Fan Fiction

A Danger Encrypted
By Frosty

[Five months had passed since Fry found the Freemasons treasure, and he kept thinking about how great his life was. He owned a business, he had been a guest speaker at huge universities, like Oxford, Harvard, Yale, and many others, he owned a mansion, had great friends, and a wonderful girlfriend who lived with him. Just like when they dated years ago, Fry never pressured her into sleeping with him, and never even brought it up. He didn’t want to ruin a good thing, plus he knew that she would want to wait until it was awhile after Miles died. But in the past few months Leela and everyone learned more about what Fry had been up to the past few years. Not only had he got a PHD in history, he had also got a major in symbology. He had traveled Europe, and met some more historians, who he became good friends with.]

[Fry walked down stairs from his office to the living room and saw that the fireplace was lit, and the table in the dining room was set. Leela was standing there wearing a sweater and jeans. Fry saw the snow falling outside of their window as Leela smiled. ]

Leela: Happy birthday Fry.

[Smiling, Fry walked over and Leela gave him a hug before kissing him.]

[After having dinner, the two of them were sitting on the couch in front of the fire. On the table were three boxes that were still wrapped. Leela handed Fry one box and he ripped off the paper. Inside the was a new dark red sweater. The second box had a pair of IPod speakers, and the third was a new laptop bag.]

Fry: Thank you.

[He leaned over and kissed her.]

Leela: You’re welcome. But I have one more surprise for you.

Fry: You do?

Leela: Yeah, follow me.

[She took his head and led him upstairs. Once in their room, Leela kissed him and Fry felt her unbuckling his belt. But he pulled away and looked in her eye.]

Fry: Are you sure? We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

Leela: No, I want to. I do.

[She kissed him softly and smiled.]

Leela: I love you Fry.

Fry: I love you too.

[The next morning, Leela woke up and saw that Fry wasn’t in bed with her but he had laid out her robe with a note.]

You looked so peaceful I couldn’t wake you. Come downstairs, I have something to tell you.

[She slipped the robe on before walking downstairs. Fry was sitting on the couch reading a book in his pajamas wearing his robe. He heard the floorboards squeak and turned his head. Seeing Leela he stood up and smiled.]

Fry: Pack your bags.

Leela: What?

Fry: We’re going to Paris.

Leela: We‘re what?

Fry: I just got a call from the University of Paris and they want me to come and speak. Then I got a e-mail from Jacques Sauniere, he’s the curator at the Louver and he wants to meet with me, so we’re going to Paris for a few days.

[She smiled and threw her arms around Fry, letting him pick her up and swing her around.]

Leela: When do we leave?

Fry: Thursday.

Leela: Great.

Fry: And I was thinking we invite Bender and Amy along.

Leela: (disappointed) Oh,

Fry: But, we’ll get separate rooms. And I promise we’ll spend a romantic evening together in Paris. Just the two of us.

Leela: Okay,

[He kissed her and Leela smiled.]

Fry: We’re going to have a great time. I promise.

Leela: I know we will.

[A few days later, Fry, Leela, Amy, and Bender were at their hotel in Paris. After checking in, they made their ways to their rooms. Amy’s was across the hall from Fry and Leela’s, and Bender’s was about two rooms down from them. Fry and Leela walked in their room and looked around. There was a large canopy bed, a large armoire, and a balcony looking out at the Eifel tower. Leela noticed the view and walked over to the window seeing the snow fall.]

Leela: Wow, this is beautiful.

[Fry walked over and leaned against the wall.]

Fry: So, what would you like to do? I’m meeting Jacques at 6:00 and then I’m speaking at 8:00.

Leela: Well, you want to go for a walk?

Fry: Sure,

[Locking the door, the two of them left the hotel and walked down the street.]

[Hours later, Fry was sitting in a bar by himself still waiting for Jacques. He was suppose to meet Leela, Amy, and Bender at the hotel to go to the university in 15 minutes, but he had still yet to talk to Jacques. Looking at his watch, he sighed, paid for his drink, and left.]

[Leela was standing outside the hotel with Amy and Bender. She was wearing a black skirt, a white sweater, and a black jacket, Amy was wearing a red mini skirt, with a blue blouse, and Bender had on his clip on tie. Leela saw Fry walking down the street and took his hand when he reached them.]

Leela: So how was it?

Fry: He never showed up.

Leela: What?

Fry: He didn’t show up.

Leela: I wonder why.

Fry: Maybe he forgot. I’ll call him tomorrow morning.

Leela: Well lets go.

[At 9:45, Fry was finishing up as his friends sat in the front row. Bender had fallen asleep and Amy was filing her nails, but Leela was watching him, interested in what he had to say. He was wearing the red sweater she’d bought him with a dark blue shirt under it.]

Fry: …Thank you all for your time. Good night.

[Everyone started clapping and Bender awoke and clapped, even though he didn’t know what Fry had said.]

[Later, Fry was sleeping in the hotel room with Leela cuddling up next to him. But all of the sudden, the two of them shot awake when they heard the phone ringing. Fry turned on the light and rubbed his eyes.]

Leela: It’s 1:00, who the hell is calling us?

Fry: I don’t know, I’ll get rid of who ever it is.

[He picked up the phone and shook his head.]

Fry: Hello?

Man: I’m sorry to bother you Mr. Fry, but there’s someone here to see you.

Fry: Can you just tell them to come back in the morning. Like around 9:00?

Man: It’s very urgent Mr. Fry, they need to talk to you now.

Fry: Well I’m sorry, but it’s 1:00 in the morning so tell them to come back later.

[He hung up the phone before the man could protest and laid back down.]

Leela: What did they want?

Fry: Someone wanted to talk to me, but I told them to just come back in the morning.

[He turned off the light and Leela put her arms around him.]

Leela: Good night.

Fry: Good night.

[About 10 minutes went by, and the two of them were awaken by the sound of some one pounding on their door. Fry groaned and turned on the light.]

Fry: I’ll get rid of them.

[He threw the covers back, reached for his glasses, and then put on his robe so who ever it was wouldn’t see him in his pajamas and Leela did the same. Opening the door, Fry saw a short, heavy man, probably in his late 40’s, wearing a black suit.]

Fry: Can I help you sir?

Collet: Professor Fry, I’m Lt. Collet, with the DCPJ, kind of French FBI.

Fry: Okay?

Collet: We understand that you were suppose to meet with the curator of the Louver earlier, correct?

Fry: Yes, I was. But he never showed up. I waited for almost two hours.

Collet: Well, he never showed up, because he was murdered.

Fry: What?

Collet: But we figured because of the markings on the body, you could be of assistance.

[Collet handed Fry a Polaroid and Fry gasped.]

Fry: Oh my God.

[He turned the photo upside down, not wanting to look at it anymore.]

Collet: My captain would like to meet you at the Louver.

Fry: Now?

[Collet shook his head and Fry looked at the photo again.]

Fry: Who on earth would do this to him?

Collet: Oh, Professor, you don’t understand. Yes, he was murdered, but what you see there, Mr. Sauniere did to himself.

[Fry’s eyes went wide, and he handed the photo back to Collet. Turning back to Leela she saw her standing there with her arms crossed.]

Collet: We don’t have much time Mr. Fry, we have to leave now.

Leela: I’m coming with you.

Fry: Leela-

Leela: No, I’m coming.

Collet: Well you must hurry.

[After they changed, Collet was ready with their jackets in his hands.]

[Fry and Leela were sitting in the back of the police car as they were being taking to the Louvre. Fry had thrown on a clean shirt and his red sweater, while Leela put on one of her sweaters and slipped her skirt back on. She reached over and took Fry’s hand as he stared out of the window. Feeling her hand in his, Fry turned his head and smiled at her.]

Fry: I’m sorry we have to go to the Louvre at 1:30 in the morning.

Leela: That’s okay, I’ve always wanted to go to the Louvre.

Fry: But not this early right?

Leela: Well, not really.

[He laughed and squeezed her hand.]

Fry: Luckily I don’t have to give a lecture tomorrow, so we can sleep in as late as we want, and I’ve got a special evening planned.

[They felt the car stop and a man opened the door. Collet rolled down the window and Fry looked at him.]

Collet: Captain Fache is waiting for you.

[Collet began to drive away and Fry looked up at the pyramid that was in front of him. The massive glass structure towered over him and he craned his neck upward seeing the stars and the moon.]

Fry: Paris by night.

[He turned his head to Leela.]

Fry: Just not the way I expected it.

[He looked back when he head some one calling his name. A tall thin man in his 40’s was walking towards them. Fry noticed his thick French accent.]

Fache: Professor Fry, I’m Captain Bezu Fache.

Fry: Hello.

Fache: And this is?

Fry: Oh, this is my girlfriend, Leela.

Leela: Captain Fache.

[He simply shook his head, and noticed Fry looking at the glass pyramid.]

Fache: You like our pyramid?

Fry: It’s magnificent.

Fache: A scar on the face of Paris. After me please.

[He began walking inside and Fry gave Leela a look that said Strike one. She gave him a reassuring smile and they continued walking in.]

Fry: I’m not sure how much help I’m going to be here tonight.

[Fache didn’t answer and they continued walking.]

Fache: How well did you know the curator?

Fry: I didn’t know him at all. I was surprised when he contacted me.

[Fry watched as Fache opened the elevator.]

Fry: Uh, could we take the stairs?

[Fache ignored him and stepped inside with Fry and Leela following. On the way up Fache noticed Fry’s heavy breathing and his eyes darting back and forth.]

Fache: You seem uncomfortable.

[Fry didn’t respond and was grateful the elevator had reached their floor. They entered the Grand Gallery soon after.]

Fry: Ah, the Grand Gallery, this is where you found the body.

Fache: And how would you know that?

Fry: I recognized the parquet floor in the Polaroid. It’s unmistakable.

[Fry saw that one of the gates was closed half way and he could see Jacques Sauniere’s dead body laying on the floor. He stopped and Leela did the same, finally realizing what made Fry cringe when he looked at the photo earlier.]

Fry: (whisper) Dear God,

[Fache crawled under the gate, and motioned for them to do the same. Leela went first, and Fry followed, but hit his head on the bar. Rubbing his skull, Leela helped him up and looped her arm through his. There was something about being in a museum at night, that doubled as a murder scene that freaked her out. They slowly approached the body and stopped a few feet away. Leela saw that Sauniere had removed his clothes and laid on the floor. There was a bullet wound in his stomach, and something was drawn on his chest. Fry let go of her arm and walked around the body. They way that Sauniere was laying reminded Fry of something.]

Fry: The Vitruvian man? It’s one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous sketches.

Fache: And they symbol on his chest?

[Fry studied it for a second and looked back up at Fache.]

Fry: It’s a pentacle.

Fache: And it’s meaning?

Fry: The pentacle is a old pagan religious icon.

[Fache nodded and Leela looked at Fry who was now studying the scene.]

Fache: Devil worship.

[Fry looked at Fache shaking his head.]

Fry: No, no. The pentacle before that. It represents the female half of all things. It’s a symbol for Venus.

Fache: So, you’re telling me that in his last moments, Sauniere drew a goddess symbol on his chest? Why?

[Fry looked at Leela, and she could tell what he was thinking. Is this guy serious? How the hell should I know why he did this?]

Fry: Well, Mr. Fache-

Fache: Captain Fache.

[Leela rolled her eye. Strike two for Fry.]

Fry: Captain Fache. You guess is as good as mine, as to why he did this.

Fache: But, why would Sauniere use his own blood to draw the symbol?

Fry: Well, obviously, he had noting else to write with.

Fache: But look at what’s in his hand. We’ve touched nothing at the scene, as you probably already know.

[Fry looked at Sauniere’s hand. He was holding a pen in it.]

Fry: A pen?

Fache: And you say that the pentacle has nothing to do with worshiping the devil?

Fry: Yes, I can assure you that Sauniere of all people would know this.

Fache: Then what do you make of this?

[He pulled out a black light and shined it on the floor next to Sauniere. The words Oh Draconian Devil! Oh Lame Saint! were on the floor next to him. Along with the numbers 1-5-13-2-21-8-1-3]

Fry: What the hell does this mean?

Fache: That is the exact question you are here to answer Professor. But please tell me, if you had little time, what would you do with your last minutes?

Fry: I suppose I’d try to identify my killer.

Fache: Exactly, that’s why I think that the numbers is a secret code to help us find his killer.

Fry: Hmm, and accusation against his killer would make sense, but why not just write a name?

Fache: Professor you know Mr. Sauniere was a French man, he lived in Paris. But yet he chose to write this-

Fry: In English!

Fache: So don’t you think that may be a clue?

Fry: That who ever was his killer, wasn’t from France, was from England or the United States? I suppose it could be. But still, why go through all this trouble in his dying moments? Was he disoriented? I mean, the simplest thing would be to put a name but instead he puts this nonsense.

[Before Fache could say anything else, he was interrupted by another officer calling his name while being followed by a woman. She was probably Fry and Leela’s age, was wearing a black skirt, a white blouse, and a black sweater with brown hair that came down to her shoulders.]

Fache: Ms. Nevue.

[Fry walked back over to Leela as Fache talked to the young woman.]

Fry: This is crazy, I’m sorry I dragged you out here.

Leela: No it’s fine. I would rather be here with you than waiting back at the hotel room.

[He smiled and leaned in to kiss her, but was interrupted when the woman said something that caught his attention.]

Woman: It’s the Fibonacci Sequence.

[Fry picked up the black light and shined it on the floor.]

Fry: (soft) It is the Fibonacci.

Woman: But right now I have a message for Professor Fry.

[He put the light down and looked at her.]

Fry: Pardon me?

Sophie: I’m Sophie Nevue, with the French Police Cryptology department. I have a urgent message from the American Embassy. They want you to call immediately.

[She handed him her phone and a piece of paper. Fry dialed the number, but heard what sounded like Sophie’s answering machine.]

Fry: Uh, Ms. Nevue? I think this is the wrong-

Sophie: No, that’s the right number, you have to dial a 4 digit access code to pick up your messages.

[Fry looked at the paper and saw four numbers under the phone number and punched them in. Soon he heard Sophie‘s voice.]

Sophie: (recording) Professor Fry, do not react to this message. Just stay calm and listen carefully. You are in grave danger, just follow these instructions. And above all, reveal nothing to Captain Fache.

[Leela watched Fry listen to the message, but turned her head when she saw Sophie looking at the writing that was on the floor next to Sauniere.]

Sophie: It’s the Fibonacci Sequence. The numbers are just out of order. The whole thing means nothing.

[Leela watched Fry hanged up the phone and hand it back to Sophie. She left and Fry rubbed his eyes.]

Fache: Is everything alright?

Fry: A accident back home. My nephew. We have to fly home in the morning.

Fache: Would you like to sit down?

Fry: Um, is there a bathroom around here? I’d like to splash some cold water on my face.

Fache: Of course, there’s one right down the hall.

Leela: Come on.

[She gently took his arm and started leading him down the hall.]

Fache: She said it was meaningless. A mathematical joke. What do you think?

[Fry turned and looked at the paper Fache was holding.]

Fry: I’ll look at it when I get back.

[Leela tightened her grip around his arm and led him down the hall.]

Leela: What’s going on?

[He didn’t answer, he just continued walking.]

[When they walked inside the bathroom, Sophie was in there waiting for them.]

Sophie: Did you get a message from Sauniere?

Fry: What are you talking about?

[She sighed and walked over to the window.]

Sophie: Crazy old man!

Fry: Hey I’m not that old!

Leela: Fry, I don’t think she’s talking about you.

Fry: You must have me confused with someone else. I-

Sophie: Check your jacket pocket.

[Fry rolled his eyes, but checked his pocket. Then, his eyes went wide and he pulled something out. Leela instantly checked hers and found something too. It was a small disk, smaller than a dime.]

Sophie: GPS tracking dot. Accurate with in 2 ft anywhere in the universe. The agent who picked you up slipped it in your jacket.

[Fry held it up to get a better look, then turned back to Sophie and Leela.]

Sophie: In case you try to run.

Fry: Why would I run? I didn’t do anything.

Sophie: Then what do you think of the fourth line of text Fache wiped clean before you got here?

[She handed him a piece of paper that had been faxed to her office. When he looked at it, his eyes went wide, his throat clenched, and his palms started sweating. He felt dizzy, he thought he was going to pass out. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. The fourth line of text said P.S. find Phillip J. Fry. ]

Sophie: He brought you here to confess. Fache isn’t even looking for other suspects okay? He’s sure you’re guilty.

[Fry looked up and wiped the sweat from his face.]

[At the same time, DCJP officers were monitoring the GPS dot in Sauniere’s office.]

Fache: Is he still in there? What’s he doing?

Officer: The dot’s still moving, so I’m guessing he hasn’t found it.

[Back in the bathroom Fry was walking around. He sighed and looked at Leela, who didn’t know what to think about this. She knew Fry was innocent. Isn’t he? She was with him all day, except for that time he went to meet Sauniere. But that wasn’t like Fry. No, she was sure he didn’t do it. But who did?]

Sophie: When did Sauniere contact you?

Fry: Uh, Monday. Monday morning.

Sophie: Listen, we call Fache “The Bull” once he starts he doesn’t stop. He can arrest you and detain you for months, while he’s working on the case-

Fry: Ms. Nevue-

Sophie: And then by that time, what ever Sauniere want to tell you would be useless.

Fry: Okay just stop!

[He shook his head looked out the window. He shouldn’t be here right now. He should be in his hotel with Leela. But instead, he was at the Louvre at almost 2:00 in the morning, being accused of a crime he didn’t commit.]

Fry: Who are you?

[She stopped and walked over to the sink. Finally she spoke.]

Sophie: Look at the letters; P.S.

Fry: P.S.; Post Script.

Sophie: Princess Sophie. I know it’s silly, but I was little when I lived with him.

[Leela looked at Fry who was trying to figure out just who this young woman was.]

Sophie: Jacques Sauniere was my grandfather.

[Oh God. Fry couldn’t believe it. He was her grandfather?]

Sophie: Apparently it was his dying wish that we meet, that‘s why he put the number sequence so cryptographers would be involved. If you help me understand why he wanted us to meet, I’ll get you to your embassy where we cant arrest you. But to get out of here, we’ll have to think of a plan.

Fry: Like what?

[Back in Sauniere’s office, Fache was pacing around waiting for Fry when Collet walked in.]

Collet: Captain Fache, we have a problem. Apparently, headquarters never sent Ms. Nevue.

[Fache looked up, eyes wide.]

Fache: What?

Officer: Captain, you might want to look at this.

[Fache walked over and saw the two blinking dots on the screen move, and jump out the window.]

Fache: Oh my God!

[He ran down the hall to the bathroom while hearing a officer talk to him over the radio.]

Officer: They’re moving down the street. I think they’re in a car.

[Fache ran into the bathroom and looked out the window. He saw a garbage truck going down the street. They jumped into the garbage truck! ]

Fache: Bastard!

[He ran out, and a few minutes later, one of the stalls opened, letting Fry fall out of it with Leela and Sophie landing on top of him.]

Fry: (high-pitched) Ow,

Sophie: Come on, we have to get out of here.

[They walked out of the bathroom and went back over to where Sauniere was.]

Sophie: I’ll just be a minute.

Fry: Of course.

[Leela and Fry watched as Sophie kneeled down next to her grandfather.]

Sophie: He called my office today. Said it was a matter of life and death. I thought it was trick to get back in touch.

[She was silent for a few seconds but Fry broke it soon.]

Fry: Wait a minute. This is wrong,

Sophie: What?

Fry: The Fibonacci only make since when it’s in order, but these are scrambled.

Leela: What are you saying?

Fry: Well, if the numbers are scrambled, then maybe the words are scrambled as well. Sophie can you get the light?

[She did and shined it on the floor. Fry studied the words for a few minutes and finally looked up.]

Fry: Whoa,

Leela: What?

Fry: Oh Draconian Devil, Oh Lame Saint becomes Leonardo Da Vinci, The Mona Lisa.

Sophie: Professor-

Fry: Please, just call me Fry.

Sophie: Fry, The Mona Lisa is right over there.

[Fry got up with out another word and walked over to the room with the Mona Lisa.]

Fry: There has to be another clue somewhere.

Sophie: Look, blood.

[Sophie shined the light on the floor, and then over the glass. She stopped when she saw writing.]

Fry: Da Vinci painted those that knew between Bacchus and Uriel lies the clue.

[Leela looked at Fry who was still staring at the words.]

Fry: Bacchus is the Roman god of wine. And there’s a picture of him right outside. Then Uriel is in “Madonna of the Rocks.” if I’m not mistaken, and that’s right outside there too.

Guard: Professor Fry, you’re under arrest!

[They all spun around and saw a guard standing there.]

Fry: Oh boy,

[The guard charged after him but Fry moved quickly and watched as the guard ran straight into the wall, being knocked unconscious.]

Fry: Well, that was easier than I thought. Lets move him out of sight.

[Fry and Sophie moved him into a dark corner before going back into the hall. There they found the picture of Bacchus.]

Fry: Well, he’s pointing to the right. Well my right at least. Then over here we have Uriel, and she’s pointing to my left. And then we have…John the Baptist in the center.

Leela: And he’s pointing up.

Sophie: But there’s no picture above him.

[Fry stood on his toes, trying to see if something was resting on top of the frame, but he couldn’t see. Sighing, he looked at Leela.]

Fry: Get on my shoulders.

[Fry bent his knees and Leela got on his shoulders.]

Fry: Hold on,

[She grabbed his collar as Fry began to stand up. He heard something pop, and he winced letting out a high-pitched whine and bit his lip.]

Leela: I found something!

Fry: Grab it.

[She did and Fry bent his knees again, wincing even more, letting Leela get off of him. As soon as she did, he fell to the ground, groaning.]

Fry: Oh God,

Leela: Are you okay?

Fry: Yeah, I’m fine.

[Leela helped him up and she handed him what she found. It was a ring with a fleur delis on it.]

Sophie: My Grandfather‘s ring.

Fry: Why would he take it off and hide it?

Sophie: Maybe he thought the police would take it as evidence. He probably wanted us to find it.

[They heard a phone ringing and Sophie pointed to her grandfather’s office. They carefully made their way inside finding that all the guards had left. On the answering machine was a chilling message.]

Monsieur Sauniere, c'est la Soeur Sandrine au Saint-Sulprice. J'ai appelé les trois autres membres et il n'y avait aucune réponse. Ramassez s'il vous plaît, l'étage a été cassé. Je vous mendie monsieur, ramasse!

[There was a click and the message ended.]

Fry: Okay, I didn’t understand any of that. I only know a few basic words: hello, goodbye, extra cheese. Plus: Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir. And I don’t think she said that.

Sophie: I would hope not, she’s a nun.

Fry: So?

Leela: Fry do you even know what that means?

Fry: Leela, I have degrees in history and symbology. Not languages.

Sophie: Just don’t say it again, it’s not very appropriate. That’s why Christina Aguilera sang it.

Fry: So its bad?

Sophie: Yes,

Fry: So that’s why the bus driver hit me!

Leela: Okay lets just forget this. What are we gonna do? Fry’s wanted by the police, their’s a nun in trouble and Sophie’s grandfather is dead.

Sophie: She’s right. Well since he left us his ring, I think Sauniere wanted us to go to his mansion in Normandy.

Leela: But what about Sister Sandrine? We can’t just forget about her.

Fry: Okay, Sophie, you and Leela go explore your grandfather’s house and I’ll go to Saint-Sulprice and see if she’s okay.

[Sophie’s car pulled up to Saint-Sulprice and Fry took off his seatbelt.]

Fry: Meet back here in an hour?

Sophie: Yes, if you get into trouble call us.

Fry: Same for you.

[He turned to Leela and squeezed her hand.]

Leela: Please be careful.

Fry: Don’t worry.

[He kissed her before getting out of the car.]

Sophie: Wait Fry, take this.

[She reached in her glove compartment and pulled out a gun.]

Fry: Do you always carry this around?

Sophie: I work for the police department. Even though I’m in the Cryptology Department, I still take one for situations like this.

Fry: It looks like it’s never been used.

Sophie: I’ve never been in a situation like this.

[He looked at the gun before responding.]

Fry: What about you two? I don’t want you to go unarmed.

Sophie: Don’t worry.

[She reached in her sweater pocket and pulled out another gun.]

Fry: Wha-

Sophie: I took it off the guard that was knocked out.

[Fry shook his head and put the gun in his jacket before walking into the church.]

[The church was dark and empty, the only sound was the echo of his own footsteps as he walked around. Near the alter Fry saw a giant hole in the floor, one that was made by someone smashing it with a heavy object. This is so not good. Looking around he decided to make his way upstairs to find out if Sister Sandrine was alright. The gun felt heavy in his hands, and with his palms sweating he was scared he would drop it. When he reached the top of the staircase he heard a woman scream and charged the gun before running down the hall following the sound. He got to one of the bedrooms and saw a young nun, only about 19 or 20 being attacked by a hooded figure. Fry smacked the man across the head and made sure he was out cold.]

Fry: Are you okay?

Nun: I think so. Who are you?

Fry: I’m Professor Phillip Fry from the United States, I was at the louver when I heard Sister Sandrine’s message to Jacque Sauniere. Is she alright?

Nun: No Monsieur Fry, he murdered her!

Fry: Who? This guy?

Nun: No, he came shortly after, but the man, his skin was as white as snow and his eyes were as red as the fires of hell.

Fry: Is he still here?

Nun: I don’t think so…

Fry: Okay, I’m gonna take a look around and make sure everything’s okay. You stay in here. What’s your name?

Catherine: Catherine, Sister Catherine.

Fry: Sister Catherine, just stay in here until I tell you it’s safe. For now, I’ll lock this guy out on the balcony.

[Fry picked the man up and dragged him outside before locking the door.]

Fry: I’ll be back.

[Catherine locked the door and Fry slowly and carefully made his way to Sister Sandrine’s room.]

Sophie: We’re here.

[Sophie and Leela pulled up to Jacque’s mansion. There was a large stone wall surrounding the property and the house towered into the sky.]

Leela: Do you have a key?

Sophie: No, I returned my key after we had a fight. I haven’t been here in years.

Leela: How are we gonna get in?

Sophie: Well, I guess we’ll have to climb the wall and find a way inside the house. But we have to be careful, he had two guard dogs and they might not remember me.

Leela: Alright, lets go.

[Fry slowly opened the door to Sister Sandrine’s room with the gun in his hands. Once inside he pointed the gun straight, making sure anyone in there knew he meant business. But the room was empty except for Sister Sandrine’s body. Fry checked to see if by some miracle there was still a pulse, but there was none. He noticed a large stone next to her covered in blood with the words Job 38:11 carved on it.]

Fry: Poor Sister Sandrine, looks like her killer hit her over the head with this stone.

[He noticed a piece of paper sticking out of her sleeve and picked it up. There were four names and four numbers. He only recognized the last one.]

Fry: That’s Jacque Sauniere’s number at the Louvre. And…the fleur delis. What could this be for?

[He examined the paper more carefully and saw the letters P.S. on the fleur delis.]

Fry: No, it can’t be…

[Fry ran a hand through his hair before walking back into the hall.]

Leela: You know, these dogs aren’t so bad once you give them food.

[Leela was stroking one of the guard dogs fur as Sophie scratched the others ear.]

Sophie: Yeah, they’re great. Now, we have to find away in.

Leela: (joking) Why don’t you just ask the dogs?

Sophie; Actually, my grandfather trained them quite well. Lets try it.

[Sophie gave them a few commands in French and soon they retrieved a key for her.]

Sophie: Good dogs.

[She and Leela walked inside and stood in the entrance way.]

Leela: Now what?

Sophie: Well, I know that his ring was a key to get in his room. So lets try going up there.

Leela: Alright, you got the gun?

Sophie: Yes, now quietly lets go.

[The two of them made their way up the stairs and Sophie held the gun so she could shoot it if she had to. Finally they made it to Jacques room. Sophie pulled the ring out of her pocket and opened the door.]

Sophie: Now, what are we looking for exactly?

Leela: Beats me, just anything that pops out I guess.

[Leela looked around the bed and the bookshelf as Sophie rummaged through the draws.]

Leela: Found something!

[Sophie rushed over and Leela handed her a large key that was read by a laser. There was a fleur delis on it and the letters P.S. on it.]

Sophie: I think this is what we want. Lets go we got to meet Fry back at the church soon.

[Fry knocked on the door to Sister Catherine’s room before speaking.]

Fry: It’s Fry.

[She opened and Fry nodded.]

Fry: Everything’s alright. No one else is here.

Catherine: Oh, merci Monsieur Fry. But what if they come back?

Fry: Would you like to come with me and my friends? You might be safe.

Catherine: Thank you for the offer, but my place is here at the church.

Fry: You’re positive?

Catherine: Yes, if I’m here with God I’ll be fine.

Fry: Okay, I would stay longer but I have to go. My friends will be here any minute. If you like I’ll leave this with you for protection.

[Fry held out the gun and noticed that Sister Catherine looked shocked.]

Fry: You don’t have to use it, you can bluff with it, or at most shoot to wound.

Catherine: No thank you.

Fry: I’m sorry, that was stupid of me to ask.

Catherine: No, you’re showing that you’re concerned.

[Fry smiled and Sister Catherine placed her hands on his shoulders.]

Catherine: Peace be with you.

Fry: And with you. Good bye.

[Fry ran outside just as Sophie and Leela pulled up. He jumped in the front seat and looked at Sophie.]

Sophie: The nun?

Fry: Too late. Did you find anything?

Sophie: Leela?

[Fry turned and Leela handed him the key they found.]

Sophie: What does it mean?

Fry: It means your grandfather was more important than you know. He may of been a member of a secret society. The Priory of Sion, this is their symbol.

Leela: What’s the Priory of Sion?

Fry: The Priory is a old society that protects God’s source of power on earth.

Sophie: Which is?

Fry: The Holy Grail.

Leela: The Holy Grail? Fry isn’t that a little…crazy?

Fry: Tell that to the Priory’s members.

Sophie: So what happened to them? Did they ever find it?

Fry: Lets just say that one day the Priory simply disappeared.

[He looked at the key closer and saw the words Haxo 34]

Fry: Haxo 34? What’s that?

Sophie: It’s an address.

Leela: It’s where we’re going now.

[Fry, Leela, and Sophie walked into the Depository Bank of Zurich with the key. The man behind the counter saw them walk in and smiled.]

Man: Puis-je vous aider ?

[Fry just held up the key and the man pointed down the hall.]

Man: Première pièce sur votre droiteyé.

[They walked down the hall and went into a large room with a oak table, a leather couch, leather chairs, a bottle of champagne on ice.]

Fry: Wow, not to shabby.

[The door opened and a man, in his late 30’s wearing a blue suit walked in.]

Man: Bonsoir, je m'appelle André Vernet. Cette votre première fois visite-t-elle notre établissement?

[Fry looked at Sophie with a confused look on his face. She smiled at the man and replied.]

Sophie: Yes,

Andre: Ah. English, understood.

[He noticed the key that Sophie had set on the table and picked it up.]

Andre: Keys are usually passed down from generation to generation. Our shortest depository account is 25 years.

Sophie: And what’s your longest?

Andre: Quite a bit longer. Is the key yours mademoiselle?

[She shook her head and Andre motioned to a conveyer belt that was in the room with a touch screen hooked up to it.]

Andre: Just enter your access code and your deposit will enter through here. The room is yours for as long as you like.

[He began walking out, but stopped when Sophie spoke.]

Sophie: What if I forgot my access code? How might I retrieve it?

Andre: I’m afraid the 4 digit code is known only by the account member. I hope you manage to remember it. A single wrong entrance shuts down the system.

[He walked out and Fry looked at the key.]

Fry: 4 digits?

Sophie: He never left us a code.

Fry: Let me see the key again.

[She handed it to him and Fry saw the symbol Phi etched on the metal.]

Fry: What’s this?

Sophie: It looks like Phi, the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. But it’s also the number for 500.

[She thought about it more and snapped her fingers.]

Sophie: My grandfather often used the Fibonacci and Phi as codes and passwords.

Fry: But neither of them are 4 numbers.

Sophie: Wait, if the last number of the Fibonacci is 21, and Phi is 500, then if we add those together-

Fry: That’s 521 and then the next number would be 4 digits!

Sophie: Well then 500+521=1041.

[She began entering the numbers.]

Sophie: Funny, I don’t even like history. I find that nothing good comes from looking into the past.

[Fry looked at Leela, and remembered their past.]

Fry: I use to think the same thing. Bringing up hurtful memories. But sometimes, those memories can help you realize what you gave up and just how much you missed it.

[Leela smiled and realized just how much Fry loved her. Then, she watched him reach over and take her hand. Sophie noticed it and smiled.]

Sophie: How long have you two been together?

Leela: Well, we dated for a few months, broke up, then got back together 9 years later. We’ve been back together for 5 months.

Sophie: Congratulations.

[She finished punching in the numbers and looked at them.]

Fry: Moment of truth.

[She hit enter and the words “Correct” appeared. They all smiled and heard the conveyer belt moving. Soon a large black box came out. Fry picked it up and set it on the table before opening it. Inside was a small rectangular box, made of rosewood with a small oval shaped piece of gold on it, with a rose engraved in it. There was also a note. Sophie picked it up and read it out loud.]


I know that by the time you’re reading this I’ve passed on. I hope we’ve made up but if we didn’t I want you to know how sorry I am. Do not spend your time grieving, you have work to do. Remember what ever lies beneath the rose must remain your secret.



Sophie: This box is made of rosewood, his favorite, and there’s a rose sketched on the gold.

Fry: Sophie, he said what lies beneath the rose must remain your secret. The Romans use to hang a rose over the door when secret meetings took place. Everyone knew that what ever was said under the rose, or sub-rosa, must never be told. Ever.

Leela: What happens in Rome, stays in Rome.

Fry: Not even that, the only people who knew were in the meeting itself.

[He picked the box up and held it in his hands. But then, Andre burst through the doors.]

Andre: I’m sorry, but the police have arrived more quickly than I expected. You must leave now, for your own safety.

Leela: You knew they were coming?

Andre: I was alerted of your status when you arrived. I will help you out because I do not want the police entering my building. We already have enough controversy over the rights of my clients.

[He led them down to the loading dock and opened the back of the truck.]

Andre: Quick get in.

[Fry swallowed hard and looked at the small and tight space that the truck had to offer.]

Fry: In there?

[Outside, Lt. Collet stopped the truck. Fry, Leela, and Sophie were in the back praying that they wouldn’t get caught. Andre was disguised as a truck driver, taking them somewhere. They could hear him talking to Collet, but it was muffled and they couldn’t really make out what he was saying. Leela was gripping Fry’s arm while Fry was gripping his own hands so tight his knuckles were white. Finally, they felt the truck move, and heard Collet hit the side of the truck with his hand. Fry jumped a little and Leela patted his shoulder. Sophie was looking at the box, but looked up and saw how uncomfortable Fry was.]

Sophie: Are you alright?

Fry: Yeah,

[He nodded to the box.]

Fry: Open it.

[She did and found a cylinder shaped device with five dials on it.]

Sophie: It’s a crypt-text. Da Vinci’s design. The five dials have letters on them, and you turn them to open it with a secret code word. Inside there’s a message written on a piece of papyrus that’s wrapped around a vial of vinegar. If you force it open, the vial breaks, vinegar dissolves papyrus, and your secret is lost forever.

Leela: Wow,

Sophie: Sauniere made me one once, when I was little.

Fry: My grandpa, gave me a baseball bat.

[They hit a bump and Fry cringed. Leela placed a hand on his head and looked at him.]

Leela: What’s wrong? Are you okay?

[He didn’t answer, he just kept his eyes closed, feeling the walls closing in on him.]

Sophie: Mind if I try something? I don’t know why it works, but it does.

[Fry shrugged his shoulders, and Sophie started rubbing his temples.]

Sophie: My mother use to do this to me. I think.

Fry: You think?

[She was quiet for a long time and avoided eye contact with either of them. Fry felt himself relaxing and finally he heard Sophie speak.]

Sophie: My parents were killed in a car accident along with my brother. I was 4.

Fry: I’m so sorry.

Sophie: It was a very long time ago.

[She pulled away and looked at him.]

Sophie: Better?

Fry: Yeah,

[Fry, Leela, and Sophie felt the truck stop, stood up, and soon, Andre opened the door. He glared at them before pointing a gun at them.]

Andre: 45 years waiting for someone to pick up that box, and it’s you three murders. Give it to me!

[Leela looked at Fry then at Sophie.]

Fry: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

[He shot the ceiling of the truck right about Fry’s head and Fry screamed.]

Fry: Okay, okay!

Andre: Right now!

[He took the box from Sophie and saw a small bullet sized piece of metal on the floor. With out Andre noticing, Fry kicked it so it was in a slot that the door closed into. He handed Andre the box and looked at him.]

Andre: Go back and turn around. All of you! No one will lose sleep over a trio on a killing spree.

[They did, and Leela grabbed Fry’s hand, squeezing it. Then they heard a large “Bang!”. Fry turned and saw Andre trying to close the door. He couldn’t do it because of the piece of metal was preventing it. Fry jammed the door with his shoulder, causing it to hit Andre in the head, hard, causing it to bleed. Fry fell out of the truck and grabbed the box.]

Fry: Leela! Sophie! Come on! I’ll drive!

[He ran over to the drivers side, and Leela and Sophie ran to the passenger side. They got in, just avoiding being shot. Once they were in, Fry sped off. Andre fell to the ground a few seconds later.]

[In the truck Fry kept his eyes on the road as he spoke to Sophie.]

Fry: What exactly happened between you and your grandfather?

[She didn’t answer and Fry glanced at her.]

Fry: I’ve jammed my shoulder, I’ve been shot at, I’m bleeding. I need to know! You say that he raised you, but you two don’t talk anymore, and you call him by his last name. Sophie this is serious.

Sophie: What are you saying? That all of this is real? The Priory?

Fry: I’m saying that we’ve been dragged into a world of people who think this stuff is real.

Leela: (thinking) So much for our romantic vacation in Pairs.

Sophie: So what so we do?

[Fry checked the mirrors and saw that they were far enough from Andre and stopped.]

Fry: I’m out of my field here. I do know a grail historian. Absolutely obsessed with Priory myth. He’s a English man, lives here in France.

Sophie: Do you trust this man?

[Fry turned his head and looked at her.]

Sophie: I hope you can.

[In the driveway of his friend Leigh Teabing’s house, Fry was leaning across the seat to speak into the intercom. He was talking to his Leigh’s butler, Remy asking for him.]

Remy: Hold on, I’ll see if he’s available.

[They heard a click and Sophie looked at him.]

Sophie: It’s on the wrong side.

Fry: Leigh likes everything to feel at home. Including his intercoms.

Leigh: Phillip! Do I owe you money?

[Fry laughed and spoke into the intercom again.]

Fry: Leigh, my friend! Care to open up for an old friend?

Leigh: Why certainly.

Fry: Thank you.

Leigh: But first, a test of honor.

[Fry rolled his eyes and leaned across the seat again.]

Fry: Fire away.

Leigh: First should I serve coffee or tea?

Fry: Tea, of course.

Leigh: Right. Second, milk or lemon?

[He looked at Sophie and Leela who simply shrugged their shoulders. Finally it hit him.]

Fry: That would depend on the tea.

Leigh: Correct. And finally in what year did a Harvard Scholar out-row a Oxford man at Henley?

[Fry rolled his eyes, remembering Leigh’s hatred for Harvard.]

Fry: Surely such as travesty has never occurred.

Leigh: You’re heart is pure. You may pass. Welcome to Château Villette

[The gate opened and Fry directed the truck down the drive way. Before they could get out, Sophie stopped them.]

Sophie: I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that Sauniere brought you into this. I bet this isn’t exactly what you imagined your trip would be like.

Fry: Not exactly.

Sophie: Well, I’m sorry Sauniere chose you. But I’m also glad he did.

[Fry smiled and Sophie smiled back.]

Sophie: And I’m sorry for dragging you along Leela.

Leela: But I’m also glad you did. I couldn’t imagine waiting at the hotel for Fry all this time. I would be so scared.

[Fry took her hand and squeezed it. Sophie got out of the car, letting the two of them have some privacy.]

Fry: (whisper) I love you.

Leela: (whisper) I love you too.

[He kissed her before brushing her hair back.]

Fry: And I promise, when this is all over I’m going to make this up to you.

[Leela smiled as Fry helped her out of the truck and led her and Sophie into Leigh’s house. Remy opened the door and they walked in.]

Remy: He’ll be down soon. You’re requested to make yourselves at home.

[Fry looked around and heard Leigh walking down the stairs. Leela and Sophie turned to see a old man, with crutches. At one point in his life, Leigh had conducted polio.]

Leigh: Phillip, how good to see you.

Fry: Ah, Sir Leigh, this is my girlfriend, Trunga Leela, and Ms. Sophie Nevue. Leela, Sophie, may I present Sir Leigh Teabing.

Leigh: Ms. Leela, Ms. Nevue. A pleasure to welcome you into my home. Even though it’s quiet late.

Sophie; Thank you for having us. We realize it’s quite late.

Leigh: So late my dear, that it’s almost early.

[He kissed both their hands and turned to Fry.]

Leigh: Earl Grey?

Fry: Lemon.

Leigh: Correct.

[They both chuckled and Leigh motioned to Remy to go get the tea started.]

Leigh: What can an old crippled do you for Phillip?

Fry: We want to talk about the Priory of Sion.

Leigh: The keepers? The secret wars?

Fry; Leigh, I’m into something here I cant figure out.

Leigh: You? Really?

Fry: Not without your help.

Leigh: Playing in my field Phillip, you should be ashamed.

Fry: Not if it works.

Leigh: Well, then come on.

Sophie: I don’t get it. The holy grail, the source of God’s power. Just some magic dishes?

[The four of them were sitting in Leigh’s kitchen drinking tea and talking about the Priory of Sion. Leigh had explained that the Priory had been battling with the church for possession of the holy grail for thousands of years. And how there are four keepers or guardians of the grail; the grand master and the thee senechaux.]

Leigh: Oh, Sophie, has he been telling you that the holy grail is a cup?

[Leela and Sophie looked at Fry who rolled his eyes. ]

Leigh: Lets start from the beginning. The Good Book did not arrive by fax from heaven. The bible was presided over by the pagan emperor of Rome; Constantine.

Sophie: But wasn’t Constantine Christian?

Leigh: No, he was baptized on his deathbed. But during his reign his people worshiped a balance between natures god and goddess. But about three centuries earlier and young Jew came along. Named Jesus. He preached love and a single God. Then after his crucifixion, his followers had grown so large and had started the religious war against the pagans.

Fry: Or did the pagans commence war against the Christians? I mean, we cant assume who started what during that time.

Leigh: But we can agree the conflict grew so large it threatened to tear Rome in two. The whole “My God is better than your God” deal.

[Fry nodded and motioned for Leigh to continue.]

Leigh: To save Rome, Constantine decided to unify Rome under a single religion; Christianity.

[Leela looked at Fry, and he sensed that she and Sophie both were lost.]

Leigh: Come. Let me show you the grail.

[He painfully got up and led them into his study.]

Leigh: Are either of you familiar with “The Stations of the Cross”?

[They both hesitantly shook their heads.]

Leigh: The Stations depict Jesus’ road to Calvary before he was crucified.

[He looked at Fry who had sat down in a chair.]

Leigh: Phillip you could be of assistance. Can you show us the pagan symbols for male and female?

Fry: Oh! No balloon animals? I make a great duck.

[Leela and Sophie giggled and Fry put his finger tips together, keeping his palms separate.]

Fry: This is the pagan symbol for male.

Leela; Quite to the point.

Fry: It’s called the blade. It represents aggression and manhood. It’s still used in military uniforms. Now as you imagine the female symbol is the exact opposite. It’s called the chalice.

Leigh: And the chalice represents a cup or glass, or more importantly the shape of a woman’s womb.

Sophie: So you’re saying that the holy grail is a person? A woman?

Leigh: Yes, and she makes an appearance in The Stations of the Cross. In number 4.

[They all looked at the large computer screen on Leigh’s wall. In his hands, Leigh had a small controller and circled the forth station.]

Leela: Who is she?

Leigh: My dear, that the Virgin Mary.

Sophie: Jesus’ mother?

Leigh: Yes. The holy grail is in fact the chalice that truly held the blood of Christ.

[They heard a beep and heard Remy’s voice from across the room on the intercom. Leigh got up and went over to the intercom and Fry stood up.]

Leigh: Yes?

Remy: They’re on the television.

[Remy was in the living room with the TV on. As he talked to Leigh, he didn’t notice the dark figure that ran down the hall behind him.]

Leela: Wow, I always thought the grail was a gold wine glass encrusted with jewels.

Fry: Well-

Leigh: You have not been honest with me!

[Fry turned his head and saw Leigh glaring at him.]

Leigh: Your pictures are on the television. You’re wanted for 4 murders.

Fry: That’s why Andre said “Killing spree” That’s why your grandfather needed you Sophie!

Leigh: You come in here, prying my passion for the grail. You will leave my house!

Fry: Leigh listen!

Leigh: No, I’m calling the police.

Fry: Jacques Sauniere was her grandfather!

[Leigh stopped and listened to Fry.]

Fry: You’re the obsessive grail historian Leigh. You still have lists of who might be in the priory? I bet Jacques Sauniere was on that list. I bet he was on your list of who could be grand master.

[Leigh turned around and shook his head.]

Leigh: You’re pathetic Phillip.

Fry: Not quite.

[He pulled the box out of his jacket and held it up.]

Leigh: No, it cant be…

Fry: I’ll even let you hold it Leigh. Will you just tell us what the hell its for?

Leigh: Oh my…

[Leigh was sitting at his desk looking at the box and crypt-text under a magnifying glass and a light. He was muttering something as he looked at it, and Fry looked at Leela and Sophie.]

Fry: Leigh,

[He didn’t answer, he just kept muttering to himself.]

Fry: Leigh,

[Nothing. Leela rolled her eye and finally got his attention.]

Leela: Leigh!

[He jumped a little and looked up.]

Leela: Can we move along?

Leigh: Oh, yes.

Fry: So, how do you think we open it? I mean, how can we figure out the clue?

Leigh: Well-

[He was interrupted when Silas came out of no where and body slammed Fry against the wall and forced him to the ground.]

Leela: Fry!

[She stopped when Silas pointed at gun at her and Sophie.]

Silas: Don’t move!

[Leela looked at Fry who was on the ground moaning.]

Silas: Cripple. Put the keystone on the table.

Leigh: You will not succeeded. Only those worthy enough can posses the grail.

[Silas charged the gun and Leigh’s eyes went wide.]

Leigh: Alright.

[He put the box on the table and suddenly hit Silas with his crutches and beat him. Silas dropped the gun and Sophie picked it up, then hit Silas across the head with it knocking him out.]

Leigh: Well done!

[Leela was kneeling on the ground next to Fry.]

Leela: Are you okay?

[She saw a small gash on his head and kissed him.]

Fry: I’m fine.

[She took a handkerchief out of his pocket and put it up to his head to help stop the bleeding. Helping him up they walked over to Sophie and Leigh.]

Leigh: Well, a dragon most easy to slay. He’s wearing a cilice.

[Leigh pulled back Silas’s robe revealing metal cilice with spikes digging into Silas’s skin. Fry saw the scars and blood around his thigh. He felt lightheaded and stepped back, feeling suddenly sick.]

Fry: He inflicts pain on himself so he can suffer as Christ did!

Leigh: Knocking him out isn’t going to keep him like this for long. We have to hide, everyone to the basement!

[Soon Fry, Leela, Sophie, Leigh and Remy were hiding downstairs in Leigh’s basement.]

Fry: Leigh what are we gonna do? We can’t get out of here with that psychopath up there.

Leigh: Well, if we want to get out of here, we’re gonna need a weapon.

Fry: Sophie, do you have the two guns?

Sophie: No, I left them in my car. I didn’t think we should take them when we went to the bank.

Fry: Then what are we gonna do?

Leigh: Well, I do have one thing.

[He walked over to a large object covered by a sheet.]

Leigh: This is Da Vinci’s catapult.

Fry: Wait, Da Vinci’s catapult? That’s got to be-

Leigh: Thousand years old.

Fry: Are you sure you want to use it?

Leigh: Phillip this is a matter of life and death.

Fry: You’re right.

Leigh: There’s just one problem.

[Fry groaned and leaned against the wall.]

Fry: Of course there’s a problem, there’s always a problem.

Leigh: We need something to throw and something to hold the object. I know what we can use, but they are all upstairs.

[Everyone was silent before Leela spoke up.]

Leela: I’ll go.

Fry: Leela no, I’ll go

Leela: Fry, you’re in no condition to go up there. Look what he’s done to you already.

Fry: But what if he hurts you? If something bad happens I’ll never be able to live with myself.

Leela: Then we’ll both go.

Leigh: You must be careful.

Fry: We will. Now what do you want us to get?

Leigh: Phillip you know the room with the grand piano?

Fry: Yeah,

Leigh: There’s a large globe in there, get that and then in the room across the hall is a large golden chalice. Get both of those, go into the library and there’s a dumbwaiter. Put both objects in there and quickly come back down. From there we’ll figure out what to do.

[Both of them nodded and carefully began creeping their way up the stairs but Leigh pulled Leela aside.]

Leigh: Just remember, that man want’s the crypt text and Phil has it. So do not let anything happen to either of them.

Leela: I’m not gonna let Fry get hurt.

Fry: (soft) Leela, come on.

[The two of the carefully made their way to the room with Leigh’s grand piano and Leela pointed to the globe.]

Leela: (whisper) There,

[Slowly she began to walk over to it but stopped when she heard Fry scream. Silas had punched Fry in the stomach and he fell to the ground.]

Leela: Fry!

[She picked up a chair and hit Silas with it and forced him through the window down to the ground. She helped Fry up and picked up the globe.]

Leela: Are you okay?

Fry: Yeah, where’d he go?

Leela: I pushed him out the window.

Fry: Phew! Now we don’t have to deal with him anymore.

[They walked into the other room and Leela looked around before spotting the chalice and the dumbwaiter.]

Leela: Well, I don’t think we’ll need these-

[She was interrupted when Silas came in through the window attacking Fry again. Leela lifted the chalice and the large bookcase moved revealing a large room. Fry shoved him inside and Leela placed the chalice back down.]

Leela: What are we gonna do?

Fry: Pick it up and I’ll hold the button down, then once everything’s downstairs we run like hell!

Leela: That’s your plan?

Fry: Do you have a better one? He might escape from that room, we have to capture him.

Leela: And we’re the bait?

Fry: It would appear so wouldn’t it?

[Leela shook her head and placed her hands on the chalice.]

Leela: On 3. 1.…2.…3!

[She lifted the chalice and Fry quickly slammed his hand down. After Leela put everything in the dumbwaiter and sent it down a note from Leigh came up. Got it!]

Leela: Fry-

[Fry signaled for her to be quiet and she got closer to him.]

Fry: (whisper) When I tell you to, we’re gonna run and knock as much stuff down as possible to slow him down.

[She shook her head and Fry waited a few seconds.]

Fry: (mouthing words) Now!

[He let go of the button and they both began in a sprint. Silas wasted no time and was soon right behind them. Fry knocked down a bookshelf in the hallway right on top of him.]

Fry: That won’t hold him for long, lets go!

[They began running downstairs and could hear Silas getting up.]

Fry: Go faster!

[When they got to the bottom the stood next to Leigh and watched him fire the globe at Silas’s head. He lost balance and fell hitting his head on the stone wall.]

Leigh: Remy!

[Remy walked over and gave Silas a shot of tranquilizer.]

Leigh: That should knock him out.

[Fry pulled the crypt-text out of his jacket, still breathing hard.]

Fry: (breathless) Leigh, you want what’s in this box? We need a way out of here.

Leigh: Well, I do have a small plane. It’s not very fast though.

Fry: But it will get us out of here?

Leigh: Yes.

Fry: What about him?

Sophie: Take him. If he didn’t kill my grandfather then he’s our only lead to who ever did.

[Soon, Fry, Leela, Sophie, Leigh, Remy, and Silas were on Leigh’s small plane. Silas was tied up and was sitting in the very back. Fry was looking out the window, two fingers up to his gash, while Leela sat across from him, sleeping. Leigh had cleaned his gash and put a bandage on it when they took off. Fry looked at Leela and felt so bad for dragging her into to this. It was almost 7:00 in the morning, and the were on a small plane, with a murderer, running from the police, being accused of a crime they didn’t commit, in France. They should be at their hotel sleeping, and later they should be getting ready to meet Amy and Bender for breakfast. But instead they were in this situation. Oh God. Amy and Bender! Fry felt his phone vibrating in his jacket pocket and took it out, moving away from Leela. He saw that it was Amy calling.]

Fry: Hello?

Amy: Fry, what the hell is going on?! Bender and I saw on the news that you two are wanted for 4 murders!

Fry: Listen Amy, I cant explain everything right now, but believe me, we’re innocent. It was a misunderstanding but now, we’re on a grail hunt with a crippled historian, a murderer, a butler, and a young woman who is the granddaughter of one of the men who were murdered. Plus we have the French police after us. So I cant really talk right now.

Amy: But Fry-

[Fry hung up and turned off his phone before rubbing his temples. Like in the truck, he felt the walls closing in on him again, and tried to imagine himself in a open field. I was in an open field when the accident happened. He was distracted when he saw Sophie talking to Silas. She had ripped the tape off his mouth and grabbed him.]

Sophie: Did you kill Jacques Sauniere?

[He didn’t answer and she smacked him hard.]

Sophie: Did you kill Jacques Sauniere?!

Silas: I am the messenger of God.

[She smacked him again and glared at him.]

Sophie: Did you kill my grandfather?!

Silas: I am the messenger-

[She hit him again and Silas groaned.]

Silas: Every breath you breath is a sin!

Sophie: You believe in God? Well your God doesn’t forgive murderers. He burns them!

[Fry gently took Sophie’s arm and led her away from Silas.]

Fry: Sophie. Come on.

[She sat down across the aisle from him and Fry sat across from Leela again. He watched her sleep and reached in his jacket pocket. He pulled out a small velvet box and showed it to Sophie.]

Fry: I was planning on taking her out today. Just the two of us, and ask her to marry me at the Eifel Tower. There’s suppose to be a full moon too. Everything was gonna be perfect. Now it’s ruined.

[He sighed and looked down.]

Fry: What if she doesn’t say yes?

Sophie: Fry, trust me she’ll say yes. She loves you right?

Fry: Yeah,

Sophie: And you love her?

Fry: More than anything.

[Leigh sat down across from Sophie and looked at Fry. He had opened the box and was looking at the ring.]

Leigh: Phillip,

[Fry turned his head and Leigh motioned to the ring.]

Leigh: I’m flattered, but you’re just not my type.

[Fry chuckled and slipped the box in his jacket.]

Leigh: May I see the crypt-text?

Fry: Sure.

[Leigh and Sophie were still trying to figure out what the code word could be while Fry was looking out the window and he noticed Leela was starting to wake up.]

Fry: Hey beautiful.

Leela: Hi.

[She looked around and rubbed her eye.]

Leela: How long have I been out?

Fry: About a hour.

[He moved seats and put his arm around her.]

Leigh: Phillip, what are we going to do when we land in Zurich?

Fry: (sigh) I don’t know.

[He looked at the box and motioned to it.]

Fry: Let me see that.

[Leigh handed him the box. Fry studied the rose and his eyes went wide.]

Fry: It hides beneath the rose.

[He looked inside the box and saw a small hole. Taking out a pen, he poked the hole and the small piece of gold fell out. Fry looked at it and saw backwards writing.]

Fry: We need a mirror.

[The four of them crowded in the bathroom and Fry held up the piece.]

Fry: In London Lies A Knight A Pope Interred. His Labor’s Fruit A Holy Wrath Incurred. You Seek The Orb That Ought Be On His Tomb. It Speaks Of Rosy Flesh And Seeded Womb.

[Leigh started walking out of the room.]

Fry: Where are you going?

Leigh: I’m telling the pilot to change our flight plans to London.

Fry: Leigh. You’re already carrying three people running from the police and have a hostage. Now you want to take us out of the country?

Leigh: Phillip, we are now on a grail quest. We are part of history now!

[Fache was standing in the hanger that once held Leigh Teabing’s plane. They had been gone for a while and he didn’t know what to do. Collet walked in and looked at Fache.]

Collet: Captain?

[Fache turned around.]

Collet: Why are you so obsessed with catching them? Just because Sauniere wrote his name, doesn’t mean that Mr. Fry is guilty.

[Fache sighed and looked at the pin on his lapel.]

Fache: You know I belong to Opus Dei, right?

Collet: Yes.

Fache: My bishop called me earlier. Bishop Aringarosa. He told me that Phillip Fry came into confession, saying that he killed Jacques Sauniere. The Bishop broke his vows to tell me this. But he said he couldn’t imagine the hatred in this mans heart and that I had to stop him.

[Collet stared at him for a second, and handed him a paper.]

Collet: They’ve changed their flight plans to London.

[Soon, the English Police swarmed the hanger where Leigh’s plane was landing. The plane had just stopped and the police drew their guns.]

Chief: Put your hands up!

[Leigh carefully made his way out of the plane with Remy.]

Leigh: I’m afraid that’s easer said than done in my case.

Chief: Sir, we received news that you’re transporting three killers and that you may have a hostage on board. You’ll have to come with us.

Leigh: I’m sorry I have a appointment I can’t afford to miss. If it’s so important that you stop us, you’ll just have to shoot us.

[He motioned to Remy.]

Leigh: You can start with him.

[Remy looked at him and then back at the chief.]

Chief: Search the plane.

Leigh: Fine.

[Leigh and Remy sat in the car as officers searched the plane for Fry, Leela, Sophie, and Silas.]

Remy: I could run them over.

[Leigh smiled and saw the chief come out of the plane.]

Chief: Bad tip. Let them go.

[Leigh waved his hat at the officers.]

Leigh: The French cannot be trusted.

[Once they were down the street, Leigh looked in the back of the car.]

Leigh: Everyone comfy?

[Fry looked up, shocked.]

Fry: They didn’t notice?

Leigh: Well, most people don’t notice what’s right in front of them.

[As soon as the plane touched ground, Fry, Leela, and Sophie jumped off the plane, dragging Silas with them. They put him in the trunk, and the three of them hid on the floor of the backseat of the car just before the police arrived.]

[Soon, Fry, Leela, Sophie, and Leigh were walking into a church looking for the knights tomb.]

Leigh: I must say Phillip, I’m impressed at how you dealt with my small plane.

Leela: Wait, what are you talking about?

Leigh: Oh you never heard the story? When Phillip was studying abroad, here in England, he was taking a stroll in a wide field. There, he fell down a well, treading water for hours in a cramped space. Lucky for him, Remy and I found him and helped him out.

[Fry shook the thought away and looked at Leela.]

Fry: It was a long time ago.

Leigh: Now, he has a slight case of claustrophobia. Nothing to severe, but claustrophobia never the less.

Leela: So is that why you were so uncomfortable in the back of the truck?

Fry: Can we please drop it?

Leigh: Fine. We’re here anyway.

[They walked inside and walked to the back.]

Fry: So what exactly are we looking for? I mean, a orb, a missing orb? What?

[They started looking around and Leela felt chills run down her spine.]

Leela: Why do they make these so scary?

Sophie: I agree.

Fry: These aren’t tombs.

Leigh: What?

Fry: They’re effigy’s. There’s no bodies here. See? This is the wrong place.

Leela: Well can we go now? We should go.

[She turned her head and saw Silas standing there. She screamed and he ran after her, grabbing her and putting a knife against her throat. Fry gasped and screamed.]

Fry: Leela!

Silas: Give me the keystone! Do not test me!

[Fry saw Silas press the knife harder into Leela’s neck.]

Fry: Okay! Okay! Just let her go, and we can work out some kind of agreement! Just let her go!

[Fry saw out of the corner of his eye Remy walking in with a gun.]

Fry: Remy, no. They’re too close together, you don’t have a clear shot.

[He turned and put the gun against Fry’s head.]

Remy: Yes I do.

Leigh: Have you gone mad man?!

[Remy punched Leigh, forcing him to the ground.]

Remy: That was satisfying. Now, give us the keystone.

[Fry handed Remy the box and looked at Silas, signaling him to let Leela go. He threw her to the ground as Remy ordered him to lock Leigh in the trunk. Fry ran over to Leela and helped her up.]

Fry: Leela, oh my God.

[He held her close and Sophie ran over to them. They all looked at Remy who was pointing the gun at him.]

Remy: Sorry.

[Then, the church bells rang, causing a distraction. The three of them started running, just avoiding being shot. Once far enough down the street, they stopped, breathing heavily.]

Fry: They wont kill Leigh, until they find the grail.

Leela: So we have to find a way to open the crypt-text before they do.

Fry: I need to get to a library. Fast!

[Remy was driving Leigh’s car with Silas in the passenger seat.]

Silas: Are you the teacher?

[Remy smiled and looked at him.]

Remy: Yes.

[Silas smiled and noticed Remy stopping the car.]

Remy: Stay here at Opus Dei house. You will be rewarded for your work Silas.

[Fry was sitting on a bus with Leela and Sophie.]

Fry: We’re about half an hour from the nearest library.

[Leela saw a young man, probably a college student, surfing the internet on his phone. Leela got up and walked over to him.]

Fry: What are you doing?

Leela: Getting you a library.

Fry: What?

[She sat down next to the man, and soon motioned to Fry. He walked over and traded seats with her.]

Man: You didn’t say you had a boyfriend.

[The man handed Fry his phone and Fry typed in the key words. Grail, London, Pope. Leela cleaned the scrape on her knee with some sanitizer Fry had in his pocket and winced, feeling it burn.]

Man: Here’s your problem. These words all bring up some bloke named Alexander Pope.

[Fry turned and looked at Sophie.]

Fry: Your grandfather was a genus!

[Fry, Leela, and Sophie had gotten off of the bus and were walking down the street.]

Fry: In London lies a knight a pope interred. That knight is Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered gravity. That’s the Holy Wrath Incurred.

Leela: But if that was the Holy Wrath, the last person to presided over his funeral would be the Pope.

Fry: That’s what I thought too. But then I remembered that Isaac’s funeral was presided over by his good friend Alexander Pope. A Pope. How did I miss that?

[They crossed the street and walked into the building that held Sir Isaac Newton’s sarcophagus. They walked up to it and looked around.]

Fry: So, the question is, which orb?

[Sophie noticed something on the ground and tugged Fry’s jacket.]

Sophie: Fry, look at the cane tracks. Teabing was here. He was alone.

[Fry saw cane tracks in the dust on the floor. And heard a voice behind him.]

Leigh: I knew you would be here sooner or later.

[Fry turned around and took Leela’s arm.]

Fry: Leigh,

Leigh: And I’m so glad you’re here Sophie. I knew I would need you. After all, you’re so much like your grandfather.

[Leigh could tell they were all confused. He took out a gun and motioned for them to follow him.]

[Fry, Leela, Sophie, and Leigh were standing in a back room by themselves.]

Leigh: I bet you’d like to know what’s going on, wouldn’t you?

Fry: It would be nice.

Leigh: For years the church has tried to get the grail back from Priory possession, and now after thousands of years they will. And it’s all thanks to you three.

Leela: What do you mean?

Leigh: Oh, you still can’t figure it out?

[Fry thought about everything that had happened and finally his eyes went wide]

Fry: Leigh…you were my friend.

Leigh: Life requires sacrifice Phillip.

Sophie: What is he talking about?

Fry: The senechaux, Jacque, Silas attacking me at the château. (pause) You set this all up. You dragged us into this!

Leigh: You dragged yourselves into this! Silas was suppose to get the keystone from Sister Sandrine, but when she didn’t have it he came to you and was suppose to get it from you at the chateau. It didn’t matter what happened, even if the first guardian had it the Crypt-text was coming to Chateau Villette no matter what!

Sophie: You, you were the one behind my grandfathers death!

[Fry stared hard at his “friend”]

Fry: What do you want Leigh?

Leigh: You know what I want, I want this crypt-text opened. Everyone has served their purpose. Remy served his, and I disposed of him properly, Silas, who is now being arrested by the police, served his, and now you will serve yours. Sophie…open the crypt-text….or he dies.

[Leigh pointed the gun right at Fry’s head.]

Leigh: Open it!

Sophie: I-I cant do it!

[He and Sophie kept yelling at each other until Fry stopped them.]

Fry: Stop it both of you!

[He sighed and looked at Leigh.]

Fry: She can’t do it Leigh.

[He squeezed Leela’s hand and picked up the crypt-text.]

Leigh: What are you doing?

Fry: Just, hang on.

[Leigh moved the gun and got closer to Leela.]

Leigh: I know you won’t care if I kill this one. But what if I kill the woman you love?

[Fry took a deep breath and thought seriously for a while. Leela’s life depended on it. Leela, Sophie, and Leigh watched at Fry stood there, motionless for about ten minutes before turning around.]

Fry: I’m sorry.

[Leela closed her eye, but opened it as she heard Leigh scream. Opening it, she saw Leigh on the ground holding the crypt-text, that had some kind of liquid leaking out of it. She moved quickly and picked up the gun pointing it at Leigh.]

Leigh: Oh how could you Phillip?!

Fry: Only the worthy can possess the grail Leigh. You taught me that.

[They all heard the door open, and a squad of officers ran in, their guns drawn.]

Officer: Put down the gun!

[Leela did and she, Fry, and Sophie put their hands up. Fache walked in and pointed at Leigh.]

Fache: Him. The old man.

[They picked Leigh up and Fache reached in his pocket, pulling out his phone and checked the number.]

Fache: I’ll have some questions for you.

[As they led Leigh away, Fache simply nodded at Fry. Once the officers were gone, Fry ran up to Leela, pulling her into a tight hug. He kissed her forehead and smiled.]

Fry: (soft) Everything’s okay.

[She smiled and Fry motioned for Sophie to come over. The three of them shared a friendly hug and they walked outside.]

Leigh: Phillip! Phillip how could you?! Destroy the location of the holy grail? Deny thousands of pilgrims to go a kneel at her tomb?!

[Leigh was being dragged away by the police, and Fry smirked at him. Then, Leela and Sophie saw Leigh laugh.]

Leigh: Oh! You opened it! You figured it out! That man has the location to the holy grail! You know what to do Phillip! You’ll go and kneel at her tomb, and tell the world!

[They put him in the car and drove away. Fry started walking down the street, and Leela and Sophie followed.]

Fry: There was only one orb that was missing on that tomb. The orb that fell from the heavens. The one that inspired Newton’s life work, and incurred the wrath of the church.

[They both looked at him and he smiled.]

Fry: A-P-P-L-E. Apple.

[He reveled the small scroll of papyrus. Leela and Sophie smiled as they watched Fry unroll the scroll.]

Fry: The grail beneath ancient Rosslyn waits. The blade and chalice guarding over her gates. She rest at last beneath starry skies.

Sophie: Where do you think it means?

Fry: I think I know where we need to go. Come on.

[Fry, Leela, and Sophie shortly arrived in Scotland about half an hour later, and made their way to Rosslyn Chapel. Fry was holding Leela’s hand, and Sophie was on his other side.]

Sophie: Because of your expertise?

Fry: Excuse me?

Sophie: Do you think that’s why Sauniere chose you?

Fry: Well, I can think of dozens of historians who know more about it than I do. Besides, I didn’t think that he liked me very much. He once made a joke at my expense.

Sophie: What was it?

Fry: He said that if any one needed help with Homo sapiens neanderthalensis they should ask me. Since I should know enough about it.

[Leela stopped and looked at him.]

Leela: What?

Fry: Cavemen.

[She put her hand up to her mouth, and Fry could hear her laughing.]

Leela: I’m sorry.

Fry: Lets just go.

[They walked inside and started looking around. Fry walked to the front and Sophie slowly made her way around.]

Fry: Wow, it has every religion in the world. Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, everything.

Sophie: I think I’ve been here before.

[Fry looked and saw a small stair case going down stairs. Above it was the star of David.]

Fry: The blade and chalice.

Leela: Guarding over her.

[Sophie had joined Leela and Fry at the front.]

Sophie: Come on, lets go.

[They started walking downstairs but were stopped by a young man with brown hair. When he spoke he had a French accent.]

Man: I’m sorry but we’re about to close soon.

Fry: Uh- we’ll just be a minute.

[The man watched as the two of them walked down stairs. A few seconds later a older woman walked up to him.]

Woman: Who was that?

Man: It was Sophie.

Woman: What?

Man: Yeah,

[As the two of them were speaking Fry, Leela, and Sophie were down in a big empty room looking around. The ceiling had pictures of stars and planets all across it. Around the room were scrolls, books, crucifixes and many other things. In the center of the room was a flower pot with a single rose in it. Sophie looked up and then at Fry.]

Sophie: She rests at last beneath starry skies.

Leela: Look at the rose. She was here.

Fry: But where is she now?

Sophie: Look around, see if there’s another clue some where.

Fry: No, they’re can’t be. This is where the clues all lead us.

Leela: But she was here right?

Fry: Yes. But I think it’s safe to assume that she’s somewhere safe. Somewhere your grandfather took her.

[The two of them walked up stairs and were greeted by the old woman and the young man.]

Woman: Sophie?

[Fry looked at Sophie who eyes had went wide.]

Sophie: How do you know my name? Who are you?

Woman: Sophie, I’m your grandmother.

Sophie: What?

Woman: I was married to the man who raised you; Jacques Sauniere.

[She looked at the young man and instantly recognized him.]

Sophie; Joseph?

Joseph: Yes,

Sophie: But, what about the accident?

Joseph: It wasn’t a accident. Our parents knew the location of the grail, and were killed for it, but we survived. So for our protection, we were separated.

[For the next half hour, Joseph, Sophie, and the grandmother, named Mary (How appropriate Fry thought), spent some time catching up. Fry and Leela sat outside the church, letting them have their privacy. Soon, Sophie came out with a blanket around her shoulders.]

Fry: Hey,

Sophie: I just wanted to thank you. Both of you.

Fry: No problem.

Sophie: Any way, I’ve called a cab to take you to the space port so you can get back to France.

Fry: Thanks Sophie.

[He and Leela each gave her a hug and started walking to the car.]

Sophie: Wait Fry,

[Fry motioned for Leela to head to the car and he walked over to her.]

Fry: Yeah?

Sophie: Two things. First off, Sauniere took the location to the grail with him.

Fry: So there’s not really any point in me trying to find it, right?

Sophie: As disappointing as it is, yes.

Fry: Okay. So what’s the other thing?

Sophie: Ask her soon. And make sure I get an invite.

[Fry smiled and shook his head.]

Fry: Alright, I will. Thanks Sophie.

[Fry walked back to the car and got in the back seat.]

[Back in Paris, Fry and Leela took the elevator upstairs to their hotel room and crashed on the bed as soon as they stepped inside.]

Fry: God, I’m exhausted.

Leela: You smell too.

Fry: Hey!

[She smirked and Fry laughed.]

Fry: Yeah, you’re right, I do stink.

[He ran a hand over his jaw bone.]

Fry: I’m all scruffy too.

Leela: You know, I kind of like it.

Fry: Really?

Leela: Yeah, I find it sexy.

[Fry smiled slyly and kissed her. The two of them were interrupted when there was a pounding at the door.]

Fry: That better not be someone else dragging us into a crazy treasure hunt.

[Leela laughed and Fry opened the door seeing Amy and Bender standing outside.]

Amy: Tell us everything!

[After a short explanation of what happened to them within the last 24 hours, Amy and Bender left the two of them to get some rest. They both had showered and changed, and were now beginning to nod off.]

Leela: Well, so much for our romantic vacation. We’re going back home tomorrow.

Fry: Yeah, but I promise, I’ll make this up to you.

[She kissed him goodnight before turning off the lamp and falling asleep. She didn’t even notice Fry put on his robe and sneak out.]

[The next morning, Leela woke up and looked at the alarm clock.]

Leela: Oh no!

[It was 10:40, and their flight left in twenty minutes, and they weren’t even packed yet. She looked up and saw Fry sitting on the balcony sipping coffee and reading a book. She put on her robe and stormed out there.]

Leela: How long have you been up?

Fry: Uh,

[He quickly checked his watch.]

Fry: About an hour.

Leela: Well why didn’t you wake me? We’re suppose to leave in 20 minutes! And what about Bender and Amy?

Fry: Oh, they’re already at the space port.

Leela: Okay, what’s going on here?

Fry: Well, I promised that I would give you a romantic evening in Paris.

Leela: What are you saying?

Fry: The two of us, are staying here for two more days.

Leela: Really?

[Fry nodded his head and Leela smiled before kissing him.]

Leela: Oh thank you Fry!

[Fry smiled and pulled out the chair next to him handing her a cup of coffee.]

Leela: This is so nice Fry.

[The two of them were walking down the street holding hands that night after a candlelit dinner.]

Fry: Yeah it is.

[They got to the Eifel tower and Fry led her to the bottom.]

Fry: Come on, I have a surprise for you at the top.

Leela: Really?

Fry: Yeah, come on.

[They made their way up, and Leela noticed Fry starting to get nervous.]

Leela: Is the elevator too small for you?

Fry: Uh, yeah. That’s it.

[His claustrophobia wasn’t bothering him as much as the life changing decision he was about to make. When the doors opened, he and Leela stepped out to see a starry sky, a almost full moon, and the snow covered grounds of Paris. Fry put his hand in his pocket and took a deep, shaky breath.]

Leela: Are you okay?

Fry: Yeah, I-uh-I just-

[Fry took another deep breath and finally decided to just spit it out.]

Fry: Oh what the hell. Leela will you marry me?

Leela: What?

[He pulled out the ring and got down on one knee.]

Fry: So, Trunga Leela, will you marry me? Make me the happiest guy ever?

[Leela stared at him for a few seconds and Fry started getting worried. Finally, she just held out her left hand. Fry stared at her, confused, and Leela smiled.]

Leela: Well, go on.

[Fry smiled broadly and slipped the ring on her finger. Standing up, he put his arms around Leela’s waist and pulled her close.]

Fry: So, how about we honeymoon in Italy? Go to Rome, and Venice, and Pisa.

[Leela thought about it and looked up.]

Leela: Okay, but on one condition.

Fry: What’s that?

Leela: No museums, no crypts, no tombs, no churches, and no visiting historic sites.

[Fry looked at her like she was crazy.]

Fry: In Italy? What else is there to do?

[She looked at him slyly before kissing him.]

Fry: Oh right.

[Leela laughed before looking out over the snow covered city with Fry.]

The end.