Fan Fiction

SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis, Part 2
By Fryfan

(Next Scene. PE HQ, and our heroes show their guests to the wonders of PE HQ!)

Kim: This is amazing, it's just like Global Justice.

Leela: Global Justice? Do high schools still teach ancient history? Global Justice hasn't been in business for almost 1,000 years.

Fry: So you two are from the 20th century?

Ron: Actually the 21st century and by the way, you look familiar.

Kim: Ron, how can he, he's from the 31st century?

Fry: Actually, I'm also from the 20th century, but I got frozen.

Kim: Wait, were you at Applied Cryogenics?

Fry: Applied what...?

Kim: You were the person we saw in one of the cryogenics tube back at Applied Cryogenics. You were frozen for a 1,000 years?

Ron: Just like us. What are we going to do?

Kim: Okay, so Ron, Rufus and I are stuck in the future. I guess we'll have to deal until we can find a way back home.

Leela: Before we go any further, we'll need to properly introduce ourselves. This is Agent 014.

Fry: Also known as Fry, Philip J. Fry.

Leela: And I'm Turanga Leela, Agent 1BDI.

Ron: Agent 1BDI? That is a little obvious.

Kim: Ron! (Elbows him.) You'll have to excuse him, it is just that we've never met a person with just one eye, except for someone with an eye patch.

Leela: It's understandable, I'm a mutant and the least mutated mutant ever born.

Ron: So you don't have any other weird mutations, like spitting slime from you mouth or heat vision? (Leela just frowns.)

Fry: So, who are you guys?

Kim: I'm Kim Possible and this is my best friend, Ron Stoppable.

Ron: And this naked mole-rat is Rufus. (Leela's eyes glare and Fry just busts into laughing.)

Fry: No seriously, what are your names?

Kim: I just told you. (Fry just starts laughing like hell.)

Fry: That's rich. Did your parents name you or did you have to legally change them to that?

(Kim just feels annoyed, while Ron doesn't understand why Fry's laughing.)

Kim: Are you done?

Fry: Just a second...(Trying to hold in the laughter, but continues to laugh a bit.)...okay now I'm done. (He snickers a bit, but is done laughing.)

Leela: Your names are Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable? Oh my God!

Fry: Yeah Leela, it really is funny.

Leela: No Fry, it's... (An agent enters.)

Agent: Agents 014 and 1BDI, it's a good thing you two are back because Agent C wants you guys to...(Notices that Kim and Ron are in the room and then looks back at Fry and Leela. He sees, Kim's red hair and Fry's red hair. He notices how both Ron and Fry are standing and how both Kim and Leela are standing.)...it's nice to see that your mutation isn't genetic.

Leela: What are you talking about?

Agent: Look, I think it's cute that you two bring your kids to work, but we already have to put up with Agent C's kid and the Professor's kid clone.

Leela: No, wait! (Realizes what's going on.) These aren't our kids. (Kim and Ron just look at each puzzled at the situation.)

Kim: These two aren't our parents.

Agent: (laughs and pats Kim on the head) Right sure, whatever you say. But seriously, you two better go see Agent C and the Professor and take your kids with you.

Leela: They're not our kids! (Bitter at the thought of that mistake in identity then turns to Fry.) Can you believe that anybody would think we would have children?

Fry: Actually, I think it was kind of cute.

Leela: Cute?

Fry: Admit it, haven't you thought about being a mother?

Leela: Yes, I would like to consider myself as a good mother. I picture myself caring for my children and helping to fix my daughter's hair and kissing my son on the cheek in front of his friends. However, I don't plan to be a mother anytime soon.

Fry: As for me, I've never been considered as a father figure. I once failed as a mentor to a bunch of kids at a summer camp.

Ron: Camp? (Starts freaking out and shaking.)

Fry: What's wrong with him?

Kim: He had a bad experience at a camp once.

Ron: Camp Wannaweep.

Fry: That doesn't sound like a bad place.

Ron: Oh it was. (Flashbacks to the time when Ron was at Camp Wannaweep and he had to bunk with the camp monkey and other bad memories he had at the camp. The flashbacks stop.)

Leela: Come on, we've got to tell Agent C that Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are here.

Fry: I don't get it, Leela. Why are you so excited?

Leela: I'll explain later.

(They arrive to the conference room and they see Hermes and the Professor.)

Leela: Agent C, we have some news for you.

Professor: (Notices Kim and Ron.) So, you and 014 decided to bring your kids to work. Trust me, that's something I regret doing.

Leela: Professor, how could Fry and me have kids? I've only known Fry for a short time, we're not even married.

Professor: Well, who are these two? More importantly, what blood types are they? I'm going to get my organ cooler. Oh yes. (Starts to leave.)

Leela: Professor! These two are Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. (Hermes and Professor gasp.)

Hermes: Sweet Honey Bee of Infinity.

Professor: We're not worthy.

Fry: Why is anybody so worked about these two kids?

Leela: Fry, they're two of greatest heroes of the early 20th century.

Kim: Greatest heroes?

Ron: Booya, we're famous.

Leela: Fry, you're from the 20th century, haven't you heard of them?

Fry: Well actually, I spent my time delivering pizzas, watching TV and going out and being stood up by my girlfriend. I pretty much didn't follow what was going on in the news.

Leela: Kim and Ron were members of Team Possible, they saved the world many times from some of the most evil villains.

Fry: Isn't that what we do?

Leela: Yes, but they were an inspiration to what DOOP is today.

Fry: They were?

Leela: Yes. (Turns to Kim.) That broken iPod, that was your Kimmunicator.

Kim: Yes, how did you know? (Leela shows Kim her wrist-lojack-amater.)

Leela: My wrist-lojack-amater comes from the same technology.

Kim: It is, but how?

Professor: Just listen to this special news reel tape, I have inside the VCR. It's in there because the eject button is stuck. (The Professor pushes play and we see on the screen Kim and Ron and clips from episodes.)

Narrator: Kim Possible, the high school cheerleader by day, world's #1 hero later on that same day. The daughter of a rocket scientist and brain surgeon, Kim Possible had the genes for success. Kim, along with her trusty sidekick and long time best friend Ron Stoppable, both attended Middleton High located in Middleton Colorado. Together along with a naked mole-rat named Rufus and computer child genius named Wade Load, they formed Team Impossible. Team Possible has saved the world from some of the most evil villains: Lord Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, the Seniors...

Fry: Lord Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan? What kind of villains are these?

Leela: Shhh...don't interrupt.

Narrator:...but perhaps the most dangerous villain, Kim has ever faced was the evil Dr. Drakken and his sidekick, Shego...

Leela: (Looks at their mug shots.) Those were the two we faced back at the crash site.

Narrator:...it seemed that Kim and Ron had to deal with Dr. Drakken more often than any other villain. However, nothing was too hard for Ms. Possible, her motto was "She can do anything." However sadly, this wasn't enough to save her. On one tragic day, Kim Possible and her sidekick disappeared. Though there is not much information on what exactly happened but from a few witnesses, they were reported to have seen Kim Possible in one last fight with Dr. Drakken. However, Drakken himself and his sidekick Shego, were also never seen after that incident. Even though Ms. Possible may be gone, still today we try to live up to her example. Thank you, Kim Possible. (Video ends and Professor stops the tape.)

Kim: So, nobody knows we were frozen and sent into outer space?

Leela: Nobody knew what happened to you all.

Kim: So, what happened after we disappeared?

Leela: Well the most wonderful thing happened. You became a huge star, there were comic books, video games, action figures and even a Saturday morning cartoon show.

Ron: Cartoon show? How was it?

Leela: It was a pretty good show, but it was made by Disney so it didn't last.

Fry: Hey, it could've been worse, at least it wasn't on FOX.

Leela: Of course along with good things, there were some setbacks. Like that horrible live action movie about you, Ms. Possible.

Ron: Who was in it?

Leela: (expresses a sense of awfulness) They had Lindsay Lohan play you Ms. Possible, and the guy who played the older brother from "Boy Meets World" play Ron.

Ron: (shocked and disguised) That guy?!

Leela: But luckily people forgot about that movie after the first weekend.

Kim: I'm amazed of the fandom, but can I ask how this craze got started?

Leela: Well the whole Kim craze was started by a ten year old genius named Wade Load. 

Professor: Genius, my eye.

Kim and Ron: Wade!

Leela: He was the one who ran your website and helped keep Team Possible alive.

Kim: So, Wade helped to keep my memory alive. I wish I could thank him.

Leela: Actually you can, he lives right here in NNY.

Kim: He does? But how could he?

Ron: Kim, you're actually questioning on what Wade can do?

Kim: Maybe he can help figure out a way for us to get back home.

Hermes: Well, I think we should let Ms. Possible and Mr. Stoppable meet with Mr. Load, but first you should let them get settled here since it is the right thing to do. And also I can claim them as dependents.

Leela: I also think it is important that them being here should be a secret. If word got out, people would go crazy and that could complicate things. But let me show you two around.

Kim: Thank you Agent 1BDI, and please call us Kim and Ron.

Leela: And you can just call me Leela.

Hermes: You better get them down to the doctor's office to check for injuries. (Cut to them meeting Dr. Zoidberg.)

Ron: They have a lobster as a doctor?

Kim: I'm sure he's a good doctor.

Zoidberg: I see you've brought me a meal. (Tries to eat Rufus, but Rufus runs out the room. Zoidberg chases after him and Ron quickly races to help. Next Scene. An old warehouse and we see Drakken and Shego and they are looking around.)

Shego: So, what will we do now?

Drakken: Thanks to my brilliant genius I have determined that we are in Earth's future.

Shego: Did you figure that out before or after you noticed the flying cars?

Drakken: Not now Shego, we must come up with a plan.

(Just then Ironfinger and Jinx enter through an opposite door.)

Ironfinger: Jinx, we must come up with a plan. (They stop to notice Drakken and Shego across the room.) Hey! Who the hell are you? And what are you doing in my hideout?

Drakken: Your hideout? We were here first.

Ironfinger: But I made the reservations to rent that place, today. It's right here on these forms.

Drakken: I don't need no stinkin' forms. Shego!

Shego: I'm on it. (Shego is prepared to fight.)

Ironfinger: Jinx!

Jinx: I'm on it. (She confronts Shego. They start fighting trading blows, Shego lets her hands glow and when she takes a swing at Jinx, Jinx dodges the blow and Shego breaks a crate.) Looks like you could use a manicure, and something for that green skin.

Shego: Too bad that red suit makes you look fat, but I think I can rip a few pounds off of you. (Shego tries a few more punches, and Jinx grabs a lead pipe and manages to trip Shego with it. Jinx then points the lead pipe at Shego's face.)

Jinx: You're good, but I'm better.

Shego: Oh yeah. (Shego uses her glowing hands and melts the lead pipe. Drakken and Ironfinger are looking on together.)

Ironfinger: Get her Jinx!

Drakken: Get her Shego!

Ironfinger: Don't let her get the best of you Jinx!

Drakken: Don't let her take control Shego!

Jinx: Gleesh, does your boyfriend let you do all the fighting?

Shego: Eww, you must be crazy. And besides looks who's talking?

Jinx: Please, me and the robot?

Shego: You're about as good that cyclops I fought today. I think I'll deal with her after I'm done with you.

Jinx: Wait! (Uses her hands to gesture "time out".) Did you say cyclops?

Shego: Yes.

Jinx: Was she female, with purple hair and in a lousy black spy suit?

Shego: That's her.

Jinx: Agent 1BDI! I want to finish my score with her as well as that young redhead I tried to take hostage, but she took me by surprised earlier today.

Shego: Redhead?

Jinx: Not since 1BDI, have I ever faced a worthy opponent.

Shego: You mean Kim Possible?

Jinx: Did you say Kim Possible?

Ironfinger: What are you doing?

Drakken: Shego, what is the meaning of this?

Jinx: She knows Agent 1BDI.

Shego: She knows Kim Possible.

Ironfinger and Drakken: How do you expect me to take over the world if you don't follow orders?! (They look at each other to realize that they both said the same thing.)

Drakken: You want to rule the world?

Ironfinger: So do you? And who's this Kim Possible?

Jinx: Spluh, she was only like the first teenaged spy, but she was second best to her rival... (Realizes something.) Wait a minute, green skin, glowing hands, snappy sarcasm, you are Shego.

Shego: Excuse me?

Jinx: You are Shego, henchwoman to Dr. Drakken.

Ironfinger: (Gasps and points to Drakken.) You mean this is Dr. Drakken?


To be continued