Fan Fiction

Space Ace Doofus - part 5
By Dwayne Anderson

Fry felt glad to get away from the ship, away from Deadeye's attitude, away from his "captors". Willy. Willy. Willy. Who exactly was this Willy? What did Deadeye personally have against Fry anyway? More and more Fry found himself regretting coming into this Anniverse. And now, trapped with no way home, it seemed he was destined to stay here forever.

"What you did was very foolish! Not to mention stupid!" Those words spoken by Bucky and Bruiser during his interrogation were beginning to take their toll on his mind. Maybe he had been stupid and foolish. In his own desire for a brand new start, to search for a new purpose, he was now separated from everything he ever loved. Being cyrogenetically frozen was an accident, but back then he had nothing and his life was going nowhere. But just less than an hour ago he had he entered a new dimension, leaving everything behind. His friends. His work. What was left of his family. And Leela.

But whatever was tormenting his conscience now was ignored at the sight of his surroundings. Fry had been on many exotic planets before, but here on Alderbaran, the scenery took the cake. Beautiful gardens and trees underneath a pink sky with a palace in the distant within this coutryard took his breath away.

Now, Fry found himself gazing at the marvels of planet Alderbaran. Though Jenny had instructed him to stay on board the ship, there was no way he could put up with Deadeye's insults. And the humiliation of being "held prisoner" by a crew of animals was beyond the scale. He whistled to himself. "Sure is a nice place," he said. "I wonder who lives here? And what is this so-called secret anyway?"

He stopped by a large ornate fountain to quench his thirst and ponder his next move. "What to do? What to do?"

As he drank a palmful of water, an image formed in the water's surface. It was an image of everyone he had left behind. Amy. Bender. Hermes. Even Zoidberg and the professor. He shook his head and slapped the water, erasing the image. "Damn it!" he grumbled. "Now I'm starting to imagine things."

Although his eyes were probably playing a trick on him, the same could not be said for his ears. For at that moment, he heard strange sounds coming from across the courtyard beyond a row of trees. His curiousity getting the better of him, he decided to go investigate.

Beyond the trees, Fry saw the sight of another anthropomorphic cat-like creature evading the attacks of a tentacled robot. For a moment, he thought it was Jenny, but it couldn't be. This creature had grey fur not white. And the hair of her tail and coming out behind her head was blue. He approached the scene behind the creature.

And then something happened that was beyond explanation. From behind her, he saw her outstretch her arms. The jewels upon the cuffs around her wrists began to glow and sparkle like a miniature sun. A similar glow shone from the front of her head. Three separate beams of energy emmitted, one from each of the cuffs and the other from her head. The three beams joined together and launched themselves at the robot just as it prepared to attack again. A direct hit caused the robot to shudder and dismantle itself after an explosion of smoke before it collapsed to the ground.

"How did you do that?" he asked.

The cat creature yelped in surprise, jumping up a couple of feet. He had obviously taken her by surprise as she finally turned to face him. "You!" she gasped. "You weren't supposed to see that!"

"See what?" asked Fry. "All I saw was you blowing up a robot. Anybody can do that back home with the proper tools, equipment, and if you know what you're doing."

The cat approached him and stared him up in study. "You don't look anything at all like Willy. How come?"

Willy, Willy, Willy. The more he heard about this "Willy", Fry found himself getting more annoyed. "Wild guess, because I'm not?" he asked with a shrug.

"Fry!" a voice shouted out, startling him. He turned to see Jenny approaching the scene. Her eyes reveal her surprise at seeing him here and her lips are pursed together in annoyance. "I thought I told you to remain on board the ship!"

"Well I tried," said Fry, "but I couldn't put up with Deadeye's attitude. And as for why I'm outside now, well let's just also say my curiosity got the best of me. Besides, since I'm not a cat, I have nothing to worry about."

"What?" asked Jenny.

"It's just an expression," said Fry. "Curiosity killed the cat. But seriously, whoever coined that phrase knows nothing about curiosity or cats."

The second cat creature frowned. "Master Jenny, who is this outsider? And where's Willy?"

"Sorry Felicia," said Jenny, "we had a bit of a mishap with our Photon Accelerator. So instead of Willy, we got this guy."

"I'm not just this guy," said Fry folding his arms over his chest in frustration. "I have a name. It's Phillip J. Fry. Though me friends call me Fry."

Ignoring Fry, Jenny asks Felicia, "how much did he see?"

"I don't know how much he saw Master Jenny," said Felicia, "he took me by surprise."

"All I saw was her blow up the robot," Fry interjected. "Anybody back home on Earth could do it."

Jenny looks around as if looking for someone. "The others...did they follow you?"

"No," said Fry. "Why would they? Besides, I'm bigger than all of them. Rule number 1, never mess with anybody who is bigger than you. That's one thing I had to learn the hard way a couple of times in life. What are you so worried about anyway?"

"Well besides Willy," said Jenny, "I'm --"

But Fry interrupts her by chuckling. "You're worried about a human?" He starts to laugh. "That's a good one! I can see it all now! Jenny and Willy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" He laughs even harder. "Can anyone here give their thoughts on bestiality?" By now, he is laughing so hard, tears are streaming out of his eyes and his stomach begins to hurt.

Jenny glares at him more in annoyance than anger. Before Fry can react, the jewel in her helmet begins to glow. Suddenly, he is engulfed in an aura of pink light and his laughs are silenced. Without warning, his hands as if they've developed a mind of their own clench into fists and begin to punch him in the stomach, the chest, and a few times in the face before flooring himself with an uppercut.

Jenny and Felicia smile and giggle as the aura fades away. "Hey, what just happened?" Fry asks as he struggles to push himself up. He feels no pain in his body. Obviously, his own punches weren't strong enough to form bruises. "And why am I on the ground?"

"No idea Fry," said Jenny with a grin.

But Fry knows better as he forces himself up onto his feet. "Wait a minute! I know what happened!" He points an accusing finger at Jenny. "It was you! You hit me with some mind control spell!"

The shock on Jenny's face is all the confession he needs. Felicia looks around to see if anyone nearby has heard him.

"So that's the secret you're keeping from outsiders! You and your people can use magic!" You're all a band of witches!" He smiles. "That's incredible! I'm impressed!"

"Fry, not so loud!" Jenny tries to shush him out of fear and worry.

"Relax Master Jenny," said Felicia. "There's nobody around. There's nobody here but the three of us."

Jenny relaxes her composure. All signs of worry are gone. But there is still the tiniest bit of concern left in her voice. "You and Willy are the only outsiders who know the secret of Alderbaran. I trust Willy to keep this a secret, but I'm not sure if I can trust you."

"Who am I going to tell?" asked Fry. "No one would believe me anyway. They would just put me into a straitjackek and lock me up in the institution...again."

"I suppose you may be right," said Jenny. "As Bucky would put it, you're not the ripest carrot in the patch. But still Fry, I need you to promise me you won't tell anyone or the rest of the crew about this. Do you swear?"

Not understanding fully the question, Fry answers with a grin. "Hell yes!"

Jenny and Felicia stare at him in astonishment at his answer.

Fry chuckles. "What? You asked me if I swear and I did. Everybody swears."

"That's not what I meant," said Jenny rolling her eyes in her sockets whle Felicia shakes her head in frustration at Fry's stupidity. "I need you to solemnly swear that you will keep this a secret. The only one's you may tell are your own people back in your alternate universe where you come from. Promise me."

With one hand over his heart and his other one raised vertically Fry recites, "I solemnly swear to keep this a secret from everyone but my friends...that is..." he lowers his hands, "if I ever see them again."

"I certainly hope Willy comes back soon," said Felicia, "especially before your next really important mission."

"I doubt it," said Jenny. "We were on our way to our destination for the mission when Fry came along. I just stopped here to inform the High Artificer about my mission."

"So what did grandma have to say about it?" asked Felicia.

"Grandma?" asked Fry. "Your grandma is the High Artificer?"

"That's right. She is the most important Artificer within the Sisterhood and on Alderbaran. She is our ruler."

"All I know about my grandmother is that she was a waitress at back in the 1940's. I accidentally got my grandfather killed when I time-traveled there due to a supernova and...well let's just say that I'm my own grandfather."

Jenny and Felicia stare at him in shock.

"Yeah," Fry said ashamed of himself. "I know. And I never hear the end of it."

"You got your own grandfather killed off?" asked Felicia.

"Look, it was an accident," said Fry in his own defense.

"I'd hate to see our fate in your hands," Felicia says shaking her head.

"Funny you should mention that," said Fry. "You see, Jenny here says that if Willy doesn't come back soon, well let's just say you could be looking at the next space hero here in the Annim...er...Ani...um..."

"Anniverse," Jenny corrects him. She takes him by the arm. "Come along now Fry, we must get back to the Righteous Indignation. The others are probably waiting for you and worried. And I think you've seen enough."

Fry decides to go along with Jenny. The sooner they leave, the sooner he can start being a space hero! "So long Fallicity."

"Felicia!" she corrects him.

"Whatever," Fry corrects her.

Bucky, Deadeye, Blinky, and Bruiser are still on board the Righteous Indignation as Fry and Jenny come back on board. Bucky, Blinky, and Bruiser welcome Fry back, while Deadeye snorts. "Should have left him on the planet!"

"How much did you see?" asked Bucky.

Fry shakes his head. "I can't tell you. I've been sworn to secrecy!"

A quick look at Jenny reveals her smiling. Obviously, he has just won her trust.

"Alright now everybody," said Bucky, "now let's pick up where we left off of and get back on course to our destination. Take us out of here Jenny."

"Aye captain," Jenny salutes him and climbs up into the cockpit of the ship.

To Be Continued ...