Fan Fiction

Deja Vu, part 3
By fry+leela4eva2getha

[Scene - Planet Express Lounge, 8:30pm.]

[Leela awakes, noticing Fry and Violet cuddling up to her.]

Leela (yawns): Uh, Fry, work finished ages ago...

[Fry mumbles something and then falls back to sleep.]

Leela (slaps Fry in the face): Look here asshole, get up before I make you get up!

Fry (grins): Oh yeah? Whatcha gonna do? Slap me again?


Fry (scared): Ekkk...

Leela: Now get up!!!

Fry (annoyed): Ok, ok I'm up...

Leela: Good! Now go home!

Fry: Huh? What?, I'm not ready to go home yet!

Leela: Well why? You haven't forgotten anything.

Fry (coughs): Um, Violet?

Leela: What about Violet?

Fry: She's coming with me tonight.

Leela (sighs): Look, Fry, there's something I have to tell you.

Fry (worried): What?

Leela (sighs): Fry, this is our last night with Violet.

Fry: What?!? Huh??? I don't understand, is she gonna die or something?!?

Leela (tears are forming in her eye): We, I mean I, have to send her back to the orphanarium.

Fry: Why though, things where going perfectly fine.

Leela: Fry, in case you haven't noticed, I am a single mom!

Fry: No you're not! You've got me!

Leela: Fry, we're not in a relationship, and we never will be.

Fry (sad): Never?

Leela: Never.

Fry (hopeful): But we where once.

Leela: Once but never again.

Fry (tears forming in his eyes): Oh...

Leela (sighs): Well, you better say good-bye to Violet, after all, this will be the last time you see her ever.

Fry (sniffs): But we've only had her for a week and imagine how she'll feel, I mean she 5 years old.

Leela: Fry, for the last time she is 3 years old, now, just give her a kiss and say good-bye.

Fry: Wait! Before I do, I wanna give her something, just so she'll remember me.

Leela (sighs): Oh, ok but hurry up!

Fry (smiles at Leela, then turns to Violet): Violet, I hope you know how much your daddy loves you, and how much he misses you. Your so beautiful, just like your mom, and I hope you know how much she loves you too.

[Leela starts to cry.]

Fry: And so, I wanna give you this, to remember us both by.

[Fry takes out a small, violet case out of his pocket and opens it. In it is a small, white gold locket on a silver chain. Engraved on the back is; You will always be loved by you family, no matter where they are.]

[Leela gasps.]

Fry (putting the locket on violet, then kissing Violet's head): I love you Violet.

Leela (sniffs): Oh Fry, that was beautiful.

Fry (smiles): Well, she dissevers it. And so do you.

Leela: Me? Huh?

[Fry gets another case, except this one is dark purple. He opens it. There is another locket in it the same as Violets and engraved on the back is; You will always be loved by your family and me, Fry.]

Leela (crys): Oh Fry, this is so beautiful, I don't know how to ever thank you.

[Fry puts the locket on Leela.]

Fry (smiles): There's only one thing I want you to do, well actually two things.

Leela (smiles): What are they?

Fry (grins): Well, firstly, I want you to let Violet stay for at least another night and lastly...

Leela: No, let me guess, you want me to out with out with you.

Fry: Huh? How'd you know?

Leela: Dunno, just a lucky guess.

Fry: I guess you won't do any of those things for me, will you?

Leela (grins): Maybe, and I might give you something else.

Fry: What?

[Leela grabs Fry and kisses him, passionately.]

[Leela lets go, slowly.]

Fry: Wow.

Leela (giggles): Come on, lets go home.

Fry: What are you gonna do with Violet?

Leela: Hmm? Oh Violet! Right, Umm, well...

Fry: I'll take care of her.

Leela: How?

[Fry takes his jacket off, picks up Violet and wraps it around her.]

Fry (sighs): There!

Leela (smiles): Thanks, Fry.

Fry (grins): No prob!

Leela: Shall we go?

Fry: Yup!

[Scene - Outside Planet Express Building, 9:25pm.]

Fry: Hey, Leela, want me to walk you home?

Leela: Oh yes please are you sure?

Fry: Yeah, of course I am!

Leela (smiles): Ok then!

[Fry and Leela start their journey home and along the way Fry pics some flowers for Leela.]

Fry (smiles): Here my love, for you.

Leela (blushes): Awww. why thank you! They're beautiful.

Fry: Not as beautiful as you!

Leela (giggles): Are you trying to seduce me?

Fry (shocked): No! Why would you think that?

Leela (embarrassed): Oh, it's just that, all the other guys I've dated have said and done things just like your doing now, and then...

Fry: They used you?

Leela (sad): Yeah...

Fry (comforts Leela): Hey, hey, it's ok, I promise I would NEVER do that to you.

Leela (looking up at Fry): Really?

Fry (smiles): 100%

Leela: You know, Fry, you're they first guy I've ever met whose ever said that and meant it.

Fry: Well, I'm not surprised, every guy whose dated you is a total jerk.

[Scene - Apartment 1I, 10:15pm.]

Leela: Thanks for walking me home, Fry.

Fry (smiles): Thats ok, well I'll see you at work!

Leela (folds her arms): And what about after that?

Fry (confused): What about it?

Leela: Oh I guess you don't want to date me anymore.

Fry (shocked): What?!? No, no, I still want to go ouyt with you but I thought that you-

[Leela places her finger on Fry's lips.]

Leela (grins): So what time then?

Fry: Uh, 7, no, uh, 7:30?

Leela: Sure and place?

Fry: I'll pick you up!

Leela: Really?

Fry: Yep!

Leela (smiles): Thanks.

[Leela quickly looks around, they kisses Fry.]

Fry: Hmmmm? Mmmmmm...

[Leela lets go then giggles.]

Leela: Well good night.

Fry: Night, cya tomorrow!

[Fry hands Leela Violet, who is still asleep.]

[Leela waves, then closes the door, Fry grins.]

[Fry walks of into the night.]

[Scene - The Turanga's House, Sewers, 10:00am.]

[Leela knocks on the door.]

[She hears mumbling from her parents the the door opens.]

Munda: Oh look, Morris it's Leela and our sweet little granddaughter, Violet!

Morris: Huh? Oh hi honey!

Violet: Why am I always called 'Little'?

Leela: Because you are!

[Violet looks at her mother angrily.]

Leela (ignoring the look): Now Violet, sweetie I need you to stay with granny and grandpa ok?

Violet: Aww, well, ok...

Leela: Good!

Violet(sighs): Yeah, yeah...

Leela (to her parents): I'll come and drop off some things for her later in the day ok?

[Her parents nod.]

Leela: Well I gotta go I'll be late for work so cya!

[Leela kisses Violet good bye and hugs her parents.]

[Scene Planet Express Building, 10:15am.]

[Hermes 'precious' 10am meeting has just started.]

Leela (grinning): He he, sorry I'm late guys...

[Everyone looks at Leela, angrily.]

Leela: Well hey? I'm a single mom ok?!?

[Everyone mutter to each other and the nod.]

Leela (sitting down): So, uh, where's Fry?

Bender: I dunno, probably dead knowing him...

[Bender laughs as if it's a joke but no one else thinks it's funny.]

Leela (sighs): Grrr...

[The meeting continues for another 20 minutes then, Fry arrives.]

Bender (holing out his hand): Everyone owes me 10 bucks!

[Everyone except Leela sighs and hands it to him.]

Leela (socked): But we didn't even bet on anything!

[Fry, who has been staring at Leela for the whole time, grins sheepishly at her.]

Leela (smiles lovingly at Fry): Come sit down.

Fry: Ok... but where?

Leela: Hey Zoidberg, move over and I'll ghive you 5 bucks.

Zoidberg: Hooray my friends are giving me money!

[Zoidberg moves over and Leela gives him $5.]

Bender: Hey Zoidberg, I'll be your best friend for ever and ever if you give me that money.

Zoidberg: Hooray Zoidberg makes a new friend!

[Zoidberg gives Bender the money.]

Bender: Bender is great oh Bender is great!

Fry: Yeah, yeah we get the point...

Bender: Just cause you ain't great!

Leela: Yes he is!

Fry (confused): I am?

Leela: Yes you are.

Fry (surprised): Woah, thanks Leela...

Leela (smiles): Thats ok, what are friends for?

Fry: You classify me as a friend?

Leela: Hmm? Yeah! Of course, your the best friend I've ever had!

Fry (tearful): Oh, Leela, I - I don't know what to say...

Leela (placing her finger on his lips and whispers): Then don't say anything.

[Fry smiles at her as if he was going to continue the conversation then, Hermes bangs the table stopping all talking, and continues the meeting.]

Leela (whispers): Hey, meet me in front of the ship ok?

Fry (confused but whispers): Um, why?

Leela (whispers): Now!

Fry: Hmm? What the -

Leela (putting up her hand): Hermes?

Hermes (annoyed): What?

Leela: Fry and I have to go and clean the ship, don't we?

Hermes: Ah, whatever mon just go and leave me to continue my meetin!

[Leela drags Fry out of his seat and leaves the room.]

[They arrive in front of the ship and the sit down in front of the lockers.]

Fry: Uh, are you gonna cancel our date tonight?

Leela: NO WAY! I mean no, of course not, Fry, I wanna tell you something...

Fry (hopeful): Really? What?

Leela (takes a breath): I - I...

[Suddenly, Hermes appears in the door.]

Hermes: Ah! You two get back to work now! You can express your emotional feelings later!

[Leela sighs, then leaves.]

Hermes: I thought - wait - what?

[Fry also leaves, leaving Hermes alone.]

[Scene - Planet Express Lounge, 12:05pm.]

[Fry and Leela are watching “Everybody Loves Hypnotoad”.]

Fry: This show's awesome! Hey Leela?

Leela: Yeah...

[Just at that moment, Leela's wrist thing rings, then Leela answers it.]

Leela: Hello?

[Leela's parents picture appears on the screen along with Violet's picture.]

Munda: Hi Leela, honey, hows your day been?

Violet: Hi mommy!

Leela: Aww hi guys, my days been boring how abut yours?

Munda: Violet's been great she's so well behaved, but anyway, aren't you excited about tonight?

Leela: Hmm? What about tonight?

Munda: Your big date with, um, uh, what's his name, Mario?

Fry: WHAT?!? MARIO?!?

Leela (giggles): No, it's Fry mom.

Munda: Ah, yes Fry, funny name...

[Fry turns around in shock.]

Leela: So, uh, why did you call me? Is something wrong?

Morris: No honey, we just wanted to say hello and that violet's being great!

Leela: Oh, thats good well, I better go now so cya later yeah?

Munda: Ok, honey, bye bye love you.

Violet: BYE MOMMY!

[They all wave before the screen turns off.]

Leela (sighs): Well, better get back to boredom then...

Fry: So, you think that being with me is boring huh?

Leela: No, why would ou think that?

Fry: Cause you said-

Leela: I know, I know, I just meant boring as in being here like watching a repeat of "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad".

Fry: With this show, how can you tell if it's a repeat?

Leela: It says at the beginning of the episode...

Fry (sheepishly): I knew that...

Leela (sarcastic): Rriigghht...

Fry (giggles): Yeeaahh...

[Suddenly, Leela gives Fry a big smooch.]

Fry (relaxing into the kiss): Hmmm? Mmmmm...

Leela (breaks the kiss): Sorry, Fry I don't know what came over me then...

Fry (sarcastic): Sure...

Leela: It was! I swear!!!!

Fry: Ok, ok, don't get your panties in a knot...

[Leela grins playfully and then continues watching the show. Fry, however, is staring at her as he has been for the last hour.]

[Scene - Outside Planet Express Building, 3:10pm.]

Leela: Well, um, I'd better go get ready for our big date huh?

Fry (smiles): Ok, I'll see you at 7:30, right?

Leela: Yup.

Fry (shyly): Um, I love you...

Leela: Don't make me kiss you again...

Fry: Huh what I-

[Fry is stopped by Leela kissing him.]

[Leela breaks the kiss.]

Fry: Wow...

Leela: Ok, I'm going now... Cya!

Fry: Huh? what I-

Leela (running down the street): Bye, cya at 7:30!

Fry (whispers): I love you, Leela.

[Scene - Sewers 4:00pm.]

Leela (knocking on the door): Mom? Dad? Violet? ANSWER THE DOOR!!!

[Leela hears panting and running footsteps, then the door opens and is answered by Violet.]

Violet: Mommy!!!

Leela: Hey baby!

[Violet hugs her mother and then takes her inside.]

Munda: Oh hey, Leela, have you come to drop off Violet's Pg's?

Leela: Oh yes I have! Her favorite ones too!

Violet: Daddy P'gs!!! Daddy Pg's!!!

Morris: Daddy Pg's?

Leela: Her farther got them for her...

Munda: Aww how special.

Leela (smiles): Yeah, well I have to go now, bye!

[Leela gives hugs and kisses to everyone, then leaves.]

[Scene - Apartment 1I, 4:55pm.]

Leela: Ok, better get ready!

[Leela starts to get ready, but is then interrupted by Nibbler, who is hungry.]

Leela (sighs): Yes, Nibbler?

[Nibbler makes his little noises and then Leela feeds him.]

[Leela continues searching for what to out on and then is interrupted by Nibbler.]

Leela (sighs): What is it now?

[Nibbler goes into Leela's closet and seconds later, pulls out a beautiful blue dress with sequence and glitter all over.]

Leela (thoughtful): Oh, Nibbler, I can't ware this, it's, it's...

[Nibbler bites Leela hard on the hand.]

Leela: OW!

[Nibbler bites her once more and then Leela gives in.]

Leela (thinking): I hope this still fits me...

[Scene - Robot Arms APTS, 5:45pm.]

Fry: Hey, Bender, do you know where my tux is?

Bender: Yeah, I pawned it.

Fry (shocked): WHY!?!?

Bender: Dunno...

Fry (disappointed): But you knew it was my big date with Leela tonight...

Bender: And thats why I pawned it!

Fry: Great, now I have nothing to ware...

Bender: Oh fine, it's here.

[Bender opens his chest cabinet and takes out Fry's tux.]

Fry: Thanks buddy!

Bender (holds out his hand): Fry?

[Fry hands Bender some money.]

Bender: Thanks...

[Fry goes into his room and gets ready.]

[Scene - Apartment 1I, 7:30pm.]

Fry (knocking on the door): Hello?

Leela (answering the door): Hey.

[Fry falls over in shock.]

Leela (thinking): He probably thinks I look horrible...

Fry (getting up): Wow, you look...

Leela: Disgusting? Horrible? Come on say it.

Fry: Stunning...

Leela (shocked): Wow, thanks...

Fry: Um, thats ok...

Leela: Uh, so, shall we go?

Fry: Huh? Oh yeah, yeah...

[Leela smiles then takes Fry's hand as they leave the apartment.]

[As they walk down the street, Fry seems to be picking flowers from each bush or flower patch, Leela found this quite strange.]

Leela (confused): Uh, what are you doing?

Fry: Oh, you'll see when I'm done.

Leela: Uh, ok...

[They continue walking until they reach their destination.]

Leela: Where are we?

[They arrive at a small dinner table on a boat with a beautiful ocean view with a full moon up, it was like a dream.]

Leela (surprised): Whoa, this is... Beautiful...

Fry (smiles): I know, but not as beautiful as you.

Leela: Really?

Fry: Yep, I had a reservation just for you and me.

[Leela smiles while Fry pulls a chair out fro Leela, she sits in it and smiles again.]

[The waiter arrives.]

Waiter: What can I get you this evening?

Fry: Hey, what do ya want?

Leela: Um, what are you having?

Fry: Um, Spaghetti?

Leela: Ok, I'm with you.

Fry: Two- hey, where's he gone?

Leela: Great service around here...

Fry (ashamed): Oh, sorry...

Leela: Hey, hey it was just a joke! (giggles)

Fry: No, no, I wanted to take you to a place with the best service and I failed. I'm sorry.

Leela: No, no, don't be, this place is great It's the best place I've ever been to, honest.

Fry: Really? Wow, thanks, no wonder I love you so much.

Leela (blushing): Oh, thanks...

[They lean in towards each other until their lips meet, but then they are interrupted by the waiter who had their food ready.]

Leela (embarrassed): Oh, uh, thanks.

[Leela receives her plate but there was only one.]

Fry: Hey, we ordered two, where's the other one?

Waiter: I only got an order for one.

Fry: Well-

Leela: Don't worry, it's fine you can go now.

Waiter: Uh, ok...

[The waiter leaves while a very confused looking Fry asks Leela what's going on.]

Fry: Why did you do that?

Leela (handing Fry a fork): We'll share, I probably wont finish it all anyway.

Fry (sighs and looks at Leela lovingly): Thanks Leela, I love you.

Leela (blushing): Uh, thats ok. Now lets eat!

Fry: Ok!

[They eat their meal, but soon after they begin to suck on the same spaghetti strand like in the movie 'Lady And The Tramp' they lean in, closer and close until they kiss.]

Fry: Hmmm? Mmmm...

[Leela slowly breaks the kiss and the giggles at Fry, who is completely dumfounded.]

Leela: You deserved that.

Fry: Why?

Leela: Because, your the best friend I've ever had and, and-

Fry (thinking): Friend

Fry: Uh, hey really it was nothing it's just because I love you, that's all.

[Leela replies to him with a kiss.]

Fry (surprised): HMMMM?? Mmmmmm...

[Leela, once again, slowly breaks the kiss.]

Leela: There's many more where that came from!

Fry (blushing): Well I'd better get used to it then...

[They continue eating their food until they finish eating.]

Fry (placing the money on the table): Ok, you ready to go?

Leela: Wait! (Grabs her purse but Fry puts it back in her back.)

Fry: No, no, I got the bill, put your money away.

Leela: You sure?

Fry (nodding): Yep

[Leela smiles and then takes Fry's hand as they leave.]

Leela (sighs): This was so wonderful, I just wish it didn't have to end so soon...

Fry: End? No way! Not unless you want it to, we still have ages to go!

Leela (hopeful): Really? Of corse I don't want it to end, this is the best date I've ever had in my whole life.

Fry: Really? Wow, same with me, although, any time I'm with you is the best time I have.

Leela: Really? Oh Fry, your so sweet.

Fry: And your so beautiful.

Leela (blushing): Aww, stop it!

Fry: I'm only telling the truth, Leela

Leela (smiles): So, uh, where are we going now?

Fry: You'll see when we get there.

Leela (confused): Ok...

[They continue making their way to Fry's destination.]

Fry: We're almost there.

Leela (shivering): I hope so, it's freezing out here...

Fry (taking his jacket off): Here take my jacket.

Leela (pushing it away): No, no you have it, you'll get cold otherwise.

Fry (putting it over her): No, please, I'll be fine, besides, all the love inside me is keeping me warm.

Leela (smiles): He he that was cute.

Fry: What?

Leela: How you said that all the love inside you is keeping you warm.

Fry (blushing): Oh, thanks...

[They arrive at the destination some time later. It turns out to be Central Park.]

Leela (curious): Central Park? Why are we here?

Fry: Just wait and see.

[They sit down in a comfortable spot in the grass witch has a beautiful overlooking view of New New York and the night sky.]

Leela: This is... Amazing...

Fry: Oh you aint seen nothing yet.

Leela (confused): Huh?

[Suddenly, the night sky is lit up with dazzling fireworks with every color of the rainbow. Then, soon after, some new fireworks blast into the sky, except this time, these ones clearly spelled out 'I ♥ U LEELA'.]

Leela (gaps): Oh my god.

Fry (thinking): Oh no, what if she didn't like it?

[as the display ends, Leela turns away from Fry's embrace and starts to cry.]

Fry (shocked): Leela? Hey, hey, are you ok? Whats wrong?

Leela (teary): Oh Fry, it's just, oh I can't take it anymore!

Fry: What? Take what anymore?

Leela: Ok, you know how I had that dream?

Fry: The one where I died? Yeah.

Leela (sniffs): Well, you know how I said that there was something really important I had to tell you and it was about our relationship?

Fry (correcting her): Friendship. And yes, I do.

Leela (correcting him): No, Fry, relationship.

Fry (confused): But I thought-

Leela: Anyway, do you want to know what it was?

Fry (curious): Yeah, of course I do.

Leela (takes a deep breath): Ok, well, what I wanted to tell was... Was...(she begins to cry)

Fry: Hey, hey, it's ok, you don't have to tell me if it makes you cry.

Leela (wipes away her tears): No! No. I'll tell you.

Fry: Ok.

Leela (thinking): Ok, ok come on Leela you have to tell him sooner or later...

Fry (smiling): It's ok.

Leela: No! No! It's not ok! Fry, I've wanted to tell you this ever since we first met, and if I don't tell you now, then I will regret it the rest of my life.

Fry: Ok, then what is it?

Leela: Oh, Fry, I... I... I-(she starts to cry again)

Fry (embracing her): Hey, hey it's ok.

Leela (crying): I love you!

Fry (shocked): Huh?

Leela (wiping away her tears): I love you, Fry! I love you!

Fry: Really?!? You, love me?!? For all this time?!?

Leela (tearful): Yes, I do, and I always have, but I've only just released it recently.

Fry: Woah, this is the happiest day of my life, I love you too and I always have.

Leela (hugging him): Mine to, mine to.

[They kiss for a very long time until Leela falls asleep in his arms.]

Fry (softly): Leela? Honey?

[He carefully tilts her head upwards and notices that she has fallen asleep.]

Leela (mumbling): No, no, not now, later, let me sleep!

Fry (softly): Leela, baby? Wake up honey, we have to go.

Leela (yawns): Hmmm? Oh ok, hold on a second.

Fry: Come on hun, we gotta go, it's really late.

Leela (sighs): But, aww, I wish this could never end... It's been the happiest night of my life. I just wish it could go on and on forever...

Fry (hopeful): Really? I-I didn't know that this means so much to you...

Leela (tearful): Well, it does and I wish that this wasn't the end...

Fry: Hey, hey, it may be the end of our date, but not our relationship.

Leela (hopeful): Really? You really mean it??

Fry: Yup, unless you want our relationship to end.

Leela (shocked): WHAT?!? Of corse not!!!

Fry (smiles): Good, I was hoping you would say that!

[They leave Central Park and start their journey home.]

Leela (sighs happily): Oh, Fry, I'm so happy to finally be with you.

Fry (putting his arm tightly around her): And so am I, I've wanted this all my life.

Leela (with a sparkle in her eye): And so have I.

[They kiss, long and passionately, until Leela slowly breaks the kiss once again.]

Leela (softly): I love you, Fry.

Fry (softly): I love you too, Leela.

[They finally arrive at Leela's apartment.].

[Scene - Apartment 1I, 9:10pm.]

Leela (looking up at Fry): I wish this didn't have to end...(she begins to cry)

Fry (looking down at her): Hey, hey, please don't cry, I love you, and this will never end, I promise.

Leela (sobbing): It wont?

Fry (stroking her hair): No Leela, it wont.

Leela (confused): But, I'm about to go home...

Fry (softly): It won't end if you keep it in your heart, in there, it will last forever, I promise.

Leela: Oh, Fry! I love you so much!

Fry: I love you even more than that.

Leela: Um, no you don't! I love your more!

Fry: Oh yeah? Well... I love you more than everyone thats ever loved you before.

Leela: Ok, well, lets just say we love each other the same amount.

Fry (smiles): Ok, honey.

[Leela nuzzles into Fry's chest, lovingly.]

Leela: Oh, Fry...

Fry (smiles): Oh, Leela, my darling, Leela...

[They embrace for a long while.]

Leela (sighs): Oh, Fry...

Fry (kissing her hair): Yeah?

[Leela breaks the embrace and looks up at fry, lovingly.]

Leela: Hey, you wanna come in for a while?

Fry (surprised): Yeah! Sure! Of course!

Leela (smiles): I was hoping you would say that.

Fry: Me too... Wait... What?

Leela (giggles): Your so cute.

Fry (proud): I know, Leela, I know.

[Leela opens the door and lets Fry in.]

Leela (sitting down on the couch): Hey, come over here.

Fry (nerves): Uh, ok...

Leela (giggles): Come on, I'm not THAT dangerous...

Fry (grins): Hey, I never said you where...

Leela (smiles seductively): Come here you little-

[She pulls Fry on to her and starts kissing him.]

Fry (stopping): Leela, Leela, I really don't think we should...

Leela (confused): WHAT? We're not going THAT far, Fry.

Fry (relived): Oh, good...

Leela (seductively): But we could if you want...

Fry (nerves): No, no, I'd rather just um, make out.

Leela (smiles): Me too.

[They continue kissing until they lead their way into the bedroom (they don't have sex).]

[Scene - Next Morning, Apartment 1I, 10:35 am.]

[Fry is awake, stroking his beloved Leela's hair. Leela is asleep and is making purring sounds.]

Fry (thinking): Wow, I'm so lucky, I have all I ever wanted right here.

[Leela starts to move.]

Fry: Huh? Leela?

Leela (moaning): Shoosh, let me sleep.

Fry: Oh, sorry...

[He tries to get up but is stopped by Leela grabbing his arm.]

Leela (sad): Hey? Where are you going?

Fry (confused): But, I thought-

Leela (pulling him back down): I just wanted you to go back to sleep.

Fry: Is that all?

Leela (sheepishly): And mabie a cuddle...

Fry: Aww, you!

[Fry hugs her, and almost kisses her, but the phone rings.]

Fry (angry): Damn!

Leela (giggles): Yeah, anyway, should we just avoid it?

Fry (concerned): You'd better answer it. just incase.

Leela (agreeing): Yeah...

[Leela answers the phone and a picture of her mother appears.]

Munda: Finally, you answer the phone, Leela.

Leela (sheepishly): Uh, yeah, sorry...

Munda: Ahhh, has my little girl been up to something...?

Leela (lying): No...

Munda: Aw, come on, I can tell you've been doing something by the state you're in.

Leela (confused): Huh? What state?

Munda: Your hair and your clothes look all crumpled.

Leela: Oh, THAT state...

Munda: By the way, why do you look like that?

Leela (happily sighs): Because I've just had the BEST sleep in my life.

Munda: Is that so? How come?

Leela (embarrassed): Aw, do I have to tell you now?

Fry (interrupting): Hey, babe, who is it?

Munda(pointing at Fry from the screen): Is THAT why?

Leela (giggling): Yes...

Fry (notices Munda on the screen): Oh, sorry...

Leela/Munda: Thats ok...

Munda: So, are you two finally together now?

Leela (grins): Yep!

Fry: Oh yeah!

Munda: I'm so happy for the both of you!

Fry/Leela: Thank you.

Munda(smiles): Thats ok.

Leela: So, mom, why did you call? Is something wrong?

Munda: No, no, nothings wrong, it's just when are you gonna pick Violet up?

Fry (confused): Violet? Huh? Whose Violet?

Leela (sighs): Our kid, idiot!

Fry: Oh, VIOLET!

Munda: So, when are ya gonna pick her up?

Leela: Um, it's nearly 11, so mabie, 1pm?

Munda: Ok! Thats good I'd better go get ready, so cya darl.

Leela: Bye mom!

Fry: Bye mo- I mean misses Leela!

Munda(giggles): Bye!

[The screen goes off.]

Fry (sexfully): So, baby, wanna continue where we left off?

Leela (giggles): I really wish we could but-

Fry (leaning towards her): Come on, babe you know you want you...

[Fry starts to kiss her.]

Leela (giggling): Ahehehehehehe! Stop!

[Fry stops.]

Leela: Look, Fry I really want to, but we need to start getting ready.

Fry (disappointed): Yeah, you're right, Leela.

Leela (sexfully): And mabie we can continue all of this later huh?

Fry (smiles): Yeah.

[They shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and then leave.]

[Scene - Sewers, Leela's parents house 1:00pm.]

[Leela knocks on the door.]

Violet(answering the door): Mommy! Daddy!

[She hugs them.]

Leela: Hey sweetie!

Fry: Hey hun!

Munda(peeking out from the door): Oh, hey!

[Munda hugs them.]

Munda: I'd let you in, but Morris is renovating the house...

Violet: We slept in a hotel!

Fry: There are hotels in the sewers?

Leela: There's more than you'd expect down here...

Fry: True.

Munda: I'll just get Violet's stuff, back in a tic.

[Munda goes back inside and quickly come back out with a bag containing all of Violet's belongings.

Leela (taking the bag): Thanks mom.

Munda(smiles): No problem!

Fry: Yeah thanks heaps for looking after Violet.

Munda: It's fine, you're always welcome here, and whenever you need baby sitting, just ask.

Leela: Thank you.

[Leela hugs Munda and Munda shakes hands with Fry.]

Leela: Bye mom!

Fry: Bye misses Leela!

Violet: Bye bye granny!

Munda: Bye guys, cya soon!

[Fry, Leela and Violet make their way out of the sewers.]

[Scene - New New York streets, 1:16pm.]

Violet(noticing Fry and Leela holding hands): Does mommy love you now daddy?

Leela (smiles): I've always love daddy, I just never told him.

Fry (smiles): And I've always loved mommy, from the moment we met.

[They kiss.]

Violet: Ewww! Gross! Get a room!

Fry (seductively): Maybe later...

Leela (giggles): Aw you!

[Fry and Leela kiss, long and passionately.]

Violet(sighs): That's all folks!


Ending Credits...