Fan Fiction

New Justice Teen Titans, part 5

Robin:How'd he just disappear?

Starfire:And how did my sister return to Earth?

Clobberella:I don't know. But what I DO know is that we've got to stop them.

CY:But how?


(Suddenly,Robin noticed a ball of dust in the hills.)

Robin:That oughta be them. C'mon!

(At the lair,The Zookeeper and Blackfire were constructing 2 machines:a doomsday device and a time machine.)

Zookeeper:Once that fuse hits the TNT in that thing...KKAAAA-BOOOOM!!! MWA HA HA HA!!!

Blackfire:But what the hell are we gonna do with that clock there?

Zookeeper:You see,that clock is important to my plan because once we light that fuse,we are going back to the future and that clock is the main fuel source the the time machine.

(They continued building till they were complete 30 minutes later. Blackfire was just about to light the fuse and The Zookeeper had just set the time machine when suddenely the enterance door exploded. It was the 2 teams.)

All NJT:No matter how you do the math...it all adds up to you going down.

All Teen Titans:So? Ya gonna come quietly? Or is this gonna get loud?

Zookeeper:THAT IS IT!!!! I've had it with you superzeros interfearing with my plans! And since you want victory,I WILL KILL YOU 2 TEAMS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!

(The final battle was now in effect. The remaining animals went into battle. Starfire and Clobberella on the other hand battled Blackfire and The Zookeeper. Beast Boy transformed into a saber-toothed tiger and thrashed the group of evil penguins.)

BB:(thinking)Dude! This is so gross!

(Robin threw exploding discs at several man-eating elephants. Captain Yesterday ran over groups of pinching-crabs. Raven and Cyborg battled a pride of lions,cheetas and lepords. And Super King tied up groups of snakes and shoved them into several clamping-oysters. Starfire shot starbolts at Blackfire while she did the same.)

Blackfire:Well,little sister,you think you have won,you think all is well,but you will go to Hell once I defeat you!

Starfire:I should say your wrong,sister,its time...you learn you lesson...THE HARD WAY!!!

(Starfire built up an energy she had never felt before. Her eyes turned the brightest green and the starbolts grew several feet wider. And finally in unison,she fired her eye lasers and starbolts at her sister. Blackfire fell to the ground...dead. The Zookeeper had just noticed and he was petrified.)


Clobberella:(off screen)Eh,Zookeeper!

(The Zookeeper turns to see Clobberella with the cut fuse in her hand.)

Clobberella:Guess there's no freakin' way of killing us,eh?

(The Zookeeper laughed maniacally. He pulls out a TNT Plunger.)

Clobberella:Holy ****!

Zookeeper:You 2 teams killed my army and my partner. But if I die in this explosion...YOU DIE WITH ME!!!

(Captain Yesterday quickly punches him. But The Zookeeper falls on the plunger activating the fuse.)

All:OH NO!!!

Clobberella:Titans! You got to retreat!

Robin:What about you 3?

SK:We must head back to our own time.

(The Teen Titans got out as fast as they could. The NJT ran into the time machine and put the golden clock into position. Setting the machine to 3009,they disappeared into thin air just in time. KKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAA-BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Soon,the NJT were back in The Zookeeper's original lair in 3009. They cheered.)

All:HOORRAAY!!! We made it home!!!

(Clobberella kissed Captain Yesterday and he returned it. Super King drank and bottle of beer,smashed it on the ground,and pulled out a cigar. Several days later,the team were back to Fry,Leela and Bender.)

Fry:Now THAT was I call adventure!

Bender:Or not. Eh,whatever.

Leela:Hey guys.


Leela:C'mon! Guess.