Fan Fiction

Flexo and Agleyne drabble
By Crystalmask

Sitting quietly next to Flexo, Angleyne let her mind wander towards a certain manbot she had dated once. What she missed most of dating Bender is how much fun she had bantering with him during work. He’d throw her a simple, provoking remark (“Psh, I make your circuits overheat just with touching you.”) to which she’d reply teasingly (“My, my, I think all this bending is messing up your brain if that’s what you think.”) and so on until Sal told them off for talking instead of bending. Sure, Flexo was a great husband but he barely bantered with her (he flirted with her but he never responded to her teasing/provoking comments).

Angleyne sighed and turned to look at Flexo who was busy reading a newspaper.


The manbot looked at Angleyne and smiled. “Yes?”

She hesitated a few seconds before smiling slyly at him. “I just realized that I can make your circuits overheat just by touching you.”

Flexo stared at her for a few seconds before he himself smiling mischievously. Angleyne felt her heart skip a beat when she recognized that smile as the one Bender did just before he’d reply to her teasing with more teasing.

“You sure do, baby,” he said cheerfully and then returned to reading his newspaper.

The fembot stared at the manbot a few moments before turning around, sighing and then wondering if Flexo truly was the love of her life.