Fan Fiction

A Mark, A Mission, A Scar, A Brand - part 3
By Frosty

Chapter 17: Sorry

I’m sorry I’m bad
I’m sorry I’m blue
I’m sorry about all the things I said to you
And I know, I can’t take it back

Fry stared out of the car window watching the houses go by behind teary eyes. Bender was driving and they had just begun their trip to New New York City. He kept thinking about Leela and how hard it was to leave like that. He would of at least liked to say goodbye in person but they had to get out of there as soon as possible. They had just gone to the house grabbed Fry’s bag and left. He barely had time to write that note to Leela.

Bender looked over at his friend and knew he had to say something to cheer him up. He had been through hell these past few years. He lost his job, he lost his last living relative, he lost his close friends, his leg, but he finally got the girl of his dreams. But even Bender knew that leaving meant he might of just lost her forever.

“It’ll be okay buddy.” Bender said trying to break the awkward silence between them.

Sighing Fry looked at his friend. “How can you say that? I should of just listened to Leela and forget about it. She said that he can’t back up what he says and, I don’t know, maybe he would of just gave up.”

“I don’t know Fry, this guy’s crazy.”

“It doesn’t matter Bender. I love Leela, I shouldn’t of left like that.”

“Ben would of gotten you arrested if you didn’t. You know that. He’s a lawyer, his dad’s a judge and his brother’s chief of police. Add one family with power who hates you and Leela, with you beating the hell out of Ben and that equals your ass in jail. Simple as that. This isn’t rocket science. What is rocket science?”

“Rocket science is when scientist find out things about space.” Fry said drinking out of a bottle he pulled from his bag.

Bender looked at him. “Are you drunk?”

“What? It’s Snapple.”

“Whatever you’re acting drunk.” he sniffed the air, “That’s smells like Vodka.”

“Well, there’s a little in there. But I’m cool, I’m cool.”

Oh no, Bender thought, this is not good.

“You know, she-she could of at least sent me one letter when in was in the DOOP. One letter!”

A now drunken Fry was rambling on and on as he and Bender made their way to the city.

“Hell,” he said slurring, “I-I almost died. She knew that if I was in the DOOP I might never see her again.”

He sighed and Bender was thankful he shut up for just one second.

“She said that she’s loved me for ten years but never could send me one damn letter?” he took a sip from the bottle.

“Oh my God, shut the hell up!” Bender said punching Fry’s arm.

“Ow! That hurt!” Fry said before closing his eyes and letting his head hit the window.


He looked over and it seemed Fry had passed out and breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God.”

“I’m just saying.” Fry said causing Bender to groan.

“Why don’t you walk back and talk to her about it?”

Fry sighed, “I don’t know if I can ever go back Bender.”

“Why not? You two belong together.”



He thought about it and shook his head. “Yeah, yeah you’re right. I mean I love her and she loves me. I-I shouldn’t care what Ben thinks. Me an Leela belong together and we‘re gonna get married someday!”

“There you go buddy. So you wanna go back?”



“I can’t.”

“But you just said- How much Vodka is in that Snapple?”

“Oh this is just Vodka now. It stopped being Snapple like half a hour ago.”

Chapter 18: Don’t Wait

Don’t wait, don’t wait
The lights will flash and fade away
The days will pass you by
Don’t you wait

A few hours later Bender and Fry stood outside the Trunga household. Bender had confiscated Fry’s bottle and stopped at a gas station where they sold him a shot that would sober Fry up pretty quick. By the time they reached the city he was back to himself. It was then he had realized what he’d done.

“Oh God what have I done?!”

Bender sighed agitated and knocked on the door. Munda answered a few seconds later and when she saw who it was a shocked look came over her face.

“Fry, what are you doing here? Is something wrong? Are Leela and Cody alright?”

“They’re fine.”

“Then why are you here?”

“I had to leave. Ben and I had a little…misunderstanding.”

“A little misunderstanding?” Bender asked, “Galileo and the Pope had a little misunderstanding.”

“Fine, I kicked the crap out of him.”

Munda gasped and knowing that this would be a long conversation she opened the door more letting the two of them inside.

“I didn’t mean to do it. He just said something that really pissed me off.”

“Did you want to beat him up?” Munda asked.

“Well, yeah. I hate him, he’s hurt Leela and Cody, the two people I care for more than anything.”

Munda smiled a bit at Fry’s love for her daughter but then went back to business.

“How did this all start?”

Fry began to explain what happened from when he first arrived at Leela’s door step. He talked about their first two weeks together and smiled the whole time and then talked about their date.

“After dinner we were dancing and Leela said she loved me.” he looked down at the floor just thinking about that moment. “I had never been so happy. I mean I waited years and years for her to tell me that, I didn’t know what to say. Everything seemed so perfect. Then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom and-”

He stopped himself short when he realized who he was talking to.

“Uh, we laid there and talked for a while and she fell asleep.”

Munda gave Fry a look and he knew he had been caught.

“Fry, Leela’s a adult. She can make her own decisions. Granted when she made that decision with Ben it wasn’t the best, but I trust you and I know if anything happens you’ll be there for her. Unlike that jackass.”

Fry smiled and continued. “That night I had a nightmare, like the ones I had in the Army and when I got home. While I was on the way up here I had them as I got closer to New, New York. Then after the first few days at Leela’s they stopped. But one night, I had one and they kept happening. I told Leela they’re not like regular dreams. These seem so real like I’m actually living through them. And in all of them Ben kills me.”

Munda’s eye went wide and Fry wiped the sweat from his face. “I didn’t know what to think of them. But I also started seeing ghosts of my friends. All of them telling me the same thing ‘There is more’. I have no idea what they mean.”

“That is strange.”

“I also felt like someone was watching me and sure enough Ben was outside the house almost every night spying on us.”

“Did you call the police?”

“What could they do? His brother’s chief. Anyway while Leela was at school I went over to Ben’s just to talk to him. That’s when things got out of control. After I knew I had to get out of there.”

“What does Leela think about all this?”

“I don’t know. When we got back to the house I wrote a note and left. I mean, it was only a matter of time until Ben sent the cops after me. It was hard, and I didn’t want to do it but what else could I do?”

Munda put her tentacle on Fry’s shoulder. “I understand you were scared Fry, but I honestly think you should of stayed there and at least told Leela in person what happened.”

Sighing Fry put his head in his hands. “You’re right.”

“But, I know she loves you so she’ll forgive you.”

“I hope so.” he said lifting his head up. “Although, coming down here saved me a trip.”

“What do you mean?”

“I wanted to ask you and Morris something.”

Chapter 19: Lonely People

Sweet, sweet and cold
Clean up the mess and sleep the day away
When you call, I might be here
I might be gone

Leela was sitting on the couch while Cody was in his room reading. She was still trying to wrap her head around what happened and couldn’t figure out what to do. Part of her was telling her to drive down to New, New York City and find Fry but the other part was telling her that wasn’t possible. She had work the next day and she couldn’t leave Cody. Picking up the phone she called Lisa. The phone rang a few times before she picked up.


“Hey Lisa, it’s Leela.”

“Oh hey Leela, what’s going on? How are things going with Fry?”

“Uh, well…”

She began to tell Lisa of everything that happened the past few days and finally how when she came home there was a note from him saying that he had left.

“He just left? Why?”


“Oh. Okay what did he do?”

“I’m not sure but there’s no way I could blame Fry. I know it was all Ben.”

“Of course it was. So what are you gonna do?”

“I think I should call him, what do you think?”

“Yes, why haven’t you done that yet?”

“I don’t know. But I’ll call him tomorrow I just need some time to think about what I’m gonna say to him.”

“Just take it easy on him. You know he loves you more than anything.”

“I will, thanks Lisa.”

“No problem and if you need anyone to talk to you know you can call me.”

“I know. Bye.”

Hanging up the phone Leela decided that some fresh air would do her good. She opened the back door and sat on the swing just thinking about the night her and Fry sat out there. Leaning her head back she wished Fry never left.

All of the sudden she had an uneasy feeling. Like someone was watching her and she looked around the back yard. It was clear but she still felt scared. Looking up at the sky she saw the dark clouds rolling in and went inside when she heard thunder and the rain started pouring. Once inside she checked on Cody and saw that he was still reading in his beanbag chair in the corner of his room.

“Hey Mom,”

“Hey Cody.”

“Have you heard from Fry yet?”

“Not yet.” she paused. “You really miss him don’t you?”

“Yeah, I liked having him around. I mean, I was kinda hoping he could be my step-dad.”

Leela smiled, “Really?”


“Well I think he’s gonna come back soon.”

“Good,” Cody said before going back to his book.

Leela closed the door behind her and leaned against it feeling her eye well up with tears.

Chapter 20: Show me what I’m looking for

I’ve wanted this far too long
Mistakes become regrets
I’ve learned to love abuse
Please show me what I’m looking for

Munda and Morris watched as Fry paced back and forth thinking of the right words to say.

“Fry just come out with it. What did you want to ask us?”

Taking a deep breath Fry faced them. “First off, I love your daughter and her son very, very much. Whenever we’re together I just feel like I’m flying.”

“Why are you two doing drugs?” Bender asked taking a drag from his cigar.

“No. We’re in love and that’s why I wanted to ask you guys….May I marry your daughter?”

Morris smiled but Munda stood up and stared him down. “Just answer one question for me Fry. A husband has to be there for his wife, he has to put her and his family before himself. Always. Do you think you can do that?”

Fry thought about it seriously. He loved Leela and would do anything for her, he almost died for her a few times and finally he shook his head. “Yeah. I can.”

“Then what are you doing here?” she said seriously.

Her words hit home hard. He had just left Leela without any real kind of explanation. He had to go back first thing in the morning.

“I mean, you want them to be safe right?”

“Of course.”

“Do you think leaving them with everything that’s been going on is safe?”

Her words took a moment for Fry to register and his eyes went wide. “I have to go,” he said grabbing his bag. “Bender go tell Amy I’ll get her car back as soon as I can.”

He opened the door and was about to walk out when Munda stopped him. “Fry. Next time you come here you better have a fiancée and a future step son.”

Fry smiled and gave Munda a hug. “Thank you.”

Quickly Fry climbed up to the surface and jumped in the car. The door was barely closed but he was already down the street.

“I’m coming for you Leela!”

Chapter 21: You

There’s always something in the way
There’s always something getting through
But it’s not me
It’s you, it’s you

Three hours away from her parents house, Leela was in the spare bedroom painting. When she and Cody first moved in after the divorce she decided to make herself a art studio. The first few months of being divorced she painted about 30 paintings, and some hung in her home, her parents home and Lisa‘s. As she had told Fry before, it always helped calm her down and that’s exactly what she needed right now. The canvas had a outline of the Adirondack Mountains, which were about a hour and a half north of her home. One weekend when Ben had Cody she took a trip up there and had taken pictures so she could paint them later. As she painted she thought about taking a romantic weekend trip up there with Fry. If he came back, that is.

He’s coming back, I know it, she thought, he has to. If he loves me like he said he does then he’ll come back…but what if he doesn’t?

Putting down the brush she sat down in her chair. Fry’s gone. Leela put her head in her hands and sighed heavily. Now, more than ever, she wished she had listened to him ten years ago. He offered to help her, just to keep her safe from Ben. She thought about their last conversation.

Fry walked up to Apartment 1I looking for Leela. She was moving today, but he had to talk to her before she left. He couldn’t live without her, and he was going to try to make her stay. Who’s she gonna trust, he thought as he walked up the stairs, this guy who she’s known for a month or her best friend?

Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door and Leela answered a few seconds later.

“What do you want Fry?”

He paused, “I’m fine thanks for asking.”

Leela crossed her arms and narrowed her eye.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Fine. Talk.”

He could tell she was upset with him, since he had already tried to ‘save’ her from Ben before.

“I know I’ve said this before, but please listen to me; Ben is going to hurt you. He’s not the one for you and he’s probably only marrying you because you’re pregnant.”

Leela glared even more but inside she felt shocked, Fry had never stood up to her before. Fry however was feeling his blood boil. With every word he became more and more angry. At Ben, at Leela, at everything.

“He’s gonna be like every other guy you’ve been with. Once he’s tired of you he’ll leave. Then you’ll be all alone and I wont be there to pick up the pieces.”

“When have you ever been there to pick up the pieces before?”

“Uh, how about with Zapp, Chaz or Alkazar?”

Leela was silent. She knew he was right.

“You know what? I don’t get why I ever did all that stuff for you. What have you done for me?”

Still no response from Leela, Fry continued. “And now you’re gonna trust this sleezeball instead of your best friend?”

“Well you’re sure not acting like a friend now.”

“I’ve always been your friend Leela. You were just to blind to realize that I was always there for you. I’m the one who was there when you were hurt, I sat by your side for two weeks while you were in a coma. But apparently it was all for nothing”

“Fry if you were my friend you would be happy for me.”

“How can I be happy when the person I love is marrying someone else?! We‘ve known each other for years and not once have you ever been there for me!”

“Of course I have!”

“Name one time!”

They just stared at each other for a while and Leela felt tears in her eye. Fry also had tears in his eyes and it was obvious that his heart was broken, but she wasn’t going to do anything about it. This was her life and she was going to lead it the way she saw fit.

“You arrogant son of a bitch.” she said smacking him.

It phased him for only a second. Finally he said, “If you leave here and marry Ben I’ll never forgive you.”

Leela pointed down the hall, “Get out.”

Fry turned around and was about to walk away but said, “I hate you. Go to hell.”

If Leela would have listen to him, than she and Fry would be together now. Instead she was sitting in her house alone.

Then, all of the sudden there was a knock at the door. She practically ran to it and when she opened it her eye went wide.

Chapter 22: Home

I’m going home
back to the place where I belong
Where your love has always been enough for me

Fry wasn’t the one at Leela’s door. He was still making his way up there though the wind and rain. His foot was sore from pressing on the accelerator and his knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel. Weaving in and out of traffic he never let the speed drop below 75 and he knew that sooner or later a police car would probably be following him.

The rain was horrible and he could barely see but it didn’t matter. He would get to Leela’s or die trying. Munda was right. It was wrong of him to leave them with everything that was going on. Sooner or later Ben was going to show up at Leela’s and Fry had no idea what might happen. All he knew was that he had to get there fast.

Gripping the steering wheel tighter and slamming his foot down on the gas pedal he sped foreword.

Chapter 23: Know your Enemy

Do you know the enemy?
Do you know your enemy?
Well, you gotta know your enemy

Leela hoped it was Fry at the door, but when she saw her ex husband her heart sank.

“Hey Leela I-”

He was cut short when Leela slammed the door in his face. Turning around she walked towards the kitchen and was going to pour herself a glass of wine to help relieve the stress she was feeling when there was a knock at the door again. Going back and opening it she saw Ben again.

“Leela, it’s me, Ben.”

“I know. Why do you think I slammed to door?”

“Just listen. I need to talk to you about Fry.”

“You mean how you drove him away from me.”

“No, I mean how he attacked me. He came over and just exploded. I tried to calm him down but he wouldn’t listen. Then he just punched me in the face for no reason.”

Leela knew it was a lie. Ben had probably provoked Fry into doing something he regretted.

Ben continued, “I just want to tell you that he’s dangerous. He’s not the same guy you knew ten years ago.”

“Neither are you.”

“Leela, please,” he said softly, “I just don’t want to see you or Cody get hurt.”

“If you didn’t want to see us hurt then why did you leave? You know sending a check once a month and criticizing everything Cody does doesn’t make you a good father. Fry‘s a better father then you ever were or ever will be.”

She was about to close the door but Ben stuck his foot inside. “Leela, if you don’t break up with Fry we’re going to have big problems.”

“We’ve had big problems for ten years!”

She tried to close the door again but Ben forced his way inside. “Listen to me. If you don’t dump that loser then Cody’s gonna come live with me. Permanently and you’ll never see him.”

“You cant do that!”

“Yes I can. I have proof that you’re letting him live in a unsafe environment. Keeping Fry around is dangerous. Look what he did to me!”

Leela was horrified. She couldn’t believe that Ben was giving her and ultimatum. Lose Fry, or lose Cody.

“I don’t care. Fry, Cody and I are going to be together.”

“Leela I mean it!” Ben screamed, “If you keep Fry’s ass around Cody is coming to live with me!”

“No!” a voice said from behind Leela.

They both saw Cody standing there, his fists clenched. He had heard his parents screaming at each other and wanted to go tell them to stop. But when he heard what Ben said he was terrified.

“There’s no way I’m going to live with you!” he said before turning and running out the back door into the woods.

“Cody wait!” Leela said going after him. But she was stopped by Ben when he grabbed her arm.

“We’re not done here.”

“I’m not letting him go outside in this weather!”

“It’s just a little rain.”

“No its not! There’ s a huge storm out there. He doesn’t need to be out by the creek, or in the woods, or…the tree house. Oh my God!”

She broke free and ran outside.

Chapter 24: I’d come for you

By now you know that
I’d come for you
No one but you
Give my life for you

At the same moment Leela was running out into the woods Fry was turning the corner onto her street. He slammed his foot on the brake and quickly got out when he saw Ben’s car. Oh no, oh God no. Running inside he saw that the house was empty but the back door was open. That’s when he heard Leela and Ben screaming Cody’s name.

“The tree house!” he thought out loud. Sprinting outside he saw Ben and Leela make their way into the woods and followed them. “Leela!”

Leela turned around when she heard someone call her name and when she saw Fry she almost started crying.


He met up with her and put his arms around her. “I’m so sorry for leaving.”

“It’s okay. I forgive you. But you got to help save Cody, I think he’s up in the tree house.”

“Come on!”

They continued running through the woods. Fry was being blinded by the rain and his clothes were soaked through. Leela was stumbling, and her foot was filled with pain, since she had no shoes on and could feel something cut her foot. She stumbled a few more times before falling but Fry was right there to pick her up. Once they got to the creek they saw Cody standing on the ledge of the tree house.

“Oh my God,” Leela said, “Cody come down here!”

“Wait!” Fry said, “That things going to collapse if he hits the wrong spot.”

“Then what are we gonna do?”

Fry thought about it before climbing up the latter.

The wind was blowing so hard he almost was pushed off the latter into the creek but held on. Leaves and rain blew in his face but he knew he had to just ignore it. Finally he made it to the top and looked inside the tree house. Cody was on the other side and Fry stuck his arm in as far as he could fearing if he went inside his weight would make the wood break.

“Cody listen. I want you to carefully walk over here and grab my hand, okay?”

Cody shook his head, and Fry could tell by the fear in his face he regretted going up there.

“Okay, no just carefully inch your way over to me.”

He watched as Cody took baby steps over to him.

“Take your time, be careful. Just come over to me.”

Cody was almost to Fry’s hand and was about to grab it when he heard the floor creaking. Quickly he reached for Fry’s hand, but was only able to brush his fingers against Fry’s before the floor gave away.

Terrified Fry jumped down to the ground and when he saw Cody hanging onto a branch his feet in the water he breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid Cody had fallen in the creek.

“It’s okay Cody, I’ll get you.”

“The hell you will!” Ben said knocking Fry over. “He’s my son, I’ll get him.”

Ben made his way over to Cody, but wasn’t looking where he was stepping. Standing on a rock in the mud he reached out to his son.

“Come here Cody.”

Ben tried to reach for him but the rock gave away forcing Ben into the creek, taking Cody with him.

Leela screamed in horror as Cody and Ben fell into the water. She looked at Fry who had kicked his shoes off and then watched as he dived in the water. He swam with the current and grabbed Cody with one hand then a branch with another.

“Cody, get on my back!”

He did and Fry carried him safely to shore where he was greeted by Leela.

“I see Ben!” Fry said pointing at a figure holding onto a rock in the water. “I’ll be back.”

“Fry-” Leela began to say, but it was too late.

Fry grabbed onto the same rock Ben was holding and extended his hand.

“Give me your hand! I’ll get you to shore.””

“No way!”

“You idiot, if you don’t let me help you, you’ll die!”

“Maybe so, but I’m taking you with me!” he said punching Fry in the face.

Fry slipped from the rock and began floating down the creek. Ben laughed but soon felt his own hands begin to slip as the current sped up and he could feel the air being crushed

from his lungs before everything went black.

Epilogue: One year later

After her first day back at school Leela was exhausted, but the thing that bothered her the most was her foot. The doctors said that she was fully recovered, seeing that she had broken it that day at the creek, but from standing on her feet most of the day she was sore. They said how she still might have some pain from putting exceeding pressure on it and they were right, even though she did it a year earlier. Tomorrow she decided she would borrow a stool and sit at the front of the class.

She watched as Cody jumped out of the car and ran inside, excited to be home, but so was she. Mostly because unlike her first day of school last year, she knew that she wouldn’t be coming home to an empty house.

After witnessing Fry get swept away Leela didn’t know what to do, she felt numb. But all of the sudden a figure approached her and Cody in the woods. Somehow, Fry was able to pull himself out of the water. Ben, however, was not that lucky. After the storm died down they found his body about a mile away.

Leela was surprised how she felt during the funeral. She wasn’t a grieving widow, but felt a little sad. After all, he was the father of her child and he at least did try to save Cody. Deep down, she knew that he was a good guy, but just felt like showing that side of him would make him weak. She also knew that Cody had mixed emotions about the whole situation. Sure he didn’t like his dad, but the week after the funeral Leela could hear him having nightmares about the whole thing, and he would scream Ben’s name and sometimes Fry’s. She wondered at times what the two of them would do without Ben and Fry.

Opening the door to the house Leela found Fry sitting on the couch watching TV. Cody dropped his bag and jumped on the couch next to him.

“Hey Dad!”

“Hey buddy!”

After Fry was out of the hospital (he had broken his collarbone and had other injuries) he proposed to Leela and they got married over Xmas break. Once they got back from their honeymoon Fry legally adopted Cody as his son.

“Say, why don’t you go get your chess board and we’ll play for a while.”


Cody ran into his room and Leela sat next to her husband.

“Hey there,” he said kissing her, “how was your first day?”

“Pretty good, I missed you though.”

“I missed you too.”

“How was he today?” Leela asked looking down the hall at the bedrooms.

“Good, he ate, he played, he pooped. What else is he suppose to do?”

“Did he sleep?”

“I laid him down half an hour ago.”

“I just want go check on him.”

The two of them got up and went into the third bedroom of the house, which use to be Leela’s art studio. But after the honeymoon they had to change it.

Opening the door Leela walked over to the crib and smiled when she saw her baby son sleeping soundly.

“The guys at work still think it’s weird he had two middle names.”

“Well you couldn’t just chose one. Besides, I think Ted Alexander Timothy Fry has a nice sound to it.”

Fry put his arm around Leela and smiled thinking about how everything was as it should be.

The End