Fan Fiction

Scare the Brick out of Bender
By Rush

Scene Planet Express Lounge. Its Friday evening work is over, all three of them are on the couch watching TV "Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad is on" Leela sits on Fry's lap, Fry has his arms round her waist, a bored looking Bender sits just beside Fry drinking beer.

Bender: 'You know, ever since you two started dating and shooting DNA at each other, you been all boring.

Leela: 'Bender!

Bender 'All right sorry, I'm just saying--

Leela closes her eye, puts her arms round Fry, presses him into the couch, kisses him, he's startled at first and confused,he them relaxes into the locked deep kiss, all the while Leela emits low sexual growls.

Bender: (ignoring them) 'Fry was right! This show has been going downhill since season 3!

Bender picks up the remote and changes the channel,a trailer to an movie appears on screen.

TV. Announcer : 'From the guys who brought you "Is that my program?" Bring a new R rated terrifying horror epic "Night of the living Undead-Robots”.

TV. Jim : I think we lost em?

TV. Ashlee : Let me turn on the lights.

The lights turn on in the warehouse, Jim looks exactly like Bender only that he's colored black and his girlfriend,Ashlee who looks exactly like Angleyne from episode "Bendless Love" only that she's colored black too. They see an rusty, forward reaching arms, bite marks and holes all over its body, transmission fluid leaking from its mount, discolored eyes, making groaning and moaning noises, and saying "Girders" It is an Zombie_Robot.

Ashlee does a 1930s or 1960s movie like screams.

TV. Ashlee panicking: This is not happening!

TV. Jim: Get away! Leave us alone...Die you freak of programing!

TV. Zombie_Robot: Girders!

He hits the Zombie_Robot's head with a sledgehammer, the Zombie_Robot falls to the ground dead.

More Zombie_Robots appear, coming through the doors,breaking the glass of the windows and stumbling in.

TV. Zombie_Robots : Girders...Girder...Girders...Girders!"

TV. Jim: Run!

He takes hold of Ashlee hand,runs to the Zombie_Robot free fire exit and the Zombie_Robots slowly stagger after them.

Bender's teeth start to chatter, Fry and Leela don't pay any attention ,Leela presses Fry even further into the couch, Fry feels her back up and down with one hand under Leela's tanktop and with the other hand feels her butt.

On screen in the warehouse, the Zombie_Robots have surrounded Fatbot, who plays in this movie, from episode Mars University.

TV. Fatbot: 'Em, nice zombies."

They slowly stagger towards him, then the Zombie_Robots close in on him, dive on him and start bitting him, he helpless screaming in pain and in fear, as the zombie_Robots eat him alive.

TV. Jim: 'He's infected. Kill him!"

TV. Announcer Two voice over: 'The city is full of them things, that have 0 intellects, guided by their baser programing, one bite and your infected with the virus and in a matter of hours you become one of them. As for humans they are safe,the things have no interest in them,but as for us robots however, we are bound!

TV. Jim: 'Barricade the doors and window, don't let em in!

TV. Tinny Tim: 'Why the window, my good sir?

TV. Jim: 'Because they can climb walls!

TV. Tinny Tim: 'Oh right. Lets hope we can last the night, chaps.

TV. Jim: 'Can you hear that?

TV. Zombie_Robots: (from outside) 'Girders...Girder....Girders...Girders!

TV. Ashlee: 'There close!

TV. Announcer: 'In cinemas everywhere.

Bender turns off the TV.

Bender: 'Aye! You two love birds!

Leela pulls of the kiss,turns her head to look at Bender all the while Fry gasps for breath.

Leela: 'Yes?

Bender: 'Can we go see a movie?

Leela: 'Hmm, well, all right.

Scene Outside Loew's Aleph-0 Plex. Some of the movies showing are, It Came From Planet Mars,Wheres My USB Stick?,Roberto's Movie Don't Tell Nobody I killed You, The Bad Fan Fiction Stories. Leela and Bender look at some others that are advertised outside. Fry points at an In 3-D Ancient Titanic Movie from The Stupid Ages,poster. 

Fry: 'Hey,Leela, lets go see this one, from my time."

Leela: 'Hmm, looks like a bit of a chick flick, I just might see this with you."

Bender: 'Pft! Forget that. Lets go see this one."

Bender points at the "Night Of The Living Undead_Robots" poster.

Leela: 'Bender, that movie is for robots."

Bender: 'So?!

Leela: 'So,its for robots."

Bender: 'Come on, Please.

Leela: 'Ok! Bender we'll see it with you. But if this turns out to be an piece of crap of a movie, me and Fry are leaving. Right Fry?"

Fry: 'Yup.

Scene Loew's Aleph-0 Plex Auditorium. The only people in the place are Fry, Leela and Bender, they sit in the very back, middle row of seats. Leela sits besides Fry to the right and Bender sits beside Leela to the left.

Bender: 'Oh, its about to start!"

Minutes later.

Bender's teeth chatter, while Fry and Leela look bored.

Fry: 'This is weak. Back in my time, we had zombie movies that would scare the pants off you.

Leela: 'Really, like how?

Fry: 'Well first off all they would be Undead_humans and second of all they would eat us humans, plus--"

Bender: 'Will you stop talking!"

Leela: (whispering) 'Fry, I need to use the ladies room OK, be right back."

She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Scene Girls Bathroom. Leela walks into a cubicle and closes the door behind her.   

Inside The Cubicle. Leela puts some paper around the toilet's seat,drops her pants,underwear, sits herself down and casually hums as she pees.

Meanwhile Loew's Aleph-0 Plex Auditorium where Fry and Bender are. Shacking in fear Bender has his face covered with his hands.

Bender: 'Is the bad part over?"

Fry: 'Yes.

Bender takes his hands away from his face to look at the movie. Bender screams and s**hs 14 bricks onto the seat, while Fry laughs, from seeing on screen Fatbot being devoured and ripped to pieces by Zombie-Robots.

Scene Girls Bathroom-Cubicle. Leela is still peeing siting on the toilet seat humming casually but then she stops humming from hearing strange noises.

Voice: 'Oh! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Oh, yeah! Mmm! Oh, yeah! Your one sexy--

Leela looks up only to see Zapp Brannigan, leaning over the cubicle left of hers, looking down on her fantasizing.

Leela: 'Zapp!

Leela immediately pulls him her pants and narrows her eye to a slit.

Zapp: (sexfully) 'Doesn't this turn you on Leela, when I fantasize like this?"

Leela: 'No! It does not! Only when Fry fantasizes with me,turns me on and every fantasize he thinks of,I will give to him."

Zapp: 'And why would you do that for him?

Leela: 'Because I love him, more deeply then anyone, I've ever met in my entire life and I want to make it up to him, for being such a bitch to him. So I would do anything for him to be happy, as he would do the same for me. Now go away!

Zapp: (sexfully) 'Ah, come on. Don't tell me, you don't miss the Zapper."

At this point Leela was feeling like killing Zapp, but she just decided to look for something to throw at him. To the irony and to Leela's luck, she finds an brick on the floor.

Leela: (thinking) 'Hmm, thats odd. Bender must have been in here earlier."

She picks up the brick but hides it from Zapp's view.

Leela: (sexfully) 'Oh, Zappy, poop.

Zapp: (sexfully) 'Ah, I knew you didn't lov--"

Zapp's sentence was cut short, by Leela throwing an brick, hitting him in the face,knocking him to the floor, out cold.

Leela"Eat that!"

Leela opens the cubicle door and runs of there.

Scene Loew's Aleph-0 Plex Auditorium. Bender is inside his body like he was before in episode "Crimes of the Hot" while Fry struggles to keep awake.


Fry:( sleepily) 'Oh, this is just--"

Fry yawns and falls to sleep but not for long as Leela runs up the steps to him.

Leela: 'Fry!"

Fry awakes with a start.

Fry: 'Ah! Yes, Leela?

Leela: 'Let, us go see that other movie you talked about!

Fry: 'Ok.

Leela takes Fry's hands and pulls him along out of the place.

Scene Loew's Aleph-1 Plex Auditorium. Fry and Leela sit beside each other in the front row of seats. They are the only ones in the place.

Leela: 'I hope your right about this Titanic Movie."

Fry takes hold of Leela's hand and she smiles.

Fry: 'I don't know, I've never seen it.

A pale white, muscularly,bald, big shouldered, with a big gray bushy long beard, in uniform, Dwarf like man that you would see in a Mythology like "The Hobbit (aka)The Lord Of Rings" walks up to them, in his hands a box full of 3-D Glasses.

Staff Member Guy: 'Greetings and salutations,would you two most magnificent lovely couple like your 3D Glasses, now?

Leela: 'Please.

The Staff Member Guy hands both Fry and Leela 3-D Glasses for two eyes.

Fry: 'Wow the 3-D's great!"

Staff Member Guy: 'On the contrary my good sir, the movie hasn't even started yet nor have the ads."

Fry: 'Whats your name?"

Staff Member Guy: 'My name is Ocmomer Rock-Beard, son of, Dunline Milk-Beard,father of Finemim Bite-Shield and devoted husband of Anntory No-Beard."

Fry: 'What planet are you from?"

Ocmomer: 'I am from one of the many planets, from when Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth invented the Dark-Matter engine for use in fast space exploration,in its doing, humanity has been colonies countless worlds to this day, all across the universe. Oh yeah, and by the way I'm from the high gravity planet Stumbos 4, where it can be possible to be crushed under the weight of your own hair and a few years back, one of are hotels really badly needed some pillows.

Fry: 'And then what happened?"

Leela: 'Fry! Sorry about that but would you by any chance have 3-D Glasses for a Cyclops?"

Ocmomer: 'Why yes. You just give me your 3-D Glasses and in exchange, I'll give you these especially design 3-D Glasses for a one eyed person,such as you self.

Leela hands back the 3-D Glasses for two eyes and Ocmomer hands Leela the especially design made by iron 3-D Glasses for a one eyed person.

Leela: 'Thank you.

Ocmomer: 'I crafted it my self, with my forge hammer that was given to me by my father on his death bed."

Ocmomer leaves and Leela puts on her 3-D Glasses that fit perfectly over her eye.

Fry: 'The movie is about to start!"

Sometime later into the movie. Leela with her 3-D Glasses off, is leaning into cast crying, Fry simply strokes her neck and ponytail.

Fry: 'Shh.

Meanwhile In the Loew's Aleph-0 Plex Auditorium where Bender is currently. He has is eyes zoomed in looking at the screen.

Movie. Ashlee: 'I'm just glad the nightmare is over.

Movie. Jim: 'It'll never be over Ashlee, there a still some out there. Even now Zombie_Robots s are lurking in our playgrounds, our breezeways, perhaps even...our movie theaters!

Bender shouting: 'Oh your god,save me!

Movie. Announcer: 'And they're after you!

That did it for Bender he had enough, in an panic he screams and sh**ts bricks as he runs out of the place.

Scene Loew's Aleph-1 Plex Auditorium where Fry and Leela are. Leela is looking at the movie now but is still leaning into Fry chest, she has a very bloodshot red eye from crying but you wouldn't see it because she has on her 3-D Glasses on,Fry is still stroking her neck and ponytail.

Leela: (quietly) 'I love you, Fry.

Fry: quietly 'I love you too, Leela.

Sometime later at the end of movie, credits theme song My heart will go on-Celine Dion is playing. Fry finds himself flat on his back on the floor with Leela on top of him with her arms round him, she has him locked in an deep kiss and lots of tears flow down from her eye onto Fry's face. Both of their 3-D Glasses are off and are on the floor somewhere.

Fry enjoying himself wraps his arms round Leela, with his hand under her tanktop, he feels her back up and down and with the other hand under her pants, he fells her butt. Leela presses, rubs her body against Fry and squeezes him.

Leela: (kissing Fry) 'Mmm! Don't ever die on me, Fry.

Fry: (being kissed) 'Mmm! I wont.

They remain like that for hours.

Ocmomer: 'Ahem!

Leela gets up off Fry embarrass and dusts her self off.

Leela: 'Sorry, we'll just go now.

Scene Apartment 1I-Lounge. Fry and Leela are siting on an new three seater black leather couch Leela had bought recently, it faces an new green glass coffee table that Leela had bought recently too, they both face the TV on the wall.

Leela puts down on the coffee table an empty 350ML bottle of "Fresh Space Water" while Fry puts down on the coffee table an half empty white coffee mug containing green tea in it.

Leela: 'Fry, I've been thinking, you want to move in with me.

Fry: 'I was going to ask that!

Leela: 'Fry, I'm not moving into Bender's apartment with you.

Fry: (looking downcast sad) 'Oh I see.

Leela: 'Fry!

He looks up.

Fry: 'What?

Leela: 'Do you want to move in with me here?

Fry: 'Really?

Leela: 'Yes.

Fry"I'd loved to move in with you.

Leela pulls Fry close and kisses him on lips and Fry returns it.

Leela: 'Fry, remember when I spotted you playing your Holophonor?

Fry"Um, yes." 


Fry is sating on the Planet Express Balcony, playing the holophonor. In his image, two stick figures dance. He stops playing and writes some notes on a music sheet. Unknown to Fry, Leela is right behind him.

Leela: 'Is it part of the opera?

Fry turns around and quickly puts the holophonor down.

Fry: 'Leela?!

He stands up.

Fry: 'You shouldn't be listening. I don't want you to hear it till it's done.

Leela: 'But it's so beautiful.

Fry"So's a peacock but you don't eat it until it's cooked. This has to be perfect. I want you to hear exactly what I hear when I think about you.

Leela: 'Oh, Fry. All this time you've had this incredible gift and I never knew. I've been a fool. A fully-justified, prudent fool.

Fry: 'Leela. I feel i should give you a fair warning. After the premiere I'm planning on asking you out...you know on a real date.

Leela: 'What do you mean an real date?

Fry: 'Well you know, an movie where your supposed to care if the people die and after a kiss good night.

Leela: (softy) 'That sounds nice.

She looks into his eyes and holds his hands then quickly takes hers hands away.

Leela: Ah! They're so cold.

Robot Devil: (shouting from street) 'And yet hell is so hot!

He laughs briefly.

Robot Devil: 'Can I have my hands back now?

Fry: (shouting) 'No!

Robot Devil: (shouting from street) 'You're not nice!

End Flashback.

Fry: 'Yeah,so um, what's you point?

Leela"Well, remember when you promised me you'd try and more mature, after I had given your kiss good night?

Fry: 'Yeah, what about it?"

Leela: 'Well, you haven't really been living up to your promise to me, have you?"

Fry (nervous): 'I ,um, I I,ah, um, Le, la....Your not thinking of dumping me are you?!

From that Leela pulls Fry into an hug.

Leela: (softy) 'No,never. Just remember what makes you happy also makes me happy. Oh, by the way, you're really cute when your nervous.

She gives Fry an gentle squeeze and kisses his cheek.

Leela: 'Now, go over to Bender's,get your stuff, before I don't let you go and I'll be waiting for you.

Leela hands Fry a spare key and he walks out but not before giving Leela an quick light kiss on the lips.

Scene Robot Arms Apartments Corridor. Fry has been knocking on the door to Bender's apartment for the past few minutes.

Fry: 'Hello, Bender,are you home?! For the last time!

There is no answer, so Fry opens the door, walks inside and closes the door after him.

Scene Bender's Lounge. The place is dead silent and in total complete darkness with no natural light at all.

Fry: 'I cant see anything.

Fry moves his hand in front of his face, he cant even see that either, he wishes Leela was here with him, because she can see very well in the dark, properly even better in the dark then in the light.

The lights turn on and reveal an most strange room indeed. Weapons, of all kinds litter the floor of the room some of which are, RPG's, Shotguns,Grenades,Desert Eagles,Mines,Swords TNT's, and boxes of Ammunition everywhere.

Bender's Voice: 'Die you freak of programing!

There is a sound of a Lightsaber turning on.

Fry looks over and sees Bender wearing an ammo-belt around his waist,Roberto and Fatbot all up on released ground, in an trench, barricaded by sand-bags and barbed-wire that goes from one side of the room to the next like a wall. Bender is aiming an Minigun at Fry, Fatbot is aiming an M-42 45mm AT Gun at Fry,  Roberto is holding with both of his hands a red Lightsaber. The main window and all the windows are blocked up with steel shutters.

Bender: 'Oh! It's only Fry.

Fry: 'Un, can I just have my Holophonor and a bag of some of my clothes.

Bender: 'Here you go.

Bender throws both Fry's Holophonor and a blue school haversack bag, containing Fry's clothes. Fry caches both of them in the air.

Fry: 'Thanks.

Roberto: 'Wait a minute Bender, he could be a cyborg...you know a Haman who has replaced most of his or her body parts into mostly machine ,in order to live forever, with out having to put his or her head in an jar and lastly because if he's one of them cyborgs, he well could possibly be a Zombie_Robot.

Bender: 'Hey yeah! Get out of here Fry! Or we'll kill yea!

Fry in fear of his life runs out the door as fast as he can.

Fatbot: 'You know we don't have enough alcohol to last us forever.

Roberto"Oh yes we do. You see I stole one of Farnsworth's Paraboxs, that has a endless supply of alcohol because it's the Alcohol Universe. 

Bender: 'Neat.

Fatbot: 'How many parallel universes are there?

Roberto: 'Oh there is no end of parallel universes, in fact there are ones being made right now, as we speak.

Bender: 'You know I stole, one of Farnsworth's Paraboxs, that has a endless supply of cigars, from the Cigar Universe and I also stole an Parabox of endless ammunition from the Ammunition Universe."

Roberto: 'They will both come in handy.

Bender sticks his hand inside one of the three Paraboxs on the couch,pulls out a cigar,lights it up using his middle finger as an lighter.

Roberto: 'Oh yeah I also stole Farnsworth's Parabox of the Hooker-Bot Universe, we can jump in there every so often, when were bored without sex.

Fatbot: 'I got a deck of cards, anyone want to play blackjack.

Bender"Sure why not, That sounds like fun."

Roberto"All righty then."

Scene Apartment 1I-Lounge. The lights are off but the room is not in total darkness because there is light coming from the sightly open door to Leela's bedroom and Nibbler is curled up in a ball on the couch asleep.

Nothing new happens for the next ten minutes.

The front door opens and Nibbler awakes with an start.

Nibbler: Meddamahemah!

Nibbler stands up to see who's the intruder but only finds that Fry is walking in with his Holophonor in his right hand and a blue school haversack in his left hand,Nibbler curls back into an ball and goes back to sleep.

Leela's: (worried call from bedroom): 'Fry, is that you?

Fry: 'Yeah, its me, Leela.

Leela: (from Bedroom) 'Come in here Fry, I got an surprise for you.

Fry drops the haversack onto the floor and walks into Leela bedroom.

Scene Leela's Bedroom. Leela is siting up right on her knees on her bed, wearing a pink see-through outfit in fact it's exactly the same outfit from episode "Parasites Lost".

Fry walks in.

Leela (sexfully): 'Hey, Fry.

Fry now sees what Leela is wearing,gasps, jaws drop,eyes widen,eyebrows release, he just stares at her, his eyes look like there going to pop out and also some drool comes out from his mouth.

Leela: (sexfully) 'Fry, are you going to just stare at me? Or will you come here and get some?...What are you hiding behind you back by the way Fry?"

Fry: (nervous) 'Um your so beautiful I-I...um, ah, I, um, le, um, la, I--

Leela: (softy) 'Thank you. Now come here, I wont bite not unless you want me too.

Fry sits himself onto the bed beside Leela and he shows with he has been hiding behind his back. 

Leela: (softy) 'Oh Fry, your Holophonor! Can you play it for me?...Fry?

Leela notices tears in Fry's eyes. 

Leela: (softy) 'Oh Fry, I'm sorry."

Leela wraps her arms round Fry and kisses him repeatedly all over his face.

Leela: (crying) 'Oh Fry.....don't cry......you don't have to play it......if you don't want to.....and even if you do play it not very well........I will not kick you out.....Fry I love for who you are now and before not the worms!

Fry: 'It's okay Leela,I love you too.

Leela stops crying and repeatedly kissing Fry. She smiles as he puts his arms around her waist.

Leela: 'Oh Fry.

Leela squeezes Fry very hard.

Fry: (in pain) 'Ah! Ow! Ow! Owwww!

Leela gently squeezes Fry now.

Leela: (whispering) 'Sorry.

Leela lightly kisses Fry on the cheek.

Leela: (softy) 'Fry, why don't we just make-out and do some innocent cuddling for awhile and make love after words and other things after too.

Fry"Like giving me an b**w j--

Leela"Fry!...Yes. Now are we agreed?

Fry smiles and nods and Leela takes out her bobbin, letting her hair go down to her shoulders. He takes off his pants and jacket and throws them aside onto the floor.

Leela: 'Fry!

Fry: 'What?

Leela: 'Oh never mind. We can sort that out in the morning...Now come here."

Fry moves toward Leela, she wraps her arms round him and Fry does the same. Leela emits low sexual growls, she presses and rubs her body against him. The two lovers come tougher in a deep passionate kiss, they fall slowly onto the bed locked in a kiss.

Scene Girls Bathroom-Cubicle. Zapp is lying on the floor on his back with a big red pump mark on his forehead a brick is on the floor right next to him.

Nothing new happens for the next ten minutes.

Zapp"Wha? What happened?"

Zapp rubs his forehead.

Zapp: (in pain) 'Ow!

The door opens and Ocmomer stands over Zapp glaring at him with a one handed Battle-Axe in his right hand.

Ocmomer: 'I think it's about time, you leave you pervert.

Zapp: Ok. I'm going.

Ocmomer: 'Good. Now I gotta pick up all these bricks all around here.

Nibbler: (voice over) 'It is now 3008 and we have a male heir of The Mighty One and girl and another one on the way and it just goes to show, if certain events come to pass things well be better for Fry and Leela. Oh yeah I almost forgot they have been married for the last 3 years.

The End