Fan Fiction

SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis
By Fryfan

I don't own Futurama or any of its characters. (But their spy counterparts were my creation.) I also don't own Kim Possible or any of its characters.

SpyOrama Main Title

SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis.

(This SpyOrama fanfic is not entirely connected to my SpyOrama series, so I'm not officially calling this SpyOrama 11. This is a miniseries, just like how the Futurama/Simpsons crossover is a miniseries to Futurama Comics. The reason for this miniseries is that I like the show Kim Possible as well as Futurama. I thank my little cousin for getting me into Kim Possible when I visited my uncle's house and she had control of the TV remote. Kim Possible helped to inspire as to how SpyOrama should be. I write this in hopes to bring fans of both shows together and realize the haunting similarities between both shows.)

(Opening Scene. Middleton High at Middleton, Colorado. The billboard outside reads, "Career Day: Report To Auditorium". Cut inside and we see Kim and Ron exiting the auditorium. They both have their signature clothes on and Ron looks bored and Rufus is in his pocket.)

Ron: Two straight hours of people telling us to plan for our future.

Rufus: (Making fake snores.) Really boring.

Kim: (She makes it to her locker and opens it.) It wasn't all bad, and besides it makes you think on what you want to do after high school.

Ron: Please Kim, I already know what I want to be.

Kim: And what's that?

Ron: (Mimicking Sean Connery.) Agent Ron Stoppable.

Kim: Not with the agent dream again.

Ron: I can't help it, ever since Joe the Janitor came to our school and gave me those spy stuff, I crave the spy life.

Kim: That's because Joe was really a spy from Canada. And besides Ron, there's plenty of other careers you can choose.

Ron: Oh yeah, what does Ms. She Can Do Anything plan to do after high school?

Kim: I plan...(Just then Wade appears in the computer screen in Kim's locker.)

Wade: Hey guys.

Kim: What up Wade? What's the Sitch?

Wade: You got a hit on your site. It's from a company called Applied Cryogenics in New York City.

Kim: Applied Cryogenics?

Wade: A small company researching in cryogenics, their motto is "You can solve all your problems by freezing them."

Kim: Okay, weird. Come on Ron, we're going to New York City.

Ron: Looks like this is a job for Stoppable, Ron Stoppable.

(Cut to Kim and Ron riding in an airplane. We see a very old pilot at the helm.)

Kim: Thanks for the ride Mr. Turner.

Turner: It's the least I could do, since you helped me to recreate Charles Lindbergh's famous flight and fulfilling my childhood dream.

Kim: It was no big.

Ron: No problem for Kim.

Kim: Please, it was nothing.

Ron: ...and during that thunder storm.

(Next Scene. New York and the Applied Cryogenics Lab. We see Kim and Ron talking to a Cryogenisist, he's the same one from Futurama episode, "Jurassic Bark". We see the crime scene and it appears one Cryogenics tube has been stolen.)

Kim: Sir, we've come to help.

Cryogenisist: Great, I call the police and they send over two high school kids.

Ron: Sir, you happen to be in the presence to the Kim Possible.

Cryogenisist: Look, I'm just coming off a huge hangover, and one of the cryogenics tube was stolen. (Ron checks one of the tubes. He rubs on the glass to see.)

Ron: So, what exactly are these...(Screams as he sees a face frozen inside, and we get a cameo of a certain delivery boy.) Frozen body!

Cryogenisist: Get away from those! They're private property. (Kim takes out Kimmunicator and Wade appears on the screen.)

Kim: You freeze people?

Cryogenisist: It's to preserve their bodies so they can see the world of tomorrow and they all willing chose to be frozen, except for my wife.

Kim: Okay Wade, perform a bio-scan.

Cryogenisist: (interested and excited) Hey is that one of those iPods?

(Kim just waves Kimmunicator in the air as Wade scans room.)

Wade: I'm picking up familiar fingerprints...Shego.

Kim: Drakken.

Wade: Bad News Kim, I just picked up an email from your parents, they need you to come home and babysit the twins.

Kim: (annoyed) The Tweebs. I guess Drakken will have to wait.

Ron: Then let's go, this place is freaking me out.

(Next Scene. Drakken's Lair and he's busy modifying the cryogenic tube he stole. Shego is busy reading a magazine, not interested in what Drakken is doing.)

Drakken: At last, I have the perfect way of defeating Kim Possible for good. (Laughs)

Shego: So you stole an advanced refrigerator, what are you going to do? Keep her food from getting spoiled?

Drakken: Silence, Shego! This is a cryogenics tube and like the motto says, "You can solve all your problems by freezing them." Once, I cryo-freeze Kim Possible, I will blast her into the blackest of space with my mini rocket and thus she'll be gone forever.

Shego: Please, what makes you think this plan will work?

Drakken: It will work.

Shego: Oh like the time you tried to embarrass her to death, or the time you used that mind control chip on her or...

Drakken: That's enough, Shego! Mark my words, this plan will work, because this time we're taking it straight to Kim Possible. (Next Scene. Middleton High and we see Kim in front of the main doors. She is wearing her yellow shirt, with blue star on it and blue jeans. Ron arrives and he has his black and white shirt with green pants.)

Ron: Hey KP, how were the twins?

Kim: Going to New York was the easy part of my night.

Ron: Don't worry, KP. We'll stop Drakken and they'll have to face Ron Stoppable secret agent.

Kim: Ron! Do you have to keep saying that?

Ron: Hey, why can't I be a secret agent? We do spy stuff all the time.

Kim: Because there's so many other jobs out there and we save the world because it is the right thing to do. (Josh Mankey and Tara past by them and enter the school.)

Ron: Wow, KP. Josh Mankey passed by you and your jaw didn't drop or anything. You really got over him.

Kim: So not the drama. We've had this talk before.

Ron: Yeah, but it was during that the time of that whole moodulator thing.

Kim: Don't remind me of that. I still remember when I kissed you.

Ron: And what was wrong with that?

Kim: Nothing, but us best friends kissing? And let's not forget when the moodulators fried, I tried to kill you. Hey you aren't still thinking...

Ron: What are you saying?

Kim: Ron, you do know that whole crush thing was just the moodulator, right?

Ron: Yes, Kim, of course.

Kim: Good, so we better get to class. (As Kim leaves, Ron just looks sad. Just then Drakken comes flying in on his hovercraft and fires a freeze ray at Kim. Drakken's hovercraft has the mini-rocket hooked up at the bottom.)

Drakken: Aw Kim Possible, we meet once again.

Shego: Nice, insult.

Drakken: Just fire the laser. (She fires another blast and Kim. Kim, using her cheerleading skills, jumps out of the way. Ron is able to get out of dodge.) Come on, Shego hit her.

Shego: Well, I would've hit her if you didn't have me give her a warning shot. (Kim manages to jump up a tree and uses that as a springboard to get to Drakken's hovercraft. She and Shego start to fight over the controls and during the struggle they release the mini-rocket. It falls, but doesn't hit hard on the ground, but a door opens. Kim and Shego continue to fight and they land the hovercraft hard on the ground.)

Drakken: My cryo-freeze ray!

Ron: Alright Kim. (Races to help, but he trips causing him to land on Kim, Shego and Drakken. That causes the hovercraft to jumpstart. It backs into the min-rocket and door closes. They are inside the ship, but the impact of entering the ship has triggered the ship to blast off. The impact also causes the cryo-freeze laser to explode. A mist of frost hits the rocket and all four are frozen. They blast into space and fly far away from Earth. Cut to a time montage. We get to the 31st Century and we cut to NNY where Ironfinger has Fry and Leela strapped to table and has lasers pointed at them. Jinx is filing her nails.)

Ironfinger: At last, Agents 014 and 1BDI at my mercy.

Jinx: Don't mess it up like you always do.

Ironfinger: This plan is foolproof.

Jinx: Then how come they've broken free and now are beating up Scruffy. (Ironfinger turns around and sees Scruffy getting his ass kicked.)

Scruffy: Scruffy, needs a new line of work.

Ironfinger: Curses, come Jinx. (They race through a secret door.)

Leela: You know them always escaping, it's starting to get boring.

Fry: I know.

Leela: Come on, let's get them. (Cut to Ironfinger and Jinx escaping on a space ship. Jinx is piloting and Ironfinger is on the passenger seat.)

Ironfinger: Damn them! They always foil my plans.

Leela: And this time you're through. (They turn around and they see Leela and Fry.)

Ironfinger: How did you get on my escape ship?

Leela: You really shouldn't label your hallways, "Short cut to Escape Ship."

Jinx: I told you that would come back to haunt you.

(Just then the ship is hit with something big and fast.)

Ironfinger: What the hell was that?

Jinx: I don't know, but we're going down. (The ship crashes and we see Ironfinger, Jinx, Fry and Leela are okay. They come across four frozen bodies and they are starting to melt. Kim is the first one to melt and she sees what's going on.)

Leela: Oh God, we collided with a ship full of civilians. Fry, help me help them.

Kim: Ron? (Jinx grabs her and points a laser at Kim's head.)

Leela: Let go of the young girl, Jinx.

Jinx: Don't move, or the teenage girl gets it. (Just then Kim manages to break free and knocks the gun out of Jinx's hand. Jinx tries to take her out, but Kim manages to stay one step ahead of her.) Gluck, you're one tough little girl.

Kim: Gluck? (Fry manages to help a frozen body, and it is Shego.)

Fry: Don't worry ma'am, we're here to help. (Shego slaps his hands off of her and her hands glow a shade of green. Fry panics.) You know, there's a lotion for that.

Shego: Too bad, there won't be a lotion for when I rearrange your face.

(Leela jumps in front of Fry and tries to calm Shego down.)

Leela: Calm down, you are probably a misunderstood victim of bad radiation from the crash.

Shego: Look who's talking, what happened did you escape from the circus or something. (Shego notices Leela's one eye, but this angers Leela.)

Leela: Bring it on! (Leela charges and begins fighting with relentless fury. Shego is forced to back up.)

Shego: Man, she's good as Kimmy. (Just then Drakken gets up.)

Drakken: Shego, quit playing with the circus freak and let's go.

Fry: Hey, don't call my partner a "circus freak", blue boy.

Drakken: (pushing Fry out of the way) Out of my way, buffoon.

Shego: (Shego manages to trip Leela, as she's distracted as Drakken walks passed by them.) Later, I'm looking forward to facing you again. (Cut back to Kim and Jinx fighting. Ironfinger notices that Fry and Leela are still alive.)

Ironfinger: Jinx let's go! Stop fighting with that minor and let's get going.

Kim: Minor! (Kim charges at Ironfinger and knocks him down.) What are you? One of Drakken's robots? (Jinx grabs Kim by the back of her shirt and throws her across the room, Kim is able to recover, but Ironfinger and Jinx are gone. Kim turns and see both Ron and Rufus. They are now starting to get up. She runs up to him.)

Kim: Ron! Are you okay?

Ron: I'm so cold.

Rufus: (Shivering.) Cold. (Ron picks him up and puts him in his pocket to keep him warm.)

Ron: What happened?

Kim: I'm not sure, one minute we crash into Drakken's mini-rocket and the next.

Fry: Freeze! Don't move, you two! (Leela and Fry walk up to Kim and Ron. Fry has a laser because of the thing they had to go through with Shego and Drakken. Leela walks up and takes the laser gun away from Fry and puts it away. Kim and Leela are staring at each other and Fry and Ron are staring at each other.)

Ron: Oh my goodness. A one-eyed woman, and she looks fine.

Leela: Don't worry kids, I'm sure your parents will be fine. I'm sure they are just confused from the radiation.

Kim: Who, Drakken and Shego? Those weren't our parents, those were evil villains

Leela: (Shocked but then realizes that these minors are alone.) They kidnapped you two, that is so low of them. We better get you two back to PE HQ and try to locate your parents.

Kim: Can you tell us where we are?

Leela: You are just outside of New New York.

Kim: New New York? (Kim notices a calender and it reads the year.) Ron, look at the date, we're in the future! (Pulls out her Kimmunicator, but it has been damaged because of the crash.)

Ron: That's not good.

Kim: It's broken.

Leela: That is what happens when you buy an iPod. Those things aren't that good. (Cut to Drakken and Shego and they managed to be a certain distance from the crash area. Shego notices a few hover cars in the air and they are stuck in a traffic jam.)

Shego: So, where are we, genius?

Drakken: Oh I suppose you expect me to know that?

Shego: Well since you are an evil genius and this is your fault, so that would be a yes.

Drakken: I don't know, but we're going to find out.


To be continued...