escape?”

“The guards decided to have me for dinner and I was on their plate and about to eat their pork. But suddenly, it ran, the pig! I chased it outside, and caught it, I did! Oh, it was a tasty hog! Oh, such a meal, it was!” rambled Zoidberg.

“All for ditching the lobster?” asked Bender, as Zoidberg kept mumbling to himself.

“Aye,” said Leela.

“Aye,” said Fry.

They tiptoed off.

“Friends! Wait for dear poor Zoidberg! Come back! Ohhh.” He quickly scuttled up to the others.

“Ugh, you can come, Dr. Zoidberg,” sighed Leela.

“Hooray!” cheered Zoidberg.



“Feeding time!” yelled the small purple slug thingy. He carried some glop in a bucket into the “waterfall room.” The professor, Hermes, Amy and Nibbler waited there. The slug dropped the bucket on the ground.

The crew all seemed to be in good health, but they were trapped there for some reason. The purple slugs had a plan, they knew because they could overhear their conversations, but they didn’t know what the plan was.

“Eh, what is this?” said Amy, pinching her nose.

“It’s your new food, the boss got tired of giving you pills,” replied the slug.

“What pills?” asked the professor.

“The ones you’ve been having since we brought you here!” angrily replied the slug again.


“Forget it!” he rampaged into the other room, frustrated by the professor’s forgetfulness.

In the other room, the smaller slug, the one who just gave them the glop, walked up to the bigger one, his boss apparently.

“Ya know, that professor guy is really annoying me," he said to his boss.

“Yes, yes, soon that’ll all be done with. Don’t you worry? Eventually we’ll bring forth the plan.”

“Ugh! Please tell me this plan of yours! Why must I ask every day?!”

“Well, okay. It is time you know. First, we knock them out. Then we rip open their bodies, and then we steal all the ice cream on this damn planet and go back to Gulfen 6 and take care of business. We’ll be set for life!”

“Oh, so that’s the plan.”

“Why are you not amused?”

“Well, I thought it’d be more, ya know, interesting.”

“Oh, but it is. Just wait, you’ll see.”

Finally, the town full of ice cream people was in sight. The four got to the nearest hospital they could find, and asked for a human doctor. Sure enough, there was one ready to examine Leela.

In his room, the doctor told Leela to get out of the chair and sit on the patient’s table. As soon as she got out the chair collapsed. The doctor asked how her leg felt, she said a little better, he wrote down stuff, blah blah blah. He figured out that it was just sore still, and it would get better quick.

“Okay,” he said, grabbing a few tools and a bottle. “I want you to open wide so I can give you these.”

Leela got a look at the bottle he held. It read ‘heavy duty’ sleeping pills. Realizing this, Leela got worried.

“But you said I’d heal soon, not that you have to put me to...” she didn’t finish as the doctor threw the stuff down her throat and forced her to swallow.

Outside the room, Fry, Bender and Zoidy waited for Leela to come out, but Fry soon got worried when he suddenly heard the silence.

“Maybe I should go in, to make sure they’re alright,” he said to the others.

He walked inside and found Leela asleep, under the doctor’s control. But he didn’t look like the doctor; he looked like a slug.

“Uh, sir, where’d the doctor go?” asked Fry.

The doctor didn’t answer- he punched Fry. Fry flew across the room knocking over a table. Fry fell to the ground and the doctor pulled him away, and put him on the table along with Leela. He shoved some of the same pills that he used on Leela down Fry’s throat. Then he threw them into a bag and tied it, and dragged it away into a secret room that opened as he pushed a button under the bookshelf, on the bottom shelf.

Bender also soon got bored of waiting. He grabbed Zoidberg inside. They opened the door and gasped when they saw the room. There were papers and books all over the floor, a knocked over table along with a chair on its side, a few spots of blood, and no one in the room. Bender and Zoidberg started searching for anything; the doctor, Fry, Leela, anything to help them out. After a while, they searched the whole room, which was rather large. Bender was pacing back and forth, thinking of what had happened while Zoidberg was leaning against the bookshelf.

“Maybe someone came in and stole their bodies and they put up a fight. And he drank their sweet, sweet blood,” said Zoidberg.

“There’s only one window in here, genius, and it’s not broken. And we were at the door the whole time,” replied Bender.

Zoidberg moaned and looked down. But his eyes suddenly widened when he saw something.

“Robit, look! There is a red, shiny button! May I press it, maybe?”

“Knock yourself out, crab ass,” said Bender, pulling out a cigar.

Zoidberg squealed in delight and pressed it. The bookshelf spun around forcing him to fly forward. He got up and he and Bender looked at the room with confused faces.

“Well, what do we got to do?” said Bender. They moved forward into the room.

It was all dark and wet in this room, what seemed more like a cave. It was a cave! Soon it got brighter. They could make out the walls of the cave. There were various signs on the walls. Bender and Zoidberg looked at them with astonishment.

Soon they stopped in their tracks when they saw a giant waterfall in a room ahead. It flowed rather nastily; the water was dirty but still blue. It flowed into a stream into another room. They could also see four figures by the waterfall. Bender grabbed Zoidberg and ran to them but didn’t see that the level of the cave they were on ended with a cliff. So they ended up rolling down the cliff and after a rough tumbling, they shook their heads and found that the four figures were no other than Amy, Hermes, Nibbler and the Professor. The three were staring at them with surprised faces.

“Heh, heh. We were kinda looking for Fry and Leela, but I guess you guys are too,” said Bender.

“Not even close! We’ve been prisoners here for, for, how long has it been again? Two days, I think,” said Amy.

“Well, how ‘bout helping us, huh?” asked Bender.

“Sorry, but we’re trapped in here,” said the Professor.

There was a pause.

“Hurry, hide! I hear someone coming!” said Hermes.

Bender grabbed Zoidberg and they hid behind a boulder.

The small slug cam in again, holding a beer bottle in his right tentacle and in the other a blernsball bat. Bender suddenly realized his booze level was down and when it was down, he either lazed about or went crazy. And, unluckily, he couldn’t help himself from barging out and leaping onto the slug. “My beer! You idiot!” he yelled, from his back.

He grabbed Bender while he was drinking, and got up.

“Another one, hey? We could use another prisoner.” He threw Bender across the room to the others and left to the other room.

Zoidberg jumped out of behind the rock. “Hey, slug man!” The slug turned around. “You’re gonna have to beat me if you want them, you will!”


*Stay tuned everyone!*