Fan Fiction

Castlerama, part 2
By Frosty

Leela woke up in the darken room and saw that her left arm was under Fry’s neck. He slept silently next to her with a smile on his face. Her other hand was on his chest and his right hand was on top of hers. She smiled a bit before realizing that something wasn’t right: she didn’t remember how she ended up in bed with Fry. Looking down at herself she realized that she was fully clothed-they both were. She shook Fry awake after failing to sit up. His weight on her arm was pinning her down.

“Fry, come on, wake up.” He grunted and she punched him in the arm. “Fry.”

“Don’t get up,” he muttered still half asleep. “Just stay in bed.”

“Fry seriously wake up.”

He opened his eyes and looked over at her. “Hey,”

“What’s going on?” she asked trying to sit up. She heard a “clink” sound on the other side of Fry and he lifted up his arm. That’s when she saw that their left hands were handcuffed together.

“Handcuffs?” Fry asked curiously. “Kinky.”

“Fry, this isn’t funny.”

“I didn’t say funny, I said kinky.”

“Did you do this?” she asked.

“No…did you?”

“Why would I handcuff us together?”

“I’m just asking.” he said yawning. “Are you always this cranky in the morning?”

“Will you focus? Someone did this to us.”

The two of them sat up and looked at their surroundings: a dark, cold room with one small window right below the ceiling letting in a little bit of light and they had slept on a ratty and bare mattress on the concrete floor.

“Do you recognize this place?” Leela asked.

“No…but from the Mystery novels I’ve read and my conversation with Castle, this is the type of room where bad things happen.”

Leela looked down at her wrist. “My wrist-kajiger is gone.”

“My wallet’s gone,” Fry said feeling his back pocket. “My phone too. Damnit, I just renewed my contract.”

“Fry, will you stop joking around?”

“Hey, do I mock your coping techniques?”

Leela put her free hand up to her head. “How’d we end up here?”

“Uh,” Fry said taking another look around. “I don’t remember it’s all a blur.”

“Yeah,” she said before turning her back towards him. “Fry, lift up my top.”

Fry’s eyes bugged out and she turned her neck to look at him.

“Not like that you idiot. Just look at my lower back, something hurts.”

He did and saw a big red spot near her waist and a small hole in her skin. “It looks like a needle mark.”

“We were drugged.” She said after a moment.

“What the hell happened to us?”

“Where in Babylon are Fry and Leela?”

Hermes Conrad stood in the conference room of Planet Express ready to start his morning meeting. Before he started he took a look around and noticed two of his employees missing.

“I didn’t kill them.” Bender said. “Plus Fry never came home last night.”

“I haven’t seen or talked to Leela since we got back from our delivery yesterday.” Amy added.

“Maybe the two of them went back to her place to do it.” Bender said

“Classy as always Bender,” Amy said rolling her eyes. “Maybe they’re with Castle and the rest of them. We should call them and ask.”

Suddenly Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan walked in the room, as if on cue.

“That was lucky,” Bender said. “Have you guys seen Fry and Leela?”

“Not since yesterday.” Beckett said. “Why?”

Amy paused. “They’re missing.”

Leela took a few deep breaths to clear her head before speaking again. The dampness of the room sent a shiver down her spine and she clenched her fists trying to force herself to focus. The drugs still clouded her memory but she was determined to put the puzzle together piece by piece.

“How long do you think we were out?” Fry asked.

“A couple hours.”

“How can you tell?”

“Because I’m hungry.”

“Oh…well don’t get any ideas.”

“Okay, let’s just stay calm and try to figure this out. What’s the last thing that you remember?”

“Uh, let’s see, I was in my apartment.” He said making a timeline in the dirt on the floor with his finger. “That was around one.”

“Okay at that time, I was at Planet Express, talking with Kate.” Leela said adding her note next to his. “Then I left to go talk to you about half an hour later.”

“I got to Planet Express half an hour later.”

“That’s right,” Leela said writing it down. “I ran into you on my way out the door. Then what?”

“I don’t really remember…I think we went someplace.”

“Yeah, we did…where?”

Fry thought deeply for a minute before snapping his fingers. “One of those seedy hotels that charges by the hour.”

Leela stared at him and then finally nodded. “I remember that…what did we do there?”

“A delivery!” he said after pushing his fantasies away. “We had a delivery.”

“Of what?” she asked. “I mean, could that have gotten us in trouble?”

“We could have delivered anything. Disinfectant, condoms, clean sheets,”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Leela said. “Then what happened?”

“Then…we got back to Planet Express and Castle and the rest of them were there and….Ryan asked me….if he spent Thanksgiving with his family, did he have to spend Xmas his fiancée Jenny’s family.”

Leela rolled her eye. “Fry, I’m talking about what happened to us.”

“Hey, if you want me to reconstruct I have to do it in order.”

She sighed and attempted to stand up but was forced back down by Fry’s weight.

“Let’s try to stand up and move around, it might clear our heads. On the count of three, alright?”

They attempted to move in sync with each other trying to stand up from the floor. The first try was a failure as well as the second.

“Fry, will you just work with me?” she asked in a frustrated voice.

“Why don’t you work with me? Why do you always have to be in charge?”

“Why do you have to step on my toes?”

“I said I was sorry!”

“Just get up and then help me up.”

Fry got to his feet and grabbed Leela’s hand before helping her stand.

“You’re welcome.” He said as she put a small distance between them, observing their surroundings.

“Hey, tell me this: why do you always have to be first? First on the ship, first off the ship, first to Planet Express, and even going through a door-you have to be first.”

Leela turned and looked at him. “I’m the ship’s captain and between the two of us I’m the one who carries a gun. It’s my job to be first.”

“Even in the elevator? I mean, would it kill you to let someone open the door for you once in a while?”

“You do realize that if you opened the door for me I’d still be the first through it?”

Fry thought for a moment and frowned. “That’s right, I forgot: you also have to be the smartest. Everything’s a competition with you.”

“That is so not true.” She said feeling the walls for any sort of door or light switch.

“I’d argue with you, but then I’d have to let you win.”

Leela stopped her search and faced him. “Okay, fine. You lead.”

“Thank you.” He paused and looked around. “Where did you want to go?”

“I think there might be a light switch around here. Or would you rather stay in the dark?”

Fry gave her a look motioned to the walls. “Lady’s first.”

Beckett stood in front of a smart board in the Planet Express conference room entering what Castle referred to as her “Beautiful Mind Mode.” Ryan and Esposito were searching the Planet Express ship while the rest of the crew searched the rest of the building looking for any trace of where Fry and Leela might be. After the Planet Express crew made their delivery to a hotel on Planet XXX, everyone had returned safely. Beckett, along with her team were invited on their next mission to drop off some text books at Mars University and she distinctly remembered Fry and Leela being with them when they got back. Then she and Ryan talked to the Professor about the time machine he was working on to which he answered “Ehh, whaa?”

That was reassuring, she thought.

When they returned to the lounge Fry and Leela were gone.

Leela felt a switch on the cold concrete wall and held her breath as she flipped it. The room was illuminated with the overhead lights and when she looked around part of her wished they had stayed in the dark.

The walls had rusty stains running down them, like blood dripping from the ceiling. The floor was dusty and cracked. There was a door next to her and Fry and she placed her hand against it.

“This door is steel, there’s no way we’re getting out.”

“The walls are cinder-block,” Fry said. “No one’s gonna hear us….whoa.”

He started walking towards the other side of the room where a large freezer was on the floor.

“What do you think is in there?”

“I don’t know…I don’t really want to know either.”

“What if we’re in some psycho’s lair and have to kill each other, like in Saw.”

“Stop talking, it’s not helping.”

“Oh come on, we’re drugged, cuffed together in this creepy room: what am I supposed to think?”

“How about a way to get the hell out of here before someone comes back?” she sat on the freezer and tried to examine the door it was blocking. “Hold my hand.”

Fry gave her a look and she rolled her eye. “So the cuffs don’t cut us.”

“We could try to get them off. Got a bobby pin?”

Leela looked over her shoulder. “What is this, the 1940’s? You’re not gonna get these off. Face it…we’re stuck.”

Beckett and Ryan sat across from the Professor at his lab table asking the usual series of questions that they asked other suspects. Even though they were in his business Beckett felt in control, it was as if she was back in her interrogation room at the NYPD.

“Professor Farnsworth, please try to remember: where did you send Fry and Leela after their delivery yesterday.”

The 160 year old man pounded his fists on the table. “I told you, I don’t know who you’re talking about!”

Bender, who was standing in a nearby corner, took a crowbar out of his chest cabinet. “This is going nowhere. Maybe if I bash his head in he’ll remember.”

Beckett furrowed her brow. “That makes no sense whatsoever.”

“Aww,” he said throwing it to the side and a “crunch” sound followed by a low scream from Zoidberg rang through the air.

“Enough of this nonsense,” the Professor said standing up. “I need to analyze the files I sent Fry and Leela down to Old New York for!”

“What did you just say?” Beckett said.

“Ehh, wah? Who are you people?”

She ignored him and turned to Ryan. “Fry and Leela went down to Old New York.”

“For what files?”

“The files on the murder of Fry’s brother of course!” the Professor said. “I need them so I can figure out where the space time continuum ripped and you traveled here. I just said that!”

Ryan shook his head. “No you didn’t.”

The Professor paused. “I’m bored! I’m leaving!”

He shuffled out of the room and Beckett ran out the door with Ryan and Bender at her heels.

“Hey, what’s that?” Fry asked pointing to the center of the ceiling. He gently pulled Leela with him and the two of them looked up.

“It’s a hatch.” Leela said. “Maybe if we could reach it we can get out of here.”

“How? It’s too high up.”

“The freezer,” Leela said leading him back towards it. “Maybe we can try and move it and we can stand it.”

Leela placed her hands on it while Fry faced the opposite direction and pressed his ass against it.

“Push on three,” Leela said. “One, two, three!”

They both let out groans as they pushed as hard as they could. Fry felt himself loose his footing and he fell on the floor. Blood dripped from his wrist and he saw where the cuffs had cut him.

“You okay?” he asked Leela.


Fry stood up and made his way behind Leela. “Let’s try this.” He felt Leela back into his pelvis and he placed his hands on either side of hers.

“You better not be enjoying this, Fry.”

“I’ll let you know in a minute.” He said pressing his heels against the wall. “Ready? One, two, three, push!”

Leela kicked her boot against the wall and pushed forward and she felt Fry’s chest on her back as he did the same thing. They continued to groan and Fry closed his eyes as he pushed. Finally he stopped and Leela let out an exhausted sigh.

“Whatever’s in here,” Fry said moving to her side, “weighs more than Bender!”

He took a few breaths and looked at her. “So…those noises…”

“Shut up.” she said out of breath.

“Those were defiantly sex noises.”

“If you keep talking, you’re not going to find out.”

Fry zipped his lips and rested on the freezer.

“It’s like this thing is full of rocks!” Leela said.

“Hey,” Fry said, “Look, the lock is an old combo lock. If I can open it we can empty it and it’ll be lighter.”

“You think you can open it?” she said as he went around the freezer and sat on the floor.

“My dad would hide our Xmas and birthday gifts in safes and Yancy and I would have to pick them. He thought it was a valuable skill. I can open this…I just don’t know if we want to.”

Beckett walked through the ruins of the thirteenth precinct of the NYPD with Castle, Ryan, Esposito, Bender and Amy behind her. The walls had crumbled and most of the building had been leveled but the fire proof file cabinets were still standing. She walked over and pulled on the handle but the door wouldn’t move. The past thousands years had been rough and the doors were all rusted shut.

“Bender?” she asked. “Can you get this?”

Bender cracked his metallic knuckles before taking hold of the file cabinet and ripping the drawers off. Beckett knelt down and flipped through the F’s but couldn’t find Yancy’s file.

“It’s not here. Fry and Leela must have got it and been kidnapped on their way back.” She looked and the open drawer above her and saw the letters “A-E” and stopped. Her mother’s file was in there. The file she had read over and over again and never found anything new. But all this time later there might be something new, something she hadn’t discovered yet. Maybe the name of the man who gave the order to Hal Lockwood to hire Dick Coonan to kill her mom. She reached out to open the drawer but then drew her hand back.

Castle stood behind her and watched her carefully before turning to everyone else. “Guys, do you mind?”

Ryan and Esposito led Bender and Amy out of the building as Castle stood quietly behind Kate.

“What are you thinking?”

“My mom’s file should be in there. This whole thing could end right now.”

“Beckett… Kate, one way or another we are going to find this guy. But I’ve never known you to take the easy way out. You know that even if you read your mom’s file and find something you’re not going to be able to run at this guy with no physical evidence.”

Kate stared at the file cabinet for a long time before turning her head, whispering: “What if there’s a file with my name in there?”

Castle shook his head and knelt down beside her. “Don’t think like that.”

“Castle you said it yourself: everyone, everyone, associated with this case is gone. The guy who shot me disappeared, Hal Lockwood is dead, Montgomery is dead, McAllister, Raglan,” her voice broke with every name, “Riker, my mom…everyone’s dead Rick. And why shouldn’t I think that? I got shot in the heart by a sniper-I died in the ambulance.”

Castle put a hand on her shoulder. It was one of the few times she had called him Rick. “Whatever you choose to do I’ll back you up 100%.”

Kate stared at the file cabinet and finally stood up. “No. Right now we need to find Fry and Leela and find Yancy’s killer when we get home. One day I’ll find the guy who’s responsible for my mom’s murder…but not today.”

She walked out and Castle looked at the file cabinet. Part of him wanted to check but he remembered the last time he looked into Joanna Beckett’s murder without permission and how Kate said she never wanted to see him again. Everything that had happened was his fault because he pushed her into solving it. Resisting the temptation he walked away.

“Damnit.” Fry said as he attempted to open the padlock on the fridge. He and Leela sat on the concrete floor and Leela’s arm was stretched across her chest as Fry used both of his hands to open the lock.

Leela looked over and saw him with his eyes closed and his ear right next to the lock carefully listening to the sounds. “Any luck?” she asked.

“Gah!” Fry said. “I almost had it!”

“Yeah, just like you had it the first hundred times. Can I have my arm back yet?”

“Hold on, hold on.” He turned the lock one last time and it opened up smiling at Leela. “Told you I could do it!”

“Yeah, I’m sure that try was a fluke.”

“Yeah, a fluke of nature.” He said taking the lock off. “Because I happen to have perfect situational awareness, Leela. Which cannot be taught, by the way. It’s like a poet's ... mind for ... to make the perfect words.”

“Just open it up.”

He did and their eyes-or in Leela’s case eye- went wide. Inside were rusted chains and handcuffs, hundreds of them and strapped to the hood of the fridge was an assortment of knives and cleavers.

“Whoa,” they said in unison.

“Chains and bloody instruments of torture.” Fry observed.

“Fry, I think your crazed, sadistic, psycho killer theory might be right.”

“I don’t know whether to be happy or terrified.”

“How about motivated?”

“Yeah,” Fry said. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

They began grabbing the chains and threw them to the floor to lighten the load. The sound of the chains hitting the floor echoed in the room and with each pile of chains they threw on the ground the faster they worked. After what seemed like hours of work they had emptied the freezer and slammed the lid shut before pushing it to the center of the room. Fry climbed onto and pulled Leela on it with him.

“Crap,” Fry groaned. “It’s still too high.”

“Let me stand on your shoulders.” Leela said.

Fry looked down at her boots and then back at her. “In those shoes? I mean, I kind of like not having my shoulders dislocated.”

“Fine.” She said reaching for her foot attempting to take off her boot. “Fry, I think I’m gonna need some help.”

“’Lift up my shirt, take off my boots’-you know in different circumstances I would be enjoying this.”

“You can fantasize later.”

“You know, it’s not that much fun if you give me permission.”

After throwing Leela’s boots on the ground, Fry cupped his hands. “Come on, I’ll give you a boost.”

Smiling Leela gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Thank you.”

Leela put her foot in Fry’s hands and felt the handcuff dig into her wrist as he attempted to lift her. Instead of being able to climb onto his shoulders Leela lost his balance and began to fall. Luckily Fry caught her on his shoulder.

“Leela, this isn’t working!” he said as he spun around on the door of the freezer. “Oh my God I’m gonna fall.”

“Do not drop me!” Leela said.

“I’m trying!” he shifted his eyes and saw Leela’s ass right in his face.

“Okay, okay, carefully put me down.”

He found his balance and did so without dropping Leela and without falling.

“Let’s try it from behind.” Leela said. Fry gave her a look and she rolled her eye. “Oh, shut up.”

“Fine,” he said turning around.

Leela grabbed onto Fry’s shoulder and pulled herself up on his shoulders. Fry felt her knees in his shoulders and she then felt her feet brush his neck.

“Okay,” she said. “I think I got it…its open!”

Fry shifted his eyes upward as he heard the sound of the hatch swing open. “Did you get it?” When he looked up he saw a bald man looking down at them from the open hatch.

“Hey!” Leela screamed. “Let us out of here!”

When Fry looked up he began to lose his balance and Leela fell off his shoulder and the two of them tumbled to the ground. Luckily they landed on the mattress they had woken up on, but that didn’t make it any less painful.

“What do you want from us?” Fry shouted.

The man just gave them a grim smile before slamming the hatch shut and locking it.

Beckett ran her hands thought her hair and let out a long exhale. She stared at the white board with everything she was able to get out of the Professor about Fry and Leela’s whereabouts. Somehow she knew that their disappearance was connected to Yancy’s murder. Though she had no evidence she had a rotting feeling in her gut. So far she knew that after their delivery-one that went smoothly-they went down to Old New York and that was the last anybody had seen them.

As it was in the twenty-first century the odds of finding a missing person or solving a murder after 48 hours was drastically cut in half. That fact always made her wonder why someone had to wait twenty four hours before filing a missing person report. She knew that sometimes by the time the report was filed it was too late-she had seen it firsthand. For Fry and Leela the clock was counting down and nothing was making sense.

Before she would have dismissed any of Castle’s crazy theories but after what she had been through she was beginning to think that his idea may have been right. What if there was a time traveling killer?

“No,” she said herself. “That’s crazy. Why would someone travel back in time to kill Fry’s brother and then come back to kidnap Fry and Leela?”

“What if the killer traveled forward in time?”

Beckett turned around and saw Castle standing behind her with two cups of coffee.

“What if the killer wanted to kill both Fry and Yancy? So he kills Yancy then travels forward in time to kill Fry.”

“But Fry’s been missing for over a decade, how would they know the exact point in time he’s in?”

Castle nodded. “Yeah, you’re right.”

Beckett looked back at the board. “Where the hell did they go?”

Fry and Leela sat on the hard, damp floor looking up at the ceiling.

“This is bad, isn’t it?” Fry asked.

“Fry, what are we going to do?”

“We need to get these cuff off,” he said standing up. “If we don’t escape, they’re gonna kill us.”

The two of them walked over to the pile of chains and knives and Fry picked one up.

“Fry, you can’t pick the lock.”

“I’m not, I’m gonna try to break the link between them.” he said.

Leela watched as he used the tip of the knife to try and break the small chain links.

“Damnit,” he said after a minute. He held up the knife revealing the broken off tip.

“Fry, I told you, there’s no way we’re getting out of these without the keys.”

He paused. “There is another way.”


“We don’t go through the cuffs…”

“You mean?”

Mad Max, 127 Hours…”

“Are you offering to cut off your hand?”

“Whoa, what? No, I meant yours. I’m a delivery boy, I need both my hands. You can drive with just one. Plus your hand is smaller. You know, less bone and stuff to go through.”

Before Leela could respond they heard the sound of a door opening and closing.

“Fry,” she whispered, “Someone’s coming.”

“Okay,” he said holding up the knife, “Lets do this quickly.”

“Shut up,” she said taking the knife. “Come on.”

They walked over to the area the sound came from and pressed their ears against the wall. There were two men talking and Leela looked at Fry.

“Doesn’t the one guy sound familiar?”

“Right this way, I think you’ll like what you see.” The voice said.

“Why is he extending his vowels?” Fry asked.

The sound of another door open and close echoed and Leela grabbed Fry’s arm. “They’re moving to the other room.”

Fry and Leela moved around the pillar and pressed their ears against the wall.

“Can you hear that?” Fry asked. “It sounds like breathing.”

“Fry,” she said. “They have someone else in there.”

They both listened as the two men on the other side of the wall talked and finally left. When she was sure they were gone Leela knocked on the wall.

“Hello? Is someone in there?”

No response.

“They’re still in there,” she said. “I can hear them breathing.”

“It’s human trafficking.” Fry said. “They’re kidnapping and selling people. That’s why they didn’t kill us….I wonder what I’d be worth.”

“Let’s not find out.” Leela looked over her shoulder and saw a hole in the wall where the cinderblock had begun to deteriorate. “Fry, there’s an opening.”

The two of them walked over and knelt on the floor.

“They must be knocked out,” she said. “Why aren’t they responding? Let’s try to break through the wood and get to them.”

“How is breaking out of one prison into another going to help us?”

“Fry, let me ask you this: if it were me in there what would you do?”

He thought for a minute and stabbing at the wall with the knife. The two of them went at it for fifteen minutes before the hole was about the size of Fry’s fist. Getting behind Leela he put his hands on her shoulder to steady her as she kicked the wall and he watched it crumble.

“Fry,” she said out of breath. “I need your help. I can’t break the wall by myself.”

“Alright,” he said before getting in pushup position above her. “Ready?” he asked trying not to bump foreheads with her.

“Yeah, go.”

They both began kicking and Leela looked over Fry’s shoulder and saw the hole in the wall get bigger and bigger.

“Fry I think we got it.” She said.


“Yeah…so get off.”

“Oh, right,” he said moving to the side. “You know, I’ve always liked your legs but now I respect them.”

“Yours aren’t so bad either,” she smirked. “You know, the next Planet Express Picnic we should do the three legged race.”

“You’re on.”

“Hello?” Leela yelled into the hole. “Are you okay?”

“Look out,” he said putting a hand on her shoulder, “Let me stick my head in there and look.”

He broke off some more of the wall so he didn’t get his head stuck and looked inside.

“Hello? Are you-“ he stopped when he heard a noise and his eyes went wide. “Oh my God! Leela, pull me out!”

“Why what is it?”

Fry pulled her to her feet just as the wall exploded and a giant tiger stuck his head in the hole.

“What the hell is that?!” Leela screamed.

“What the hell does it look like, Leela?! It’s a fricking tiger that almost bit my face off!”

They watched as it used its giant paws to expand the hole they had started in the wall.

“That explains the chains and the knives.”

“But where’d they get it? There’s only a few tigers left in the world!”

“We must have walked in on their operation.”

“How? I don’t remember anything!”

“In the sewer!” Fry said snapping his fingers. “They were running it down in Old New York. We must still be down there!”

“Okay, but that’s not our biggest problem. That tiger getting in here is!”

“Oh come on, I doubt she’s gonna get in here.”

The tiger once again pawed at the wall expanding the hole even more and let out a furious growl.

“Oh…uh…Leela? Does she look a little hungry?” he asked as the tiger chewed at the wall.

“Yeah…that’s bad.”

Fry reached in his pocket and found a small bag of beef jerky. “Hey, check it out.”

“Fry, there’s a tiger, focus.”

“I know! That’s why I’m gonna buy us some time.” He said emptying the packet in his hand.

“No Fry, don’t go near it!”

He tossed it in the hole and the tiger backed off.

“There, she’s going for it.”

“Yeah, and then she’ll want more.”

“Oh come on, I’m sure that’ll-“

He was interrupted by the tiger breaking through the wall.

“Fry, she’s coming!”

“Good news everyone!”

Beckett looked over her shoulder and saw the shoulders of the entire Planet Express crew slump as the Professor shuffled in.

“We have a delivery!”

“Professor,” Amy said. “Fry and Leela are still missing.”

“So? We don’t need the ship and I’m sure you and Bender can handle this. You’re just delivering some chains, cages and a few giant bags of cat food.”

Amy took the slip with the address written on it. “This is in Old New York, right by the police station.”

“What?” Beckett walked over and looked at the slip. “Castle look, this is down the street from the precinct.”

“Damn it.” The Professor said. “I should have just sent all this crap with them!”

“Professor Farnsworth,” Beckett asked, “Who ordered this stuff?”

“The DOOP did.”

“What’s the DOOP?” Castle asked.

Bender spoke up as he flicked cigar ash on the ground. “It’s like the Federation from-“ he lowered his voice, “Star Trek.”

“Why are you saying it like that? I mean, Star Trek is-“

Castle was interrupted as Bender covered his mouth with his cold metallic hand.

“Shh! Don’t say that!”

Beckett ignored them and turned back to the Professor. “What are they doing with chains, cages and cat food?”

“Leela, what are we gonna do?” Fry asked as the tiger pawed away at the wall. “She’s gonna get in here.”

“We need to block the wall.” She said pulling him towards the freezer that was still in the middle of the room. Once they got into position they both began pushing with all their might.

The tiger continued pawing at the wall and was close to breaking through.

“We’re not going to be able to move it in time.” Leela said.

“Let’s get in the freezer.” He said.

“No, it’ll latch and it will suffocate.”

“Would you rather be eaten?”

“I’m looking for door number three, Fry.”

He looked at the freezer and back at the tiger.

“I’ve got a plan. Help me lift it.”

The two of them lifted the freezer so it stood upright as the tiger made one last attack on the wall.

“Get up there!” He yelled boosting her upwards.

Fry heard the tiger bust through the wall and growl as she raced towards him. He jumped and Leela pulled him on top of the freezer with her just as the tiger was about to pounce on him.

“Uh, Leela?” Fry asked as the tiger circled the freezer looking up at them. “I’m kinda regretting this plan.”


“Do you know how high tigers can jump?” he said just before the tiger jumped, her paws landing in front of their feet. “High.”

Leela clung onto Fry’s jacket as the tiger walked on her hind legs in a circle. The tiger licked her lips as she jumped back down.

“She’s playing with us.” Leela said. “She’s gonna knock the freezer over. What are we going to do?”

“There’s only one thing to do. Scream like little girls.” He said before screaming. “HELP!”

Beckett turned around in the darken house down in Old New York.

“Do you hear that?”

Muffled cries of help were coming from the floor. She walked over with Castle, Bender, Amy, Ryan and Esposito and found a hatch in the floor. They opened it and saw Fry and Leela standing on the freezer as a tiger circled them.

“Fry! Leela!”

They both looked up.

“Kate! Castle!” Fry shouted. “Oh thank God we’re saved!”

“Is that a tiger?!” Castle asked.

“Yeah! Yeah, it’s a tiger.” Fry said. “Hey, would you mind getting out of here?”

“Yeah, we’re gonna get you out of here.”

Before they could reach down there to get the two of them the sound of a gun charging filled the room and they all turned around closing the hatch.

Zapp Brannigan along with another man stood there with guns pointing at them. Beckett, Ryan and Esposito all drew their guns as Fry and Leela continued to scream for help.

“Doesn’t matter who you shoot first.” Esposito said. “The others will kill you.”

“Maybe I’ll shoot the pretty one first.” Zapp said which caused Ryan and Esposito to look at each other and then at Beckett questionably.

“You two can’t be serious?” Beckett asked.

Another man appeared and Ryan focused on him.

“Let’s just kill all of them,” the man said.

“Okay, how about this-“ Zapp said. “You let us walk out of here and either die trying to stop us or forget about us and save those two down there.”

“This is it.” Fry said. “I’m sorry, I’ve got nothing else.”

He paused and looked Leela in the eye.

“Fry,” she said. “I love you.”

Fry smiled and held her close. “I love you too.”

“I’m sorry it took me this long to say it.” Leela said with tears in her eye. “Of course I’d choose the moment right before we become tiger kibble.”

“Beckett?” Ryan asked after a beat. The sound of the tiger growling then the freezer falling following by Fry and Leela’s screams filled the air.

“Let them go.” Beckett said holstering her gun and turning around.

The six of them all lowered their weapons and Zapp left with his two goons. Kate and Castle lifted the hatch and saw the tiger standing onto of the fallen freezer licking her lips.

“Oh my God! It ate them!” Castle said.

“It didn’t eat us!” they heard Fry say.

Sticking his head in the hole he saw the two of them hanging from the rafters.

“Nice hangout spot.” Castle said.

“Yeah,” Fry said. “Can you help us out of here?”

Fry watched as Kate bandaged his cut up wrist like she had done to Leela moments before. They were all back at Planet Express sitting in the lounge relaxing after the hectic day they all had.

“So,” Bender said. “The two of you were handcuffed together. I’m surprised you didn’t kill each other.”

“It was touch and go for a while,” Leela smirked.

“Until we found our rhythm,” Fry said. “So, how did you guys find us?”

“When the Professor was telling Amy and Bender about a new delivery we found out that it was near the 12th Precinct.” Kate said. “Something about it seemed shady and sure enough. We guessed that you guys mistakenly walked in on their operation.”

“But where they’d get the tiger?” Leela asked. “There’s only a handful left in the world and are all in captivity so they don’t go extinct.”

“I can explain that.” The Professor said. “Detective Beckett was right-Fry and Leela’s abduction was connected to Yancy’s murder.”


“How what?” he asked.

“Oh for God sakes.” Leela said rolling her eye and snatching the file the Professor held in his hands. “Here Kate.”

“Thanks,” she said reading over it. “It looks like the Russian mob who ran some of the triad games in Chinatown-the games Yancy played-found the rip in space time that sent the four of us here.” She paused and through for a second. “So they got involved with Zapp Brannigan and began smuggling tigers through the-“ she paused and smirked at Castle. “Time ripple.”

He smiled back. “Told you.”

“How did he pay them though?” Fry asked. “31st Century money would be worthless.”

“Zapp was getting funds from the banks that have been closed for centuries in Old New York,” Kate continued, “They were able to bleach the bills and make 2012 currency. ”

“When Yancy caught wind of it he tried to get them to call of his debt,” Castle said, “But when they didn’t want to do that and knew he would go to the cops they killed him.”

“So, did Zapp get away?” Leela asked.

“No,” Ryan said. “When we heard you guys scream Javi here dialed 911 on Amy’s phone. They were outside waiting for him.”

He and Esposito bumped fists.

“This calls for a celebration,” Bender said putting a hand on Fry’s shoulders. “You guys saved the two most important people in my life…and also Leela.”

“Who’s the other person?” Castle asked.

“Me. Bender.”

That night the Planet Express crew enjoyed a drink with their new friends at the bar, celebrating the safe return of Fry and Leela and the dishonorable discharge of Zapp.

“You know what,” Castle said. “If you guys are ever in the Twenty first Century, feel free to stop by my bar The Old Haunt. Free drinks all around!”

“Here, here!” Bender said clinking his bottle with Castle’s.

“Speaking of which,” Amy said, “The Professor figured out how to reopen the spot you guys traveled through. So you guys can go home at any time.”

“Really?” Beckett asked. Looking around at her friends from the Department and the new ones she had made she shrugged her shoulders. “What’s the rush?”

As the night went on, Fry sat with his arm around Leela in a booth talking with Kate thanking her for saving their lives. Beckett wasn’t sure what it was but as she looked at her new friends and how happy they were she couldn’t help but feel that emptiness inside her grow. For months she had kept the true details about her shooting to herself. She had heard Castle that day but didn’t tell him. She remembered when he visited her in the hospital and how heartbroken he looked when she lied and told him she didn’t remember anything—she pretended not to notice. She looked over at Castle sitting at the bar with Ryan and Bender and excused herself from the table.

Fry and Leela looked as she said something to Castle and the two of them exited the bar.

“Look at them,” Fry said. “I mean, it’s obvious they’re crazy about each other. Why don’t they just get together?”

“Castle’s probably too persistent and it scares her.”

“And Kate’s to stubborn to admit her feelings and lets her fears of abandonment control her.” He paused. “Why do people do that to themselves?”

“I don’t know, it’s ridiculous.”

Outside the bar Castle and Beckett stood in the cold winter air. Kate tugged her jacket tighter trying to stay warm.

“What’s up?” Castle asked.

“Castle, listen—I know that I’m not the easiest person to get to know and I don’t always let on what’s on my mind. But…I just want you to know I’m working on it. And I’m getting to where I want to be.”

“Where’s that?”

“A place where I can deal with what’s happened to me the day I was shot. Everything.”

He nodded. “I think I understand.”

“And that…my walls are coming down.”

Castle smiled. “I’d like to be there when that happens.”

Kate smiled back. “I’d like that too.”