Fan Fiction

'Til Death Do Us Part: 'Til Death Do Us Part
By dinkdrinker

She was gone. Gone.

His love, his life, his entire universe, his everything. It all collapsed around him the moment she died. He continued to hold her for what felt like an eternity. He didn't want her to go just yet. He could still hold her, touch her. He kissed her cheek over and over. Her body hung limply in his arms, unresponsive. He couldn't comprehend his world without her. Suddenly he felt weak. Weaker than he ever had before. As she started to slip from his arms, the hospital staff came over and took her from him, and respectfully placed her body on the bed. He collapsed into the chair.

'What am I going to do!?' he thought. 'She was there for me since day one. She was there for me whenever I was in trouble. She was there... she was... always there...' He looked over at the body of his wife. A nurse made sure that her eye was closed completely, and covered her head with the bed sheet. He looked away from her, and turned toward the clock... twenty three hundred. Damn it. It couldn't have been a little more than an hour later? What kind of a cruel god would take someone's love away from them on their anniversary? The pain was tremendous. 'Was loosing someone you love always this painful?' He figured it had to be, and he was dealing with it now.

The home's minister came in, and tried to console him by telling him she was in a much better place- paradise. There was no pain or sorrow there. She could see him from there, and she didn't want to see him like this. He went on and on, but he didn't want to hear it. He ignored him, and he eventually went away. He didn't mean to be rude- he was trying to help, but the preacher just didn't understand. 'He could never have a love like my love...'

He suddenly realized that a nurse was trying to get his attention. He looked up, and turned his head slowly towards her. It was then that he noticed, she, as well as the entire staff in the room, was crying as well as he. They had grown to love him and his wife, and were amazed at how strong human love truly could be. He never realized it until now, but they were pupils to his teaching of what true love should be. They all took turns hugging him. A few gave him a kiss on the cheek, before they took their leave. At last, there was one doctor, his wife's body, and himself left in the room.

“Sir?” the doctor took him by the arm. “Sir. Is there anyone you wish for us to contact for you?”

After a few moments, he composed himself, and with his lips quivering, he rasped his reply-

“Yes... Our children... please.”

“Of course, Sir.” the doctor answered. “We'll call them...”

The doctor stopped and looked at the old man, and immediately knew something was wrong.

“Sir, please stay seated!” He grabbed his wrist- not good at all...

He struggled to release himself from the doctor's grip, which wasn't a strong one at all, and got to his feet. It took all his energy to do that. As he wobbled unsteadily on his feet, he asked the doctor the same question he asked everyone every day for the last few years-

“Did, did I ever tell you how much I love her?” he smiled. “Oh how I love her!”

He then collapsed, as everything went black...