Fan Fiction

New Justice Teen Titans, part 1

[A crossover of Futurama and Teen Titans. The New Justice Team makes a return when they end up in a time travel screw-up, the NJT meet the Teen Titans and fight against The Zookeeper in his plan to dominate the planet.]

Zoidberg: Friends! Friends! I found more Miracle Cream! You want some,Leela?

Leela: HELL NO!

Fry: Why not?

(Zoidberg had just come to work and had a new bottle of Miracle Cream.)

Leela: Because our superhero identities are on the wanted list!

Fry: Screw that, Leela. The past is behind us. Zoid! Give me some of that.

Bender: Me too.

Leela: Leave me outta it. I'd rather be on the run from being caught than being showered on by that cream.

(Fry started to think about what Leela had said later that evening.)

Fry: Hmmm. How to get that cream on Leela? Got it!

(At 1: 30 AM, he woke up and grabbed the Miracle Cream. He walked along the sidewalk to Leela's apartment building. Once there, Fry went to room 1I, tip-toed as carefully as he could passed Leela [whom was sleeping] and fiddled with her shower head, installing some of the cream into it.)

(The next morning, Leela woke up.)

Leela: (yawns)

(She got undressed and walked into her shower. But when she turn it on AND before she knew it, she was covered from head to toe in cream. She lost temper and punched the wall leaving several cracks in it.)

Leela: How the--? (gasping) It's the Miracle Cream!

(She walked into Planet Express in a bad temper. She instantly asked who put the cream in her shower.)

Fry: That would be me, Leela.

(He grinned at her. WHAM! He fell on the floor.)

Leela: You son of a bitch! I said I didn't want the stupid cream!

Fry: Look, Leela. I'm sorry. It's just... just...

Leela: (calmer) Just what?

Fry: I missed how brave you were when you had powers.

(Leela was touched by this excuse.)

Leela: Well. I bet the police have forgotten the whole robbery thing anyway.

(Soon, Fry, Leela and Bender were once again Captain Yesterday, Clobberella and Super King. That night,they stood at the top of the Empire State Building in their outfits.)

Clobberella: Listen up, NNYC! We, the New Justice Team, have returned. And we are ready to show you all we shall own up to our robbery and prove that we are heroes!

Captain Yesterday: We can!

Super King: And we will!

(The NJT were as good as their word. They showed their innocence to everyone. They stopped bad guys and protected the good. Even the mayor was convinced. All was well until one day. The mayor called the NJT and explained...)

Mayor: New Justice Team! We need your help! The Zookeeper is up to something fishy and we need you to figure this.

Clobberella: We're on it!

CY: Yes,sir!

SK: Okey-Dokey!

(Soon they reached The Zookeeper's Lair.)

Zookeeper: Mwa ha ha ha ha! With this time travel device, I shall go back in time and steal the Royal Golden Clock!

CY: Not if we stop you!

Zookeeper: Well if it isn't the NJT! You shall not stop me!

(Both he and the NJT ended up battling harder than the last time they faced each other. Soon, The Zookeeper decided to get away using the device. But the second he pressed the button, all of the NJT grabbed ahold of it and they all disappeared in a flash of light. Later, Clobberella found herself and the rest of the NJT in front of a huge T-shaped tower.)

CY: Where the hell are we,Leela?

Clobberella: Better find out, Fry.

(They knock on the huge door. It opened to reveal a familiar looking hero: it was Robin!)

SK: Robin?

Robin: Who are all you and how do you know my name?

Clobberella: We're the New Justice Team. I'm Clobberella, this is Captain Yesterday and Super King. And we know you because your famous.

(4 other people appeared. One had green skin and green hair. The other has a blue cape with a hood hiding most of her face. There was also a half man-half robot person and a woman with green eyes and long reddish hair.)

Robin: Well, we are the Teen Titans. This is Beast Boy...

Beast Boy: What's up?

Robin: ...Cyborg...

Cyborg: Yo,dude.

Robin: ...Raven...

Raven: Hi

Robin: ...and Starfire.

Starfire: Nice to meet you.

CY: Hello.

(Soon, both the Titans and the NJT were in the Tower's main room overlooking the ocean ahead of it.)

Robin: So your saying that you 3 come from the year 3009?

Clobberella: Yes.

Robin: And that you were battling a villain called The Zookeeper?

SK: Yeah, whatever.

Raven: If he time traveled with you 3, then he must be in this year, 2009,as well.

BB: And he must be up to something bad.

CY: We overheard him saying that he was going to steal a golden clock from this time.

Robin: We were in a situation like that before in 2004. This villain from 100 years in the future named Warp tried stealing that clock but Starfire stopped him in a time stream and came back with the clock.

Clobberella: What could be damned important about that clock.

Starfire: I have a recollection of Warp saying, "History says it disappeared", yet history itself was wrong because I came back with the clock.

BB: But if we are to stop The Zookeeper from his evil plan...

Clobberella: We must work together, us the NJT and you the Teen Titans....

To Be Continued...