Fan Fiction

Dear Fry, part 6
By Frosty

[Part 6 is based on “At First Sight” and “The Guardian”, yes by Nicholas Sparks. ;) ]

[Fry and Leela have been engaged for a month and have spent every day planning their wedding. They decided that they were gonna have the wedding on the beach in front of the light house, where after their first date, they had their first real kiss. They also rented out the banquet hall in one of the hotels, and a room for afterwards. Now two weeks before the wedding, skeletons are going to be dug up, friendships will be in peril, and the future of Fry and Leela’s relationship will be tested with trust, lies, and their un-born child. (insert creepy music here) Da, da, da, da!]

[Fry was sitting at his computer in his room at Robot Arms while Leela was out in the living room with Amy, going over the finishing touches for the wedding. Though the only one who knew about Leela was being pregnant was Bender, both Fry and Leela knew that everyone else had a clue. And it surprised both of them, that Bender didn’t say anything to anyone. His wedding gift, as he put it. Fry knew that Josh was upset, but didn’t really care. In fact he could really care less of what Josh said or thought. He saw that he had one new e-mail. Once he opened it, it changed his life for ever. The subject was “HOW DO YOU KNOW THE BABY’S YOURS?”. Fry shook his head and blinked a couple times, just to make sure that he was reading it right.]

Fry: (soft) What the hell? Who sent this?

[The return address didn’t show up, so he tried to trace it. But no luck. Who could of sent it, he thought, and more importantly, why? He looked at the rest of the message, and it basically said the same thing. His first thought was Bender. After his response to Leela being pregnant and them getting married so soon after he got back. But then again, Bender was his best friend. He wouldn’t do something like that. Would he? He didn’t know. All he knew was that he had to get to the bottom of this.]

Fry: (soft/sigh) Leela, please tell me its not true.

Leela: (OS) Tell you what’s not true?

[he closed the message and spun around.]

Fry: (thinking) Okay, stay calm. Just say something that you know is not true.

Fry: That, you know the sex of the baby.

Leela: No, I don’t know. Why do you?

Fry: No.

Leela: (sketchy) Okay, (pause) Are you alright?

Fry: Yeah, I-um- I’m just getting nervous. For the wedding, and the baby.

Leela: So am I.

[she walked over to him and sat on his lap]

Leela: Are you gonna let me sit on your lap when I’m 9 months pregnant?

Fry: Yeah, sure.

[she smiled and kissed his cheek]

Leela: Are you still gonna think I’m pretty when I gain all that weight?

Fry: Of course. I’ll always think you’re beautiful.

[Her smile grew bigger and kissed him on his lips.]

Leela: I love you.

Fry: I know. And you know I love you.

Leela: (smiling) Come on, the four of us are going to go out for dinner.

Fry: Cool, where we going?

Leela: Elzar’s. Amy’s treating so go get changed.

Fry: Alright.

[Fry picked out some kakis and a collard shirt, and came out of the bathroom a few minutes later dressed. Leela changed into a red skirt with a white blouse. Before they walked out of the bedroom Fry took her hand.]

Fry: (whisper) Listen, I know you don’t want to tell anyone that you’re pregnant, but Amy’s your best friend. Don’t you think she should know?

Leela: (laughs) You don’t have to whisper, she knows.

Fry: Did Bender tell her?

Leela: No, I did. I thought that our two closest friends should know.

Fry: Why didn’t you tell me?

Leela; Because, its fun to watch you make a fool out of yourself.

[he put on a hurt face and turned around. Leela put her arms around his waist from behind, and rested her head against his back]

Leela: (teasing) I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

Fry: (fake crying) Well, you did!

[she turned him around and kissed him]

Fry: (fake hyperventilating) That’s- a- little-better.

[they both laughed and Fry opened the door. Amy and Bender were already dressed and the four of them walked to Elzar’s. The whole way there, Fry kept thinking about the e-mail he got. Was it Bender? Or could it be Amy? Who ever it was, they were as good as dead in Fry’s mind. After dinner, Amy began to make her way home, and so did Bender. They left Fry and Leela, who made their way to the beach where they were going to have the wedding. After walking towards the light house, both turned and stared at the full moon reflecting off the water. Leela squeezed Fry’s arm]

Leela: This is just like our first date. Remember?

Fry: Yeah, it was one of the best nights of my life.

Leela: I remember how scared I was when I heard you knock on the door.

Fry: I remember how scared I was. My hands were shaking, I could feel the sweat drip down my forehead.

Leela: (laughing) Your hands were sweaty too.

Fry: But you held them anyway.

Leela: That’s because they were better than those cold robot ones you had.

Fry: Do you remember what we did here?

Leela: We had our first real kiss.

Fry: Well yeah, but besides that. When we danced?

Leela: Yeah, I remember that. It kind of shocked me, all of the sudden, you held out your hand and asked me-

Fry: Would you like to dance?

Leela: Yeah, just like that.

Fry: No, Leela.

[she turned and saw Fry holding his hand out]

Fry: So?

[she smiled and took his hand]

Leela: But we don’t have any music.

Fry: That’s not a problem.

[Fry spun her around and got in position.]

Leela: Is your knee okay?

Fry: Its fine.

[she smiled and Fry started humming the song “Only Hope“ by Mandy Moore. Leela started giggling]

Leela; You’re a terrible singer.

Fry: (chuckle) I know.

Leela: But I like this song. I remember when you sang it the first time.

[Leela rested her head against Fry’s shoulder as they moved.]

Leela: Fry?

Fry: Yeah?

Leela: I want this to be our song.

Fry: At the wedding?

Leela: Yeah,

[Fry smiled]

Fry: Okay.

[They stayed at the beach for over an hour when the wind started picking up, and the temperature dropped. Fry put his arm around Leela, keeping her warm and slowly they made their way back home, neither saying anything. Once they got there, they snuck past Bender and changed into their pajamas. Fry laid down and started rubbing his knee. Leela walked in, running a brush through her hair]

Leela: You okay?

Fry: Just a little sore. I’ll be fine.

Leela: Are you sure? I’m not taking any chances with you, do you want some ice?

Fry: No, its fine. All I need is my girl, come here.

[she put the brush on the dresser and laid down next to Fry. He laid his head on the pillow and Leela ran her fingers through his hair, messing up the two front spikes. Fry laughed and rolled on his side]

Fry: Can you believe we’re getting married in 2 weeks?

Leela: I know, it just seems like yesterday you came home.

Fry: Yeah, I’m so glad I don’t have to go back.

Leela: So am I. I couldn’t stand the thought of you being in danger or getting killed.

Fry: Yeah, but don’t worry. I’ll be here, and I’m never gonna leave you.

[She cuddled up to him, being engulfed in his arms. Fry could feel the steady rise and fall of her chest as she breathed and held her until she fell asleep. He laid there, Leela at his side, Nibbler and Seymour at his feet. Everything felt so right, so in place. He almost forgot about that e-mail he got earlier that day. That was, until, the computer screen lit up. He jumped a little, and looked down at Leela. She hadn’t moved, but Nibbler and Seymour did. They both looked up, and back at Fry. He put his finger up to his lips, signaling for them to be quiet.]

Fry: (thinking) Why did the computer screen turn on?

[He carefully got out of bed, and walked over to the desk. He noticed that he had one new e-mail. His eyes went wide. Standing there, frozen in place, he looked at Leela.]

Fry: (thinking) Is she lying to me?

[he instantly shook off the thought, and turned around. But that message, it was taunting him. read me….read me…. It was like a trainer dangling raw chicken in front of an alligator.]

Fry: (thinking) No, I just need to ignore it. Who ever is sending me those messages, is just crazy. (pause) But what if he’s a crazy stalker, and he’s watching me right now?

[quickly he spun around. He shook his head.]

Fry: (thinking) Hold your self together, you’re becoming paranoid!

[he stood there for a long time, finally he gave in and walked over to the computer. Opening the message, he hoped that it was from someone else. No luck, same sender, but this time it said, “ARE YOU SURE THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT LEELA’S PAST? MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK HER DIARY AND SEE THE TRUTH.”]

Fry: (thinking) Oh man, what am I gonna do?

[he looked back at Leela, and saw the ring on her finger. No, she was carrying his child. Right? He decided that he was just tired and needed rest. But then he saw Leela’s diary on the night stand.]

Fry: (thinking) What if they’re telling the truth? (pause) Forget it! Just go to sleep!

[he got back into bed, and closed his eyes, trying, but failing, to sleep.]

[The next morning Fry walked in the bedroom fully dressed holding Seymour in his arms. Carefully he put Seymour next to Leela, signaling him to lick her face. He did and she started laughing. Her eye was still closed and she blindly swatted at Seymour, missing him every time.]

Leela: Fry, stop that!

Fry: That’s not me.

[she opened her eye and saw Seymour right up in her face. She laughed and patted his head]

Leela: Good morning Seymour, good morning Fry.

Fry: Good morning hon.

[she sat up and gave him a kiss. Fry laughed afterwards]

Leela: What? Do I have dog breath?

Fry: (teasing) A little.

[she grabbed a pillow and smacked him with it. He fell on the bed and she continued hitting him. Fry grabbed her waist and pulled her down. He started tickling her and she laughed.]

Leela: Come on, we have to get ready for work.

Fry: (groan) Alright,

[they dressed and Fry woke up Bender. Who began to strangle him, but Leela quickly pulled him off. They made their way to Planet Express. They had a long delivery, and afterwards the three of them went to O’Zorgnax. They sat at the bar, Fry between Leela and Bender. The bartender walked up and set their drinks down.]

Bartender: Alright, we have a beer, beer, and (pause) ginger ale.

[he chuckled as he walked away. Leela gave a sigh, and Fry held up the beer bottle]

Fry: There’s nothing like a ice cold beer after a long day.

[he was about to take a drink, but Leela took it from his hands]

Leela: That’s it!

Fry: What’s it?

Leela: What ever I cant do while I’m pregnant, you cant do. So that means no alcohol.

Bender: That’s crazy Leela!

Leela: Don’t worry Bender, it doesn’t apply to you!

Bender: Carry on.

Fry: This is so unfair! Its not my fault that you’re pregnant!

[Bender smacked his forehead]

Bender: Oy’vey.

Leela: What?!

Bender: You’re the one who knocked her up meat bag!

Fry: (pause) Whoops,

[Leela glared at him]

Fry: I didn’t mean it like that.

Leela: Then how did you mean it?

Fry: I-well-you- (sigh) I’m sorry.

[she handed Fry’s beer to Bender, who drank it in about 2 seconds. Fry sighed, and ordered a slurm. They didn’t talk for the rest of the night. And when they got home Leela changed and got into bed, without a word. Fry laid down next to her]

Fry: (serious) Are you still mad at me?

Leela: (pause) No,

Fry: I’m really sorry.

Leela: I know.

[he kissed her cheek, and put his arms around her]

Leela: You still cant do anything I cant do.

Fry: Damn,

[Leela fell asleep, but Fry still kept thinking about the e-mails. Could Leela be lying to him? He saw her diary on the nightstand and thought about looking at it. But what if she woke up? She would ask him what he was doing, and what would he say? I’ve been getting these e-mails saying that you’re not having my baby. And they told me to look in you diary, because you’re hiding something from me.No, he had to trust her. What were their marriage be like if he couldn’t trust her? He felt like he couldn’t talk to Leela, but who cold he talk to? Not Bender or Amy, because they were on his list of suspects for sending the e-mails. He needed to talk to someone who knew Leela as well, or better than he did. But who? Then it hit him]

Fry: (thinking) Her parents! Of course! I’ll go talk to them.

[He felt like Munda and Morris would know what to do. And they could tell him what he could say to Leela. But then he realized something. When he had told her about the real reason Michelle left him, he promised that he would never lie to her again. But he had, and what would she say? Once he thought he could go to sleep after figuring out what he was going to do about the e-mails, he couldn’t because now he had to figure out what he was gonna do about Leela.]

Fry: (thinking) It just never ends.

[The next day, Fry went down to Munda and Morris during his lunch break. They congratulated him on getting married to Leela, and that he was going to be a dad. It was then that Fry sat them down and told them what had happened. About why Michelle left him, how he was so shocked that Leela told him that she was pregnant, and the disturbing e-mails he was receiving. When he was done, all they could do was stare]

Munda: What did Leela have to say about the e-mails?

Fry: Well, I haven’t told her yet.

Morris: You haven’t told her yet? Why not?

Fry: What am I gonna say?

Munda: Fry, you have to tell her, or neither of you will be able to trust each other again.

Fry: But I’m scared. What if she’s not having my baby? What if the person who’s sending the e-mails telling the truth? She already hurt me once, but-(sigh) I don’t even know.

[Munda went and gave Fry a hug.]

Munda: Its okay, but don’t you think she deserves to know the truth? And I know Leela would never lie to you about something like this. She loves you.

Fry: Yeah, you’re right.

Morris: As soon as you get back, you go tell her.

Fry: I will. Thank you both so much.

Munda: Of course. And if you ever need to talk about something that you cant talk to Leela about, we’re here.

Fry: I will, thanks again.

[he hugged both of them and began to make his way to Planet Express. He walked in and saw Leela watching Amy and Bender fixing the ship. After taking a deep breath, he walked up to Leela. She smiled as soon as she saw him]

Leela: Hey there,

[she gave him a kiss]

Leela: Where’ve you been?

Fry: (soft) Listen, I need to talk to you. Right now, alone.

Leela: Okay, what about?

Fry: Can we just go on the ship?

Leela: Yeah, come on.

[they walked on the ship and sat down on the couch. Fry took a shaky breath, and took Leela’s hand]

Leela: What’s wrong?

[he told her everything. By the end, Fry was trying to hold back tears. Leela looked scared, and didn’t know what to say]

Fry: I don’t know who it is. But, I need to know, are you hiding something from me? Is there something you need to tell me?

Leela: (sigh) Yeah, no one knows about this. And I regret not telling you, but I just never thought that you needed to know right now.

Fry: What is it?

Leela: A few years before we met, and I was dating Shawn, I became pregnant. He left me and I didn’t know what to do.

[she paused and took a breath]

Leela: (soft) I was all alone, but I was going to do what ever it took to take care of the baby. But, (pause) I miscarried.

[Fry didn’t say anything, he just let go of her hand. He felt anger, sadness, and confusion. But if she hid this from him, was there anything else?]

Fry: (angry) Where you ever going to tell me?

[she didn’t answer]

Fry: (angry) Leela?

[she looked up, and simply shook her head. Fry couldn’t believe it. She once was pregnant and miscarried, but never intended on telling him? He had told her everything, he had given her all of his love. But it was like she didn’t trust him.]

Fry: Why wouldn’t you tell me?

Leela: Because I thought you would take it all out of proportion. You’re so protective of me, sometimes its like you’re smothering me. I just didn’t think it was that important for you to know.

[Fry got up and paced around]

Fry: You miscarried and were never going to tell me! You didn’t think that I should know that?! (pause) Did you sleep with Josh?

Leela: What?

Fry: Did you sleep with Josh?

Leela: No! Why would you think that?

Fry: Well, you’ve hid this from me, what else is there?! It wasn’t that long after I got back that you said you were pregnant. And it wasn’t that long after that whole thing with you and Josh ended. Plus with the fact that I have that problem.

Leela: I didn’t sleep with him! Why don’t you believe me?!

Fry: Why should I?!

Leela: I cant believe this! I love you Fry. I love you and only you!

[by this point she was on the verge of tears. Fry just shook his head and walked off the ship. He blew past everyone and went home. He was so upset he couldn’t see straight. What if he just ended his relationship with Leela for good? He burst through the door of the apartment and smacked the end table, knocking it over. Laying down on the bed, he closed his eyes]

Fry: (sigh/soft) Stupid, stupid, stupid.

[he rolled on his side and saw a picture of him and Leela. Tears formed in his eyes, and put a pillow over his face. His muffled screams were the only sound in the apartment. He turned on the radio and the song “I dare you to move“ by Switch Foot started playing]

[Welcome to the planet
Welcome to existence
Everyone’s here
Everyone’s here ]

[Fry walked around the apartment, trying to take his mind off Leela, but he couldn’t. Every where he looked he was reminded of her. He saw her photo album on the coffee table, along with Seymour and Nibbler on the couch]

[I dare you to move
I dare you to move
I dare you to pick yourself off of the ground]

[He sat back down on the bed, thinking that it was really over between him and Leela. He heard the front door open, and then the bedroom door opened. He expected that it was Bender, getting ready to tell him that Leela was breaking up with him. But it wasn’t Bender, it was Leela]

[I dare you to move
I dare you to move
Like today never happened
Today never happened

[Her eye was red and puffy. Fry didn’t know what to say. She forced a smile, but it didn’t last. Fry walked over to Leela and put his arms around her. She cried into his shoulder, and they sat down on the bed. For hours, Leela cried and Fry held her. She finally calmed down, they sat on the edge of the bed and Fry had his arm around Leela’s shoulders.]

Leela: I’m- I’m so sorry, I really should of told you sooner. And you don’t smother me, you just really care about me.

Fry: I’m sorry too. I should of told you about the e-mail, when I first got it.

Leela: So, where do we stand right now?

Fry: (sigh) I don’t know.

Leela: (soft) Do you hate me?

[Fry looked at her.]

Fry: I could never hate you.

[Leela held his hand, and gave a weak smile]

Fry: You look tired.

Leela: I’m exhausted. Its been a rough day.

Fry: Yeah, (pause) Leela, what are we gonna do about this freak?

Leela: I don’t know. Do you have any ideas of who it could be?

[Fry looked around and got closer to Leela’s ear]

Fry: (whisper) I think it might be Bender.

[After he explained why he thought it was him, Leela looked at Fry, not knowing what to say. She rested her head on his shoulder]

Fry: I love you.

Leela: I love you too.

[he kissed her forehead, and she smiled.]

Leela: Lets just get some rest.

Fry: Okay, we’ll confront Bender tomorrow.

Leela: I really hope its not him.

Fry: So do I.

[he brushed some of her hair back, watching her fall asleep. He began to think, it couldn’t be Bender. He knew how much Leela meant to Fry, and vice-versa. No, it had to be someone who hated Fry or Leela. And who was disgusted with the idea of them being together. What if that person was stalking them? And how could they know what’s in Leela’s diary? Fry was now scared for their safety, what if this person was crazy? He didn’t know what to do, all he could do, was sleep. He hadn’t slept the past few days, so he desperately needed some. He closed his eyes, even though he knew, he was about to go another night with out sleep. ]

[Bender was sitting on the couch at Planet Express while Fry and Leela stood in front of him. It was 10 and the two of them had been thinking of what they were going to say to Bender for the last hour. Fry didn’t want to do this to his best friend, but it was something he had to.]

Bender: So, what’s going on?

[Fry began to explain everything that had been going on. He already knew about Michelle, so Fry went straight to the e-mails. When he was finally done he stared]

Fry: Did you send them?

Bender: No, why would I send them?

Leela: That’s why we’re asking. Bender, if you don’t tell us, and we find out, we’ll never be able to forgive you.

Bender: I didn’t send them. You guys are like family to me, I wouldn’t do something like that. Sure I might steal your wallet, or maybe use you as a punching bag, but not something like this.

[Fry looked at Leela, both knowing that he was telling the truth. ]

Bender: If you want, I can try to help you find who ever it was.

Fry: Thanks Bender, but I think this is something that Leela and I need to find out our selves.

Bender: Okay,

Leela: Thanks anyway Bender.

[Leela gave Bender a hug, and left with Fry. They sat in their cabin on the ship, Leela had her arm looped through his arm. Her eye was welling up, and Fry could feel her whole body shake]

Fry: Are you okay?

Leela: (voice breaking) I’m scared Fry.

[he put his arms around her and she cried]

Fry: I know, I’m scared too. But we’re gonna be fine. If you want, we can call the police.

Leela: I don’t know, we don’t really have any idea who it could be. How could they help?

Fry: Yeah, you’re right.

[she tighten her grip around him]

Fry: But I promise, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.

[she smiled as Fry wiped her tears with his hand. Leela kissed his cheek as he held her tight, re-assuring her that everything would be okay.]

[Fry and Leela didn’t know that Josh was standing outside of Leela’s cabin listening in on their conversation. A small flash of guilt overcame his face, but it disappeared as soon as it appeared. He could hear Fry whispering to Leela. If she hadn’t broken up with him, she wouldn’t be feeling this way now. But things would be back to normal soon. Fry would be out of his way, and nothing would stop him and Leela being together. He knocked on the door and Fry answered]

Josh: Hey, we’re getting ready to take off.

Fry: Okay, just give us a few minutes.

[he closed the door and turned back to Leela.]

Fry: You okay?

Leela: Yeah,

Fry: Just take a few deep breaths.

[she did and shook her head]

Leela: Okay, I’m fine.

[Fry took her hand and opened the door. They walked to the bridge and Fry took his usual spot. He winked at her as they took off. Leela was fine the whole trip, that is, until Bender reminded Fry about something]

Bender: So, you excided about your bachelor party tonight?

Fry: Oh, I completely forgot.

[he looked at Leela, and he could tell that she didn’t want to be home alone.]

Fry: Do, you think we could reschedule it?

[But Leela felt bad, Fry shouldn’t have to miss his bachelor party because of her. He’d done so much for her already]

Leela: Fry, can I talk to you?

Fry: Sure.

[she put the ship in autopilot and led him into the back.]

Leela: Listen, you don’t have to miss your party. I’ll be fine.

Fry: Are you sure?

Leela: Yeah, I’ll have Amy come over, and we can talk about the wedding. That way I wont be alone. Plus Amy’s been getting better with her kung-fu.

[he smiled and kissed her]

Fry: Thanks, you’re the best.

[they went back to the bridge and sat back down]

Bender: So? Are we still going?

Fry: Yeah. Where we going?

Bender: it’s a surprise.

Fry: Oh boy.

[Leela giggled and Fry winked at her. Josh stared at him, jealous. His thoughts were interrupted by Bender]

Bender: Hello? Skin tube? You coming?

Josh: Huh? Oh yeah, I’ll be there.

Fry: (thinking) Damn, now I have to spend the evening with him.

Bender: Then meet back at Planet Express at 7:30.

[once they got back to earth, Fry and Leela took a stroll down the street. Leela talked to Amy and she was coming over at quarter after 7 and spend the night.]

Fry: So, are you gonna tell Amy what happened?

Leela: I don’t know,

Fry: Its up to you.

Leela: I know, (chuckles) I hate it when something’s up to me.

[Fry chuckled, and squeezed her hand.]

Fry: Listen, I don’t want you to wait up for me. Okay?

Leela: Are you sure?

Fry: Yeah, just relax and get some rest. You and Amy talk about-uh- what do you guys talk about?

Leela: We talk about you, and Kif, oh by the way Bender said he’s coming tonight too.

Fry: Cool, I haven’t seen him since I was in the DOOP. So what else do you talk about?

Leela: Work, TV, stuff like that. Shoe shopping.

Fry: (sigh) Shoe shopping.

[he began to zone out when Leela smacked his shoulder]

Fry: Sorry.

Leela: Its fine. So now you have to tell me what you and Bender talk about.

Fry: Oh, guy stuff. Beer, TV,

Leela: Girls?

Fry: We used to, but the only girl I talked about was you.

Leela: Really?

[he nodded and continued]

Fry: Yep, sometimes I did it just to bug him. Going on and on and on and on and on and on and on-

Leela: Fry!

Fry: Sorry, (pause) and on.

[she laughed and playfully elbowed him]

Fry: But, I always asked him for advice.

Leela: Advice about what?

Fry: How to ask you out.

Leela: How many times did you ask him for advice?

Fry: (embarrassed) Every time.

Leela: Really? Well if you would of asked me out yourself, maybe I would of said “yes” sooner.

Fry: What? You mean we could have been together earlier?

Leela: I don’t know, maybe.

[she laughed and Fry looked at her]

Leela: But that’s all behind us. The important thing is that we’re together now, right?

Fry: Of course.

[after getting home Fry hung around with Leela until Amy arrived. Then he and Bender left and met Josh, Hermes, Kif, Zoidburg, and the Professor at Planet Express. They all got in a hover limo that Bender had rented. The owner of the company owed Bender a favor, after he worked security for the limo company so he got the limo for free. They made their way to O’Zorgnax and Josh sat next to Fry at the bar. Bender had ordered shots for every one, but Fry stayed loyal to Leela, and didn’t have a drink. He decided to get a Shirley Temple instead.]

Josh: No beer or anything?

Fry: No-uh- my stomach’s a little upset. Yeah that’s it.(pause) Listen no hard feelings about Leela.

Josh: No, its fine. I know she’ll be with the right guy.

Fry: Thanks.

Josh: How’s she doing? I haven’t talked to her that much.

Fry: Okay, she just nervous about the wedding. But so am I, its natural I guess.

Josh: Yeah, I remember when my sister go married, she was a wreck.

Fry: (laughs) By the way, did you get your invite? I know Leela sent one to you.

Josh; Yeah, thanks for inviting me.

Fry: No problem.

Josh: So, how’s she feeling since she’s been pregnant?

[this made Fry spit out his drink. Josh realized what he said, and turned his head. Fry looked up at him, his eyes wide.]

Fry: What? How did you find out? I know that no one else knows, but- (gasp) It was you!

[Josh looked at him]

Fry: You’ve been sending me those e-mails! You’ve been listing in on all our conversations at work haven’t you?! You’ve been stalking us.

[Josh slowly began to get up, but Fry jumped up and punched him in the face knocking him to the floor.]

Fry: You son of a bitch!

[by this time, people were looking at the two of them. Fry grabbed Josh by the collar and rammed him into a wall. Josh kicked Fry in his bad knee causing him to jump back. Josh took a swing at Fry, hitting him in the jaw. Fry responded by putting him in a head lock. Then Josh elbowed him in the stomach, and threw him across the bar. Fry crashed into the glasses and fell on the floor. He tried to jump up and attack Josh, but Bender and Kif grabbed him.]

Fry: Let me go!

Bender: No way meat bag!

[by this point Hermes and Zoidburg were holding Josh back.]

Josh: Let him go, let him fight his own battles!

[Fry tried, but failed to go after him. He could feel the blood drip down his chin where he had been hit and he could see the black eye he had given Josh.]

Fry: You bastard! I’ll kill you!

Kif: Fry settle down!

[he finally broke away and stormed out of the bar. He got about half way down the block, when Bender and Kif caught up to him.]

Kif: What was that about?

Fry: (sigh) I just need to get home.

[the three of them walked back to the Robot Arms and walked in to find Leela and Amy sitting on the couch talking.]

Leela: Hey, you guys are home early.

[she gasped when she saw Fry. Quickly Leela ran up to him, and saw his swollen lip, she also noticed that he was limping.]

Leela: (worried) What the hell happened to you?

[Fry just told her that he got in a fight with Josh. But she knew, that he was the one sending the e-mails ]

Fry: It just happened so fast.

[Leela carefully put her arms around him]

Leela: I’m so glad you’re okay. Here, you need to lie down.

[they all went into the bedroom and helped Fry. Leela helped him change into his pajamas, and laid him down. They propped his leg up, and gave him ice for his lip and knee. Leela laid next to him, stroking his hair. Amy, Kif, and Bender decided to leave them alone.]

Fry: I feel so stupid.

Leela: No, don’t. You just did the right thing.

Fry: Yeah, but its not that. I cant believe I didn’t think of him before.

Leela: Its okay, I didn’t think of him either.

Fry: I mean, he really liked you, he’s been over to your place, and he could look at your diary. He works with us, so he could hear us over talking.

[Fry closed his eyes and sighed.]

Fry: What are we gonna do? He’s a stalker.

Leela: Maybe we should call the police.

Fry: Yeah, now that we know who did it. (pause) Be he didn’t admit to it, but I know it was him. Just the way he looked when I said that.

Leela: You didn’t delete the e-mails did you?

Fry: No,

Leela: Well I bet the police could trace them.

Fry: Okay, (loud) Bender!

[Bender opened the door and stared]

Bender: Yeah?

Fry: I need you to call the police and have them come over. We need to figure this out. And call Hermes and find out where Josh went.

Bender: Alright.

[he left and Fry looked at Leela]

Fry: Help me up?

[she did and he laid down on the couch with everyone. Hermes, and the Professor came over in a few minutes and then Smitty and URL came. Fry explained everything from the beginning, how he was drafted into the DOOP, how Leela broke up with him and started dating Josh, then she broke up with him and came back to Fry, he told them the reason why Michelle left him, and then that Leela got pregnant. He showed them the e-mails, and told them what happened at the bar. Leela told her side of the story, and by the end, everyone was silent.]

Fry: And that’s what happened.

Smitty: Okay, so where is he now?

Hermes: We took him back to Planet Express with Dr. Zoidburg. He’s watching him to make sure he doesn’t run.

Smitty: Alright, we’re gonna head over there to question him. We’ll call you when we’re done.

[Smitty and URL walked out the door leaving the 6 of them in the apartment. Leela looked like she was about to break down crying. After not saying anything for a long time, she got up and went into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Fry sighed and followed her, leaving the rest of them. The two of them had just shared things that they never wanted to, or weren’t ready to. And they all knew it.]

Amy: Oh my God.

[she spoke for everyone, and they all sat there silent. In the bedroom Fry and Leela were sitting on the bed. Leela was sobbing softly, and Fry was holding her.]

Leela: How did this happen?

Fry: I don’t know,

Leela: Why did this have to happen to us?

[Fry tighten his arms around her.]

Fry: Don’t worry, everything is gonna be fine. They’re gonna go question him, but we have proof that he did it. So he cant really deny it. And then we can forget about all of this, and we can get ready for next week.

[she smiled a little and leaned into him.]

Leela; I love you Fry.

Fry: I love you too.

Leela: You’re right, I have nothing to worry about.

[Amy opened the door and looked in.]

Amy: The police just called.

Leela; That was fast, did he just admit that he did everything?

Amy: Uh, no. (pause) He ran.

[Fry’s eyes went wide]

Fry: He ran?

[Amy simply shook her head. Fry took a deep breath.]

Fry: Where could he have gone?

Amy: I don’t know.

Leela; Wasn’t Zoidburg watching him?

Amy: He just snuck out. Zoidburg said he was there one second, and gone the next.

[Leela looked up at Fry.]

Fry: Oh boy. What are we gonna do?

Amy: You guys have to get out of here right now. We don’t know if he’s dangerous or if he wants to hurt you. Quick get your stuff and you’ll take the ship out in orbit and be safe.

Leela: I cant believe this.

Fry: Me neither.

Amy: I’m so sorry you guys. Now hurry!

[they quickly packed a suitcase full of clothes, because they had no idea how long they would be gone. Luckily the ship was always stuffed with food so they wouldn’t go hungry. They packed food for Seymour and Nibbler too, and Amy drove them to Planet Express. Once there they said good buy to their co-workers, and took off.]

[Once in earths orbit Leela put the ship in auto pilot, got out of her seat and walked over to the window. She stared at the blue planet, wishing that this wasn’t happening and that she was safe at home with Fry. Where she belonged. Fry walked up to her and gently put his arms around her shoulders.]

Fry: (whisper) Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine.

[She nodded, wishing she could believe him. Leaning into Fry, she felt him rest his chin on the top of her head. Softly he kissed her hair, and sighed. Finally she relaxed.]

Leela: Fry?

Fry: Yeah?

Leela: What are you thinking right now?

Fry: That I’m the luckiest guy in the universe.

Leela: (teasing) Because you have a stalker?

Fry: No, because I have you.

[she turned around and looked in his eyes. Fry put his arms around her and kissed her cheek. Leela giggled and got closer to him, Fry moved in and kissed her lips softly. She put her hand up to his face and kept him close, kissing allover his face. Leela’s breathing quickened and Fry’s did the same. Fry kissed her harder, and she ran her fingers through his hair. She gasped when he kissed her neck, shoulder, and down her arm. After breaking away, she took his hand and led him back into their cabin.]

[Afterwards, Leela laid her head on Fry’s shoulder as he ran his fingers through her hair.]

Fry: You okay?

Leela: Yeah,

[she sat up and looked in his eyes.]

Leela: I love you.

Fry: I love you too.

[he kissed her, and she wrapped her arms around him. The phone ringing broke the moment, and Fry pulled away]

Fry: There’s a mood killer.

[she laughed and Fry picked up the phone]

Fry: Hello?

[there was no answer]

Fry: Hello?

[nothing. Finally the other line clicked and Fry looked at the phone before putting it down.]

Leela; Who was that?

Fry: I don’t know. There was no one on the line. Wrong number I guess.

[the phone rang again, and he answered it]

Fry: Hello?

[there was no answer again. Fry looked at the phone and hung it up]

Fry: That was weird.

Leela: Just forget it. Are you hungry?

Fry: Yeah,

Leela: Lets go get something.

[they dressed and went down to the gallery. After looking through the kitchen, Leela started to cook some pasta and Fry got a slurm]

Fry: What would you like?

Leela: I’ll just have a water.

[After pouring her a glass, he set the table and helped Leela finish their dinner. They sat down and began to eat]

Fry: Its like we’re already married.

Leela: Yeah, (pause) I cant wait.

Fry: Me neither.

[he reached across the table and took her hand.]

Fry: Next thing you know, we’ll be sitting here having dinner with our kid.

Leela: Yeah,

[she didn’t say anything else. Fry looked at her, and she took a drink]

Leela: I’ve been thinking about that.

Fry: Our kid?

Leela: Yeah, I know its probably the only child we will have. But, growing up an orphan and an only child, I don’t want our baby to be lonely. I want them to have a brother or sister. Like you did.

Fry: I feel the same way, but what do you think we can do?

Voice: I have an idea.

[they both jumped and turned. It was then that they saw Josh, who had on a black jacket on, coming towards them. Fry got up and went over to Leela.]

Fry: What are you doing here?

Josh: Did you really think I’d let the police get me?

Leela: Josh, I told you we’re through! Leave me alone!

Josh: I cant do that.

[Fry was surprised at how calm his voice was. He put his hands on Leela’s shoulder and stared dead into Josh’s eyes.]

Josh: I cant let you be with this loser. He cant give you everything you’ve ever wanted, but I can.

[he took a step closer, and Fry shoved him.]

Fry: (serious/angry) Don’t you come near her!

[Josh flashed a wicked smile]

Josh: You really don’t want to push me.

[He pulled back his jacket and revealed a gun. Leela gasped and Fry stared. Josh held the gun in his hand.]

Fry: What do you want?

Josh: You know what I want.

[he looked over Fry’s shoulder and smiled at Leela.]

Fry: Well, you not getting her. She’s mine.

Josh: Oh, so you own her now?

Leela: Why are you doing this to us?!

Josh: I’m just doing what’s best for you.

Leela: What’s best for me is being with Fry!

[Before Josh could respond, Fry acted quickly and got the gun from him. He pointed it at Josh’s head. Surprisingly, he stayed calm.]

Josh: That was pretty fancy. You learn that in the DOOP?

Fry: I might of.

[He laughed and looked at Fry, who kept his finger on the trigger. He spoke in the same creepily calm voice]

Josh: Go ahead and shoot me. I don’t care. The police will find out, and you’ll go to prison. Leaving Leela all alone. (pause) Who knows? Maybe she’ll meet someone who can give her what you cant.

[Fry saw red, and smacked Josh across the head with the gun. Leela gasped at his response, as Josh fell to the floor. Fry was breathing heavily and looked at Leela, who was on the verge of tears.]

Fry: Oh my God. What have I done?

[he looked at Josh who was struggling to get up. He saw blood drip from his head, and looked at the gun in his hand. He could shoot him right now, get this over with. But what about Leela? He would go to prison, and never see her again. He couldn’t do that to her. He ran over to the air lock and put the gun in it, shooting it out. He turned back to Leela, who ran over and threw her arms around him.]

Fry: I’m sorry.

Leela: Its okay. I was afraid you were gonna kill him. But you did the right thing.

[he let her go, and went over to Josh. He wasn’t moving, but was still breathing.]

Fry: He must of passed out.

[he reached for him, but all of the sudden, Josh grabbed Fry’s wrist and flipped him over, making him hit his head on the edge of the table. It started bleeding instantly. Leela screamed, and Fry shook his head.]

Fry: What just happened?

[Josh body slammed Fry, and he yelled out in pain. Fry took him by the collar, and rammed him into the wall, like he did before. This time, he move before Josh could kick him. Fry punched him in the face about 6 times, watching Josh‘s face become bloody. Josh finally broke away by head butting Fry. They both fell to the floor, and Fry wrestled him. They both stood up and went after each other. Then, out of no where, Fry felt something in his side. He looked at Josh, who had a smirk on his face, then Fry lost all his energy and felt weak. He looked down at his stomach, and saw the blood staining his shirt and the blood on the knife in Josh‘s hand. Fry‘s face became overwhelmed in pain, and he fell to the ground with a thud.]

Leela: Fry!

[before she could rush to his side, Josh pulled her and put the knife to her throat.]

Josh: Now are you gonna go with me or not?

[she didn’t move. If she did, he would kill her.]

Josh: Answer me!

[she didn’t say anything. He put the knife closer to her throat. Then she heard barking. Seymour and Nibbler came running out and attacked Josh. They both fell to the ground, and Leela crawled away. The knife had been knocked from his hand, and she picked it up. Kneeling back down next to Fry, she started crying]

Leela: Fry?

Fry: (weak) Leela. I-I love you.

Leela: (crying) I love you too. But don’t worry, you’re gonna be okay. I promise.

[Fry passed out from the pain, and she looked back at Josh. He was starting to get up, so she took a frying pan and whacked him in the head, knocking him out. (I know cliché) She picked up the phone and called 911, telling them she would be at Planet Express as soon as she could. After tying Josh up, she gently picked up Fry, who was drifting in and out of consciousness and led him to their cabin. After kissing him softly, she took the ship back to Planet Express with Seymour and Nibbler at her side. Her guardian angles. They had saved her.]

Leela: (thinking) But what about Fry?

[Once she got there, she was met by the police, the ambulances, and all her co-workers. She ran off the ship in tears, and led them to Fry and Josh. They said, that Fry should be okay if they acted fast. They took him to the hospital, as they did with her and Josh.]

[Leela sat in the waiting room with a bandage on her throat. Waiting for the doctors to come out and tell her how Fry was doing. She looked at her ring, and started sobbing quietly. Amy and everyone were leaving her alone, but when they saw her crying, she and Bender walked over to her. Amy put her arm around Leela’s shoulder, comforting her. Kif came over and knelt in front of them. Gently he patted Leela’s hand.]

Amy: He’s gonna be fine. They’re taking good care of him.

[they sat there for another 15 minutes until the doctor came out.]

Leela: Is he okay?

Doctor: He’s fine. You can see him now, he’s been asking for you.

[Leela followed the doctor to Fry’s room. She saw him lying in bed, a bandage wrapped around his head. He smiled weakly when he saw her]

Fry: Hey Leela.

[she smiled, even after all this, he still couldn’t find a reason to frown. She walked over and kissed his cheek. Fry gently pulled her down next to him, and put his arms around her.]

Fry: (whisper) I love you.

Leela: (whisper) I love you too.

[Fry stood on the beach a week later, in his DOOP uniform. His side was still tender, and he had a small bandage on the cut on his head. Bender, and Kif were on his left side, while Amy, and LaBarbra were on his right. He saw the Professor sitting in the front row, along with Munda. He looked at everyone else]

[So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only your’s I pray
To be only yours
I know now you’re my only hope]

[He took a deep breath when he saw Leela and Morris walking towards him. She looked so beautiful, and she smiled at him. He knew, that he would never forget how she looked, or forget the feeling he had in his gut as he watched her. He knew that everything was right.]

[I give you my apathy
I’m giving you all of me
I want your sympathy
Singing in all that I am
At the top of my lungs
I’m giving it back]

[Once she reached him, she handed her bouquet to Amy and turned to Fry. He smiled and took her hand. Morris was sitting next to Munda, who was already dabbing her eye. Fr. Changstein el Gamahl stood behind them.]

[So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours I pray
To be only yours
I know now you’re my only hope]

[he cleared his throat and Fry mouth the words ‘I love you’ to Leela, and she did the same.]

El Gamahl: Love is always patient and kind, it is never jealous. Love is never boastful nor conceited, it does not take offense it is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins. But, delights in the truth, it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope… and endure whatever comes.

[Fry turned and got Leela’s ring from Bender, Leela did the same with Amy. ]

Fry: I Phillip Joseph Fry…

Leela: …I Leela Jamie Trunga do solemnly swear….

Fry: … do solemnly swear to take Leela Jamie Trunga…

Leela: …Phillip Joseph Fry as my…

Fry: …as my lawfully wedded wife….

Leela: …wedded husband….

Fry: …to honor and to cherish her…

Leela: …all…

Fry: …all the days of my life.

Leela: …of my life.

[Fry slipped Leela’s ring on her finger, and she did the same to him. They both smiled]

El Gamahl: I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.

[Fry leaned in and kissed her as everyone clapped.]

Fry: I love you .

Leela: I love you too.

[they walked past everyone hand in hand, and made their way to the limo. They both got in and waved to everyone. After they were down the street, Fry looked at Leela.]

Leela: We’re married!

Fry: I know!

Leela: I’m so glad we can move on with our lives.

Fry: Our lives together, forever.

[they kissed again]

[The End]

[No not really. Its, to be continued… ;) ]