Fan Fiction

Izziee, part 4
By FrysBabyGirl

Leela was jealous. Simple fact, easy to understand, I mean, she even said it herself! But for some reason the thought of Leela wanting to mess with their relationship hadn’t crossed Izziee’s mind.

That evening Izziee returned, Amy’s chauffeur was carrying 7 of Izziee’s bags and she was carrying the remaining 6. She was wearing an amazing outfit, skinny jeans (that’s right, they were still in fashion!), a baggy top with a thick silver belt, pumps, a gorgeous pendant and bracelets. She had a pair of designer sunglasses sitting gracefully on top of her new hair cut. She had some new makeup on and looked stunning! Fry’s mouth dropped and she walked past him, shaking her hips delicately as she went.

“Well I feel tons better!” Izziee announced as she walked up to Leela. She smiled and took her glasses off.

“Good for you.” Leela smiled but a plan twisted through her mind, perverting every thought with evil.

Izziee decided to stay at a hotel that night as her back still hurt from Leela’s chair and she felt it was rude to stay another night. She thanked Leela and left. This was the perfect chance for Leela to begin to hatch her plot.

The next morning turned out very productively. Izziee had food poisoning from some duck she ate at Elzar’s with Amy the night before so she failed to turn up for work. Leela took action right away.

“Erm, Fry, do you think we could meet up tonight and talk about how we’re going to sort out this Bender-Izziee business?” Leela looked anxiously at Fry, his eyes were blood shot and it was obvious he’d been crying.

“Sure.” He sniffed, “Do you want to meet at Elzar’s or what?”

“No! I mean, no....Izziee got food poisoning from there remember? How about my place, say..... 10pm?”

Fry looked confused. “But that’s a bit late for you Leela?”

“This is important! I’ll be awake.” She said seductively.

“Ok.” Fry mumbled feeling sorry for himself. What am I going to do?! He thought as Leela walked off grinning. Fry was happy Leela had finally asked him on a “date” as it were but he wasn’t as happy as he thought he would be. I think I really am in love with Izziee, he thought. He asked Hermes what hotel Izziee was staying at.

“I don’t know mon. Ask da professor.”

Fry found the professor sleeping but this was important so he shook him gently.

“Professor......Professor.......Professor!!” Fry jerked the professor hard and the scientist began to open his eyes.

“Eh.....wha? Has world war 4 begun? Oh god! Save my inventions, they will make me rich and put those young whippersnappers in their place!” He shouted.

“No, I just wanted to know where Izziee was staying, wait rich?!”

“Oh my yes. Never mind that though, Izziee left the address of the hotel and it’s number on the refrigerator. Now let me sleep I was having a dream about world domination. Ahhh yesss........”

Okaayyyy......Fry thought, he backed away from the mad 160 year old and headed for the kitchen. He grabbed the post-it note from the fridge and looked at the writing that was so unmistakably Izziee’s hand writing. He read the note aloud.

Planet Express Crew,

I am staying at the Lefley hotel just outside town. It was the only one I could afford so I’m sorry for any inconveniences it may cause. I have written the address and phone number at the bottom of this note. If you need me feel free to drop by. (Apart from Bender)

Izziee – ‘Ox

He made another note containing the address and phone number and slipped this note into his pocket before sticking Izziee’s back on the refrigerator. He ran outside and hailed a cab, it took 3 before one finally stopped for him.

“Wheres to?”

Fry shoved the note into the cabbie’s hand. “This address please.”

“No’s problems.” The cabbie looked in the rear view mirror to reveal it was in fact Sal. Fry dismissed it and tried ringing Izziee’s cell phone. Answer phone.

“Hi this is Izziee, sorry I can’t take your call right now but if you leave a message after me singing I will happily ring you back.” The phone clicked and a recording of Izziee singing began to play. “Ohhooohh. It’s just too little too late. A little too wrong, And I can’t wait. Boy you know all the right things to say, you know it’s just too little too late. You say you dream of my face but you don’t like me, you just like the chase. To be real, it doesn’t matter anyway. You know it’s just too little too late.”

Fry had tears escaping from his eyes, only a few but enough.

“Erm, yeah hi Izziee. It’s me, Fry. I’ve realized something and I need to speak to you. I’m coming over.” He hung up and wiped away the little droplets of water forming in his eyes.

“Was that's your girlfriends?” Sal asked.

“Kinda.” Fry turned towards the window and saw the hotel a stone’s throw away. “Thanks.” Fry said as Sal pulled up next to the Lefley and pulled out the amount of money charged from his pocket. “Here.” He exclaimed as he pushed it into his hands. He got out of the car and entered the building. Fry shyly walked up to the front reception, he waited patiently as the man behind the desk finished his conversation on the phone.

“I don’t care if sales are down up or diagonal! We need those new doors! I know. Ok, ok, ok. Spaghetti o’s please, and smiley face potatoes. I love you too mommy, bye.” He put down the phone and looked up at Fry. “Sorry about that sir. Welcome to Lefley Hotel, the hotel with the friendliest service, the biggest smile and the cheapest prices. How can I help you?”

“I would like to know what room Izziee ............” Fry was dumb struck. He suddenly realized that he didn’t know what Izziee’s last name was. “Well how many Izziee’s could be staying here?! I’d like to know what room she’s staying in please.” Fry smiled and the receptionist looked at his computer.

“We have 12 Izziee’s staying here sir. Would you like the room numbers to all of them?” The man politely asked.

Fry got a little annoyed. “Okay. Do you have a pen?”

The man handed him one and read out the room numbers, Fry wrote them on his hand.

“Ok. Thanks.” Fry gave back the pen and began toward the elevator. Fry looked in seven rooms and they all contained the wrong Izziee, he gave up and sat on the floor.

“Why can’t I just find out which room the Izziee I love is staying in?!” Fry cried out.

Izziee heard Fry’s voice and opened her door. She looked along the corridor.


“Izziee!” Fry shouted jumping up with happiness.

“Yes, well done. I still have the same name.” Izziee said sarcastically. Fry looked down. “I’m sorry. What are you doing here anyway?”

Fry looked at her for a few moments and shoved her inside her room. He closed the door with his foot. Fry started kissing her, wrapping his arms around her. Izziee tried to push him away but eventually wrapped her arms around his neck in return. His hands lowered. Once they pulled away, Izziee had that same look on her face the day they first kissed.

“I had to see you.” Fry explained as he sat on the bed, ushering her to sit down beside him. She refused and stood in front of him.

“Look, as much as I enjoyed that I still think Bender wants to keep us apart. I lov......wweuch.” Her face turned pale. She grabbed her mouth with one hand and her stomach with the other. She ran into the on-suite bathroom and threw up. Fry continued to sit on the bed, looking around at the poorly kept room. The corners of the room even had mould growing in them. Izziee returned moments later still clutching her stomach.

“Be grateful I didn’t throw up in your mouth!” She joked. Fry cringed at the thought.

“Do you think you guys could make up?” Fry asked carefully.

Izziee just looked at him for a few seconds. To Fry it seemed like a few hours.

“Ok. But this is for you not Bender.”

Fry jumped up and hugged Izziee, he moved in for a kiss but Izziee put her finger over his lips.

“Naa-aahh. I might be sick again.” She smiled.

Fry pulled away and said good bye.

“Wait Fry!” He turned back with curious eyes. “Do you think I could maybe, you know, stay at yours and Bender’s apartment tonight? They say cheapest prices but boy are they high!”

Fry grinned and nodded, she picked up her suitcase and they walked off together, hands entwined.

Izziee, checked out from the hotel and they got a taxi back to Planet Express. Izziee entered briefly as she was sick and needed to get home, there was one thing she had to do first.

“Bender.....” She approached him nervously. “I’m not going to apologize for what I said, but I want to put this behind us.” She sighed, “I’m willing to share Fry if you let me come live with you again.”

Bender thought about it and nodded. “Ok, but only if I get him on the weekends.”


“Sunday and half of Saturday.”

“Deal, but you have to feed him.”

“Uuuhhhhh!!” Bender moaned.

“Anyway, I'm glad you said yes anyway because I wouldn't have given this back.” She held up Bender’s last beer. “Aaahh, to hell with it. I’m not giving it back anyway!” She laughed. He tried to get it but she ran back a little and drunk it. “Haha! Uhh, now I feel sick.” Izziee held her stomach.

Bender snatched his beer. “Haha! Uuhhh. now I feel bad.” Izziee walked over to Fry who took her hand and they walked home together. Peeking in from the corner of the room was Leela, clearly listening to everything they were saying.

“No!” She whispered. “How am I going to break them up now?”

Bender walked past and saw Leela hiding in the shadows.

“What was that?”

“Oh nothing.” She smiled innocently. He walked off mumbling to himself and drinking his beer. Leela heard a smash as Bender chucked the empty bottle over his shoulder. She watched as Fry and Izziee walked together, an evil grin spreading across her face. She had an idea............

To Be Continued...........