Fan Fiction

Safety First
By Crystalmask

Leela quietly opened the door of Fry and Bender’s apartment and tiptoed inside. She hated to intrude at 3 in the morning but Fry had accidentally taken her apartment keys and she hadn’t noticed until after her date. The apartment was a total mess. Cans of slurm and beer were lying all over the place. Leela pressed a button on her wristlojakamator and a small flashlight appeared. She turned it on and started looking around the room for the keys.

“Where could he have left them?” she muttered.

She opened Bender’s room and peeked inside. To her surprise, Bender wasn’t in his room. She then walked towards Fry room and saw lights coming from under the room. She pressed her ear against the door and heard voices.

“B-Bender.” Fry said, nervously.

“What, Meatbag?” Bender replied in an annoyed voice.

“B-Bender, I want to use this.” Fry said.

“That?! Why?!”

“Because it’s always safety first, Bender!”

“But Fry, that’s not fun!”

“Bender…” Fry said, in a pleading voice. “It’s my first time… I want it to be perfect…”

Leela let out a barely audible gasp. Were they really taking about what she thought they were talking about?! No wonder they’re so close! Oh, she should have seen it coming! Was this why Fry insisted so much on her dating him? Because he was trying to deny his feelings for Bender?

“But, Fry! We don’t need that! We’re men!”

“I know,” Fry said, still in a pleading voice. “But I still want to use it. I’ve heard things, Bender, about you…”

“Things? That I’m a god at it?” Bender asked cockily.

“Yes but I’ve also heard that you’re rough, Bender. I…I don’t want you to hurt me, Bender.”

“But Fry, it always hurts!”

“I know but I want you to take it easy on me, Bender! I want my first time to be something to remember!”

Leela was blushing madly. Oh god, the urge to open the door and confirm her suspicions was killing her. She had to know! She had to know, damnit!

“Please, Bender?”

“Ugh…Fine, Meatbag.”

“C-Can you help me put it on, Bender?”

That was it. Leela couldn’t take it anymore. She opened the door and walked inside. Her eyes immediately focused on the two males. Fry and Bender were standing in the middle of the room, Bender helping Fry put on a black armor suit.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

Both males quickly turned around and saw Leela.

“Leela?! What are you doing here?!” Bender asked.

“What are you two doing?!”

“We’re playing with our new star trek lasers,” Fry said, showing Leela a toy gun. “This is my first time playing this game and since Bender’s played it before, he has an advantage and I wanted to have an armor suit so it’d be fair.”

Leela was still blushing madly. “You-You’re p-playing?”

“Leela, why are you here anyways?” Fry asked. “Oh! You came for your keys didn’t you?” Fry -quickly took a key from his pocket and handed it to Leela. “Sorry I took it.”

Leela quickly grabbed the key. “I-I…It’s okay, uh..Fry… I’ll go now…” she quickly said, leaving the room, her face still red.

Bender and Fry heard the apartment door open and close.

Fry stared thoughtfully at the door. “You don’t think she thought we were having se-“

“Don’t even think about finishing that sentence, Meatbag.”