Fan Fiction

Demons From the Past, Part 2
By Ralph Snart

Planet Express Ship en route, November 110 AM, the Planet Express Ship is loaded - Amy is at the controls and Fry is in the engineer's position. Hermes gives the co-ordinates for the deliveries. It will be a easy day, just another load of lug nuts for Chapek 9, the Robot Planet. Amy doesn't even have to land the ship because the cargo can be jettisoned off the ship from low orbit and parachutes will let the cargo land safely on the planet.

Fry has many questions about relationships and about women, well to be exact, one woman - Leela. Amy and Fry were once an item, but Fry broke up with Amy to pursue Leela. Amy being more mature than being given credit for didn't let the breakup upset her (too much). Amy is a very special woman - she knows that sometimes things aren't meant to be, so just accept things and go on with life. Even though she has a serious relationship with spaceman Kif, she also likes Fry a lot, sometimes wishing that they could be more than friends...

'Amy,' Fry starts slowly, 'I need advice from a woman's point of view.'

Amy's ears perk up. Fry has been reclusive the past few months, studying when he has a chance, so she is eager to hear his questions.

'Ai Ya, you're asking me for advice? That's like asking Zoidberg for medical advice or Bender for cooking instructions!'

'Amy, really, I want to know what you think.'

'What's the question, Fry?'

'Do you think that I'm a sap?'

'What? What's a 'sap', Fry?'

Realizing that 'sap' may be an antiquated term, like 'Christmas', Fry defines the term: 'A 'sap' is a fool, a dunce, a person that gets taken for a fool time and time again.'

'This is about Leela, isn't it, Fry?'

'Yes.' Fry looking at the floor and not making eye contact with Amy. 'Nobody knows the story, but 10 months ago Leela and I were getting along great, we were even talking about getting married in a year or so. On our last date, I could tell that Leela had something on her mind, so I told her that if we were going to be a couple, we had to communicate with each other better.'

'That's so mature, Fry.'

'I thought so,' Fry continues. 'So Leela told me that as much as she tried, she didn't and couldn't ever love me. She told me that she wanted me, that she needed me, but that she could never love me. I asked her why, but she wouldn't even look me in the eye, she just said that she couldn't, then she said that she needed her space and that we shouldn't date anymore. That's my life, a Meat Loaf song: "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad"'.

Continuing, 'The worst part was she told me to get out of her life and stay out, then she walked out of Elzar's...she didn't even look back.....'

At this point Fry is crying, Amy wraps her arms around Fry and gives him a long hard hug.

Choosing her words carefully, Amy consoles Fry: 'Phillip, there is nothing wrong with you. Leela has always been.....different, and I don't mean because she's a mutant. She has always had a hard, bitter side about herself, but she seems to have really taken a lot of her frustrations in life out on you. There have been several times that Bender and I wanted to jump Leela's ass for being so mean to you, but out of respect for you, we didn't. She will NEVER find anybody else in her life as good as you. Look at you. You're in the middle of your Space Law School class, you always have time to help me, Zoidberg, Hermes, the Professor, even Leela when we need help. You are a very special person, never forget that.'

Fry cries on Amy's shoulder for several minutes, then regains his composure. Fry then tells her about Bender's comments the night before; about Leela flushing his letter into the sewers, about the seeming lack of gratitude that Leela has shown him for for risking his life for her, for preventing her from killing her parents - all the things that he has done over the past four years for her.

Amy's reaction is of complete rage. 'She flushed your letter down the toilet? Ai Ya, that one-eyed arrogant bitch!' Calming down, Amy continues, 'Fry, cut your losses - she's not worth it. I'll take you out to The Hip Joint after your exam tonight - it's time that you start dating around and find somebody that will appreciate and respect you. If Leela won't respect you, you should at least respect yourself.'

Looking at Amy, his eyes still moist, Fry asks 'So you think that I should give up on her? You don't think that I'll ever be able to win her over?'

'No, Phillip. Leela has issues, and she's the one that has to resolve those issues. She will never be able to have a successful relationship or be happy until she does. Leela hates herself, and you will never be able to love her enough to make her love herself. She's destroying herself, and I don't want her destroying you. Do you understand me? There's enough love for you left over in me that I want to see you happy. You deserve somebody that will appreciate you for being you.'

Looking at the floor, Fry mumbles, 'I guess you're right. I just needed to hear it from somebody other than Bender.' Looking up at Amy, Fry smiles. 'Thanks Amy. I realize that I was a fool to break up with you. Thanks for being my friend.'

'Spluh! Anytime. Now let's get those lug nuts delivered - you have an exam to finish studying for, and then you and I are heading to The Hip Joint.'


Leela is in her office, looking at the Captain's Log of the Planet Express ship. Amy and Fry have been gone for 2 hours and should be back in another 4 hours, Hermes is busy with balancing the books, Zoidberg is dumpster diving in the back and the Professor is in his workshop building God-knows-what. Leela sighs and closes the computer screen. It's her day off and she's at work; she was hoping that Fry and Amy would invite her to assist with the delivery, but she detected an obvious cold shoulder from Fry, so she didn't ask if she could join the crew. Leela's whole life is now in the Planet Express building; she has few friends and since her parents are mutants, it's difficult to visit them often. Leela's heart is heavy and she's alone, and lonely. Her thoughts are interrupted by the stench of one of Bender's cheap cigars. Looking up, she sees Bender in the doorway of her office.

'Hi Bender, what can I do for you?'

Bender is silent for a moment, exhales a large plume of cigar smoke, simply states, 'Bite my shiny metal ass!'

Stunned, Leela stares at Bender for a moment 'What's that about?'

'The only reason that I put up with your crap is because of Fry - he's the only human that I don't want killed. You, however....'

Even more stunned, Leela has never had Bender talk to her this way before, asks 'Bender.....'

'Save it, chumpette. Let me tell you something. I'm tired of your constant yelling and bitching. You act like somebody appointed you to be the Robot-God, that you're perfect and nobody can do anything to your satisfaction. In the four years I known you, not a day has gone by that you're not ripping a new one in somebody - usually me and Fry - especially Fry. It's like you're a huge misery-spreading machine. Well, I'm sick of it. Usually, I don't give a crap unless it involves me, but Fry is my friend. I'm telling you now: lay off of him. If you say another cross word to him or yell at him again, I'm going to have the Robot Mafia put a contract on you.' After saying this, Bender grabs a bottle of Old Fortran from his chest cabinet and chugs it down as he walks out of her office.

Leela sits in her chair completely shocked. Bender actually threatened her life and he was stone cold robot serious. She gets up slowly, closes the door, sinks down in her chair and starts crying, but regains her composure a few minutes later. She is so lonely and she knows why: she has been hurt so many times in the past that she has developed a 'hurt them before they hurt me' attitude - but now she has alienated the only friends that she has ever had, people who actually care her.

'Well, that's it,' she thinks, 'when Amy and Fry get back from the mission, I'll talk to Fry and try to straighten this mess out.' Thinking even more, 'Really Leela, you chased him away so many times why in the hell would he even want to listen to what you have to say? Oh, it's Fry, he'll forgive me; he always does.'

Leela is ready to swallow her pride, approach Fry and ask for his forgiveness when he gets back....