Fan Fiction

Risk It or Back Away
By Crystalmask

“Bender. The time has come. I never wanted it to end like this but…I have no other choice,” Fry said solemnly. He raised his cards in the air and slammed them down on the table, face up. “Two pairs of aces! I win! HA HA!” He was about to grab the money on the table but a cold, metallic hand stopped his hand from reaching its goal.

“Not so fast, meatbag,” Bender said, pushing Fry’s hand away from the five hundred nixonbucks on the table. He then grabbed his own cars and gently put them on the table face up. “Full house.”

Fry watched broken-hearted as Bender collected the money. “Damn it!” Fry yelled, slamming his fist against the table. “I want a re-match!” Fry grabbed all the money in his pocket ─four hundred thirty two nixonbucks to be exact ─ and slammed them down on the table.

“As you wish, Fry,” Bender said, placing five hundred nixonbucks on the table.

The two friends began to play. Each card dealt, each bluff, each win, everything increased the tension. Fry was determined to win; he was determined to rub that smug of Bender’s face. After a few rounds, it had finally come to the decisive moment. If Fry lost the round, he’d be done for and he’d have to admit total and utter defeat against the bending robot. But if he won…if he won, he’d still be in the game and he could still defeat Bender! This meant that Fry had to concentrate. And Bender, who wasn’t planning on losing anytime soon, knew just how to make Fry lose all concentration in one single blow.

“Okay,” Fry thought. “I have one pair of fives and one pair of nines. I can either risk it and make the last bet or I can back out now and still be safe. Back out or risk it?” Fry grabbed his cards and put them on the table, face down. He then grabbed his last twenty poker chips and raised them above the small stack. If he let them drop, that’d mean he’d have to go against Bender with his two pairs. On the other hand, if he kept them and gave up, he’d get to keep his remaining poker chips and try another round.

Meanwhile, Bender decided to finally drop his bomb shell. “You know, Fry,” he said casually ”I’ve been thinking and-”

Fry looked back and forth from the stack of chips on the table to the bunch of chips on his hand. Drop or keep? Risk or back out?

Bender took a deep breath. ““If I were a human and if I were gay, I’d be all over you.”

It took one second for Fry to take in what Bender just said. It took three seconds for the shock to make Fry’s hand open in surprise and it took five seconds for every poker chip to fall on top of the stack on the table. Fry just stared at Bender in shock, not able to say a word. Bender, smiling, reached for Fry cards and turned them face up. He then turned his own cards face up, revealing two pairs of aces.

“I win again, Meatbag.”