Fan Fiction

Deja Vu, part 1
By fry+leela4eva

Deja vu part 1

[Opening credits.]

[Caption - It's like the year 3000 all over again.]

[Scene: Planet Express building, 2:00pm - Lounge.]

Fry (sits next to Leela): Hey Leela, what up?

Leela: Oh hi Fry...

Fry (concerned): What's wrong?

Leela: Oh you wouldn't understand.

Fry (with a grin on his face): Oh yeah? Try me.

Leela (giggles): Well...

Amy (entering the room): Hey guys, guss what?

Fry/Leela: What?

Amy: I have some one for you to meet...

Fry/Leela: Uh Oh....

Amy: This is Violet!

Fry: Who?

Amy (sighs): VIOLET! dumb ass!

Fry (to Leela): Is this what you wanted to tell me? That we had a long lost daughter? Why would I not understand that? I mean how did we, you know have her anyway?

Leela: Well do you remember about 3 years ago, during the time skips, when we got, well as you say 'together' and when we got married, do you remember when Bender said "Maybe I had to marry you because you got me pregnant"?

Fry: Yeah.

Leela: Well the thing is, you did.

Fry: YAY! Um I mean, NOOOO!

Leela (giggles): It's yay I guess....

Fry (to Violet): Hey sweetie, um, I'm your daddy, Fry.


Fry: Hey don't swear around the baby!

Violet: I AM NO BABY!!!!

Leela: Yeah you tell him mutant girl!

Fry: Well I'm her dad, so doesn't that make me a mutant too?

Leela: NO! Idiot, it makes her half mutant and half human.

Fry: Oh....

Violet: Mommy mommy!!!!

Leela: Oh, hey darl (she hugs Violet)

[Scene: Outside Planet Express building, 7:35pm.]

Fry: Well say goodbye to mommy, you're coming home with me!

Violet: Bye momm-

Leela: No, say goodbye to daddy, you have to stay with me because daddy's house is NOT suitable for kids.

Fry: HEY! My apartment is infested with owls, spiders and other discusting, foul creatures - so it's perfectly safe for a 8 year old girl to live in.

Leela: Fry, for one she's 3 NOT 8, and number two, a appartment infested with owls and other foul creatures is NOT suitable for a 3 year old to live in, so, if you'll excuse us we have to get home!

Fry: FINE!

Violet: Mommy I'm cold.

Leela: Aww I'm sorry honey, but I don't have jacket for you....

Fry(running up to them): Wait! Here, have mine.(he hands it to Violet)

Leela: Uhh I don't know, when did you last wash it?

Fry: Never - Uh, I mean yesterday?

Leela: NO WAY! Violet give it back, or you'll get some sort of disease.

Violet: NO, NO, NOOOOO!!!!

Leela: But - Uhhh what about daddy, he'll freeze!

Fry: It's ok, I put the people I love first.

Leela: Awww.... Uh, I mean uggghh.

Violet: I love you, daddy (hugs and kisses Fry)

Leela: I lo - no wait, ummm, uhh, Bye, yeah, bye Fry, thanks for letting Violet your jacket, I'll give it back to you tomorrow.

Fry: Thats ok, um, bye!

Leela looks around and kisses Fry quickly

Fry: WOW!

Leela and Violet run off home

[Scene: Leela's Apartment 1I, 9:00pm.]

Leela: Ok you can sleep on the couch, Violet.

[There was no answer.]

Leela: Violet? VIOLET???

Leela sees Violet sleeping in Leela's bed.

Leela: Violet? (she tries to wake her) Oh ok you can sleep here.

[Leela bends over to kiss Violet but she felt something soft underneath Violet's hands, it was Fry's jaket.]

Leela: Uggghh! (Leela tries to take it away, but Violet has a good grip on it and won't let go)

[Leela leavs the bedroom and sleeps on the couch.]

Leela (yawns): I hope this doesn't happen EVERY night.

[Scene: Next day, 3:30 am.]

[Leela wakes up by the sound of crying coming from the bedroom.]

Leela (running): Violet? Violet? Are you ok?

Leela enters the room, worried.

Leela: Violet, please tell me what happened.

Violet (sniffs): I want daddy.

Leela: Sorry hun but daddy isn't here right now....

Violet starts to cry again.

Leela: Awww, ok, I'll call him for you.

Leela calls Fry.

Fry (yawns): Hello?

Leela: Oh sorry Fry, it's just that Violet was crying and she wanted you....

Fry: Hey, thats ok, don't worry about it!

Leela (smiles): Thanks, anyway, here's Violet.

Fry: Thanks.

Violet: Hi daddy!!!!

Fry: Hey darlin!

Violet: Daddy, one day, when I get bigger, can i sleep over at your house?

Fry: Um, I don't know honey, you'll have to ask mommy.

Violet: Mommy? Can I?

Leela: Maybe, I'll talk to daddy about it.


Leela: Yes I - won't, Fry, later, at work!

Fry: Oh ok(winks at Violet)

[Violet giggles.]

[Scene: Planet Express building, 10:00 am]

[Leela is watching T.V on the couch]

Fry (entering the room): Hey Leela, um, wheres Violet?

Leela (yawns): Um, oh, Violet, right, uhh, she's somewhere around here...

Fry: So you don't know where she is right?

Leela: Yeah...

Fry: I'll go find her!

[Fry leavs the T.V room, Leela has fallen asleep on the couch.]

Scene: The ship, 10:10 am.

[Violet is playing with the Planet Express ship toy]

Violet: WOOSSSSHHH!!!!

Fry: Hey kid, watcha doin?

Violet: WHAAA??? Oh hi daddy.

Fry: Hey, sorry if I scared you...

Violet: Thats ok

Fry (smiles): So, what up?

Violet: Huh?

Fry: Oh never mind...

Violet: Where's mommy?

Fry: She's sleeping.

Violet: Hmmm...

Fry: Sorry.

Violet: Daddy?

Fry: Yes?

Violet: Do you love mommy?

Fry: Yes, I do.

Violet: Then why don't you live with us?

Fry: Well, your a bit young to understand, but...

[Bender enters.]

Bender: Hey losers.

Violet: I AM NO LOSER!!!

Fry: YEAH!!!

Bender: Woah, Fry you got a kid? Who's the mamma?

Fry: It's Leela, and no, we didn't get hitched unfortunately.

Bender: The how was this thing brought up?

Fry: Well, her name's Violet and she's 3 years old, she was born during the time skips - while Leela and I where "together" and got married. After that, She lived in the ophinarioum until now...

Violet: I don't like it there...

Bender: Yeah, I'm sure I wouldn't like living in an ophinarioum too if I was teased because of having 1 eye and having mean parents who don't love me either.

Fry: BENDER!!!!

Bender: Well thats how she probably felt in there.

Violet: It's true daddy.

Bender: See? Bender's right as always, anit I?

Fry (lying): Yes.


Bender: Exactly, now, if you meatbags will excuse me, I have people to annoy and things to steal. (Bender leaves)

Fry: Lets go see mommy!

Violet: Ok!

[They arrive at the T.V room to see Leela fast asleep.]

Violet: MOMMY, MOMMY!!!!

Fry: Shhhhh, Violet, she's sleeping.

Violet: But daddy...

Fry: Don't wake her.

[Violet starts to cry.]

Fry: Violet...


Fry (sighs): Come on honey, please let mommy sleep.

Violet: NO!

[Leela starts to stir in her sleep.]

Fry: Uhhh, Oh, I know! Um Violet, why don't you go and annoy Bender!

[Violet stops crying]


[Violet rushes out of the room.]

Fry (sighs): Thank god.

[Fry sits down on the couch next to Leela and notices that she is shivering, so, without hesitating, Fry gently puts his jacket over her to keep her warm.]

Fry (whispering): There.

[Leela smiles warmly in her sleep.]

Fry (sighs): She's so beautiful, I could sit here forever, watching her sleep, peacefully. I truly love her, with all my heart.

[Suddenly, Leela grabs hold of Fry's arm.]

Fry (looking at his arm): What the?

[Tears are forming in Leela's eye.]

Fry: Hey, hey, shhh, it's ok Leela, it's ok.

[Leela smiles, slightly.]

Fry: Leela? Leela?

[Leela starts to wake up.]

Fry (relived): Leela, are you ok?

Leela (yawns): Fry? Oh Fry, you're alive!!!

Fry: Uh, Leela, I've always been alive.

Leela: Really? So it was a dream...

Fry: Leela, are you ok?

[Leela shakes her head.]

Fry: What happened?

Leela: It was awful...

Fry: What was?

Leela: My dream.

Fry: What dream?

Leela: The one I just had.

Fry: Oh... Tell me what happened.

Leela: You wouldn't understand...

Fry: What makes you think that?

Leela: Look I just don't want to talk about it ok?

Fry (shyly): Ok... Do you want me to leave?

Leela: NO! Stay, please, anyway don't you wanna hear about my dream?

Fry: Uh yeah, but I thought you said that you didn't want to talk about it?

Leela (smiles): A woman can change her mind...

Fry (smiles): Ok, go on.

Leela: Well, it all started when we were at Planet Express one morning, we where sitting around the conference table, talking about our previous mission to the Galaxy Of Doom.

Fry: He, thats a weird name for a galaxy...

Leela: Yeah, anyway, everyone was there...

Fry: Everyone?

Leela: Well almost everyone...

Fry: Who was missing?

Leela (tears start rolling down her eye): You.

Fry: Me?!? What happened to me?

Leela (sniffs): You where badly injured during the mission.

Fry: How badly?

Leela: Very bad.

Fry: Oh.

Leela (wipes away her tears): And because of that you weren't there.

Fry: What happened to me?

Leela: You... You... (takes a breath) You.. Died. You Died.

Fry (gasps): Oh, Leela...

[Leela hugs Fry and he gently strokes her hair.]

Leela (crying): And the worst part was that I had to tell you something, something very important about our relationship.

Fry (hopeful): Relationship?

Leela (correcting herself): Friendship, yes friendship.

Fry (disappointed): Oh...

Leela: And I never got to tell you...

Fry: Oh, Leela, I'm so sorry.

Leela: It's ok.

Fry: No! It's not ok, what if you keep having these dreams? It'll be horrible for you, it'll haunt you for the rest of your life.

Leela: I think I only had that dream because I am under a lot of stress, thats all.

Fry: I hope so...