Fan Fiction

Izziee, part 5
By FrysBabyGirl

“So? Bender. Want to....erm, I don’t know. Uuhhh.....go get a beer?” Izziee tried. What was she supposed to say, they didn’t have much in common though she did enjoy a beer or two.

Bender paused, “Sure, wanna take Fry or Leela?”

Izziee grinned. “Yeah! Hey Fry wanna come get a beer with me and Bender?”

The sweet delivery boy turned round and nodded, “Well as long as it’s ok with our captain.” Everyone turned now to face Leela, she smiled politely.

“Sure go ahead! Just have an extra one for me!” Leela turned away from the crew with an obviously annoyed look on her face. No one noticed.

A few minutes later all three friends were sitting in a row at the bar, Fry in the middle of Izziee and Bender though Fry was comfortably being cuddled by Bender. Izziee sat and carried on drinking her beer.

Man, he can really be clingy. He needs to let go of his boy a bit! She thought. Izziee ordered another round of drinks while unbeknown to them Leela was sitting in a booth nearby, watching them. Planning.

The next morning Izziee awoke to find Fry cooking in the kitchen. She got up and wrapped a dressing gown around her naked body.

“Morning.” She said and kissed him on the cheek.

“Morning.” He replied and smiled.

“What are you making?” Izziee asked with curiosity in her eyes.

“I'm making pancakes for you!”

“Aaawww, that's so sweet. You know I could’ve made them myself.”

“Sure you could sweetie. It just takes a kind of skill to work all of the weird and wonderful gadgets of the future.” He replied smugly.

Izziee raised an eyebrow. “Er, Fry. That's a frying pan.”

“Of course it is.” He ruffled her hair.

“Uh. I’m going to get some coffee.”

“It’s ok, I’ll do it. You might hurt yourself, the coffee pot is very hot.”

“Don’t treat me like I’m five Fry! I may be new to the future but I know exactly how to work most of the things you do. Maybe even more, you don’t know how to turn on a washing machine!”

“What's that?”

“Oh for god sake! It’s something you wash your clothes in. Not that you would know.”

“Hey. Oh wait I do smell quite bad......but that’s not the point! You don’t know half the things I do! You haven’t experienced all the things I have.”

“Yeah that’s because I’m not stupid enough to try all the things you have!”

“Leela always found them fun eventually!”

“I knew it! You still love her! You always compare me to Leela!” Izziee ran out of the room tears streaming down her cheeks. Fry just stood there. He didn’t chase after her, didn’t even call her name. He wasn’t still in love with Leela, was he?

That evening Leela and Izziee were sitting, watching TV and Fry and Bender were sitting in the conference room drinking. Izziee couldn’t take her eyes of Fry for a moment. Leela kept stealing precarious glances at her, soaking in every little detail. The way her eyes screwed up at the side when she was troubled, the way she only looked down when she was sad. Everything about her. Now and again Izziee would catch Leela staring at her and smile, Leela had to smile back.

She’s so pathetic. Leela thought.

“Why don’t we go for that piloting lesson I promised. It will take your mind off him.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.....”

“Oh come on, I can see you looking at Fry. Come on, there’s a load of crap on TV anyway. Funny. Thousands of channels and nothing to watch.” Leela shook her head.

“Yeah your right.” Izziee stood up and smiled. “Thanks Leela.” And she followed her to the ship.

The ship was at full speed and Leela hadn’t said a word to Izziee for 20 minutes.

“Erm, I don’t want to be rude or anything cause I know it’s not very likely I would be able to do this but......aren’t you supposed to be teaching me?” Izziee asked, very sure she was walking on egg shells with Leela’s bad mood increasing.

“Oh yes. Trust me, I will be teaching you a lesson very soon.” Leela replied leaving Izziee very nervous.

“Ummm, ok.”

A little while later after circling the same spot for ages Leela and Izziee set down next to the applied cryogenics lab.

“Err, Leela. Why are we here?”

“Now that we’re good friends I feel like I can trust you.”

“What are you going to trust me with?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t want anyone else to hear and this is the place I feel most comfortable.”

They both left the ship out into the now cold winters night. They entered the lab from the back and walked up to the place where Izziee was first brought to this world of madness.

“This is where it all began for me.” Leela explained quietly, she walked over to the window and looked out with her hands behind her back. “Where my life changed. Where I met Fry.”

“What’s that got to do with flyi....”

“Nothing!” Leela snapped. Izziee jumped. “This is also where my life was ruined. Where you came in.” Leela turned around for the first time now, looking Izziee up and down with contempt on her face.

“Hey! I asked you if you minded if I dated Fry and you said no! So what am I meant to do? Change for you? No, I’ll tell you want I’m gonna do. Nothing!” She laughed. “I’m in love with Fry even if we do have our little rows sometimes.”

“You think I care if you want to change? I’ll make you change, or better yet, I’ll get rid of you completely.” Leela circled Izziee and started moving towards her, pushing her backwards.

“Leela? You’re scaring me, what are you doing?” She ignored Izziee and carried on backing her into a corner of the room. “No Leela! Don’t!” Leela carried on walking and Izziee could not go any further, she grabbed on to the edge of the freezer tube behind her.

“Good bye Izziee.” Leela shoved Izziee hard and she tumbled into the freezer. She turned the dial to a thousand years and smiled to herself.

No more Izziee. She thought.

To Be Contunued.......