Fan Fiction

Dear Fry, part 4
By Frosty

[Fry has been in the DOOP for 3 years now and has a little over a year left before he can go home for good. He got back from his second leave three weeks ago, and is now getting ready for his next mission. He and Leela spent most of the week together, and spent only one day with every one else. After he left, there was a tragedy at PE. It turns out that Josh’s parents were killed in a hover car accident. Leela comforted him in return for him comforting her while Fry was away. Leela treated Josh like a brother. But neither Fry or Leela had any idea what would happen next…]

[On the Nimbus Fry was playing ping-pong with Mike in a single elimination tournament with the guys.]

John: (fake announcer) The score is tied at 20-20. It’s Fantastic Fry’s serve against Big Mikey N. The stakes are high, he needs this serve to win, and complete consternation.

Fry: Which I cant have if you keep talking.

John: (fake announcer) Here’s the serve.

[Joe raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet. Fry served and Mike hit the ball back. Fry smacked the ball once more. It bounced on the other side of the table and went over Mike’s paddle.]

John: (fake announcer) And he wins! Fantastic Fry is the new ping-pong champ!

Fry: Yahoo!

[he gave Mike a high-five and the other guys picked him up. Fry laughed and the others cheered. Kif laughed as he walked in.]

Fry: Oh hey Kif. Guys put me down.

[they did and Kif walked up to Fry]

Fry: So what’s up?

Kif: You got a letter from Leela, and I have your next mission.

[he handed two envelopes to Fry]

Fry: Thanks Kif, I’ll see you later.

Kif: Bye.

[Fry first opened the letter from Leela. It just said how much she missed him and loved him. But she also told him how Josh’s parents were killed. Fry felt really bad, he might of not liked Josh, but no one deserves that. On a lighter note, she told him how she and her mom had been talking about the wedding and were discussing a few ideas. This made Fry smile, he couldn’t wait to get married to Leela. But she also said that this was getting harder for her, and this worried him. Then he opened the other envelope that had his next mission. It said that he, Mike, John, and Joe, would be going into to battle on the planet they were currently orbiting. He was especially happy that Mike was coming. He had become Fry‘s best friend in the DOOP. ]

Fry: Hey guys, check it out. Looks like me, Mike, Johnny, and Joe are going on the next mission.

Mike: For how long?

Fry: Uh, 6 weeks.

John: Well, when we get back, we’ll have to have another ping-pong tournament.

Fry: And I’ll kick your asses again!

[they all laughed and everyone, except Fry and Mike left.]

Mike: So, did you get a letter from Leela?

Fry: Yeah, she told me that the delivery boy who replaced me, his parents were killed in a hover car accident.

Mike: Oh man, that’s terrible.

Fry: Yeah, I think I might send him a letter. Just so he knows I’m real sorry.

Mike: That might be a good idea. (pause) You really miss her don’t you?

Fry: Yeah, I just wish my tour would be done with. Do you ever wish that?

Mike: Yeah, just so I could go home and be with the people I love. (pause) So, how are things going with Leela?

Fry: Real good, but I want to get home to plan our wedding.

Mike: And you know my tour will be done about the same time, so you’ll make sure I get an invite?

Fry: Of course buddy.

Mike: Thanks. (pause) Well, lets go get ready for our next mission.

Fry: Wait. Mike, I wanted to know, if you would be one of my grooms men.

Mike: Really? (Fry nods) Yeah, I would be honored!

Fry: Thanks man!

[they walked out and went to be informed about their next mission.]

Zapp: Now, this is a very dangerous mission. Some of you might die, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Fry: (thinking) What a jack ass!

Zapp: Now all of you will be leaving at- uh- what time Kif?

Kif: 0600 hours.

Zapp: What he said. So go get ready.

[Fry walked into his quarters and began to write Leela a letter. He told her that he would be gone for 6 weeks, but asked her to write anyway. He also told her that he would write her when he could after telling her that he loved her and missed her. Then he wrote Josh a letter. He basically told him that he was sorry for his lost. He also told Josh to take care of himself. Fry thought about asking him to take care of Leela as well, because he knew these next 6 weeks would be tough for her, but then decided against it. After mailing the letters he began to prepare himself for the next mission.]

[At Planet Express a week later Leela was sitting on the couch looking at her ring. Her eye was brimmed with tears.]

Leela: (thinking) Oh Fry, I miss you so much. Why cant you be here with me? I wish this whole thing could be over so we can get married.

[Josh came up to Leela and she quickly wiped her eye.]

Josh: Hey Leela.

Leela: Oh, hi Josh.

Josh: You okay?

Leela: Just thinking about Fry.

Josh: You really miss him don’t you?

Leela: Yeah, I just wish he was here right now.

[Josh sat down and put a hand on her shoulder]

Josh: You’ll be okay.

Leela: I don’t know,

Josh: Leela, you’re the strongest person I know.

Leela; Thanks,

Josh: You know I got a letter from Fry too.

Leela: You did?

Josh: Yeah, he said that you told him what happened to my parents, and he just wrote to say he was sorry. I thought that was really nice of him, I even wrote him back telling him that it meant a lot to me.

Leela: I’m sure he’ll be happy to get it.

Josh: (pause) I have an idea, why don’t you and I go out for dinner tonight. We can both help each other cope.

Leela: (pause) Sure, I haven’t been out since Fry was last home.

Josh: Cool, I’ll meet you at the Hip Joint at 7:30.

Leela: Alright, see you there.

[cut to an unknown planet: Fry is sitting in his quarters writing Leela a letter]

Fry: (VO) Dear Leela,

I’ve been out here for a week, and I thought I write you so you know I’m okay. I really miss you, and I think about you everyday. I hope you’re doing okay, I know its hard, but I promise we’ll get through this. I’m almost done, and I’ll be home in about a year. Just keep going on with work, and the next thing you’ll know, I’ll be meeting you at the space port. Then we’ll start planning our wedding. I cant wait to get your letters when I get back to base.

Love Fry.

[after reading the letter one more time, he sealed the envelope and put it in the mail slot. Fry walked around just daydreaming the whole time. He began counting down the days until he was free, and got more excided with every passing day. He saw Mike up ahead and stopped]

Fry: Hey Mike.

Mike: Hey, how’s it going?

Fry: I’m getting by.

Mike: Don’t worry, only 5 more weeks, right?

Fry: (laughs) Yeah, only 5 more weeks.

Mike: So did you write to Leela?

Fry: Yeah, I just sent her a letter. But I’m worried about her. She wrote in her last letter that she didn’t know how much more of this she could take. I mean what if she gives up and finds some one else?

Mike: I know its hard, but that happens all the time. And if she cant wait for you, then maybe she’s not for you. I’m not saying that she doesn’t love you, I’m sure she does from what you’ve told me, you just have to hope she loves you as much as you love her.

Fry: Yeah, I guess that’s all I can do.

Mike: But don’t give up, and, God forbid, something does happen I bet you can win her back.

Fry: Yeah, thanks.

Mike: Anytime man.

Fry: So, where you heading to?

Mike: No where, just walking around. Thinking of my family.

Fry: Same here, thinking about Leela.

Mike: You really miss her don’t you?

Fry: Yeah, I-

[he was interrupted when a pterodactyl flew overhead.]

Fry: What the hell? Was that a pterodactyl?

Mike: I think so. Huh, that was strange.

Fry: Yeah. (pause) I wonder what Leela’s doing right now.

[Just so you know that was a tribute to my friend Darian. If she saw a pterodactyl, this is probably what would happen. She would freak out, and then go on like nothing happened. And I have a feeling if she’s reading this, she’s about to fall on the ground laughing like I told her she would. LOL!]

[Anyway, back on Earth at the Hip Joint, Leela was in her usual attire sitting at the bar with Josh.]

Leela: So how is your brother holding up?

Josh: He’s doing okay. Its been tough on both of us, but we’ll get through.

Leela: You know if you need some one to talk to, you can always call.

Josh: Thanks, and the same goes to you. If you get lonely, you always have me to talk to.

Leela: Thanks.

Josh: So, tell me how you and Fry got together. I’ve never heard the story.

Leela: Well, we met when I was working in a cryogenics lab as a fate assignment officer. Fry was frozen in the 20th century and woke up here. Then after getting a jobs at Planet Express, we became really good friends. But the thing that kills me, is that he asked me out a million times. And I just kept rejecting him.

Josh: So what finally made you change your mind?

Leela: He made a deal with the robot devil so he could play the holophoner for me, and ended up getting his hands. Then he wrote me an opera, but everyone walked out after the robot devil interrupted it, saying he was gonna send me to hell if Fry didn’t give him his hands back. So of course Fry gave up his hands and his musical talent to save me. And we’ve been together ever since.

Josh: So you really love him, don’t you?

Leela: Yeah,

[Josh looked down at his drink]

Leela: What’s wrong?

Josh: Oh, nothing.

Leela: No, what is it?

Josh: (thinking) Its now or never.

Josh: (sigh) I have feelings for you, Leela.

[she stared at him. Not knowing what to say, she simply shook her head]

Leela: I have to go.

Josh: Leela-

[before he could finish she was out the door. He gave a sigh and paid for the drinks. Walking outside he saw Leela sitting in her car. He walked up and knocked on the window. She hesitated and rolled down the window]

Josh: Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of said that. But, I couldn’t help it.

[she looked up at him and Josh smiled]

[On the unknown planet, Fry was laying in his cabin staring at the ceiling.]

Fry: (thinking) Just one more year, Leela. Just one more year.

[ After a long three weeks, Fry and Mike were with their unit in the middle of no-where on their 6 week mission. It was week 4 and they are waiting to go back to base. All of them were looking out for the enemy, taking quiet steps, armed with their guns. Fry looked behind his back, and then in front again. He stopped and put a hand on Mike’s shoulder.]

Fry: (whisper) Did you hear that?

[Mike stopped and looked around. Then they started being fired at]

Man: Duck and cover!

[They all found a hiding place and started shooting Fry and Mike hid behind a turned over car. Fry moved out and got a clear shot of some one aiming at him, but the guy pulled the trigger first. Fry got hit right in the knee cap. Screaming, he fell to the ground. Mike rushed to his side and pulled him out of the way. After shooting at the guy who hit Fry, he saw Mike fall to the ground]

Fry; Mike?! Mike! Oh my God!

[he painfully crawled to his side and held his head up.]

Fry: Mike! Stay with me buddy!

Mike: (weak) Get home to Leela buddy, go home and start planning your wedding.

[Fry’s eyes started welling up. Mike closed his eyes and his head fell]

Fry: Mike! No! Mike, hang in there!

[the shooting had stopped and the others approached Fry. One pulled him away from Mike and started carrying him back to base. They took him to the medical tent and they put him on small ship with two doctors sending him back to the Nimbus.]

[On the Nimbus sick bay a few days later, Fry was laying in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm and his one leg elevated. His eyes started to open just as Kif walked in]

Kif: Hi Fry, how are you feeling?

Fry: I’ve been better.

Kif: Well, I have some mail for you.

Fry: Oh, thanks. (pause) Kif, how’s Mike doing?

Kif: (pause) I’m so sorry Fry, but, he didn’t make it.

[Fry stared}

Fry: What?

Kif: He’s gone Fry.

[Kif patted his shoulder]

Kif: He wrote that he wanted you to have this.

[He handed Fry Mike’s bible and left him with his thoughts]

Fry: (thinking) He gave his life to save mine? Oh man. My best friend, gone. Killed, for me.

[he sat there for a while thinking about Mike. Finally he decided to start opening the letters. He noticed he got a letter from Josh, one from Bender, one from Amy, and only one from Leela. He found this very strange, because she wrote him 1-2 times a week. And over 6 weeks, she only sent him one letter? It was dated this week, and it was a little heavy. Inside, there was a smaller envelope saying to open after he read the letter. Carefully unfolding it, he noticed that it wasn’t that long. But for some reason, he knew that it couldn’t be good, and when he read “Dear Fry” his heart sank.]

Leela: (VO) Dear Fry,

I’ve been thinking about how to tell you this for a while, and I still don’t know what to say. I wish you were here with me right now, so I could do this in person, but that’s impossible. First off, I want you to know just how special you are to me. You care for me like no one else, and I know that you would never hurt me. You are kind, sweet, and a true gentleman. This whole experience has taken its toll on me and I know you as well. These past three years have changed us, our relationship and the way I feel about you. I’ll always remember your first leave, when you came home and stayed with me. I’ll never forget that week, and I know you wont either.

Through all are ups and downs, you’ve always kept positive. I know this sounds like an excuse, but I cant think of a way to tell you this; I didn’t mean to fall in love with some one else. I’ll understand if you never want to speak to me again, and I understand if you say you hate me. Part of me hates myself for doing this to you. But, I cant bear this anymore, you’ll always hold a place in my heart. You were, and always be, my first real true love. I know I’m breaking your heart, and I wish that it didn’t have to be this way.

I’m so, so sorry,


Fry: (thinking) I didn’t mean to fall in love with someone else. No, no, that cant be true! I must be dreaming! She cant be in love with some on else, she loves me! She’s gonna marry me!

[he opened the smaller envelope and turned it upside down. His eyes went wide and started filling up with tears, when he saw her engagement ring fall out.]

Fry: (soft) No.

[To be continued…]