Fan Fiction

SpyOrama/Kim Possible Crossover Crisis, Part 6
By Fryfan

Leela: What are you doing with Wade?

Drakken: He was holding him for us. (Drakken pops up right behind Wernstrom. Then Shego, Ironfinger and Jinx enter and along side with them is Destructor. Cut to our heroes shackled to the wall. Wernstrom has Wade chained up to a stool.)

Ironfinger: Isn't that nice, one big happy family together.

Leela: Spare us the humor Ironfinger. At least we know how Destructor was rebooted.

Wernstrom: Yes, I spent a good long time in fixing his programming and upgrading a few other things as well.

Wade: What do you want with us? (Just then Mom enters with her three sons: Walt, Larry and Igner. Everybody is shocked to see this.)

Mom: It is quite simple...

Fry and Leela: Mom!

Kim: She's your mother?

Leela: No, she just goes by the name Mom. Her real name's...

Mom: Thanks for clearing that up 1BDI, but this is my moment of revealing things. So shut your mouth until I'm finished.

Leela: I should've known you were involved, Wernstrom can never do anything right on his own.

Wernstrom: How dare you?!

Mom: Now, now, Wernstrom does has his good features.

Leela: What do you mean?

Wernstrom: We're dating now. (They both kiss and smile at each other. Everybody in the room feels disgusted since they are two old people.)

Igner: Does that make him daddy? (Walt slaps him.)

Walt: Quiet you.

Fry: (disgusted) Old people, making out?

Shego: That is sick and wrong.

Mom: That's not what he said last night. (Everybody just gags, except for Kim, but she feels a little uncomfortable about this touchy subject.) Now then as I was saying, I've been waiting for this for some time; you, Kimberly Anne Possible, are mine. (Everyone gasps.)

Kim: Me, I don't even know you.

Mom: I know that, but I know all about you; your whole life, what makes you tick. I was once a fan of yours. I admired your work, how you've managed to succeed in everything you do. You were an influence to me, with your working hard attitude. I set to use that attitude to help me rule the universe. However, due to failures...(stares at her sons and Ironfinger)...I have yet to even take over Earth.

Drakken: I can agree. (stares at Shego.)

Shego: Woo, don't go there, Dr. D.

Mom: Anyway, I realized if I wanted good help, then I'd have to find it in another time.

Kim: Another time?

Mom: I'm the reason why you're in the future.

Kim: You, how?

Mom: It is simple, and I think your friend Wade can tell you that. (Our heroes all turn their attention to Wade. Wade just has a look of shame on him.)

Wade: It's true. I used to work for Mom.

Ron: Dude, you used to work for this woman?

Wade: A little over a hundred years ago, my company hit bankruptcy. Then Mom comes along and offers to help. She was rich and she seemed interested in you Kim. She said if I worked for her company, she'd do her best to keep Team Possible a household name. As a result, I became rich again.

Kim: Why were you so determined in keeping our names alive, Wade?

Wade: I just missed you, Ron and Rufus so much. I never knew what happened all of you and when I realized I could never find you guys, I figured keeping your legacy alive was a better option. I thought Mom was just a fan, but she was just interested in my time machine project.

Kim: Time machine project?

Wade: That was the surprise I wanted to tell you two. I spent the last few hundreds of years trying to build a time machine. I made so much money from your merchandise that I funded to invent the first working time machine. I figured that if I could go back in time to the day when you guys disappeared, I could prevent it.

Fry: That seemed like a good idea.

Leela: But that could cause time paradox conflicts.

Wade: (Stares at Mom.) It seems someone's been messing with time already. I found out that Mom just wanted me to build the time machine for her evil purposes, I tried to destroy it so she couldn't use it. However, she stole copies of my blueprints.

Wernstrom: And for the last few years, I've been building the time machine and I finally succeeded in building a working one.

Mom: My plan was to bring Kim Possible to the future and have her join me and thus I'd be able to rule the Earth.

Wade: However, the time machine had a few complications.

Wernstrom: Yes, unfortunately this time machine is one way only. If you went back to the past, you'd stay in the past. And also, it seems to only work on inanimate objects.

Wade: The time machine didn't test well on lab rats.

Mom: Which brought me to plan B. I would send certain items to the past and have someone arrange to have Kim Possible to come to the future.

Shego: Wait, you mean you got Drakken to do your dirty work? How?

Drakken: That's not true, my freezing Kim Possible plan was my original idea.

Mom: Please, I just sent you the mini-rocket and a written suggestion as to where to find cryogenics materials and what to do with them.

Ironfinger: Wait a minute, you mean you didn't come up with this evil idea yourself?

Drakken: (shamefully) It's true.

Ironfinger: I am modified and angered by this strand of deceit.

Wernstrom: Quit whining, we used you to lure Kim Possible here after you prevented the rocket from landing safely on the ground.

Mom: Yes, that rocket had a self guiding system working all those years and you ruined it.

Ironfinger: Sorry, mama.

Mom: Anyway, it wasn't a big problem. I knew Kim Possible would be in safe hands with DOOP, but I didn't want you to take it too easy, so I informed the kindly TV, radio and newspaper people that Ms. Kim Possible would make her sweet return after 1000 years.

Ironfinger: That's when I got an anonymous phone call that 014 and 1BDI would be at the museum and that I should check it out and plan to kidnap Wade.

Drakken: Wait a minute, you mean you didn't come up with that plan?

Ironfinger: (shamefully) Yes.

Zapp: What a Brannigan-esque like plan.

Mom: Why the hell is he still here? Get the hell out! I'm done with you!

Zapp: You are kicking out, Zapp Brannigan, one of the best villains of our time?

Mom: OUT NOW! (Points at the door.)

Zapp: (disappointed) Come, Kif. (Kif just sighs and follows Zapp as he leaves.)

Mom: And don't get ass prints on my door as you leave. I just bought this place.

Kim: So you brought me into the future, what makes you think I'd work for you?

Mom: I know you will, once I have Wernstrom here implant the mind control chip.

Wernstrom: First, I'll shave your head and then I'll open up your left temporal lobe. I understand that your mother was a brain surgeon, so you'll be happy to know that I'm an expert brain surgeon, most of the time.

Ron: Most of the time?

Shego: What about the other prisoners?

Mom: You four can do what you want to them.

Wernstrom: Destructor, grab Ms. Possible. (Destructor walks up to Kim and grabs her. Fry, Leela, and Ron struggle to break free and help, but the shackles are too strong.)

Ron: Let go of her dude. (Rufus gets out of Ron's pocket and tries to save Kim, but Wernstrom grabs Rufus. Rufus gasps for air as Wernstrom squeezes him.)

Wernstrom: A naked mole-rat, they've been extinct for hundreds of years. What better way to celebrate by dissecting it. Come this way Destructor.

Ron: Rufus! (Ron watches helplessly as Wernstrom carries Rufus into another room. Destructor follows, carrying Kim away and Mom and her sons soon follow. Ironfinger, Jinx, Drakken, and Shego are left with Fry, Wade, Leela and Ron.)

Drakken: Bye, bye, Kim Possible.

Shego: So that just leaves us with the rest of Team Possible. (Looks at Leela.) I think I'll start with grown up Kim. I'm looking forward to putting a stop to her.

Jinx: Wait! I want to take care of Agent 1BDI...(While they're arguing, Wade's in his jar struggling. He's manages to push a button on the bottom of his jar and that turns on a mini-laser and it burns the shackles of our heroes. Leela immediately breaks free and karate kicks Jinx and side kicks Shego. Drakken and Ironfinger want no part of Leela, but Leela beats them both up.)

Leela: (To Fry and Ron) Tie them up, I'll save Kim.

Ron: I'll go with you, they have Rufus. (Cut to another room and Kim is strapped to a table and Wernstrom pulls out a hair cutter/bone saw gizmo. Kim notices a portal type machine. Mom walks up to her.)

Kim: That's the time machine?

Wernstrom: Yes, that's the thing we used so you'd be brought here in the future.

Mom: You don't have to let this happen to you Kimberly. If you promise to work for me willingly, you can avoid migraines for the rest of your life.

Kim: I'll never join you.

Mom: Do understand what you are saying? Think about it, you're stuck in this time. A time where you'll never be able to live a normal life, because people here are obsessed with you. Join us willingly and once I rule the Earth you can have a normal life.

Kim: Not interested, if I'm stuck here then I'll make sure you will never take over the world.

Mom: Have it your way.

Igner: Mommy, can I keep the furry naked mouse? (Igner's holding Rufus. Wernstrom begins to move the gizmo closer to Kim's head. Just then Leela breaks down the door and manages to kick the gizmo out of Wernstrom's hands. Ron manages to run over to Kim and free her.)

Ron: How are you feeling, KP?

Kim: I've felt better. Now let's get Rufus.

Mom: Walt, Larry, Igner, get them!

Walt: Yes, mother. (The three sons ready to fight. Cut to Fry and he's managed to tie up all four villains with ropes. He manages to grab hold of Wade's head.)

Fry: We better go help Leela and the others.

Wade: You took the words right out of my mouth. (They head off to help Leela and others.)

Shego: Well this is fun.

Drakken: I don't want to rule this world, I just want to go back to my time. Why don't we just use that time machine?

Shego: Didn't you hear what that old guy said, it can only send inanimate objects back.

Drakken: That old fossil, I'm an evil genius, I can make the time machine work so that we could go back into past.

Ironfinger: Jinx, if we could go back with them, we wouldn't have to worry about Agents 014 and 1BDI.

Jinx: What did you say? (She's alright managed to untie herself. She then unties the rest. Cut to Kim and she's managed to beat up both Walt and Larry. Wernstrom's robots arrive and start firing at our heroes. Leela manages to pull out a laser and returns fire. Fry finally arrives with Wade and helps Leela out.)

Leela: How are the villains?

Fry: They're detained. (He fires at a few robots.)

Mom: Wernstrom! Activate the remote control lasers.

Wernstrom: But they'll hit our robots.

Mom: Just do it! (Wernstrom pushes a button and from the walls, remote control lasers come out and target our heroes.)

Kim: Remote control lasers? I'm on it. (The song "It's Just You", sung by LMNT and written by Adrian Gurvitz and Charlie Midnight, plays.)

Song: You can do the things

That can't be done
You can win the fights
That can't be won
When you're on a mission
You see it through
‘Cuz this savin' the world thing
Is what you do
That's the way it has to be
It just comes so naturally

It's just you
Doin' the impossible, it's you
You're practically unstoppable
It's you
Totally on top of all
It's you, it's you, it's you
You're Kim Possible

(Kim has managed to avoid being hit and takes out the lasers with her mini laser. Many of Wernstrom's robots weren't so lucky. Fry, Leela, Wade and Ron watch as Kim continues.)
Fry: She really is amazing.

Leela: She's just doing what does all the time.

Song: When the earth's in trouble
And we're in distress
We can call you, beep you,
Send an SOS
The situation is on
You never say maybe
From here on out it's
crazy, baby

That's the way it has to be
It just comes so naturally...

(The music stills plays as Ron looks curious.)

Ron: Question? Where is that song coming from?

Walt: Igner, did you set your stereo on automatic "turn on"?

Igner: Yes. (Walt slaps Igner.)

Song: It's not a secret, or a sign
It's not the way the stars are lined
It's just exactly what is true
Not a superhero, it's just you

It's you
Doin' the impossible
Practically unstoppable
You're Totally ontoppable
It's you, oh it's you

(Song ends as Kim manages to destroy the very last laser.)

Mom: No, that's impossible!

Ron: Actually it's Kim Possible, but that's a common mistake.

Kim: Give it up, Mom, you're beaten.

Shego: I don't think so. (Drakken, Ironfinger, Jinx, and Shego.)

Mom: Ironfinger, you and the rest of you idiots deal with these other idiots.

Ironfinger: Sorry Mom, but I'm teaming up with Drakken for our own purpose.

Drakken: We want the time machine.

Wernstrom: You can't, it's my invention.

Wade: That you stole from me.

Drakken: I'm not taking orders from anyone, anymore. With that Time Machine, I can rule this world...by ruling the past. Shego get it! (Shego manages to beat up Mom's sons.)

Wernstrom: (on a remote) Destructor, get in here. (Destructor comes bursting in from a wall.)

Mom: Destructor, smash all eight of them. (Our Heroes and Villains analysis the situation.)

Kim: Okay, unless any of us want to be smashed by a giant robot, we'll have to team up.

Drakken: Only until I get my hands on that Time Machine.

Fry: I think, I can stop it. (Uses his bow-tie camera and flashes Destructor. However, Destructor doesn't short circuit like last time.)

Wernstrom: Did I forget to mention that along with the upgrading of Destructor, I was able to make him flash proof. Flash cameras are ineffective to Destructor, now.

Kim: Okay, new plan.

Leela: We need to find a weakness.

Wade: I can perform a scan on it, but I need a computer. (Leela removes her wrist-lojack-amater and hands it to Wade. Wade's Jar has built in robotic arms.)

Leela: You can use this to scan the robot for weaknesses. (Wade quickly goes to work on the scanning. Kim, Shego, Jinx, and Leela, quickly start trying to fight Destructor. Fry, Ron, Ironfinger and Drakken provide a distraction. However at some point, Drakken and Ironfinger notice the time machine and both make their way towards it. They both manage to pick it up and start to walk out, when Wernstrom comes along and grabs one end of the time machine.)

Wernstrom: That's my time machine, it belongs to me. (Ironfinger and Drakken pull on the other side of the time machine and we have another tug-a-war.)

Drakken: We found it first.

Ironfinger: One of my dads, I'm sorry, but I want to use it to help my friend Drakken take over the world. Let go!

Mom: (to her sons) Don't just stand their looking stupid, help Wernstrom. (Walt, Larry, and Igner run to Wernstrom and help pull. Jinx, Shego have managed to do some damage on Destructor. Shego's glowing hands causes huge scratches, but Destructor is relentless. Meanwhile, Leela and Kim are climbing up the back of Destructor.)

Leela: If Destructor has a weakness, then it might involve Destructor's brain.

Kim: Let's see if Wade's found some. (Uses her radio and Wade is able to answer it.) Wade have you managed to finish the scanning?

Wade: Kim, I've found a weakness. Destructor has an upgrade Golden Chip, located in his head. If you remove it, he should shut down.

Kim: I'm on it. (Leela manages to pry open the back of Destructor's head, and she sees the chip. She tries to remove but can't. Jinx and Shego are getting tired of fighting Destructor.)

Jinx: Can you please hurry up?

Shego: I don't want to wait for another 1000 years.

Leela: The chip's in there tight, I need a tool.

Ron: (Hearing her request.) Use Rufus. (He pulls out Rufus, but Fry takes him.)

Fry: Let me throw him. (Fry being taller has a stronger arm. He's able to throw Rufus like a football. Rufus flies through the air and Kim catches him. Kim uses Rufus like a pair of pliers and she's able to pull the Golden Chip out. Destructor eyes immediately go dark.)

Leela: You did it Kim.

Kim: No big, you can thank Rufus.

Leela: You really are a cute naked mole-rat. (Scratches the chin of Rufus and he likes it. With the chip removed Destructor shuts down, but now he starts to lean back. Kim and Leela manage to jump off of Destructor to safety as Destructor falls towards the tug-a-war. Drakken, Ironfinger, Wernstrom and Mom's sons quickly drop the time machine and Destructor smashes it for good. Everybody looks on in shock.)

Ron: Dude, the time machine is busted.

Kim: That thing could've sent us back.

Mom: You idiots, you smashed one of my life's work!

Wade: It was my life's work.

Wernstrom: My time machine! If I'd known this would happen, I would've properly saved those copies of the blue prints. Damn those faulty floppy disks. (Mom grabs Wernstrom with one hand and squeezes the ear of Walt with her other hand, and she takes them away.)

Mom: Let's just get out of here! (They manage to make it to a wall and instantly a secret door opens. They all go in and Mom has some words for our heroes.) Mark my words, Kimberly and mark them well; you haven't heard the last of me. And you'll pay! (Kim tries to catch Mom, but Mom pushes a button causing the door slam shut, locking Kim out.)

Kim: Drat, she got away.

Leela: You get use to it.

Drakken: You smashed the time machine. Kim Possible you will pay. Shego!

Leela: You'll have to get through me, if you want Kim.

Shego: I can live with that. (They start fighting. Jinx walks up to Kim.)

Jinx: Since the time machine is gone, I guess all that's left is to settle the score.

Kim: Bring it on.

Jinx: Like I said, I've learned your moves and know your style.

Kim: That's why I had Leela teach me some new ones. (Kim fights with a more aggressive style as Leela. Jinx is completely unprepared for this surprise. Shego continues to try and scratch Leela with her glowing hands. Shego manages to tear a piece of Leela's suit, but she's okay.)

Shego: You may be like Kim Possible in fighting styles, but you're obviously a bit slower than her. That's probably due to old age.

Leela: Old age? (Angry at that comment, Leela starts to go offensive and Shego has her hands full. Jinx has managed to have Kim pinned to a corner. Ron sees this and decides to help. He sees a fire extinguisher and grabs it. He points it at Jinx.)

Ron: Excuse me, ma'am. We got on the wrong foot, but maybe this will change your mind. (Fires the extinguisher at Jinx and that blinds Jinx. Kim manages grab Jinx and throws her to the wall. Kim pushes a button and a new pair of shackles cover Jinx's wrists and ankles. Shego tries to put a stop to Leela, but Leela is able to grab Shego by the arm and throws Shego to the same wall. She gets shackled and joins Jinx. Drakken and Ironfinger are left with Fry, Leela, Kim, and Ron.)

Drakken: Now, now remember that team work we did in beating that huge robot?

Ironfinger: It was his fault, he wanted to destroy you guys. (Cut to Ironfinger and Drakken also chained up with Jinx and Shego.)

Drakken: Kim Possible, you think you and your future friends are all that, but they're not. (Next Scene. PE HQ and our heroes have done the impossible with Kim Possible.)

Hermes: Let me get this straight, you've managed to capture both Ironfinger and Jinx?

Leela: Who would've thought it? But we couldn't have done it without the help of Team Possible. Kim, I just want to say, I'm proud of you.

Kim: Thanks, Leela.

Fry: That was some fast thinking you did back there.

Ron: Thanks man, that comes with being me.

Kim: Well, I'm glad that we saved the day and all but we still have to deal the fact that Ron and I are stuck here in the future.

Wade: Maybe, not.

Kim: Wade, what do you mean?

Wade: That's what I wanted to tell you guys back at Elzar's. After Wernstrom stole my blueprints, I managed to improve the designs of my time machine. It can send back both inanimate and animate objects, only I haven't tested it on humans yet.

Ron: You mean, we can go back to the past?

Wade: I can send you back a minute after you left Earth. It will be like you never left.

Kim: This is great, but we'll need to take Drakken and Shego back with us.

Leela: Fair enough, but it's going to be hard with you not being around.'

Kim: I know what you mean. I'm going to miss you, too. (Next Scene Tim Robbins Prison. We see Ironfinger and Jinx both in prisoners clothes and with other sorts of villains: Zapp, Kif, RJ, Phnog, Julius, Morgan, Chaz and others.)

Zapp: I can't believe that hooker was a cop.

Kif: She wasn't a hooker, she really was a cop.

Phnog: Big dumb man, talks too much.

Jinx: (sarcastically) Well, I'm glad we're here and not being transferred like Drakken and Shego.

Ironfinger: Pipe down, I'm thinking about our escape plan.

Jinx: What is it?

Ironfinger: I haven't thought of it yet! (Next Scene Wade's House and it's a huge mansion. Our heroes are with Wade. Drakken and Shego are also there and they're handcuffed. Kim and Ron are in their original clothes.)

Ron: This is a nice place, but I thought you lived at the Head Museum.

Wade: Please, I just work there. (Wade shows them his time portal machine. He uses the robotic arms of his jar to set the coordinates to Kim and Ron's time.) I think I have it.

Fry: I'll miss you Ron, you were like the little kid brother I would've had if my parents were willing to support three kids.

Ron: (hugs Fry) I'm gonna miss you. (Rufus kisses both Fry and Leela, and he's crying.) You know, since you were frozen back then you could come back to your time.

Fry: Me, go back? Well, we finally caught Ironfinger.

Leela: Fry, you're going back with them?

Fry: Thanks, but no thanks, Ron. Leela and I may not have to worry about Ironfinger for a while, but there's probably other evil villains out there for us to face. And Leela and I are team like you and Kim.

Leela: Kim, I just want to say, I really enjoyed getting to know the real you.

Kim: Leela, I'll miss you very much. I hope once I'm gone, I can do my best to make this future a better place. (They both hug.)

Drakken: Enough, with this moment.

Shego: Yeah, can we please just go home?

Ron: Aw...KP...there's something I want to say.

Kim: What is it, Ron?

Ron: I just want to say....that... I enjoyed this future adventure and I'm glad I got to share it you...and Rufus. (Ron seems too nervous to ask Kim out.)

Kim: Okay...Ron...I really liked this future adventure too and I want thank you and Rufus for helping me back there.

Rufus: No Problem. (Fry walks up to Ron.)

Fry: (whispering) Aren't you going to tell her?

Ron: In time, maybe someday.

Wade: You four better go now. (Ron and Kim pull on Drakken and Shego and push them into the portal. Ron and Kim give one last "goodbye" and they go through the portal.)

Kim: Wait Leela, there's something that's been bugging me. That cancelled Saturday morning cartoon, how did it end?

Leela: Oh it was a great finale. [The time portal is making really loud noise at this point, so Leela starts shouting.] You and Ron end up toge...[The noise of the time portal drowns out Leela as Kim, Ron get sucked in the portal.]

Fry: I'm going to miss them.

Leela: Me to. (Next Scene, Middleton High School. Kim and Ron are at Kim's locker and young Wade is on the computer screen.)

Wade: ...so you guys were in the future and I was a head in a jar?

Ron: It may sound sick and wrong, but it was actually really cool.

Kim: Your rocked in the future Wade. (Wade signs off. Kim then turns to Ron.) Well Drakken and Shego are in jail and we're back to the present.

Ron: So Kim, I was wondering if you wanna go to Bueno Nacho after school?

Kim: Same as usual, sure why not. I was beginning to miss that place. (Kim closes her locker and heads to class. Ron pulls out a picture that was taken in the future. It shows Fry, Leela and Kim, Ron. It was the same picture the agent took while they were wearing matching spy gear. Ron was able to ask for copies just before he was sent but to the past.)

Ron: Thanks, Fry. I hope for the best with you.




Credits (Jump 5's cover of "Celebration" plays as the credits roll.)

Written and Directed by Fryfan


Philip J. Fry as Agent 014

Turanga Leela as Agent 1BDI

Kim Possible as herself

Ron Stoppable as himself

also starring...

Bender B. Rodriguez as Ironfinger

Amy Wong as Jinx

Dr. Drakken as himself

Shego as himself


Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth as Professor

Dr. John Zoidberg as himself

Hermes Conrad as Agent C

Wade as himself

Scruffy as himself

Zapp as himself

Kif as himself

Mom as herself

Dr. Ogden Wernstrom as himself

Walt, Larry and Igner as themselves

and more


All songs all available on Kim Possible TV Soundtrack, except for Britney Spear's "My Prerogative".

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