Fan Fiction

New Justice Teen Titans, part 2

(Both the NJT and Teen Titans starting serching the city for The Zookeeper.)

Robin: Robin to Captain Yesterday,have you found the Zookeeper yet?

CY: Not yet,Robin.

(Both teams looked everywhere,but had no luck.)

Raven: Well,he's nowhere at the moment. Looks like we'll have to try tomorrow.

(Back at Titans Tower,the NJT got a spare room there which was cleared of wallpaper but had a window that overlooked the sea. Super King went into the closet.)

SK: Night,meatbags.

Both: Night,Bender.

(Clobberella and Captain Yesterday were alone sitting on the bed. They looked at each other with interest. Clobberella put her hair on her shoulder and brushed her finger through it shyly.)

Clobberella: Fry?

CY: Yeah,Leela?

Clobberella: Remember when you said that you missed me being so brave when having these powers?

CY: Yes.

Clobberella: Well...I just wanted to say that I...

CY: What?

(Clobberella didn't say anything,she just pinned Captain Yesterday to the bed and kissed him passionately. Captain Yesterday pretty much figured out what Clobberella was going to say. They continued making out for about 8 more minutes until they fell asleep facing each other,smiling and their cheeks bright red.)

(Meanwhile in the forest near the suburbs,was the new lair of The Zookeeper!)

Zookeeper: Oh,Slither.

(Slither was The Zookeeper's evil snake. The snake crawled onto The Zookeeper's shoulder and hissed.)

Zookeeper: We shall infiltrate the museum 3 days from now.

Slither: (hiss)Why,sir?

Zookeeper: Because we need that time to get some animals from the city zoo and train them to be EVIL! MWA HA HA HA HA!

(He laugh echoed throughout.)

(The next morning, Clobberella and Captain Yesterday woke up and headed for the main room. Super King and the Titans were already there waiting.)

Robin: What took you 2 so long?

CY: We slept in.

Clobberella: Yeah.

Robin: Well. We have combat practice today. So we guess you 3 can prove how powerful you really are.

SK: Yeah,whatever.

(In the Combat Room,the Titans were building up their ass-kicking ways by battling combot robots and exercizing. The NJT were doing the same: Super King used his bending ablity to bend the combat robots. Captain Yesterday had pushed the limit on the percentage unit on the treadmill with his speedy ways and Clobberella,of course,clobbered up the punching bag.)

BB: Dude! These guys are really powerful!

Starfire: I also see they have great strength.

Cyborg: That's the kind of effort we could have on our team.

(Later that day,Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing Game Station. Captain Yesterday and Super King showed up.)

Cyborg: You can't pass me. You wanna pass me. But you c--. You passed me!

BB: Make the turn,set the jets and NITRO! Ha Ha!

SK: Hey guys.

Cyborg: Hey,CY.

CY: Mind if I join you?

BB: No problemo!

(Captain Yesterday and Super King were having lots of fun playing video games with Beast Boy and Cyborg. Captain Yesterday was indeed an expert at playing this game. He even managed to pass Beast Boy. Meanwhile,Clobberella was talking to Starfire in her room.)

Clobberella: So, Starfire,where do you come from?

Starfire: Oh. I come from my home planet, Tamaran.

Clobberella: So you're an alien?

Starfire: Yes. Are you an alien(since you have one eye)?

Clobberella: I thought I was for a LONG time. But then I finally met my parents whom told me that I was a sewer mutant like them.

(Clobberella told Starfire about her life: being lefted at an Orphanarium,being teased about having one eye and how[in her Leela form]met her best friend Fry. All of the sad parts of the story made Starfire have a sorry look on her face.)

Clobberella: Don't feel sorry,I was happy to finally meet my mom and dad. And meet somebody who loved me.

Starfire: Well. I came to Earth when I was captured by the Gordanians. I had escaped and landed on Earth.

(Starfire then told her story of being on Earth: finding best friends,learning more about being human,the 2 confrontations with her evil sister,Blackfire,adopting a mutant moth larva from Beast Boy,moments with her and Robin and how she went through transformation[the Tamaranian puberty stage]. This was very interesting to Clobberella.)

Clobberella: You've got an interesting life so far.

(Starfire smiled. Suddenly the crime alarm went on.)

Robin: Titans and NJT,trouble!

To Be Continued...