Fan Fiction

What Happened To Fry, part 3

[Just more impulse I tell ya! Where's it gonna end?!]

(Fry and Leela were heading back to Planet Express when they saw police hover-cars around the building.)

Leela: Oh no!

Fry: They found out,didn't they?

Leela: Yep.

(One of the officers came to Leela. It was Smitty. But before he could speak,he knocked to the ground like in"Space Pilot 3000".)

Leela: Damn impulses.

Smitty: OW! Calm yourself down and end those impulses.

Leela: How'd you know about my impulse problem?!

URL: This said everything....

(Fry and Leela read the letter.)

Dear Big Boots and Orange-Haired Meatbag,

If your reading this I'm already dead. Blame Leela and her impulses,she killed using a microwave and turned me into a go-kart. So as mentioned in the letter I sent to Zoidberg,the person who killed me and the others was you,Leela.

Your metal friend,


(They finished reading.)

Fry: Uh oh!


(They ran as fast as there feet could carry them.)

Smitty and URL: Hey! Get back here!

(Honestly,if I were Leela,I would've stop running. But guess what? She and Fry ran anyway. They ran until they were finally caught. Leela soon found herself sitting in a prison cell feeling very guilty.)

Leela: Oh damn it me!

Leela's Mind: Well,well,well. It's you and me again. Can't you learn your lesson about impulses?!?

Leela: Well I've learned now. Happy?

LM: Fine. But from now on,I'll only talk to you when you learn to keep your temper under control.

Leela: Fine. Have it your way.

(Later that night,Leela was sleeping when she heard a noise.)

Leela: (sleepely)Huh?

(She saw a shadowed figure at the laser-barred up window. It was Fry.)

Leela: Fry! What are you doing?

Fry: I'm busting you outta here.

Leela: Be careful.

Fry: OK. Can I see your plastic scrunchie for a sec.

Leela: Sure.

(She pulled the scrunchie out of her hair letting it drape down. Handing the thing to Fry,he poked it in the laser jamming it. There was enough room now to let Leela out. She squeezed through and was free.)

Fry: Let's get outta here before the warden makes his rounds.

(At Apt.1I, Leela was still unhappy.)

Fry: You miss the crew,don't you?

Leela: Yeah. Most I miss is Nibbler. I never meant to kill him.

Fry: We could clone them back.

Leela: Fry! Your a genius!

(She kissed him.)

Fry: Awww. Thanks.

(Soon enough after searching for some DNA of Professor, Hermes, Bender, Amy, Cubert, Scuffy and Nibbler, the crew was back and as Leela said afterward...)

Leela: At last,everything is back to normal!