Fan Fiction

Ticket To Your Heart
By Crystalmask

Bender and Leela had a rather odd friendship. One day, Leela was screaming her lungs out at him for trying to sell Fry to the people of Canibalon 8 and another day; she was helping him out with the cooking while having a nice conversation with him. Leela always, deep down, hoped that one day she and Bender could get along very well every day, not just once a week. She had never told anyone but she sometimes had a hard time not laughing when Bender bothered Fry. She also actually admired how Bender could stand up to his beliefs and how he stood by his friends in the end. Also, whenever Bender was genuinely nice to her and treated her like a good friend, Leela would always be thankful she had Bender for a friend.

“Leela?” asked Bender, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Yes, Bender? What is it? Did Fry get stuck in the in the revolving doors again?”

Bender hesitated. “Uh…No, No, Fry’s okay. I just wanted to…uh…”

“Wanted to what, Bender?” Leela asked, smiling at him.

“Well, you know how there’s gonna be a concert at the Opera hall tonight?”

Leela nodded. There was going to be a beautiful concert at the New New York Opera hall, where the world’s most talented holophonists were going to play. Leela had been dying to go but she had no tickets and no money to afford them.

Bender smiled nervously. “I’m not into that kinda stuff but I knew you wanted to go really bad and you’ve always been a good friend so I thought I might do something nice for you in return.” Bender stopped talking and took an envelope from his chest cabinet. “I have some friends who work at the Opera Hall and after some…convincing…I got them to sell me two tickets at a reasonable price. Would you like to come with me tonight?” he asked, opening the envelope and taking out one of the tickets.

It took Leela at least a minute to react before throwing herself on Bender and hugging him as hard as she could. “Bender! I can’t believe you did this! I’d love to go with you!”

“Great! So, I’ll come pick you up at your place at 8, okay Big Boots?”

Leela nodded happily. She watched Bender leave the room, a smile on his face. She looked at her ticket and pressed it against her chest. With a very warm feeling in her heart, Leela was positive Bender loved her just as much as she did.