Fan Fiction

Dear Fry, part 5
By Frosty

[This part is just saying what has happened since Fry was discharged from the DOOP from being injured. It moves pretty fast, but that’s just so I can get on with the next part and get every point across. Trust me, part 6 will be better than this. This part is more like the book “True Believer”. Once again by Nicholas Sparks.]

[A few weeks later, Fry went back home to New New York. Bender had picked up all his stuff from Leela, and Amy had been taking care of Seymour. Until Fry was better, Amy was going to stay at the Robot Arms with him and Bender. Amy posted him on everything that was going on at Planet Express, and he found out the Leela was dating Josh. They helped him into his room, and got him comfortable. After visiting, they let him rest with Seymour at his side. Fry pulled out Leela’s engagement ring, and sighed, wishing that he was the one who would have been killed instead of Mike. He looked at the pain medication on his night stand. He could reach for them, and get this over with. Its not like anyone would care, he only had one living relative, and lets face it, the Professor wasn’t going to be around much longer. But what about Leela? She would miss him, even if she didn’t love him. After all, she still cared about him, right?]

Fry: (thinking) I cant live without her though.

[He looked at her ring again and thought about what Mike once said to him. I bet if anything happened between you two, I bet you could win her back.]

Fry: (thinking) I hope so.

[He decided against taking the drugs, and fell asleep.]

[During the next few weeks, Fry stayed in bed, and thanks to the medical advances of the 31st century, he was already getting better. He began walking with crutches, and was doing some physical therapy. He still thought about Leela, and wished he could just talk to her. Bender walked in and looked at Fry]

Bender: (pause) Why don’t you come to Planet Express today?

[Fry thought about it and finally shook his head.]

Fry: Lets go.

[Bender helped him up, and he cleaned up. The two of them got in the car with Amy and drove to Planet Express. Once there, Fry stood outside the door.]

Fry: I can’t do this.

Amy: Yes you can.

Fry: I don’t know.

Amy: Just go in there and tell her you need to talk to her.

[Fry took a deep breath and shook his head]

Fry: Okay, okay.

[they opened the door, and everyone looked at them. Leela gasped and Fry stared at her. Finally he said something]

Fry: Hey everyone.

[Every one except Leela and Josh said something. Fry sat down between Bender and Leela. He nodded at her and she looked away.]

Fry: (soft) Can I talk to you?

Leela: (long pause then soft) Yeah, come on.

[they excused themselves from the conference room and went into the lounge. Fry sat down on the couch, while Leela sat on the edge of the table across from him. For the longest time, neither of them said anything.]

Leela: I’m- I’m glad you didn’t get hurt too bad.

Fry: (soft) Not physically.

[She looked down and Fry looked at her. His face was so serious, it scared her a little.]

Fry: Just what the hell were you thinking?

Leela: I don’t know. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Fry: But I was almost done. We made it that far, you couldn’t wait a few more months?

Leela: Fry, put your self in my position.

Fry: Put your self in my position! (pause) I tell you I love you for years, and then finally we get together, but once things get hard, you give up on us! You know if it was the other way around, I would of waited! You know if something ever happened to you, I would never even try meet someone else! I’ve always loved you Leela!

[She sighed, and Fry saw tears form in her eye.]

Leela: I’m sorry.

[They sat there again, not saying anything.]

Fry: I just want you to know, I still love you. And I want to be with you. I know we-

[He was interrupted by Leela kissing him. She looked down afterwards.]

Leela: Josh and I broke up.

Fry: What?

[she told him once she found out that he got hurt and he was coming home, she realized that she still loved him. After breaking up with Josh, she sat around and thought of what she was going to say to Fry once she saw him again.]

Fry: So-

Leela: I still love you Fry. And I’m so, so, so sorry I hurt you.

Fry: I don’t know what to say.

Leela: Please say you love me back, and you want to make this work.

Fry: (sigh) You know I do.

[he didn’t say anything else. She sighed and shook her head]

Leela: I understand.

[she kissed him again, and before she left the room Fry called after her.]

Fry: Leela!

[she turned around, and he motioned for her to sit next to him. She did and he took her hand.]

Fry: I want to make this work. I’ll do what ever it takes.

Leela: (pause) Do you forgive me?

Fry: (pause) Yes, I do. Because I love you.

[for the first time in a long time, Fry saw Leela smile.]

[Over the next 8 weeks, Leela and Fry spent as much time together as they possible could. He also decided to ask Leela to move in with him after about 6 weeks and she said “yes”. After moving all her stuff into Fry’s Amy was able to move out. Bender left them alone most of the time, surprisingly to them. Everyday Fry told Leela he loved her, and she did the same. They grew even closer than they were before with each passing day and made love on more than one occasion (when Bender wasn’t home of course). But one day the guilt was killing Fry, and there was something he had to tell Leela. They were sitting at the couch at home, and Fry looked at Leela.]

Fry: Listen there’s something I need to tell you.

Leela: What?

Fry: (sigh) Do you remember my old girlfriend Michelle?

Leela: (worried) What about her?

Fry: Well, you know how she was so controlling of me?

Leela: Yeah,

Fry: She once told me that if I wanted to stay with her, then I had to go get a fertility test.

Leela: (confused) Why?

Fry: I don’t know, but at that time, I thought I loved her. So I did it, and…

Leela: Yeah?

Fry: I cant have kids.

Leela: What?

Fry: I don’t know what it is, I just cant. And that’s why she really left me. Everyone thought it was because I was a screw up. My parents didn’t even know about this.

Leela: Were you ever going to tell me?

Fry: Of course, I could just never find the right moment.

Leela: (sigh) So, you can never have kids?

Fry: Its not very likely.

[Leela put her head on his shoulder.]

Fry: I’m sorry I never told you. I just thought you would-

Leela: Do the same thing Michelle did?

Fry: Yeah. I thought you would think less of me.

Leela: I’ll never think less of you.

[He smiled and held her tight.]

[After that day, Fry and Leela swore they would never keep something from each other again. They began to take walks along the beach like they use to. Leela gently held Fry’s arm, one evening as they walked and rested her head on his shoulder as they stopped and watched the sun set.]

Fry: Do you know how much I love you?

Leela: How much?

Fry: I love you more than there are stars in the sky and fish in the sea.

[she smiled and kissed him lightly]

Leela; Fry, do you believe in miracles?

Fry: Yeah,

Leela; Do you think a miracle could happen to us?

Fry: You’re my miracle.

Leela: Aww, that’s sweet. But, do you think something amazing could happen to us?

Fry: Sure, why?

Leela: Well, here’s our miracle.

[she took his hand and put it on her stomach]

Leela: (whisper) We’re gonna have a baby.

[He looked at her, shocked by what she had just told him]

Fry: (soft) What?

[She just smiled]

Fry: But how?

Leela: Our little miracle.

[He smiled and kissed her]

Fry: I cant believe this, (laughs) I’m gonna be a dad!

Leela: Yeah, we’re gonna be parents.

[He just stood there staring at the water smiling]

Leela: Can I ask you to do something for me?

Fry: Sure, anything. What is it?

Leela: I want to wait to tell everyone the big news.

Fry: Of course. But why?

Leela: Think about what everyone would say.

Fry: Yeah you’re right. My lips are sealed.

Leela: (smiling) Thank you.

Fry: So are you and I the only ones who know?

Leela: Besides my parents. And they’re so excided.

[He just smiled and Leela held his hand]

Leela: Lets get going.

Fry: Alright, come on.

[They hailed a cab and made their way home. They walked right passed Bender and laid down on the bed.]

Fry: I love you.

Leela: I love you too.

[he placed his palm on her stomach and kissed her cheek. Gently, he rubbed her stomach and smiled]

Fry: (whisper) This is unbelievable. I never thought that it was possible.

Leela: (whisper) I thought the same thing when you told me. But- miracles do happen.

Fry: Yeah, they do. (pause) Hey, why don’t you and I go out tomorrow night and celebrate? Just the two of us.

Leela: Alright, yeah that sounds great.

Fry: Awesome.

[The next day after going to work, Fry and Leela changed and went to Elzar’s to celebrate. What Leela didn’t know is that Fry had a big surprise for her. She had hurt him, but he still loved her, he always would. And with the big news she had given him the day before, he decided that he was ready to move on. Tonight would change their lives. They sat at their table, Fry in his suit and Leela in a black cocktail dress, enjoying their meal. Afterwards, they went for al walk in the park. They stood on the pier looking at the water and Fry tugged on his collar looking nervous. Leela took his hand and gave it a squeeze.]

Leela: Are you okay? You seem nervous, and- your palms are covered in sweat.

Fry: Well, I uh- I would get down on my knee for this but, because of my injury, I-uh- (laughs)

[She smiled knowing exactly what he was going to do. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the same engagement ring he had given her years ago.]

Fry: Leela, will you marry me?

[Her eye started to well up with tears of joy as she shook her head]

Leela: Yes, yes!

[Fry smiled and took her hand and put the ring on her finger. She smiled and admired it, forgetting how beautiful it was and kissed him.]

Leela: I love you.

Fry: I love you too.

[she held his hand staring into his eyes.]

Leela: So now everything’s back to normal. Right?

Fry: Yeah, you and me together forever.

[she smiled and blushed a little. Fry laughed and she did the same.]

Fry: Come on lets go home.

[Once they got home, Bender noticed the big smiles on their faces.]

Bender: Hey meat bags, what’s up?

Leela: Well, we’re getting married!

[Bender just stared. He thought it was a little early for them to be getting married after everything that had happen]

Bender: That’s great. Congratulations.

Fry: And Bender, I want you to be my best man.

Bender: Really? I’d be honored.

[The three of them stood their without saying anything.]

Leela; Well, I’m tired, I’ll see you in the morning Bender. You coming Fry?

Fry: I’ll be right there.

[She kissed him and made her way into the bedroom. Fry looked at Bender who smacked his shoulder]

Bender: (soft) What the hell are you doing?!

Fry: (soft) Ow! What do you mean?

Bender: Don’t you think it’s a little soon for you two to be getting married?

Fry: No, I love her Bender and I’m gonna marry her. No matter what anyone says.

[Bender looked at his face]

Bender: But you’re scared, I can tell. Fry, I know how much you love her, but you’re not ready.

Fry: (sigh) She’s pregnant, Bender.

Bender: What?

[Fry just shook his head]

Fry: Buts that’s not the reason why I’m marrying her. I mean, yeah its one reason, but I love her, more than anything.

Bender: But how? How did she get pregnant?

Fry: (sigh) Do I have to go over this again with you?

Bender: No, I mean I thought that you couldn’t have kids.

[Fry’s eyes grew wide]

Fry: Did Leela tell you that? How did you find out?

Bender: I sort of have tape recorders all over the apartment.

[Fry gave a sigh]

Bender: How do you even know that the baby’s yours? I mean if its likely that you wont ever have kids?

Fry: Shut up! Of course its mine. Bender miracles happen, why cant you just be happy for me?

[when Bender didn’t respond Fry sighed and went into the bedroom. He saw Leela already sleeping and smiled. After changing, he laid down and Leela stirred. As he laid down she put her one arm over his chest and cuddled up to him.]

Leela: (whisper) Good night, I love you.

Fry: (whisper) I love you too.

[she fell back asleep, but Fry stayed awake most of the night, looking up at the ceiling. What if the Bender was right? They said it was likely that he wouldn’t have kids, not impossible. But… there’s always a “but”. No, he was thinking crazy, Leela loved him and she was carrying his child. Or was she? He didn’t know what to think. Right now, all he needed to do was get some sleep and sort this out in the morning. If he could get to sleep that is…]

[to be continued…]