Fan Fiction

SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis, Part 4
By Fryfan

(Next Scene. PE HQ and there are swarms of fans, reporters and agents surrounding the building. A wall of police officers are preventing them from getting inside. Our heroes are watching the TV. Morbo and Linda are on the air.)

Linda: Recapping our top story, we have reason to believe that legendary hero Kim Possible has returned from where ever she had disappeared to in the last 1000 years.

Morbo: (disappointed) Morbo wishes to call off future Earth invasion because we would stand no chance against the human female who says she can do anything. (Linda laughs.)

Kim: I can't believe people are going crazy over this.

Leela: Your comeback is bigger than the time Elvis came back from Saturn. I'm sure you're used to the fandom.

Kim: Actually, no. When I was out saving the world, it was really no big. Aside from that, I had a pretty average, normal life.

Ron: Let's not forget captain of the Cheerleading team and member of pretty much every club in school. Hey, where's Rufus?

Fry: I think he's playing with Nibbler.

Leela: Nibbler! Oh God! (Cut to Rufus running from Nibbler. He's trying to eat the mole-rat. Rufus manages to make it in Ron's pocket. Leela quickly grabs Nibbler and ties him to a table so he can get to Nibbler. Rufus is just panting.) Bad Nibbler!

Ron: Are you okay buddy?

Rufus: (panting) Okay.

Leela: So, you're saying that people didn't crowd around and bother you for autographs?

Kim: Exactly. Some people did appreciate what I did, but there were some people who could care less.

Leela: You mean like that Bonnie Rockwaller or that teacher Steve Barkin?

Kim: Yeah, but I saved the world not to be known, but because it was the right thing to do. (Just then Dwight and Cubert walk over to Kim.)

Cubert: Hello there, beautiful.

Dwight: You call that a pickup line?

Cubert: Aw yes.

Kim: I am so out of both your leagues.

Dwight: Oh come on, I can be really cool if you get to know me.

Cubert: Yeah, but I have the higher IQ.

Ron: Gentleman, the lady said no.

Cubert: Oh great, just what this team needs, another idiot.

Kim: Don't call him that! (Cubert and Dwight back away, knowing what Kim's capable of doing. Kim turns to Leela.) What do we do now?

Leela: We wait and try to figure out how to get you back home.

Kim: The only person who could figure that out, would be Wade.

Leela: I just talked with him on the phone about the dinner meeting, and due to the reporters outside, we'll need to reschedule for tomorrow night. Maybe, he can help us then.

Professor: Nonsense, I'm a scientist damn it. I can figure out how to send you home.

Kim: Do you have a time machine?

Professor: As a matter of fact, I've been building one for years and just never got to finishing it.

Hermes: That's because it didn't work and you decided to give up on it. You said it wasted 20 years of your life.

Professor: Oh right, now I remember.

Leela: Don't mind the Professor, he's just mad that Wade beat him once for the #1 spot of Species Magazine's top 100 smartest minds on Earth.

Professor: You know those top 100 lists are no good, I didn't even get ranked in the top ten.

Kim: Okay, so the Professor's time machine is out. There's only one other person who could help us. We'll have to deal with reporters until then. (Next Scene. A music montage and we she Kim trying to make good at PE HQ and we hear the song, Britney Spears cover of "My Prerogative" and we see Kim in the bathroom. She has a bath rope on and is prepared to take a shower when from the small window we see a reporter taking to take a picture. Kim quickly closes the shades. Cut to Kim trying to have breakfast, but an spider bot camera is in her cereal. The montage ends and our four heroes and analyzing the situation.)

Kim: Aside from the fans, I'm happy that we get to see Wade tonight.

Leela: It will be too dangerous if you come along. It would be better if you'd stay here.

Kim: I can take care of myself and I can handle a few reporters and fans.

Ron: KP, what about Drakken and Shego? They're still in the future, too.

Kim: I know, we'll have to take them back with us. And as for the crowd, I have a plan, but we'll need a distraction.

Ron: I'm on it. (Cut to Ron walking outside the front door and the crowd tries to rush him, but luckily officers are keeping the crowd back. Just then a rocket ship takes off and flies away.)

Ron: Look, Kim Possible is escaping in that ship. You should go after her. (The crowd races to try to go after the ship. Kim, Fry and Leela then exit once the crowd is gone and meet with Ron.)

Leela: We better dress formally for the dinner.

Ron: One question, who did you get to fly the ship?

(Cut to ship to reveal that Zoidberg, is flying the ship.)

Zoidberg: So, where am I supposed to go? (Checks a note written to him that reads, "Dog Doo8".) I'm on my away. (Steers the ship to fly into outer space. From a backdoor from PE HQ, Leela drives the Halle BXW and Fry is seated on the front passenger side. Kim and Ron are sitting in the back. We see that Leela and Fry are dressed formally. Kim and Ron are also dressed formally and they are matching what Fry and Leela are wearing.)

Kim: I like the formal clothes, Leela.

Leela: Courtesy of SpyWear. Some of the stealthy clothes come from that brand.

Ron: KP, you look great in that dress.

Kim: No big, you look good in that suit.

Fry: How about we listen to some tunes. (Turns on the radio.)

DJ: (Sounds like the energy beam from Futuram episode, "Love's Labours In Space".) Hey this is M-5438, emitting to you the sounds of today's best music, and we have a special treat. In honor of the return of one the biggest heroes of 21st Century, Kim Possible, here's a song from her Double Platinum winning soundtrack. (We hear the song, "Call Me, Beep Me (The Kim Possible Song)" sung by Christina Milian.)

Kim: Soundtrack?

Leela: It was inspired from the hit cartoon and fans just ate it up.

Kim: I'm happy that I'm a big name, but people are getting too obsessed with this Kim thing.

Ron: KP, it's because you're amazing.

Kim: Please, I'm no better than anybody else.

Leela: Things are much faster in the future: cars, computers, and people's obsession for celebrities. You came along at a time where kids needed a new hero to look up to and after you disappeared, you became more of a big name. People just didn't realize what they had until you and Ron were gone. And I'm amazed to hear that you're not arrogant after hearing of your success. You really are a humble person.

Kim: I can thank my parents for that, I sure miss them and the tweebs. (Next Scene. Elzar's and our four heroes arrive and everybody just admires the four of them. Elzar arrives to greet them.)

Elzar: Good evening, and let me just say, it's a pleasure to have a lovely family as yourselves to be here.

Ron: Dude, we're not fam... (Leela elbows him.)

Leela: Son, don't be rude. We're the Frys.

Elzar: Let me show you to your table. (Once Elzar's back is turned, Leela whispers to Ron.) Leela: Sorry about elbowing you, but we can't let people know who we really are that's why I called Mr. Load ahead that we'd pose as a family.

Kim: It was my idea.

Fry: We're the Frys?

Leela: It was Kim's idea to use your name.

Fry: Mr. and Mrs. Fry. I like the sound of it.

Leela: Don't get used to it, it's just a cover. (They follow Elzar and they head to a empty part of restaurant. We see Wade and his jar is at the far end of the table.)

Wade: Hello guys, please be seated. (Fry and Leela sit on one side while Kim and Ron sit the on the other side.) I'm glad you're all here. Kim, Ron, and Rufus as I said back in the museum, it's good to see you all again. I was afraid you wouldn't come. (As time passes, Kim is just about finished in explaining her story. And everybody's had a big meal.)

Kim: So, there you have it Wade.

Wade: It seems kind of odd, where would Drakken be able to get a mini-rocket?

Ron: What about your dad, KP?

Kim: My dad? But he never reported a mini-rocket stolen.

Fry: Maybe, this Drakken built it himself.

Kim: Doubt that, since the rocket was able to fly through space for a 1000 years.

Wade: So we're talking about a real genius, but who?

Leela: We were able to recover parts from the mini-rocket, but we couldn't determine as to the possible origin where Drakken got it.

Wade: Well, I don't think that matters now. The only thing that matters is to get Kim and Ron back to the past.

Ron: Don't you mean present? Since you know, to us, this is the future.

Kim: How do you plan on sending us back, Wade?

Wade: Oh that's easy, you see...(Just then the wall next to them busts open and in comes Drakken, Shego, Jinx, and Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: Mr. Wade Load, we've come for you.

Shego: And don't make it hard. (Shego's hands start glowing. Kim and Leela get up from their chairs and are ready to fight.)

Kim: Shego, I've been wondering when we'd meet again.

Jinx: Isn't that cute. Agent 1BDI, it's very thoughtful to bring the kids with you.

Leela: Jinx, I'm not in to mood.

Jinx: That's why I want a shot at the best. Kim Possible you're mine. (Kim does a somersault and they start fighting. Shego somersaults and starts fighting with Leela.)

Shego: I want another piece of you. I still remember last time. (Shego comes at Leela. Leela dodges and Shego, with her glowing hands, breaks the table. Leela starts with a few kicks and that causes Shego to back up. Jinx and Kim are still going act it. Since Kim is younger than Leela, she is much faster and Jinx can't hit her, but she's a challenge to Kim. Ironfinger manages to walk up to Wade and grabs his head and starts leaving when Ron walks up to him.)

Ron: Drop the head, robot. (Does some karate moves and punches Ironfinger, but since Ironfinger's made of metal, Ron just ends up hurting his hand. Fry comes up and wrestles with Ironfinger over Wade's head. Drakken comes up and helps Ironfinger and Ron helps Fry making this a tug-a-war.)

Kim: Wade! (She realizes this while battling with Jinx. Kim flips over Jinx and manages to kick Ironfinger in the face causing Fry and Ron to grab hold of Wade.)

Ron: We got Wade.

Kim: Good, try to hang on to him. (Jinx manages to try and take Wade, but Kim prevents her from going so. They start trading blows once again. Shego and Leela have managed to fight their way into the kitchen of the restaurant and Elzar happens to meet them. He's mixing a pot with his four arms.)

Elzar: Hey what's a couple of beautiful ladies like you two, fighting in my kitchen? (Shego ends up knocking the pot out of Elzar's hands and that causing the soup to spill it on him.)

Shego: Stand still, you're as fast as the cheerleader.

Leela: It's from years of practice, something you should've done Shego. I used to watch the cartoon and your character's fighting styles were based from real life. You might say I've studied your moves.

Shego: So you still like to watch cartoons, big deal. (Cut to Jinx and Kim.)

Jinx: KP, is it? I'm impressed but I've studied your moves from the cartoon, and I know you're style and it's all defensive. (Jinx is able to knock down Kim and is poised to do whatever.)

Ron: Kim! (Races and tries to distract Jinx.) Excuse me, I just want to say out of all the women in the future, you are the most cute one.

Jinx: Nice try, Ron. (She shoves Ron away. Ron's distraction was long enough for Kim to get up and she double kicks Jinx on a table. Jinx falls on all the food.)

Jinx: Sman, my spy suit is dry clean only.

Ironfinger: This is taking too long. (Pulls out a radio.) Send him in. (Just then Destructor comes busting in and has been improved since the fanfic, "Fry Another Day".)

Destructor: I AM DESTRUCTOR!!! (Starts yelling and then in a normal voice.) Version 2.0

Leela: Destructor?

Ron: That would be so cool, if it wasn't going to hurt us. (Destructor heads to Fry, who's holding Wade's head. Destructor manages to pick up Fry, grab Wade and throw Fry across the room. Ironfinger and Drakken look on and are impressed.)

Ironfinger: Good, now grab the other person.

Destructor: Acquiring second target. (Looks at Kim and heads to grab hear. Leela has already drawn to that conclusion and manages to pull Kim out of Destructor's hand. Just then the sounds of police sirens are blaring.)

Ironfinger: Cheese it, we better just leave with the head. (He pushes a button on a remote and a hovercraft comes crashing in from the ceiling and Ironfinger, Jinx, Shego and Drakken all get on. Destructor has built in rockets on his feet and blasts off with the villains. The commotion has caused fans to gather around.)

Fan: Hey, it's Kim Possible. (They crowd around, preventing Leela and Kim from trying to follow the villains.)

Kim: Well, what do we do now?


To be continued