Fan Fiction

New Justice Teen Titans, part 4

(Everyone was shocked once the transmission turned off.)

Robin: We gotta stop him!

SK: Yeah,but have you happened to noticed he had like hundreds of deadly animals?

Clobberella: Yes,but we gotta try.

Starfire: Clobberella is right. I and my friends had been in a battle much worse than this in the past,against the Brotherhood of Evil.

SK: That convinces me.

CY: Me,too.

Robin: Alright,now let's roll!

(Soon the teams were heading for the hills. Robin was riding the R-Cycle,Cyborg and Raven were driving the T-Car,Starfire was flying,Beast Boy had transformed into an eagle and flew as well. Captain Yesterday was running fast,Super King had made his legs taller so he can make bigger strides to catch up and what about Clobberella? She was flying!)

Clobberella: Oh,my God! I didn't know I could do that!

(Starfire made a brief giggle at this. But it didn't last long. Both teams stopped just in time. Ahead,was a stampede of The Zookeeper's animals army! The first thing that came out of Beast Boy's and Captain Yesterday's mouth was...)


(...and the battle begun! Beast Boy transformed into a saber-toothed tiger and attacked several groups of man-eating anteaters. Captain Yesterday out-ran a roadrunner and mocked...)

CY: My grandma can run faster than you!

(This pissed off the roadrunner. But as it ran toward Captain Yesterday,Starfire shot a starbolt at it. Robin and Clobberella were kicking and punching man-eating elephants,giraffes and kangaroos. A crowd of ants were ready to attack Super King,but he was ready for it. He burped flames onto the ants burning them. Meanwhile,the Zookeeper got to the museum. He spotted the Golden Clock.)

Zookeeper: I shall win!!!

Voice: Mind if I give you a hand?

(The Zookeeper turned. Behind him was Blackfire...Starfire's evil sister.)

Zookeeper: Why the hell should I?

Blackfire: Because not only do I have the same taste of evil as you,but I wish to get back at my sister and the team of super-bastards for getting me banished from my home.

Zookeeper: Damn it! Deal.

(So they headed for the battle. He called...)



(They saw not only the stolen clock,but(to Starfire's suprise)also Blackfire.)

Starfire: Sister?!? How did you---???

Blackfire: I managed to escape from that swamp planet when no one saw!

Zookeeper: Bastards! You killed half my army!

(The remaining 167 animals headed for the 2 fiends when The Zookeeper blew a silent animal whistle. They stampeded them,but when the dust cleared...they were nowhere in sight.)

CY: Here we go....

To Be Continued...