Fan Fiction

Terminator Mutant Liberation, part 2

Layla's body lied on the shore of the river. She stirred.

Layla: (groans) Oh damn.

She rubbed her head and got up. She looked into the sky and saw the wreckage of the semi.

Layla: Well, there goes that transportation.

Voice: Help!

She turned around. The voice was echoed. Again, Layla heard the cry for help again and followed it. She was in a desert when she found the source of the voice 7 minutes later. It was a man. He was suspended by a rope on his ankle attached to a tower. He saw Layla.

Man: Hey! Can you help me out here!

Layla: Just hold on, I'll be right there.

She climed up the tower to where the rope was. The man's ankle was only an inch from Layla's hand.

Layla: You have a knife?

Man: Yeah.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a jack-knife.

Man: Catch!

He threw it up to her and she caught it. She began to cut it.

Layla: What's your name?

Man: Robert Johnston. Yours?

The rope snapped and Layla caught his ankle.

Layla: Layla Worthington. Let me just pull you up...

She pulled him up and he got onto the ladder.

Layla: How'd you get there?

Robert: It was a trap set up by the mutant machines. You know what they are, right?

Layla: Yeah.

Robert: Alright, so, the mutant machine left because I disabled his communication devise. Thought I was a goner until you showed up. Thanks for the help.

Layla: Your welcome.

Robert: Where you headin'?

Layla: Spacenet.

Robert: That's not a good idea, its basically death that way.

Layla: My friends are there, they need me!

Robert: Look, how 'bout we get some help at the Resistance base.

Layla: That's actually where I was heading with my friends until the Collector caught them.

Robert: Let's get going...

Back on the Collector, Bender and Tinny Tim were crowded with Mom, her 3 sons and many others who were captured.

Igner: Mommy? What do you think's gonna happen to us?

Mom: I don't know.

Walt: Oh, give it a rest! It's freakin' hopeless! These freakin' machines are just gonna kill us! OK?!

Inger and Larry shivered as Walt shouted. But then Bender broke it up.

Bender: Hold it! Hold it! Will you just shut up, Walt, and just listen?!

This made Walt stop.

Bender: We're going to survive as long as we stick together and hope for the best.

Tinny Tim: Amen, Bender.

They all became quite again as the Collector walked ever nearer to Spacenet.

Later that night, Layla and Robert stopped by an old shed that was next to a collapsed house. Layla opened the shed. Roughly 90% of all material was gone from the shed. All that remained was two small shovels, a machete, two boxes of matches and a pile of 2X4 planks of wood.

Robert: Whew! Well I bet we can use some of those planks to built us a fire.

The fire was made quite quickly. Layla and Robert sat next to each other in front of it. Layla looked at Robert.

Layla: So, uh...you have a wife and kids?

Robert: No. But I had a girlfriend.

Layla: "Had"? You mean---.

Robert: Yes. She died when the war began.

Layla: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Robert: Thanks.

He sighed.

Robert: She's in a better place now and I'm sure she would've wanted me to move on.

Layla: What was her name?

Robert: Olivia.

He looked at his watch.

Robert: We better get some rest.

Layla: The shed ought to be a safer place than out here.

They rested in the corner of the shed. Layla was still up at the nearby window, keeping her eye out for anything coming there way.

The next, Layla had rested her head on the ceal of the window. She had dozed off. Both she and Robert woke to here some restling outside the door of the shed.

Layla: What the hell was that?

Robert picked up the nearby pistol.

Robert: Let's check it out.

The quietly walked outside to see 3 men walking toward the charred wood on the ground. Layla and Robert hid back inside and listen to the conversation outside.

Man: Bill, why the **** whould you just leave half our supplies behind, man?

Bill: We had a whole truck load when we left, Jim. There was just too much space for the remainder. Butch, get the stuff from the shed.

Butch walked toward the shed.

Robert: (whisper) Oh crap, we're screwed!

Layla: (whisper) Wait! Follow me.

They walked out through the back exit of the shed. Butch opened the front door.

Butch: (angered) ****! Bill, our wood and guns are freakin' gone!

Jim: Told you that was a bad idea, dude.

Bill: Quiet, guys! I hear footsteps.

Layla: Yo, boys! Looking for these?

Layla was hold a shot gun. Bill started to circle her.

Bill: Hey, baby. You wouldn't mind giving back that gun, would ya?

Layla: What if I said "No"?

Bill: Then you ave two choices: either we get violent on ya or you give that gun in exchange for my tongue down you your throat. What do you say?

Butch and Jim started to chant the choices to annoy Layla as Bill continued to pace around her.

Layla: How's abou this? Robert!

Robert fell from a crane onto his feet, landing on Bill.

Layla: ...we kick your wimpy asses?

Bill: Your on, bitch.

They started to fight. Robert took out Butch and Jim easily. Layla and Bill were still in the mist of fight when she finally kicked him in the crotch. He fell to his knees, clutching his crotch in pain. He tried to back off, but the last moment, Robert shot him in the knee with the pistol.


Layla: Now you know better than to mess with your own guys in war.

Bill crawled away. Layla turned to Robert with interest.

Layla: Nice shot.

Robert: Thanks.

Layla: So wheres the fastest way to Base?

Robert pointed to a city-like area in the distance.

Robert: Almost there! C'mon, let's go!

They headed out toward the Base. As the drew nearer, a field was there. A sign read...



...both read it.

Robert: Don't worry, Layla. It only works on those machines. Won't affect us.

As they walked through the field, Layla looked around. Watch cams were on every tree. Suddenly...CLANK! Robert turned around. Layla looked down. A piece of magnet had attached to her leg.

Layla: What the...


She was thrown through time. She saw her parents again waving a tearful goodbye to her. She was then in a hospital gown lying down on a table as a scientist injected a fluid into her...

Layla woke screaming as she was carried into the Base. Michelle and Robert were holding her. Layla was wounded in several places, her eye was bloodshot and was gagging.

Michelle: What the hell happened here?

Robert: She was knocked out by a mine.

Michelle: She has prostetcic legs or something?

Robert: What?

Michelle: Let;s check her.

Layla: (hoarse) What the hell are you doing?

Michelle looked suprised. She picked up a mallet and knocked Layla out with the end of it.

Layla awoke to find herself suspended like a puppet. Her top clothing was completely torn away and beaten. All the clothing left on her was her bra, her pants and her boots, one of which was torn. The first sight she saw was Fry.

Fry: Who built you?

Layla: The hell you talking about "built"? I'm a living being.

Fry: Are you sure? Just look.

He pointed to her gut. She looked and screamed: she was a mutant machine. All the flesh of her abdomen was gone, revealing machanical interts.

Fry: I'll ask you again: who built you??

Layla: I was born January 19th, 2975!

She tried to struggle free.

Fry: You think you a living being like me? What have you done with Bender Rodriguez? You killed him??

She didn't responed.

Fry: Answer me, you metal bitch!!

Leela: He was taken by a Collector. If I wanted to kill him, I would've taken care of it. But I hadn't and I never will.

Fry: Robert, keep an eye on her.

Robert: As you wish, sir.

As soon as he left, Robert headed for a lever nearby. He he pulled it down and Layla plummeted down to the bottom. Robert climbed down where Layla was now 3 inches above the ground.

Robert: Hold still.

He unlocked the chains holding Layla. Once freed, she looked at Robert and punched him.

Robert: OWW, Jesus!

Layla: That's for me being trapped like that.

She moved over to him, who was on the ground.

Layla: And this is for freeing me.

She passionately kissed him.

Robert: Got ya some fresh clothes.

Layla: Thanks.

She just finished getting dressed when they heard Susie's voice.

Susie: What the hell!?! Fry! She escaped!

Layla: Oh crap! Let's get outta here!

They ran through a nearby pipe leading outside. Susie spotted them.

Susie: Hey! Get back here!

Fry and Michelle ran in.

Fry: Where'd they go?

Susie: Through there!