Fan Fiction

Space Age Doofus, part 11
By Dwayne Anderson

Back at Planet Express, Willy is watching television with Bender, Amy, and Zoidberg. As expected, Bender and Amy are forcing Zoidberg to sit on the floor as they refuse to sit next to him. Willy is sitting on the floor next to Zoidberg, something which Zoidberg greatly appreciates.

"There's still plenty of room here on the couch," said Amy to Willy patting her hand on an empty spot beside her.

"I'm staying put!" said Willy, disgusted with everyone's disrespect towards Zoidberg.

"Hooray!" Zoidberg cheers. "Zoidberg has made a friend!"

"Yeah," said Amy sarcastically, "being the first little boy on Earth to be friends with a stinky lobster, aren't you embarrassed?"

"Hey!" Willy shouts turning his head, "knock it off! Leave Zoidberg alone! What did he ever do to any of you?"

"Nothing," said Bender. "We just don't like him, that's all."

"That's not a very good reason," said Willy.

"Well, if it will make you feel better, Fry is nice to him," said Amy.

"I miss Fry!" Zoidberg starts to moan.

Willy sighs. "I miss my other friends," he said. "To think I'm better at making friends with animals than other people."

"Maybe you should work in a zoo or a veterinary clinic," Amy suggests.

Willy reaches into his pocket and pulls out what looks like a large pink jewel bordered with silver that fits in the palm of his hand. "I sure hope my friends are alright."

"Hey," what's that?" Amy asks leaning forward from the sofa.

"It's jewelry!" said Bender extending his eyes forward as if to analyze its value. "I'll bet it's worth a lot of money!"

"Hey!" Willy clasps his other hand over the jewel. "Don't get any ideas! This is an Alberderan memory stone that Jenny gave it to me! It allows her to communicate with me whenever she and the others need me!"

"Sort of like an interdimensional phone!" said Amy.

"Exactly," said Willy. "Except for all I know, it's one way only!"

"And to think I thought diamonds were a girl's best friend," said Bender.

"Hey!" Leela asks as she comes into the room. "What are you hiding in your hand?"

"Jewelry!" said Bender. He snickers at the thought of a boy with jewelry.

"It's mine!" said Willy as he puts the stone back into his pocket. "Jenny gave it to me!"

"So you're saying that if she and the others needed you," asks Amy, "that she would have contacted you by now?"

"She already did," said Willy. "How do you think I ended up here?"

"Fry must be doing a great job over there if she hasn't called you back," said Bender.

Willy looks uncertain. "I sure hope they're all right."

"So tell us Deadeye," said Bucky. "Is this the door that you and Bruiser couldn't open?"

The crew of the Righteous Indignation and Fry are standing in front of another door.

"There must be something important in there!" said Jenny.

"Then how are we going to get in?" asked Bucky. "There must be another way!"

"Maybe we can break in through the wall in the next adjacent room!" Blinky suggests.

"That's a good idea Blinky, said Bucky, "but how will we be able to do that?"

"I'll think of something captain," said Blinky.

The crew enter the next chamber they come to. Inside this room is a floor mounted laser cannon with several computer mainframes surrounding it.

"This looks like another weapon testing lab," said Deadeye. "And I think you all know how much I love weapons!"

Fry snickers. "Then why don't you marry one?"

Deadeye shoots him an annoyed look.

"What?" Fry asks shrugging his shoulders. "Can't you take a joke?"

"Come on already," said Bruiser, "let's finish our mission quickly and get out of here! I don't like all this technology!"

"I'm guessing you're from a primative world," said Fry.

"Precisely," said Bucky.

"Bruce was sucked into another dimension because of our photon accelerator," said Bruiser sadly. "When next I saw him, it was thanks to a teleporter device the toads had devised." His voice is cracking as if he is about to cry. "I was forced to destroy the machine in order to stop the toads from using it as a weapon." Jenny pats him gently on the shoulders to console him. "That was the last I saw of my brother."

Several moments of sad silence pass. Jenny continues to console Bruiser before Fry asks, "So you never saw your brother again after that?"

It's obvious he has struck a nerve. He quickly regrets it, for at that moment, an angered Bruiser pushes Jenny aside, grabs him by his shoulders and slams him into the wall. "No you idiot!" he yells, "I just said I never saw him again! Weren't you listening?"

"I'm sorry!" Fry apologizes in fear. "I didn't mean any offense!"

Bruiser quickly calms down and releases Fry. "I understand. I accept your apology."

"I can tell you two were pretty close," said Fry. "I just wish I had that kind of relationship with my brother. Then again, I never truly did get the respect I deserved from him until long after I was cyrogenetically frozen." His voice starts to crack. "I'm the one who never saw his brother again, just like I'll probably never see any of my friends again...especially not..." He breaks down and starts to cry. "Leela!"

Bruiser and Jenny both try to console Fry before Deadeye interrupts them. "Cut it out you big crybaby! We've got work to do! We still need to repair that generator and find out what caused this disaster."

"Deadeye is right," said Jenny. "Now is not the time to reflect on the past. We must focus on what is truly important right now: the present situation!"

Fry dries his tears. "I'm sorry everybody."

They all step further into the room. As they do, a small cloud of dust rises up underneath Jenny. She looks down to see she has stepped into a pile of ash. She lifts her foot out and brushes away the dust with a look of sadness. "There's another casuality we arrived far too late to save."

"What happened here anyway?" asked Blinky.

"Fry and I both found someone who can tell you," said Jenny with a smile.

"Someone?" Bucky lifts an eyebrow. "As in a survivor?"

"No!" said Jenny. "I meant to say something! As in a supercomputer!"

Deadeye is staring at the laser cannon trying to figure out how to fire it. "I wonder why it's pointed straight at the wall ahead?" he asks.

Set within the side is a small button that he pushes. But the cannon does not fire automatically. Instead, down from the ceiling descends a slab of an unknown metal that comes to a stop a foot off the floor. The laser finally fires at the metal. Nothing seems to happen. After several seconds, the laser disappears and the metal slab ascends back up to the ceiling.

"Look!" said Blinky. "The laser didn't even cut through the wall! The metal block appears to be impenatrable!"

"Incredible!" said Jenny. "Whoever makes armour out of that kind of metal will make a fortune!"

"That gives me an idea!" said Bucky. "I know how we can break into the next room! Deadeye, fire the laser again. Bruiser, stop the metal slab from blocking the wall!"

"Aye sir!" said Deadeye happily. Around weapons, he looks almost as giddy as a child on Christmas morning. Bruiser gets himself into position as Deadeye pushes the button again. The metal slab descends again, but Bruiser hold it up and secures it in place with his raw strength. The laser fires again, but this time, it manages to cut through the wall. What sounds like a drill scratching the surface of steel is heard. After several seconds, the laser stops, revealing a large hole cut clean through the wall.

Bruiser releases the metal block and steps back. With a mighty roar, he charges at the weakened wall. The result is similar to an entire team of football players ripping through a banner at the start of a game. Pieces of metal fly everywhere inside in an explosion of steel as he busts through.

"Wow!" said Fry. "You'd make a great quarterback in football!"

To Be Continued ...