Fan Fiction

Time Of Your Life, part 2
By Frosty

Fry was standing backstage after a show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was hot, tired, and starving, and it was all he could think about as he wiped the sweat from his brow. Mike walked over, beads of sweat covered his face.

“Hey Fry,” he said, out of breath, “Great show tonight, huh?”

“Oh yeah,” He grinned.

“So, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

Fry put his hand on his rumbling stomach. “Please tell me we’re going out to eat.”

Mike laughed and looked around for Buddy and Steve. “How about we find the guys and go get some Philly Cheese Steaks?”

“Alright, just let me go change.”

They had been on tour for 5 months around the galaxy. They were playing another show in Pittsburg then going to New. New York in three days and Fry was finally going to see Leela. They talked on the phone as much as possible, but Fry was ready to spend some time with her. Since New. New York was their last stop, he planned on staying for a few extra days. He was hoping that they would be able to work everything out and try to forget everything that happened to them in the past.

But then what? He thought as he changed his clothes.

What would they do? Would she move to L.A. with him? Or would he have to convince the band to move to New. New York? Fry couldn’t help but feel as though he had been in this situation before, for some reason. He finally decided that he needed to talk to Leela about this. Not over the phone, but in person.

“Hey Fry!” Steve shouted.

Fry looked and saw everyone waiting for him.

“Come on!”

Fry packed up his guitars and walked out to the bus. He opened the compartment where they stored the instruments, but jumped when someone fell out. It as a man, probably about 46, wearing ratty clothes and had long dirty hair and a beard. He stood up and looked at Fry.

“Hey man.” he said.

“Uh-” Fry mumbled, “what were you doing in there?”

The man looked at the bus and then at Fry.

“I don’t know man. But you might want to ask that girl in there.”


Fry looked inside and a young girl, about 23 years old, shorter than him, and with blond hair pulled back, came out smiling. She had on jeans and a black shirt with Fry’s picture on it.

“Uh, who are you?” Fry asked, a little scared.

She gave out a happy, high-pitched squeal and Fry coved his ears.

This must be Skyler, he thought.

“I love you!” she yelled before kissing Fry’s cheek and running away.

“Well at least that wasn’t weird.” Fry said. He shook his head, and turned back at the man saying “So what’s your name?”

“I’m Chris.”

“So, what were you doing in there?”

“I got kicked out of my house.” he said sadly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Fry said “Where did you live?”

“In the dumpster behind City Wok.”


Fry felt really bad for the guy, and he was reminded of Dr. Zoidberg. He put a hand on Chris’ shoulder.

“Come on, let me get you something to eat.”

Leela was sitting up in bed reading a book waiting for Fry to call. She knew she would be hearing from him soon, since he always called after every show. She put down her book and looked at the phone. All she could think about was seeing him in a few days. A few days! she thought.

Hearing the phone ring, she picked it up and put the receiver up to her ear. “Hello?”

“Hey Leela.” Fry said on the other line, causing her to smile.

“Hey Fry, what’s up?”

“Oh, just grabbing a late dinner before heading to my hotel room. You?”

“Just reading.” she said. “How was your show?”

“Great. We have another one in two days, then we’ll be on our way to New. New York.”

She heard him pause, and waited for him to speak. “I can’t wait to see you. I’ve really missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. I’ve been counting down the days till I see you.”



He chuckled, and Leela smiled. They talked for another 20 minutes catching up and finally were getting ready to hang up.

“Alright,” Fry said, “I’ll let you get some rest.”


“So I’ll call you after our show, and I’ll be in New. New York in a few days.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait.” she paused and smiled to herself “And Fry?”


Leela closed her eye. “I love you.”

Back in Philadelphia, Steve, Mike, and Buddy were watching Fry just hang up his phone. They saw him take a deep breath before climbing on top of the bus.

“Yahoo!” he shouted, “Leela loves me!”

Fry was soon covered in melted cheese, beef, and bread. He looked at his friends, who were laughing like crazy.

“Oh, you guys are dead!” he said jumping off of the bus.

Leela was sitting up in bed, looking a the photo album of her and Fry. She had debated about wither or not to say “I love you”, wondering if it wouldn’t be appropriate, since they hadn’t seen each other in 5 months, and had only talked on the phone. But finally, she decided there was no debating about how she felt, and she told him. Besides, it’s not like it would upset him. In the end, she was happy she said it. And Leela would bet that Fry was happy too.

“See you guys in New. New York!” Fry said, getting into his car.

He decided he couldn’t wait any longer to see Leela, and called back home and had Sara ship out his car. But not his Mustang, his red Lamborghini, so he could drive up to New. New York right after their show. Literally, right after their show. As soon as they got off stage, he packed up his gear and got in his car, turning on the engine before the door was even closed. Turning up the music to help him stay awake, he sped off down the street.

Here I come Leela, he thought.

Leela was sitting up in her bed around 12:30, still waiting for Fry’s call. She was starting to get worried, since the latest he had ever called her was 11:30, but now she didn’t know what was going on. She was a little scared that he was hurt, or sick, or drunk. But what terrified her the most, was the thought of him forgetting. No, he wouldn’t do that. . . . Would he? Leela shook her head and sighed. No, he was just running late. Probably meeting fans, or maybe their show got delayed. He would be calling soon, she was sure of it.

Hearing a knock at the door, Leela put on her robe and monocle before walking into the living room. She thought that it was her crazy neighbor, or maybe some one from work, saying there was a emergency. She hoped not, but when she opened the door her eye went wide.

There stood Fry, a smile on his face, and his guitar and suitcase in hand. “Surprise!” he said, cheerfully.

Leela gasped and as soon as Fry put his stuff down she threw her arms around him, letting him pick her up, and close the door with his foot.

“What are you doing here so early?” she asked as he swung her around.

“I just couldn’t wait to see you. So I had Sara ship my Lambo out here, and I drove out as soon as our show was done. I didn’t call you because I wanted it to be a surprise. “

Leela smiled broadly and kissed him. “You’re the best, Fry.”

He smiled and kept his arms around her. “I love you.” he whispered in her ear after she rested her head on his shoulder.

Leela looked up and kissed him again, softly, and whispered against his lips. “I love you too.”

He smiled, loving the way the words sounder coming from her lips.

“So,” she said, her hands on his jacket, “what do you want to do?”

Fry felt his knees starting to get weak. “Uh, I don’t know. What do you wanna do?”

“Well,” she said, a sly smile playing across her face, “Do you remember the first night I was in LA?”

“Yeah,” he said, trying to control himself, and his voice cracking with nervousness. He was grateful Leela didn’t seem to notice.

“Do you wanna continue what we started?”

I’m gonna need to get my knees replaced with stronger ones Fry thought as he fell on the floor. Leela just laughed and helped him up.

Fry woke up the next morning, and looked around Leela’s room. He smiled remembering the what happened and leaned his head back. That’s when he noticed the guitar he had given her hanging on the wall by the door, with a picture of the two of them next to it. He also noticed some of his CD’s on her nightstand with a CD player. Smiling he looked at Leela. She was still asleep, but was beginning to wake up. Her back was faced towards him, and he gently moved his fingers up and down her spine. He saw her stir in her sleep before rolling on her side and opening her eye.

“Hey,” he said.


Leela moved closer to him and kissed his jaw bone.

“Nice tattoo.” she purred.

Fry chuckled. “I thought so.”

“Is it is new?”

He thought about saying “Yes” even though it was a lie. But he didn’t, instead he was truthful, but was still a little scared as to what Leela might say.

“No,” he said, “I’ve had it for five years.”


When she didn’t add anything, Fry started getting worried. Finally, she smiled and put a hand on his chest. “You think I should get one of your name?”

He smiled and laughed with her. Yawing, Fry stretched out his arms and closed his eyes. “What time is it?”

“Uh,” Leela said as she reached across him, taking his shirt off of her clock. “Oh wow, it’s already 12:15.”

Fry shot up and looked at the clock. He grabbed his jeans off of the floor and slipped them on muttering curse words under his breath.

“What’s wrong?” Leela asked, wrapping the blanket around her.

“Band practice started 15 minutes ago.” he said, struggling with his pant leg. To Leela’s surprise, he only fell once trying to get them on.

“I’m so sorry, but I got to go.”

“No, it’s fine I understand. Besides, I have to get to work.”

She watched him put on deodorant and pull on a blue shirt. He walked back into the bedroom and Leela noticed a slight limp in his step.

“What’s going on there?” she said pointing at his legs.

“A little sore.” he said grinning.

“Oh, was that too much for you?” she teased.

Fry just laughed and kissed her before grabbing the keys to his car and picking up his guitar.

“What time will you be done?” she asked.

“Around 2. You want me to meet you at Planet Express?”

“Yeah, that’ll be great. And you can explain why I was late.” she said laughing.

“It’ll cost you.” he said opening the door.

“I think I can afford it.” Leela said playfully.

“Hey,” Fry said before walking out. “I love you.”

“Where the hell is Fry?” Mike said, tuning his bass.

“He’ll be here, don’t worry.” Steve replied, twirling a drumstick in his hand.

The door opened and Fry walked in, his hands on his belt buckle, his legs spread apart, and a content look on his face.

“Damn it Fry!” Buddy said, “Did you go horseback riding with out me?”

Fry stared at him for a second before answering. “No, you idiot.”

“Where have you been?” Steve asked.

“I had a late night.”

“Ooh with. . . . Leela?” Mike asked.

“Now boys,” Fry said, putting on his James Dean look, “I don’t kiss and tell.”

They all looked at each other before hooting at him. Fry shook his head laughing as he unpacked his guitar.

“Hey Steve, where’s Kasi?”

Kasi was Steve’s younger sister who played the violin and piano for their acoustic sets. Today they had one at MTV and Kasi had flown out.

“She had to go buy new strings. She was tuning it when one snapped, and she realized that she had no extras.”

“Oh, well lets set up. I’m meeting Leela at Planet Express afterwards.”

Leela walked into Planet Express with a smile on her face. She hadn’t felt this way in years, and all she could think about was Fry. She wasn’t quite sure what came over her, but now, she didn’t really care. All that mattered was that she loved Fry and he loved her back.

The night they spent together wasn’t as embarrassing as Leela feared, and she was grateful for that. Even though afterwards, they both laid there, staring at the ceiling out of breath thinking the same thing; I’m really out of practice, I hope Fry (Leela) didn’t notice. Leela thought that it was a little rushed and neither of them really got to enjoy it. Leela wanted to please Fry, and Fry wanted to please Leela.

But that was the first time she thought smirking.

“What the hell are you smiling about?” someone asked her.

Leela didn’t even notice Bender standing outside the lounge smoking a cigar.

“Oh, nothing.” she said.

The robot scratched his chin, narrowing his eyes. “Really?” he asked suspiciously, “Then why were you three hours late for work?”

She knew better than to tell Bender what happened. She had learned that the hard way after what happened with Zapp.

“Well,” she started, “Fry surprised me by coming back a day earlier-”

“And you guys did it. Alright.”

“No!” Leela shouted, “We stayed up most of the night talking.”

“And then you guys did it.”

“No Bender!”

“Leela, there’s no point in denying it.” he said turning around, starting to walk away. “Besides, I’ve bugged your apartment.”

“You did what?!” she said, her eye wide and full of anger.

Bender simply shrugged and walked away. “By the way, you might want to work on that high-pitched scream you’ve got.”

With that said, he continued making his way down the hall, leaving Leela with a confused look on her face.

I didn’t scream, she thought.

Amy Wong was calibrating the engines on the Planet Express ship, the same time Leela was walking into the building. They had already made some of their deliveries for the day, and Amy had done Leela’s job. She didn’t know Leela had arrived and was talking to Bender in the hallway, and was starting to get worried. Leela was never this late, and Amy knew something was up. From across the room, she heard her computer beep.

You’ve got mail! The voice said.

Walking over to it, she wiped the grease from her hands.

After graduating from Mars U, she could of easily moved back home, living off of her parents money, but knew that everyone would refer to her as the spoiled rich girl. And she did not want that. So she came back to Planet Express, and was now the staff engineer.

She finished cleaning her hands, and slipped on the wedding ring Kif had given her 7 years ago in their Fon. Fon Rubok ceremony. Sitting down, she opened the email and read the big bold letters. Her eyes went wide, just as Leela walked in.

“Hey Amy, sorry I’m late.” she said, hanging up her jacket.

Amy stared at her for a few seconds before cracking a smile.

“Girl talk!” she shrieked.

“Okay tell me everything.”

Amy and Leela were sitting on the ratty old couch in the Planet Express lounge, where Amy was begging Leela to tell her everything.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Leela said blushing.

Amy crossed her arm and stared her down. “Yes you do. Besides, Bender already emailed me.”

“Oh I will shut him off!” Leela said standing up.

Amy grabbed her arm and sat her down. “I swear I wont tell anyone.”

“Okay two things” Leela said nicely, “first off, you will so tell everyone and second,” she paused and then yelled at her “Everyone already knows!”

“Well then what’s the problem?”

Knowing that Amy would keep bothering her, Leela sighed.

“Sooo?” Amy pressed.

Fry was sitting on a bright stage tuning his guitar. They had just finished practice, and he was just messing around waiting for Steve. He looked down at the guitar he held in his hands and smiled. It was his Acoustic Gibson, and probably his favorite, since it was custom made. Sure, it cost him five grand, but he loved it. Spruce top, rose wood on the back and sides, mahogany neck. He had “Fry” on the pick guard, and pure silver fret board inlays, and easy to tune, which he loved.

The bright light got in his eyes, and he shielded his eyes with his hand.

“Hey guys, can we try a dimmer light?” he said into the microphone. “Try the blue light, the switch is on the left side.”

The light turned off, and soon a red light shone on the stage.

“Okay,” he said, “Try the switch on your other left, and turn on the blue light that’s not red.”

“Sorry!” the man operating the controls shouted down to Fry.

Fry shook his head and strummed the strings on his guitar. Perfect, we’re all set for tonight.

“Hey Fry!”

Fry turned his head and saw Steve walking towards him, holding a envelope in his hand.

“Here’s those tickets you wanted.”

“Oh, thanks man.”

He checked his watch and put his guitar in his case. Black leather on the outside of the hard shell, and inside was fake black bear fur. He could of gotten real fur, but he decided to get fake, not to anger any fans, making him look like he hated animals. Fry locked the case and picked it up. “I’ll see you later, I’m gonna go meet Leela.”

Leela covered her ears as Amy screeched.

“So, it’s true? You and Fry?”

Leela smiled proudly and shook her head. “Yes.”

“Leela I am so happy for you!” she said giving Leela a hug.

“Thanks Amy.”

“So now what’s gonna happen? Is he gonna move back here or what?”

Leela looked out the window at the wonderful spring day outside. But as soon as Amy said those words, Leela felt cold as ice.

Or what is right she thought.

“I don’t know.” she finally said, her voice filled with disappointment. “I mean, look at him now. He’s famous. I cant just ask him to give up everything that he’s worked so hard for.”

“What are you gonna do then?”

Leela sighed heavily. “I wish I knew, I really do.”

Fry parked his car behind Planet Express and turned it off. Looking in the mirror, he noticed the faintest trace of crows feet around his eyes, and the wrinkles around his brow and chin.

I’m old, he thought.

Shaking away the thought of aging faster than he could blink, Fry adjusted the brimmed beanie on his head as he picked up the envelope with the tickets inside, and a vase with flowers that he bought for Leela. He got out of the car, walked to the front of the building and knocked at the door. He was greeted by a familiar face.


“Fry! Hey buddy!” the robot shouted, hugging Fry, careful not to crush the flowers. “Who are those for?”

Fry looked down at the 12 red roses and the 6 white calla lilies that were in the clear vase he held in his hands. “They’re for Leela.” he answered smiling.

“Why? Is it her birthday?”

“No, they’re just because. Is she here?” he said starting to walk down the hall.

Bender stole a $100 bill out of Fry’s pocket and a few guitar picks when he wasn’t looking.

Ooh, a rock star’s guitar picks? That’ll bring in a lot of coin.

“Yeah, she’s in the lounge.”

“Thanks buddy.”

He walked into the lounge and saw Leela sitting on the couch with a man, probably the same age as himself, who had dark blond hair that stuck out from under a black beanie, and a matching beard.

“Hey Leela.”

She looked and smiled. “Fry.”

Leela stood up and gave Fry a soft, but passionate kiss.

“These are for you.” he said after she broke the kiss.

Leela gasped and took the vase from him. “Thank you. These are beautiful, what’s the occasion?”

Fry just shrugged and she kissed him again. “Thank you.” she murmured.

“No prob.” he said.

“Oh, Fry, this is Ryan Dunn, our delivery boy.”

He stood up extended his hand to Fry. “Hey, nice to meet you. I’m a huge fan.”

“Thanks man.” Fry said shaking his hand.

“I’m gonna go put these in my cabin,” Leela said, “and you two get to know each other.”

She walked away, and Fry sat down, after pulling out a ticket.

“Here Ryan, a ticket to tonight’s acoustic set.”

“Are you serous? I thought there was a certain number of them!”

“Hello, I’m in the band.”

They both laughed and Fry shook his head. “Best part we’re all going in the limo.”

“Wow! Thanks a lot man.”

“No problem Ryan.”

“Oh, please, call me Dunn.”

“Alright, Dunn.”

Leela walked back in and sat between Fry and Dunn.

“So Fry, we don’t have any deliveries, you wanna do something?”

He smiled and stood up, motioning for her and Dunn to follow him. Once in the hall, he called Bender and Amy to join them.

“Where are we going?” Leela asked.

“You’ll see. Everyone in the Lambo!”

“Hey Fry!” Steve shouted.

After leaving Planet Express, Fry drove everyone in his Lambo to a local skate park. Steve said that he and Mike were gonna be hanging out there all day until the show. Fry got out of the car, popped the truck and got a skate board out of it.

“What are you doing?” Leela asked.

“We’re going skating!” Fry said before jumping on top of the car and doing a back-flip off of it. He landed on his feet, but lost his balance and fell. Leela and everyone else couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah, great idea.” Mike said. “Break your neck before the show.”

Fry stood up and brushed the dirt off of his jeans.

“Come on!” he said running over to the ramp and dropping in.

After about half an hour, Fry stopped and sat down with everyone. He was out of breath and had already taken his shirt off.

“Hey Fry,” Mike said, after Fry had caught his breath.


“You should Ollie that.” he said, pointing at a gap about 15 feet between the two ramps.

Fry thought about it and picked up his board. “Alright.”

“Fry be careful.” Leela said.

“Don’t worry.”

The first time, he lost the board and landed on his knees, sliding down the ramp. The second time, his board got caught on the ramp and he fell off, hitting his head.

“Medic!” Steve shouted.

Fry stood up and checked his head for blood. “No, I’m good.”

Even though everyone begged him to stop, he claimed that third times the charm and he tried one last time. This time, he landed it. After riding the board up and down the ramp a few times, he stopped and walked back over to everyone.

“That was awesome!” he said as Steve and Mike screamed, jumping up and down. “Whoo!”

A while later, Fry, Mike, Buddy, and Steve were on stage. Fry and Buddy had their acoustic guitars, Mike had a bass, with the distortion off, and Steve had a 4 piece acoustic drum set. About 100 people were in the audience, but all Fry cared about was that Leela was in the front row. She, Dunn, Amy, and Bender were all sitting upfront after hanging out backstage for a while.

Fry tapped the microphone, hearing the echo.

“Okay, this songs off the new album, and was originally performed by David Cook. It’s called Time of my life.”

Fry started playing the opening riff with everyone and the crowd started cheering.

Leela watched Fry carefully, and saw him wink at her. She was so happy that they were together again, and felt so lucky. Since he was staying for a few extra days, she was going to make sure that they would work everything out. No matter how hard it was.

I’ve been waiting for my dreams
To turn into something
I could believe in
And looking for that
Magic rainbow
On the horizon
I couldn’t see it
Until I let go
Gave into love and watched all the bitterness burn
Now I’m coming alive
Body and soul
And feelin’ my world start to turn

Leela watched as Fry winked at her and she smiled.

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life

Leela and Amy were shaking their heads watching Fry and the guys laugh as he dialed a random number on his phone. It was after the show and they were relaxing backstage.

“Oh, shh! It’s ringing.”

“Hello?” a voice said. Leela looked at the phone, swearing that she had heard the voice before.

“Who the hell is this?” Fry said, putting on a accent, and speaking angrily. “I’m calling the police.”

“I didn’t call you, what are you talking about?” the man on the other line said.

“Well someone picked up the phone from this damn place and called my house. And cursed out my wife, and I don’t like that!”

Everyone covered their mouths, trying not to laugh.

“I have your number.” Fry said.

“Excuse me-”

“I-I have your number.”

“I just-”

“I have your frickin’ number!”

“Sir, I just woke from a very sensual cat nap, and I don’t know what‘s going on here.”

“I’m telling you, about two minutes ago, some one called up my house, and said some impropriate things to my wife.”


“And I pushed #69,” Fry said, cutting the man off, “And I got you! Now who said that to my wife?! Was it you? I have the polices phone number”

“It’s not me.”


“It’s not me.”

“F**k me? How dare you?!”

“Kif, tell this man I have no clue what he’s talking about.”

Oh God, Fry and Leela both thought, looking at each other.

“Uh, hello?” Kif said nervously.

“Who’s this?” Fry said, feeling his gut burst.

“Uh, this-uh-this is Lt. Kif Kroker.”

“Well who did I just talk to?”

“That was Zapp Brannigan.”

“Put him back on.”

“Well, okay.”

They soon heard Zapp’s voice again.


“’I’m gonna get to the bottom of this, and I don’t give a damn if you’re at the top! Why did you do it?”

“I’m telling you I didn’t call you!”

Fry shouted, spit flying out of his mouth. “Why did you do that? Why would you say that to my wife on her birthday?!”

By now, everyone was trying not to laugh.

“I swear I didn’t do it.” Fry heard him sigh. “I just woke up and you called me.”

“Well I don’t care! Well I just don’t! Why did you do that?”

“I never called you!”

“Why did someone call me?”

“I’m hanging up.” Zapp said.

“Why did someone call me?!”

“How should I know?!” Zapp screamed.

“I don’t know,” Fry said. “Do you?”

He screamed into the phone before hanging up and falling on the floor laughing.

“That was the best!”

The Planet Express ship was in orbit around earth with Fry and Leela inside. After the show and hanging out backstage, the two of them took the ship out for the night and were planning on spending the next day out there as well. Dawn had just broken and Fry opened his eyes. He saw Leela slipping on her robe and tying her hair back in a ponytail. She turned around, just as she finished tying her robe, and smiled at him.

“Hey there.” she said.

“Hi,” Fry said sitting up in bed. He noticed that his clothes were on the floor and so were Leela’s. he flashed her a sly smile and she laughed, before walking over and giving him a kiss. She brushed his hair back playfully, and saw him smile as she began to make her way out of the room.

“Where’re you going?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

Fry reached for his boxers and slipped them on before stretching out his arms. He caught a whiff of himself and gagged. He walked over to his gym bag he brought along and got his axe body spray out and sprayed it under his arms before laying down.

How lucky am I? he thought looking around the room. I’ve got fame, fortune, but I also have Leela. What could make my life better?

He heard the door open and Leela came in holding a tray with waffles, bacon, hash browns, and scrambled eggs with onions in them.

“Ooh,” he said, mouth watering, “that looks great!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, did you want some?” Leela asked as she sat down on the bed with the tray between her and Fry.

“Ha-ha, very funny.” he said taking a mug of coffee and sipping it.

A while later after finishing breakfast, Leela took a shower while Fry relaxed in bed. She had just changed and was running a brush through her long purple hair. Fry was still under the blankets, sitting up against the headboard.

“You know Fry,” Leela said, looking at him as she pulled her hair back, “You can go take a shower.”

“I know,” Fry said, “I’m just feeling lazy.”

“When do you not feel that way?”

Fry laughed and Leela opened her nightstand after sitting next to him on the bed. Reaching inside she pulled out her birth control pills.

“Uh-oh.” she said.

Fry’s eyes went wide and he sat up completely. “What ‘uh-oh’? ‘uh-oh’ is probably the worst thing you can say while dealing with birth control pills.”

They stared at each other for a long time before Leela finally spoke.

“I forgot to take one.”

Fry just stared at her. “Okay, ‘uh-oh’ comes in second to that.”

He got up and started pacing around.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”

“Just relax,” Leela said grabbing his arm. “Just because I forgot to take one, doesn’t mean I’m pregnant.”

Fry shook his head. “You’re right, I need to calm down.”

Leela took his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “What ever happens we’re gonna be okay.”

He sighed and felt Leela move his arm around her shoulders.

“Would you feel better if we went to the doctors?”

He shook his head and Leela patted his knee.

“Then go shower, you stink.”

Fry was sitting on the couch on the Planet Express ship as Leela spoke to her doctor on the phone.

“Okay, thank you.”

She hung up and looked at Fry.

“They cant get me in till Tuesday.”

Fry just shook his head. He hadn’t really said much, but Leela swore she could hear his heart beating from across the room. And it was beating fast.

“Hey, everything’s gonna be fine.”

After a hour of silence Fry and Leela arrived at her apartment.

“Listen there’s something I want to give you.” Leela said walking into her room. She came out holding a bead bracelet.

“What’s that?”

“Prayer beads, Amy’s daughter Lisa gave them to me.”

“Wait, Amy and Kif have a daughter?”

“Did I forget to tell you that? Huh. Anyway I think you need them right now.”

He smiled as Leela slipped them on his wrist then kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.”

The next day Fry pulled up to Planet Express to drop Leela off. After she gave him the bracelet the night before, they pretty much just sat there until he fell asleep.

He saw a large banner with the words Blood Drive on it hanging on the building.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“We’re having a blood drive today.”

“Ew,” he cringed “Creepy, needles, yuck.”

“Well I have a very rare blood type. I’m AB positive.”

“Really? I’m IM positive. As in ‘I Am positive that no one is sticking me with a needle!”

Leela laughed as she unbuckled her seatbelt. “I’ll see you later.”

She kissed him before getting out.

“We’ll be by around 7:00 to pick you guys up for the show.”

“Okay, bye Fry.”

“Bye Leela. Love you.”

She smiled. “Love you too.”

Fry watched as Leela buried her head in her hands and began crying.

It was 10:00 and they had gotten back from his show an hour ago and we discussing what they were going to do about their situation. To Fry, it didn’t matter if she was pregnant or not, he wanted her to move out to L.A. with him.

As soon as he said that, everything went down hill and they began to fight.

It went on for 45 minutes, both of them bickering and fighting and neither of them wanting to listen to the other. Finally, Fry said the four words Leela prayed he wouldn’t.

“I should just go.”

Leela grabbed his arm, tears filling her eye. “No,” she whispered “Please Fry.”

“I-I just wanna be alone tonight.”


“Listen Leela, I just want to clear my head. I promise we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

He slipped on his jacket and Leela sat down crying.

Fry looked at her and held tears back saying “I’m sorry.”

Fry stepped outside and looked up at Leela’s window and sighed.

Shoving his hands in his pockets he began to walk down the street. He had no idea what to do, it wasn’t like he could force everyone to move to New. New York just so he could be with Leela. But he loved her so much. Yes, he could have Leela move out to LA with him while they were recording, and he could live in New. New York while they weren’t recording or touring.

But what if we have kids? he thought.

They couldn’t force them to move back and forth constantly. It would be hard enough with their dad being gone for months on tour.

But right now, he wasn’t sure if he would have to worry about that. As far as he was concerned, Leela probably hated him for walking out.

“Could this get any worse?” he said loudly, closing his eyes.

He looked up when he heard thunder. “I had to ask!”

The rain started pouring down, soaking him in seconds. Fry began to cross the street so he could go to the hotel where everyone was staying, but he was so miserable, so depressed, and so lost in his own world, he didn’t see or hear the truck coming.

Fry opened his eyes and saw a bright light. He looked down and saw that he was now wearing a white collard shirt with white pants and shoes. Turning his head, he saw nothing to the left, and nothing to the right. Just white empty space.

Fry then saw someone walking towards him and once he got a good look at him he realized who it was.

“Morgan Freeman?”

“Hello Phil. Welcome to heaven.”

Fry’s eyes went wide. “Heaven? Did-did I?”

Morgan shook his head and Fry felt his throat clench.

“But why?”

“Most people who get hit by a truck don’t live to tell about it.”

Fry put his hands up to his face and noticed that the bracelet that Leela had given him was gone.

“Looking for these?” he said.

Fry looked up.

“I’ll give then to you if you do one thing. I want you to pray. And make it good.”

Fry took the beads and closed his eyes. “Uh, Lord, please end world hunger and bring universal peace.”

He opened his eyes and smiled. “Was that good?”

“It was great. If you were running for Miss Universe.” he paused and stared Fry down. “Now, what do you really care about?”

Fry felt tears forming and sighed. “Leela.”

“You want her back?”

Fry thought about it for a long time before answering. “I just want her to be happy. I want her to find someone who will take care of her. The way I should of.” he said shamefully. “And I just want her to know that I love her.”

Morgan shook his head. “That’s good.”

“That’s good?”

He shook his head and Fry smiled.

“I’ll tell the big guy to get right on it.”


Then, he poked Fry in the chest and he felt a surge of electricity go through his body.


Fry screamed and gasped for breath. “That didn’t feel good at all!”

“Clear!” he shouted poking him again.

Then, everything went black….