Fan Fiction

New Justice Teen Titans, part 3

(The NJT and the Teen Titans headed for the crime scene. It was a villain that the Titans were familiar with: Johnny Rancid. He was riding is red/black motorcycle vandalizing with his laser gun.)

Johnny: Yeah! These streets belong to Johnny Rancid!

Robin: Think again,Johnny.

Johnny: Well,well,well! If it isn't Bird-Boy and his super idiots team.

Cyborg: If you think you can beat us,think again 'cause look!

(Johnny turned to see the NJT standing next to the Titans.)

Robin: Teen Titans and NJT,GO!

(All started chasing Johnny around the city. Johnny was moving fast,but Captain Yesterday and Starfire were faster. Starfire used her laser eyes to knock the gun out of Johnny's hand.)

Johnny: OW! Damn it!

CY: Eh,Johnny!

(Captain Yesterday pointed in front of him were Johnny saw Cyborg ahead of him. He set his canon arm.)

Cyborg: Boo-ya!

(He shot the canon which destroyed the motorcycle. Johnny flew into the air from the explosion toward Robin and Clobberella,who kick Johnny in the face. Super King grabbed Johnny's backup gun and bent it and Raven pulled off the final move to stop Johnny.)

Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos.

(As Johnny tried to run,Raven's chant made several cars pile across the street blocking Johnny's way. Soon Johnny was in custody and both teams got back to Titans Tower and celebrated their success of working together.)

CY: That was awesome!

BB: Yeah!

(Raven,though,was somewhat concerned about the NJT. She hadn't seen team work be this powerful since 2006,the days when the Titans were battling the Brotherhood of Evil,when the Teen Titans,Titans East and the honorary Titans worked together. Later,she was meditating and thinking about her concerned thought.)

Raven: (thinking)There from 1000 years from now. That's like the 31st century and probably their tougher than we are. I'm not clear if we should trust these guys. But what the hell am I getting so worked up about? They helped us. Best if I let that thought go...

(Later that night,everyone was asleep...well,except 2,however. It was Clobberella and Captain Yesterday making out.)

Clobberella: I love you,Fry.

CY: I love you,too,Leela.

(They rolled around on the bed still kissing. Meanwhile in the closet, Super King was suddenly sleepwalking. He walked out and started bending any object he ran into. Finally,he ran into the bed and suddenly woke up.)

SK: Ahh! Wha?

(When he saw who was on the bed and what they were doing, he gasped.)

SK: Fry? Leela? What the hell are you doing?


(Apparently,Super King had caught his 2 friends sleeping with each other. Clobberella handed Super King a $20 bill.)

Clobberella: Tell anyone and the 20 gets taken away.

SK: OK,OK,OK. I get it. Keep the lips shut.

(Soon,Super King was back in his closet sleeping.)

CY: Hey,Leela.

Clobberella: Yeah?

CY: It just never seems to occur to me how when Bender catches us doing it, you'd give him money and he keeps his lips shut.

Clobberella: Truthfully,me neither.

(The next morning,both teams got a message that terrified them: it was The Zookeeper!)

Zookeeper: Hello,Superzeros!

Robin: What do you what?!

Zookeeper: Do you see behind me?

(Both teams looked in horror at the sight of up to 687 trained-to-kill animals behind him.)

Raven: Oh,my God!

Clobberella: YOU WOULDN'T DARE----!!!!

Zookeeper: I would. You want this to not happen? Come and get me,Superzeros...

To Be Continued...