Fan Fiction

Proposal, part 2
By fry+leela4eva2getha

[Scene - The Ship, 1:25 pm.]

[Leela is asleep in her room with Fry is awake, lying next to her, stroking her hair.]

Fry (thinking): I wonder if she'll.... If she'll... Marry me... I love her so much, and..(looks down at her, cuddling up to him) I hope she loves me too... witch I am pretty sure she does...(grins)

[Leela smiles in her sleep and cuddles Fry closer.]

Fry (smiles, still thinking): Actually, I'm very sure she does.

Leela (looks up at him): I do.

Fry (surprised): Leela? Did you... read my mind or something..?

Leela: Huh..? What do you mean..?

Fry: What woke you up?

Leela (smiles and nuzzles into Fry's chest): You.

Fry: Ops.. Sorry...

Leela (smiles): Don't be sorry, I love seeing your adorable face when I wake up (kisses him softly)

Fry (grins and kisses her back): And I love seeing your beautiful face when I wake up.

Leela: But I am usually asleep when you're awake...

Fry: Awake or asleep, it's still beautiful. (kisses her hand)

Leela (blushes): Aww... Fry, your so sweet!

Fry (smiles): I may be sweet, but you're beautiful.

Leela: In what way..?

Fry (grins): In every way possible (kisses her neck)

Leela (sighs happily): Oh, Fry...

Fry (smiles sweetly): Yes?

Leela (nuzzles his neck): I wuv you.

Fry (kisses her head): I wuv you too.

Leela (giggles and smiles): I know.

Fry (smiles): You want anything..?

Leela: Can we get up?

Fry: Sure.

[They get out of bed, get dressed and go to the T.V room.]

[Scene - Planet Express, T.V Room, 3:45pm.]

[Fry, Leela, and Bender are sitting on the couch watching T.V. Leela is sitting on Fry's lap and Fry has his arm around her.]

Bender: Aw! Come on! When is "All My Circuits" gonna start?!? Stupid Ads!

Fry (smiles at Leela and holds her hand with his free arm): Hey, did you know that I love you? (kisses her hand)

Leela (giggles and blushes): Yes, I did know, (kisses him) and did you know that I love you too?

Fry (smiles): Of course I do. (he was about to kiss her, but the ringing of Leela's phone interrupted his actions)

Leela (giggles at Fry and answers her phone): Hello?

Amy (on the phone): Hello? Leela? I hope you're at home getting ready for our double date tonight.

Leela: Uh, actually, I am at work watching T.V with Fry.


Leela (sighs): And Bender... Anyway, we aren't meeting for like 4 or 5 hours, so clam down!

Amy (sighs): I know. But I'm just so excited! I can't help it! (squeals)

Leela (smiles): I can see that.

Amy (smiles back): Well, I'd better let you go... Don't forget! Bye!

Leela: I wont, bye. (hangs up)

Fry (grins): It was about the date, hey?

Leela (smiles): How'd you guess?

Fry (grins): I'm just smart.

Leela (kisses him): You sure are. (rubs her nose against his)

Fry (grins): I love you. (kisses her)

Leela: I love you too. (smiles)

[Apartment 1I, 5:00pm - Leela's bedroom.]

[Leela is searching through her closet, trying to find a dress to wear. Fry is sitting her the edge of her bed, watching her.]

Leela (sighs): Fry.. I can't find anything to wear...(looks down)

Fry (smiles and gets up to help her): I'm sure you'll fine something, I mean, you're a woman, and women buy heaps of dresses!

Leela (sighs): Not me...

Fry (sees a dress hidden behind some other dresses): Hey, what about this one?

Leela (gasps to see the dress that her mom had made her for her first date with Fry): Oh, Fry... I thought I had lost it... And it was here all along! (hugs him tight) Thank you! (nuzzles into his neck)

Fry (grins and takes it out of the closet): Anytime babe, I love you too. (he winks and she giggles)

Leela (smiles at him and kisses him): Ok, now go outside. I need to get dressed and I don't want you watching me.

Fry (looks down): Aww...

Leela (smiles): I'm sorry, sweetie, but I want to get dressed alone. Please?

Fry (looks at her and smiles): Ok, just for you (kisses her and leaves the room)

Leela (smiles and shuts the door): Now, time to get ready!

[Leela gets ready while Fry waits outside.]

Fry (to himself): Well, I may as well get ready.... (pauses and thinks) Hmmm... I wonder where my Tux is...

[He goes to the lounge room and slumps on the couch.]

Fry (sees his tuxedo folded up on a chair): Hmm, so thats where it is...

[He smiles and gets it.]

Fry (to himself): Kay, I'm gonna change. (he goes to the bathroom)

[Fry happily walks out of the bathroom 10 minutes later.]

Fry (sits down on the couch): I wonder if Leela needs any help...

[He turns on the T.V.]

[There is an advertisment for a carnival.]

Tv: Do you like carnivals?

Fry (grins and nods): Yup.

T.V: Weell, you're in luck! The carnival's in town! And only for one week! So, get you're ass down here and join us carnies so we can rip you off!

Fry (jumps up and down like a little kid): I wanna go!!!

[Leela comes out of her bedroom and smiles shyly at Fry.]

Fry (falls over): Leela!?!

Leela (blushes and smiles): Hehe... Yup...

Fry (gets up and walks over to her): You're... (he pauses) Beautiful...(he smiles shyly)

Leela (blushes): Thank you. (she grins)

Fry: No problem baby. (he kisses her cheek)

Leela (blushes): So, what where you jumping up and down for?

Fry (grins): The carnival's in town!!!! Can we go? Please! Can we?!?! (he pleads like a child)

Leela (smiles): Okay, sure. Just for you.

Fry (grins): YAY!!!

Leela (smiles): Okay honey, we gotta go now. Amy will kill us if we're even one second late. (she laughs)

Fry (grins and laughs too): Yeah, she probably will. We should go.

Leela (smiles and takes Fry's hand): I have a feeling that this is going to be an awesome night.

Fry (smiles and nods): Yeah, but thats only cause I'm with you baby. (he kisses her)

Leela (blushes): Oh, Fry... That's so sweet!

[They leave the apartment with huge smiles on their faces.]