Fan Fiction

A Shy Fry

(Fry was at the Conference Room in Planet Express. He felt different. Yesterday Leela said she loved him and he was excited because she planned a surprise for him. But when Leela went near Fry,he moved away to hide underneath the table. Leela was confused.)

Leela:(gentle)Awww Fry. What's wrong?

Fry:(nervously stuttering)I-I-I'm feeling too shy.

Leela:Awww don't feel shy,Fry. I think your cute.

(He made a small,shy whimper at this reply. He got out from the table an sat next to Leela still feeling shy. Then,when Fry's attention was distracted,Leela kissed his cheek. Fry flushed red. Leela was now surprised.)

Leela:(thinking)Jeez,he's acting like I'm his first girlfriend.

(She knew this wasn't true. Fry's had won and lost the hearts of several women. But Fry never gave up on Leela. She was the one Fry truly ever loved ever since they first met. Leela had to do something about Fry's new feeling.)

Leela:(thoughtfully)Oh Fry? Wanna go to the park?

Fry:(shyly)I guess.

(They did so. But Fry still felt shy.)


(She put her arm around Fry. He looked up and Leela kissed him again,this time full on the lips. Fry's eyes spun in their sockets! Leela hadn't noticed because her eye was shut. She broke the kiss 1 minute later. Fry fainted. Later on,Leela asked the Professor a question.)

Leela:Professor? I need your help. Fry has been acting shy this whole day and I don't know why.

Professor:Hmmm. What kind of lip stick did you use?


Professor:Let me see your lip stick.


(The Professor smeared a bit of lip stick under the microscope. He gasped.)

Professor:I don't believe it! You got a lip stick with Shy Acid in it.

Leela:What's"Shy Acid"?

Professor:It's an acid that causes shyness in men when a woman kisses them. Why didn't you read the fine print on the damn thing?

(Leela went red. If she HAD read the fine print,Fry's shyness would've never occurred.)

Leela:Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Professor:Yes. Use this:Anti-Shy lip stick.

(She applied on and left.)

Professor:And one more thing.


Professor:It only works when you give a complete French kiss.

Leela:OK then.

(She went over to Fry who was still shy. But before Fry could move,Leela grabbed him and said...)

Leela:Put those lips together and pucker up.

(...And she gave most passionate kiss ever. 2 minutes went by and she broke the kiss. Fry no longer felt shy. He felt more interested in Leela than ever before. Leela giggled as Fry's eyes spun and his face went bright red.)

Leela:I'm happy to have you back,Fry. C'mon,let go to my place.

Fry:Alright then.

(And they walked away. Bender saw EVERYTHING.

Bender:My eyes! I can't see anymore.

Professor:Your not dead.

Bender:Oh,then I'm OK then.