Fan Fiction

A Kiss Under the Mistletoe
or How to piss off almost every Futurama Nerdlinger during the Holiday season
By dinkdrinker

Scene: Planet Express. It's late night Xmas Eve / early Xmas morning, and the company party is over. Robot Santa has finished his carnage, and people are leaving for home. Leela and Fry hang behind...

FRY: (kisses and cuddles Leela) Merry Xmas, Leela!

LEELA: (kisses him back) Mmmmm, Merry Xmas, Fry!

FRY: I feel kinda bad I couldn't get you more for Xmas. I wanted to get you something really special...

LEELA: Oh, Fry! We don't need to get each other anything special, just to show how we feel for each other!

FRY: Aw, I KNOW, but I wanted to get you just one more little thing...

LEELA: (giggling) Speaking of 'one more little thing', I have one more little present to give you, and I KNOW we'll BOTH appreciate it!

Fry walks over to the palm tree and looks amongst the opened gifts, wrapping papers, ribbons, and bows.

FRY: Uh, Leela, I can't find anything over here!

LEELA: (blushes) It's not under the Xmas tree! It's hidden somewhere... on my BODY!

FRY: On your... OH! (runs back to Leela) Uh, under your wrist thingy?

LEELA: Nope! You're cold!

FRY: Uhhhh... (Looks at her boots)

LEELA: Really, Fry? You're COLD!

(Fry tries to look down her blouse)

LEELA: Mmmmm- you're warm.

(He looks at her face, hair, neck..)

LEELA: Ugh- cold.

(Runs his hands down either side of her, from her 'girls' to her hips)

LEELA: Warmer!

(Fry smirks... turns her around and playfully slaps her ass)

LEELA: (giggles) You're getting warmer! But you're looking in the wrong 'hemisphere'!

Fry gets a silly assed grin, as Leela slowly turns around, and smiles at him, expectantly. He notices a tiny bulge in her shirt, and pokes at it questioningly. Leela smiles, lifting her shirt slightly showing a belly button ring. It looks exactly like mistletoe.

LEELA: (blushing) Merry Xmas, Fry! You wanna kiss under the mistletoe?

FRY: L-l-leela... I... I... (passes out and hits the floor with a hard THUD)


FRY: (coming to) Wha- where am I? W-what HAPPENED?