Fan Fiction

A Birthday Surprise, Part 4
By Futurama_Hil

*Part four-this is the last part! Enjoy!*

“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?” asked the slug.

Zoidberg waved his claws ferociously. Still, the slug didn’t seem the least bit scared.

“Please, you’re gonna have to do better than th-oof!” the slug fell down from Zoidberg ram into him. Zoidberg snipped the slug with his claws and the slug kept punching Zoidberg.

Bender rubbed his head and moaned and then looked up. “Hey, who knew Zoidberg could rip like that?” asked Bender, suddenly becoming intrigued into their battle, making punching motions, while the others were trying to escape from the way Zoidy and Bender came.

Eventually, Zoidberg had bitten the slug’s neck and the slug dropped dead. He did a whoop and twirled around. Bender grabbed him in middle of his cheering and followed the others. There was no time to look for Fry and Leela; they had to escape before some other slug came. By now they had reached the entrance to the path Bender and Zoidberg took. But there were two entrances. They started arguing about which on to take. They argued so loud that they didn’t hear a slug coming.

“Well, well, well.”

The group stopped fighting and looked terrified. This slug was a lot bigger and stronger looking than the other one. He was carrying a bag in his hands. A big bag. Bender thought he saw this guy before, somewhere…

“Trying to escape? Well, you won’t be for long.” He held up the bag high and tried to whack Amy but she ducked just in time.

After that swing, they were off. The slug didn’t move as fast as they were, but he kept a close behind. He swung the bag every now and then when he got close. The group was doing pretty good until they found themselves in a dead end.

“Now I’ve got you!” yelled the slug.

Meanwhile, inside the bag, two figures were waking up.

“Where, where am I?’ asked Leela, rubbing her eye.

“Where am I?” asked Fry. “It looks like we’re in a bag!”

“Then I’ll rip us out!’ said Leela, trying to rip open the tough bag. Fry tried to help her and with their last bit of strength, they ripped open the bag and fell out.

“Uh, what’s going on?” asked Fry, noticing a giant slug with a surprised face and the crew huddled in a corner.

Bender spoke very fast, “That giant slug is trying to kill us, help!”

The slug, still surprised, got punched by Fry in the stomach, and kicked by Leela in the back. But he was just too strong.

‘C’mon, help us!” said Leela, kicking the slug.

The rest of the crew jumped on top of the slug, but he still was too strong. A sly smile formed on his face. He ran, them hanging onto him. He ran into another room. This room smelled all yucky but these slugs didn’t have noses. There was a table with a white cloth over a big something. The slug, with a little bit of strength, pulled the crew members off of him. The last one, Fry, was still gnawing at the monster, until it grabbed him by the hair.

‘Hey, what’s the big idea! I was just short of almost beating you up!”

The slug grinned. He turned Fry around and opened the cloth. Fry’s eyes widened.

“Holy…” In front of him was a giant birthday cake, with writing on it saying, ‘happy late birthday, Fry. From all of us’ on it. He turned his head to see smiling crewmembers. “What the hell is going on here?” he asked.

“We wanted to make up for our early birthday party for you, by giving you a late party. We’d thought it’d even it out,” said Bender, puffing a cigar.

“So, you’re saying this whole slugs, ice cream world, thing was a set up!?”

‘Well, not all of it, but yeah.”

“Oh my god, I’m gonna kill you guys!” said Fry, but he started laughing. Everyone was laughing, including the slug.

‘If it was all set up, then how come that slug was trying to beat us up? And so was this one, here,” asked Fry, pointing to the slug next to them.

“Like I said, not all was set up. I dunno what that slug’s problem was, but this one here, he was in it. Besides, these slugs have a tendency to like beating people up.”

“Yeah, I’m a real doctor, don’t worry,” said the slug.

They had some cake and talked, until Hermes spotted a slug coming towards the room.

“What the hell is going on in he-” asked a slug. He stopped abruptly. “The prisoners! I was told you had escaped! What is this- cake, a party!”

This slug was a little smaller than the doctor. He pulled out some guns. “You’re coming with me!”

The crew and doctor were petrified.

“But, but, I thought this was all a set up!” said Fry.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, kid, but I do know that I am having all your bodies!”


“Ugh. First, we would knock you all out. Then we’d rip open your bodies, and then we’d steal all the ice cream on this planet and go back to Gulfen 6, our home planet, and take over the planet. You see, that planet is very poor. With your complex bodies and a lifetime supply of ice cream, we’d rule the planet!” He laughed evilly.

As he was laughing, Zoidberg was observing an unusual thing about this slug. On his back, whenever he laughed, there was a large lump (eww!). Zoidberg couldn’t help himself anymore. He lunged for it, sunk his teeth into it, and chewed on it.

“Yeowwwwwwwwwwww!” yelled the slug. “That’s my betraptor!”

‘Your what?” asked Leela.

“His betraptor. Every member of his species has one, but everyone has it in a different place of their body. The doctor even has one, under his uniform.” The doctor nodded. “They help the slug breathe correctly. When damaged, they could die. I think Zoidberg may have done so,” answered the professor.

The slug dropped dead, Zoidberg still chewing on his betraptor. Believe me, if you were Zoidy, it’d look tasty.

“Well, with him dead, I suppose we should get going,” said Hermes. Everyone agreed and asked the doctor the way out. He showed them and led hem to the outside.

“You can get to your ship from here, I assume.”

Everyone nodded and waved goodbye. It was an odd trip, but it was fun.

When they got to the beat up P.E. ship, the professor called a repair service to get it fixed. In the meantime, the crew entered the ship Inez and Leo loaned them.

“This ship looks awfully familiar,” said Amy, rubbing her chin.

After a short while, they were ff into space. Amy was talking about what happened before Fry and Leela came.

“So, we negotiated with the doctor and after that we found ourselves knocked out in this new room in the cave. We were being held as prisoners. I guess that had to do with the small slug and the slug that got killed. Hmm, that’s strange.”

“What?” asked Fry.

“I can’t seem to remember who killed the slug.”

“It was I! Me, over here!” yelled Zoidberg, waving his claws.

“Oh well,” said Amy.

Zoidberg let out an ‘ohh’ and walked off.


They got to the P.E. building, everyone glad to be home. Everyone said goodnights and left. Fry caught up with Leela.

“Hey, Leela, I just wanted to say, thanks. I may have gotten almost killed, but that was a lot of fun.”

“Well, we wanted to make up for what we did.”

“I have a question,” said Fry, nervous.


“Um, uh, want to go do something Saturday? Like see a movie or something?”

“Hmm, well, okay. But don’t get any ideas.”

Fry tried to contain his joy. “Great see you then!” He skipped all the way home.


Back on Hogendas:

The smaller slug found his boss, with a bite through his betraptor.

“What’s this? My boss has died? Yay, now I’m free! I can now follow my dreams! Broadway, here I come!”



*Yay, now that my practice fic is done I can get started on my giant fic! Big thanks to Will, Venus, and Spacecase. Thanks for helping me with this, even if it sucked. You guys rock! Thanks to Graham for accepting this story. And thanks to whomever else reviewed my fic or read it (meaning you, I hope). So I hope you liked it, and suggestions for the next one are HIGHLY wanted! Have a reasonably nice day!*