Fan Fiction

Izziee, part 3
By FrysBabyGirl

Fry was faced with one of the hardest decisions in his universe. Who was he supposed to choose? Scenario’s of what his life would be like without Izziee played through his head, then the same but Bender in Izziee’s place. His life seemed so glum with both of them missing from his life.


Izziee couldn’t stand his unintelligible mumbling so she walked off stamping her feet as she went, she felt very hormonal. Fry breathed a sigh of relief though deep inside he knew he would have to make up his mind sooner or later.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure he will choose you, after all he is a guy!” Leela reassured Izziee, she turned away from Izziee feeling a bit unsure herself, Fry wasn’t any guy, he was a stupid guy! Izziee didn’t know about these thoughts however so she calmed down a bit and carried on with her days work, avoiding Fry with every chance she got. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to tears as each minute passed, she finally broke down and had to run to the company toilet before Fry or Bender could see her. As she charged into the “Little Girls Room” Amy was standing there reapplying makeup.

“Izziee are you ok?” She asked concerned.

“Of course I’m not ok, do I look it?”

“Alright, spleesh. I was just trying to be friendly.” Amy turned back to the mirror and carried on with her mascara.

Izziee ran to the nearest cubicle and pulled some of the toilet paper off of the roll and scrunched into a ball. Once she was staring at herself in the mirror next to Amy she began to wipe away her tears, wiping off her foundation in the process.

“Damn it! Amy can I look in your makeup bag please?”

The Martian nodded kindly, “Sure.”

Izziee searched through the contents of the bag until she found something that slightly resembled her own foundation. She got out the brush and lightly swept it across her face. Once finished, she reapplied her mascara and eye liner, she needed to feel good about herself.

“Amy, I know this sounds a bit presumptuous but do you think I’m pretty?”

“Of course I do. I don’t like your clothes though.”

Izziee looked down and studied her outfit. “What’s wrong with it?” She asked self-consciously.

“Nothing. It just doesn’t suit you.” Amy began to smile but Izziee looked down and suddenly felt very depressed. “I know, let’s go shopping! That will make you feel better. I’ll even pay! My mom gave me extra pocket money this week.” She pulled out a $2000 note from inside her sweat suit pocket.

Izziee cheered up and they walked out side by side. She quickly walked up to Leela and explained they were going shopping. Leela smiled and nodded.

“You go enjoy yourself.” She muttered as she pushed her out the door.

Izziee and Amy set off, arms linked and money in their pockets.

As Izziee had left, Leela found the opportunity to talk to Fry about his hard decision. They sat on the sofa together and talked it out calmly.

“How could you not choose her?! She was your girlfriend!!” Leela shouted at him.

“You don’t understand! I love Izziee but I can’t turn my back on my best friend, he was the one that helped me when I first came to the future. We even shared a suicide booth together!” Fry started crying.

Leela allowed herself to relax and felt a tad of sympathy for him and a whole lot of empathy. She had been in his position before, Fry was the first person that liked her for who she was.

“Ok, I get it. But Izziee really needs you. Why can’t you choose both Izziee and Bender?”

“Because she won’t see it that way!”

“You really love her don’t you?”

“Of course I do!” Fry cried standing up. He began to walk off but stopped and turned his head towards Leela. “More than anyone I have ever loved before.” Those words were almost as quiet as a whisper, almost as if he didn’t want to say it.

A light bulb switched on in Leela’s mind, the only thing was the light it was emitting wasn’t white. It was black and evil. She had a plot, to keep Fry and Izziee......apart.

To Be Continued.......?