Fan Fiction

SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis, Part 5
By Fryfan

(Next Scene at the villain's hideout and we see Wade's head strapped on a stool and he's wondering where he is.)

Wade: Whoever is behind this is going to pay dearly.

Ironfinger: Silence!

Drakken: Hear now, why do you get to yell at him?

Ironfinger: Because I was the one smart enough to go after the man behind Team Possible.

Drakken: You're right. Wade is the one who helped Kim Possible to foil my plans. But I'm the one who knows him. (Shego and Jinx come out where they were hiding.)

Shego: ...wait, I can top that. One time Drakken and I stole a weather machine and he wanted to use it to try to take over Canada.

Jinx: Gleesh, that's all. One time Ironfinger tried to take over world by shooting a lousy drink commercial on the internet.

Shego: You win, your boss comes up with the most dumbest ideas.

Jinx: Can I ask you question? It seemed on the show you were way evil than Drakken, haven't you ever tried to take over the world by yourself?

Shego: You see, I would but I have this sidekick contract with Drakken and he does offer free room and board. What about you? You seem like someone who can stand on her own.

Jinx: I guess I'm in the same boat with you. I came to Earth to work with the so-called baddest evil Earth, but I ended up signing with Ironfinger. I'm contractually obligated to work for him as you with Drakken. But I'm curious about that one episode where you had a crush on Drakken.

Shego: What do you mean?

Jinx: That moodulator episode.

Shego: They made that incident into an episode? Man, I can't believe this.

Jinx: Fans say that inside you're really insecure and hide your true feelings for Drakken.

Shego: Please, that was all the moodulator. Can you see me going out with a guy that still sleeps with a nightlight?

Wade: Can someone please tell me why you four abducted me?

Wernstrom: Why I'd be glad to answer that.

Wade: Dr. Ogden Wernstrom!

Wernstrom: Mr. Load, it is a shame that we left on bad terms.

Wade: Bad nothing, you were mad that I made the #1 spot of Species Magazine's top 100 smartest minds on Earth.

Wernstrom: (angry) You made #1 while I just got #56.

Wade: What are you doing with these villains?

Wernstrom: It is simple, you might say I'm partially responsible for these villains meeting.

Shego: Hold it, we're taking orders from this old geezer?

Wernstrom: You'll watch you're mouth, young lady. (Cracks his back.) Oh my back. (Rubs his back.) Anyway, I can't take all the credit.

(Next Scene. PE HQ and our heroes are out of their formal attire and are trying to figure out what has happened.)

Kim: That Jinx, was good. I could barely match up with her.

Ron: Kim, we have more important things to worry about. Like what's with the huge robot?

Leela: His name is Destructor and he's a battle droid.

Fry: I thought we got rid of him.

Leela: I guess he was rebooted.

Kim: More importantly, why would he take Wade?

Leela: We'll have to try to locate Mr. Load. (She uses her wrist-lojack-amater and pushes a button and has a lock on Wade.)

Leela: I know where Wade is.

Kim: How could you figure that out?

Leela: Wade implanted himself with a locating chip and as long as he's on Earth, we are able to find him.

Kim: That explains why he couldn't find Ron and me.

Ron: What does that mean?

Kim: Nothing. Anyway, where is he?

Leela: He's at...The Hip Joint?

Kim: We better get going.

Leela: You and Ron better stay here.

Kim: What?! (Fry and Ron prepare to hear the two girls argue.)

Leela: It is too dangerous and remember Destructor was also after you.

Kim: I can handle it.

Leela: The Hip Joint also doesn't allow kids into their establishment. You're too important we have to get you back to your time.

Kim: Okay, the only way for that to happen is if we get back Wade and Wade is in there.

Leela: Ironfinger and Drakken want you for some reason.

Kim: Check the motto, I can do anything and I can deal with them.

Leela: I won't risk your safety. It is my duty to protect you while you're here in the future.

Kim: You don't have to, it's not like you're my mom!

Leela: I never said I was, and don't raise your voice with me, young lady.

Kim: (angered) Look! I'm going, you're not the boss of me in this stupid future world! (Silence fills the room. Kim regrets having said that.) I'm sorry. (Leaves the room.)

Ron: I've never seen Kim like this.

Leela: I better talk to her. (Leela follows Kim. They meet in Kim's temporary room. Kim and Leela notice all the Kim memorabilia in the room.)

Kim: Look Leela, about what I said, I'm sorry. I know you're trying to help, but Wade is my friend just like Ron.

Leela: I understand.

Kim: It's just that; my family, my life, everything I ever cared about is gone. All my life, I've always tried to be myself and that helped me to save the world. Now, I'm in the future where I'm some big celebrity and for the first time, I can't handle the sitch.

Leela: You should talk to Fry. He's also from your time and he's doing fine. I understand that you miss your family, but if they could see you now and see what you've accomplished they would be proud. I know it is rough being yourself in this time where you have many people admiring you, but I know if there's one person that could handle this, it would be you Kim Possible. (Kim has a tear in her eye, Leela comforts her and Kim just smiles.)

Kim: Leela, I want to thank you for helping me back there at the restaurant.

Leela: It was nothing. I can give you a few pointers about facing Jinx. You know Kim this can never leave the room but about what I said about me not wanting to be a mother anytime soon; if I knew I could have someone like you for a daughter, I'd be knitting booties right now. (Kim and Leela hug. Cut to Ron and Fry.)

Ron: Man, Kim is really sad and I feel bad for her. What should I do?

Fry: You should talk to her. I know when Leela's sad, I talk to her.

Ron: That is so right.

Fry: And I think you should tell Kim how you feel about her after the Moodulator Incident, after this is all over.

Ron: (Gasps) Hold the phone, you mean tell her that I'm sort of interested in asking her out?

Fry: Yes.

Ron: Dude, I can't do that. I'm not her type. I'm not smart and popular like guys she went out, like Josh Mankey.

Fry: Who is this Josh Mankey?

Ron: He's this student at our high school that she had a crush on. "Had" is the key word.

Fry: So, things didn't work out?

Ron: Exactly, and to tell you the truth, I'm sort of glad. I helped Kim in trying to go out with Josh, heck I save her life while she was out on a date.

Fry: You saved her life?

Ron: She had this disease that would've caused her to disappear forever if she got really embarrassed. I raced through the Amazon, fought rapids and panthers to get her the antidote.

Fry: How did she take it?

Ron: She was still on her date with Josh and I didn't want to butt in, so I stayed hidden in the bushes. The next day I told her everything and she thanked me and told me Josh Mankey kissed her that night. I told her I was happy for her, but for some reason it hurt me inside.

Fry: That means that you have feelings of your own for Kim.

Ron: I guess you're right.

Fry: But if you ask me, if she's managed to hang out with you for mostly all your life that means she should try and give you a chance.

Ron: Thanks man, but I don't feel like I'm ready.

Fry: Hey just tell her when you feel like it's the right time. (Ron approves of the advice Fry gives him and they both shake hands.)

Ron: I'll keep that in mind, but I think you should take your own advice in trying with Leela.

Fry: Oh I'll keep trying. (Leela and Kim enter.)

Leela: I've decided that Ron and Kim are coming with us.

Kim: Ron, we'll need to change for stealth.

Leela: I think I can help with that. (Cut to Kim and Ron and there is spy suits. Kim is wearing a similar black spy suit as Leela and Ron is wearing a similar tux as Fry. As Fry, Leela, Ron, and Kim are admiring their clothes an agent flashes a camera at our heroes.)

Agent: How cute, a family portrait. (Next Scene, The Hip Joint and we see Fry and Leela entering the front doors undercover. They enter unnoticed and as they enter, we see many people dancing in the club. We hear the remix verison of "Call Me, Beep Me!", sung by Christina Millian. Leela has a mini radio and is communicating with Kim. Kim and Ron are outside and are attempting to scale the wall and try to find Wade. Kim actually has a ponytail.)

Leela: Kim, are you there?

Kim: I'm here and do I hear my theme song?

Leela: It's a remix done by Tony Phillips. A famous music composer, he went on to compose music to many big movies, but he's always know for doing this song.

Kim: If there's one thing I don't like is when people remix songs. It is a cheap attempt to make more money.

Leela: Then you'll probably hate the Latin Salsa Mix of your theme song. Anyway, have you managed to make do with what we gave you?

Kim: (Holding a grappling hook gun and shoots it in the air.) It's very similar to one I used to use. (She and Ron are able to climb up the wall.)

Ron: Aw KP, I'm so excited at last we get to do spy stuff.

Kim: Ron, we've climbed up walls before.

Ron: Yeah, but check out the spywear. I'm so into this tux. How are you feeling buddy? (Rufus comes out of Ron's pocket.)

Rufus: Okay.

Kim: We better hurry.

Ron: Aw Kim, there's something I want to ask you.

Kim: Ron, it will have to wait. (Cut them making it to the roof. They notice an air vent and proceed to go down it. Cut to Fry and Leela and they're looking around and they bump into a familiar face. Zapp Brannigan and Kif.)

Zapp: Well, if it isn't the lovely Leela.

Leela: (disgusted) Hello, Zapp.

Zapp: It seems like forever since we last met.

Leela: Really, it doesn't seem long enough. What brings you here Zapp?

Zapp: Aw funny you should ask, I was hired by anonymous caller to come here and help keep out intruders from trying to rescue some famous person's head.

Kif: Sir, I think we were also told to keep that a secret.

Zapp: And you were told that I was the boss and you were just the sidekick.

(Cut to Kim and Ron they're crawling through the vent tube and they crawl over a vent door and notice the people dancing below.)

Kim: We better hurry, I don't think this vent will support us.

Ron: KP, I know this isn't the right time to talk about this, but I want to ask you something.

Kim: What is it?

Ron: I know it has been bad on you since we've been in the future, and it's bad on me. But I just want to say it's great that we're together.

Kim: Ron, what are you saying?

Ron: I mean, it's fortunate that we have each other here in the future.

Kim: Yes, and we have Fry and Leela to help us as well. (Ron just looks frustrated about this. He wants to ask her out, but he just can't. He tries to keep up with KP, but he goes too fast that the vent can't support his weight. That causes him to fall through the vent. Kim quickly manages to jump down and with the grappling gun shots the hook to grapple around one of the lights. She manages to grab hold of Ron and they swing safety and manage to land on a stage. The crowd looks on in shock and applaud thinking this is part of the entertainment.)

Leela: Kim?

Fry: Ron?

Ron: What do we do?

Kim: I have an idea. (Grabs a microphone and uses the radio to talk to Leela.) Leela, I'll distract the crowd, you look for Wade. (Kim starts to remove her ponytail and lets her hair down.)

Leela: I hear you loud and clear.

Kim: Greetings everyone, I'm Kim Possible and I dedicate this song to my fans. This song was written by my best friend, Ron. (She starts singing her song, "Say The Word". Written by Danny Jacob and Janis Liebhart. The music starts playing.)

Kim: (singing)

All you have to do is, say the word
I'm there

I'm on it, I've got it
I can do anything
What you need, Got your back
Just say the word, I'm there

If you find your world is cavin' in
You can bet your gonna need a friend
Someone to take those fears away
Say the word

Make a call and I'll be there
Anytime, anywhere
Have you heard
That I'm all about savin' your world
All you have to do is say the word...

(The crowd looks on as Fry and Leela pass by Zapp and Kif.)

Zapp: She sings with a very hypnotic voice and her movement is so familiar.

Kif: Sir, I think that's the female hero that we're supposed to warn...

Zapp: Silence, I'm trying to listen.
Kim: (singing)
In trouble, in it deep
This is a promise that I can keep
Make it right, count on me
To be the best friend I can be
When your life is bending
Upside down
I'll be the one to turn it around
Say the word

Make a call and I'll be there
Anytime, anywhere
Have you heard
That I'm all about savin' your world
All you have to do is say the word
(Say the word)

(Cut to Fry and Leela and they make it to a back room and they come across a hallway. They go down and they meet Wade whose jar is strapped to a chair.)

Leela: Wade, are you okay?

Wade: I am but watch out, it's a trap! (Just then from out of nowhere, Wernstrom's robots come out and ambush our two spies with lasers. Leela manages to flip and dodge the beams and starts blasting robots. Fry using that distraction as an advantage starts firing at robots as Leela makes her way to Wade. Cut back to Kim.)

Kim: (singing)

If you find your world is cavin' in
You can bet your gonna need a friend
You will fly
Or I will take your fears away
Say the word

Make a call and I'll be there
Anytime, anywhere
Have you heard
That I'm all about savin' your world
All you have to do is say the word

Dial the number, call my name
Day or night, it's all I need
Say the word
‘Cuz I'm all about savin' your world
All you have to do is say the word

(She ends her song and everybody claps. Ron just looked on the whole time, admiring at Kim for singing the song he wrote for her for the talent show. He feels sad that he never saw the whole performance that night. That was due to the fact he had tired himself out, trying to do as many things as he could to stall the audience while Kim was away, fighting Drakken. Ironically, he ended up winning that night. But in any event, he was happy to finally have seen the entire performance. Just then we see Fry and Leela run out of the back door as the robots are firing their lasers at them. That causes the crowd to panic and rush to the exits. As Fry and Leela turn to head to the exits, the blast doors quickly come down and prevent them from exiting. Leaving, Kim, Ron, Fry, Leela, Zapp, Kif and a squad of robots the only ones in the room. The robots stop firing and Zapp stares at Kim and Ron and then Fry and Leela.)

Zapp: Leela! I can't believe, I love you with all of my heart and you turn your back on me and have children with that pipsqueak?

Leela: They're not my kids. (She karate kicks Zapp and spin kicks Kif and the robots start firing again. Kim flips off the stage and dodges the beams to help Fry and Leela. Ron tries his best to avoid being hit by the lasers. Zapp gets up and orders Kif to go after Leela. Kif uses his cane and pulls out a sword. He's about to take a swing at Leela, when Kim comes out of nowhere and manages to cause Kif to fall into the bar area. Zapp just looks on.)

Zapp: (impressed) Well hello there, I'm amazed by your skills.

Leela: Don't even think about it. (Grabs Kim by the arm and pulls her away from Zapp. As our four heroes regroup, a bunch of new robots enter and surround them with lasers. Each gun has a laser sighting and they all are pointing red dots at our four heroes.)

Wernstrom: (entering) Robots, set lasers to kill.

Leela: Wernstrom!

Wernstrom: Oh that's starting to get old.


To be concluded...