Fan Fiction

Izziee, part 2
By FrysBabyGirl

The morning came round and Izziee had, what could only be described, as a fire burning at the bottom of her back from sleeping on Leela’s chair in her plain, white living room. She heaved herself up into a sitting position and for a few brief moments, forgot about the events of the night before but her happiness was soon over when everything came crashing back. She burst out crying unable to control her emotions.

Leela came running in carrying a cup of steaming hot coffee that was spilling all over the WHITE carpet and was just missing Leela herself.

“Are you ok? Ow! $*@#!!”

Izziee had lessened her crying but now all the remorse and sorrow she was feeling once again showed. She was feeling guilty and couldn’t understand why.

“Leela, am I a bad girlfriend?”

“Oh hunny, of course not.” She put the coffee on the floor and knelt down to see eye to eyes with Izziee. “Look, none of this was yours or Fry’s fault. This situation lies entirely on Bender’s shoulders, don’t for a minute think this is your fault!” Izziee brought her hands up to her face and wiped her eyes.

“Now come on, we have to go to work and you don’t want to go in looking like you’ve broken down. You need to look strong and independent.”

Izziee sniffed. “Ok Leela. Give me ten minutes.” She broadened her shoulders and straightened her back. She winced for a second but took the pain on and pushed her way up from the seat in front of Leela’s massive TV screen. She walked to Leela’s bathroom carrying her clothes, she then emerged a while later looking stunning, it was very apparent that she had made a particular effort to emphasise her eyes with her makeup. She had to look gorgeous.

They set out for Planet Express with their jackets on. The weather matched her mood. The arc above them that stretched out as far as the eye could see was painted grey. The city looked dark and dismal. Pedestrians slumped along the pavements with miserable expressions on their faces. Izziee was one of them.

Little conversation had pursued between them both until they arrived at work when Izziee broke the awkward silence.

“Thanks for being so supportive Leela. I don’t know what I would do without you.” The corners of her mouth turned up slightly and she strode into the Planet Express building with high hopes. Fry was sitting on the sofa with Bender and she couldn’t stand to look at him with that jerk so she carried on walking until she reached the space ship hangar. She looked over the balcony and saw Amy doing mechanical things to the ship, Izziee walked down the stairs to join Amy.

“Can I help?” She asked.

Amy pondered with the ship for a few more seconds. “Sure!” She replied.

They worked together for an hour or so when Leela called a meeting at the conference table. The professor was asleep in his chair and Hermes was filing lots of contracts in his office. When everyone was sitting comfortably in their chairs Leela began telling the crew what deliveries they had today. Fry sat staring at Izziee for the duration of the meeting and every now and then Izziee glanced over at Fry for a second or so. Every time their eyes met was like when a lion hunts its prey, there is anger but also pity.

“........Also, I have to say something of a personal matter.”

Both Izziee and Fry now listened very intently.

“Two of my friends were dating until recently another friend became jealous and broke them up.”

“Hey! I am not jealous!” Bender blurted out in a loud and angry tone.

“Yes you are! Anyway, these two people are Izziee and Fry.” She gestured with her hands to the couple sitting opposite each other.

Fry went red with embarrassment which made Izziee turn red with anger.

“You’re embarrassed that we were going out?! You said you loved me you liar!!!! And you,” She turned to Bender. “Are a waste of life.......or whatever you are. Right now I cannot think of a worse person to be with! Oh wait I can, Fry!” She ran out of the room crying with fury. How dare he make her feel like this!! She hated Fry, she hated him, she hated him, she hated him!!

Leela stormed up to Bender and grabbed him, pushing him up against the wall and looked at him trying to contain the rage burning through her.

“Look, if you dare do anything else to hurt Izziee like this I swear to god you will wish your manufacturer didn’t sell you to a retailer!” She threatened through gritted teeth. Leela let go of the terrified robot and turned to Fry,

“And you......” She contemplated whether or not to say what she was thinking but decided against it and just glared at him with pure disgust on her face. She then stormed out and followed Izziee trying to comfort her in any way she could. Fry just stood there in total shock, what had he done? He ran after the two girls.

“Please, Izziee, Leela, wait!” He puffed. “I’m sorry Izziee, I wasn’t embarrassed, I just felt embarrassed that Leela said it. Please, I love you.”

“I love you too but that sleazebag is keeping us apart. Me or him?” She turned away from him and Fry looked at her and Bender bewildered. The girl he loved or his best friend?

To Be Continued......?