Fan Fiction

What Happened To Fry, part 1

[This Fic explains what was going with Fry in Leela's What-If? scenario in Anthology of Interest 1.]

Fry:Well,that covers the first 3 killings.

Leela:And now...to make sure YOU won't talk,I'm going to have to do something REALLY impulsive.

(Fry gets cornered at the wall. He quivers in fear.)

Fry:(wimper)Please Leela! Don't kill me! Half mercy!

(Leela then grabs Fry's wrist and pulls him outside. Leela opens the trunk of her car and tosses Fry in. She drives off to her apartment.)

Leela:(thinking)OK,Fry deserves to live. But what to do with him so he won't snitch on me and yet not be an unintentional psycopath? What to do?(pause)I got it! And I know he's gonna love it!

(At the door of Apartment 1I,Leela pulls Fry through the first room.)

Leela:I know,it's a little under furnished. But check out the bedroom.

(The next door opens up. Leela sits on the bed and looks at Fry.)

Leela;(sexfully)Come on in.

(Fry,still looking scared,sits next to Leela. Then[do to impulse]Leela pins Fry and kisses him! Fry immediately forgot about Leela killing. But the next thing he knew,both he and Leela were stripping off. Several minutes later...)

Leela:(sighs)So Fry? What do you think of the impulsive new me?

(Fry then says something she didn't expect.)

Fry:I like it!

Leela:(slyly)Good.....now let me just get the lights.

(She turns off the lights and its pitch black. Fry screams. Then...)

Fry:I REALLY like it.

Leela:Oh yeah?!

(She kisses him.)

Fry:I REALLY love it!