Fan Fiction

Proposal,part 1
By fry+leela4eva2getha

[Opening Credits.]

[Caption - They're finally getting married!]

[Scene - Apartment 1I, Leela's bedroom, 10:15am.]

[Leela sleeping peacefully and Fry is awake, stroking her hair.]

Fry(thinking): Man, I am so; lucky. I have finally won Leela's heart, and I'm gonna treasure it forever.

[Leela smiles in her sleep.]

Fry(whispering): I love you, Leela.

[Leela starts to stir in her sleep.]

Fry: Ops...

Leela(waking up): Fry...? Is.. Is that you?

Fry(smiles): Yeah, baby, who else would it be? Zapp Branigan?

Leela(giggles): I would die if that was the case.

Fry(kissing her on the cheek): And so would I.

[Leela giggles as Fry starts to kiss her all over but he was interrupted by the phone rigging.]

Fry(annoyed): Oh, man! why does something always get in the way of us!

Leela(sexfully): We could; just ignore it...

Fry: Good point babe.

Leela(smiles): But on the other hand... I'd better get it.

Fry(dissapointed): Oh, ok...

Leela(picking up the phone): We can continue this later, Fry. (she kisses his head)

[Fry smiles.]

Leela(on the phone): Hello?

[Amy's picture appears on the screen. She was in her apartment with Kif.

Leela(sighs): Oh, hey, Amy...

Fry(shocked): AMY?!?

Leela(embarrassed): Fry...

Fry(looks away ashamed): Oh, sorry, Leela...

Leela(smiles at Fry, then turns back to the screen): So, Amy, what's up?

Amy(annoyed): I can't believe you forgot, Leela!

Leela(confused): Forgot what?

Amy(sighs): That you, me Fry and Kif where going out on a double date tonight!

Leela(suddenly realising what Amy said): OH!!! That date!!!

Amy(angry): Yeah that date...

Leela(embarrassed): Sorry, Amy, I completely forgot...

Amy(sighs): Yeah... It's ok... (hopeful) But were still on right?

Leela(muttering to herself): Do I have a choice

Amy: Huh?

Leela(embarrassed): Huh? Oh yeah... I guss were still going. (mutters to herself) Not that I want to...

Amy(excited): YAY! Ok, well... I'll see you at eight pm sharp! (stern) You'd better be there, Leela...

Leela(yawns): Yeah, yeah... OH! Amy, where will we meet? (thinking) Please, please, please not Elzar's...

Amy(excited): OH! OH! Can we go to-

Leela(expecting what she was going to say): Elzar's?

Amy(looks down sadly): No, unless you wanted to go there... I was thinking some other place... Like you know, The Hip Joint?

Leela(looks around quickly): Uhhh... Let's just meet at Planet Express and we'll gop from there...

Amy(annoyed): Well... Ok.

Leela(quickly): Well, see ya at eight! I gotta go and.. Um, get ready! Yeah... Bye!(hangs up)

Amy(being cut of): Don't Forg- (the screen turns off)

Fry: Sheesh, man you girls where talking for hours!

Leela(sighs): Fry, we've been on the phone for like five minutes!

Fry(grins): Aw! You girls these days, make up any lies just to get out of dong things with us boys!

Leela(confused): Huh?

Fry(giggles to himself): Never mind...

Leela(kisses Fry on the cheek): Fry, did you know that I love you?

Fry(sarcastic): Um.. Hmm.. Let me see... Uhh... YES!

Leela(smiles lovingly): And, you love me, right?

Fry(sarcastic): Hmmm.. No Leela, I haven't chased after you for all this time just to say that I don't love you.

Leela(confused): I don't get what you- But you do love me, right..?

Fry(smiles): Of corse I do, Leela! You know I do. I say it to you every day!

Leela(kissing him): Mmmm, and I hear it every day... (giggles)

Fry(being kissed): Mmmm, I know, baby, I know...

[Leela stops kissing Fry and stares at him blankly for a moment, Fry, of corse, thinks he's said or done something wrong.]

Fry(confused): Leela? What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?.. Leela?

[Leela looks around for a minute, and then quickly turns to Fry, who's still worried that he's done something wrong...]

Leela(downcast): Oh, Fry.. I just... Um, I know this may sound corny Fry, but; I really do love you Fry... With all my heart... And I just hope you know that...(kisses him on the cheek)

Fry(smiles at her and starts to stroke her hair gently): Leela, man, if I had anymore love left in me, you know it would go to you, just like all my other love, it belongs to you. I love you, Turanga Leela and you know that.

Leela(giggles and starts to stroke Fry's hair softly, then sighs): Oh, Fry... Everything you say, it's just... So... Sweet and romantic (sighs again) I love you, with all my heart...

Fry(looks deeply into her eye and smiles seductively): I know, babe, I know... (kisses her all over her neck)

Leela(giggles): Fry! Stop! Hehehe.. Fry!

Fry(stops): Huh? Oh... Sorry, baby...

Leela(smiles): Thats ok.. (kisses Fry's head)

Fry(grins): SCORE!

Leela(giggles): Oh, Fry...

Fry(nuzzles into her neck): Mmm... Yes my love?

Leela(smiles and strokes his hair gently): I love you.

Fry(looks up at her): I love you too.

Leela(smiles): I know. (looks at her clock) Oh my god! Fry, look at the time! Fry, we really have to go! It's nearly 11:30!!!

Fry(mutters): Stupid work...

Leela(has a slight smile on her face): I hate it too...

Fry(confused): But... It never seemed that way, I mean, you always came, and you never seemed... Um... Angry or Bored..

Leela(smiles lovingly): That's cuase you're there (kisses him)

Fry(smiles): Mmmmm... The only reason I would ever come was because I would see you.

Leela(blushes): Awww... Thats so sweet!

Fry(proud): I know, I know...

Leela(giggles and rubs her noes agents his) Mmmm... (kisses him) Well, we'd better go to that hell hole known as Planet Express.

Fry(giggles): Hehehe.. Yeah..

Leela: Okay then, let's get ready.

Fry(grins): Yup!

[Scene - Planet Express Building, 12:15pm.]

[Fry and Leela are entering the T.V room, holding hands. Bender is sitting down watching a repeat "All My Circuits".]

Fry(grins): Hey Bender, sorry we're late...

Bender(sarcastic): Sure ya are... You say that all the time, yet you always come at like 4pm...

Fry(looks down, ashamed): Oh.. I'm sorry, Bender...

Bender(angry): Yea! You should be! (leaves the room)

Fry(sighs as he sits down): I'm such a bad friend....

Leela(puts her arm around Fry): Hey, hey come on. You know thats not true.

Fry(smiled slightly): Yeah... Well.. Tell Bender that.... (looks down)

Leela(kisses him on the cheek): I don't need to, cuase he should already know that your the most wonderful friend in the whole universe and not to mention that you're also an amazing boyfriend.. (kisses him on the lips)

Fry(grins): Well... He'll never know how good I am as a boyfriend.

Leela(giggles): NO WAY!

Fry(kisses Leela): Hey, thanks for cheering me up. (smiles) I love you.

Leela(kisses him back): That's ok. And you do know that I meant every word of it, right?

Fry(smiles): Yeah.

Leela(rubs her nose ageist his): Good! I love you too.

Fry(nuzzles into her neck): I wuv you more...

Leela(smiles): I know, baby, I know.

[Professor Farnsworth enters the room unexpectedly.]

Professor.F: Good news everyone!

Fry(gulps): Uh Oh...

Leela: Yup..

Professor.F: It's a day off! So get the hell out of here so I don't have to pay you all!

Fry(confused): But you always have money!

Professor.F: I know, I know... But.. (looks down ashamed) I blew it all on instant lottery tickets...

Fry(angry): Hey! Copy-cat! I'm the one that blows they're money in instant lottery tickets!!! (pouts)

Professor.F: Yes, yes... well... good bye (leaves)  

Leela(smiles at Fry lovingly): Hey, Fry?

Fry: Hmm?

[Leela grabbs his T-shirt and kisses him.]

Fry(in a daze): Eh...? Mmmm....

Leela(rests her head on his shoulder): Mmm, Fry...?

Fry(smiles and strokes her hair): Yes baby?

Leela: Do you love me?

Fry: Of corse I do, Leela, you asked me that this morning. (smiles and kisses her head)