Fan Fiction

Fry's Destiny
By Raziel

The Discovery

One day, while Fry was flying through space, a small chunck of meteorite smashed in to the ship's engine. As the ship was going down he saw that he was going to Crash into this planet that looks almost like Earth, but instead of continents there are island's that are about the same size as earth's continents. There was one island the size of the United States. He noticed that this is where the ship was going to crash land as the ship got closer and closer to the island he could see that the ship was heading for the jungle but he had just enough contrrol in the steering to guide the ship into a clearing that he saw.

On his way down the ship started to slide across the ground with a sicking screech. When the ship came to a violent stop which threw fry straight out of the windsheld of the cockpit. Fry could bearly get up so he just layed there until he was discoverd by the royal guard. When the three soldiers that were on patrol saw him they took him back to the palace and when they got there, one of the guards that stand watch over the gate asked why is there a man on amazon soil.

They told her what had happend and the gaurd said "you know the law. No man is to never step foot on planet Amazon."

"We know but he crash landed here so can we at least take him to the med lab and when he is healed we will take him to the queen and let her decide what do with him."

The guard said "Go ahead."

With that said they brought Fry to the med lab and told the bio surgeons what happened. The bio surgeons took him from the gaurds and laid him on one of the bio beds and hooked him up a respirator and an EKG and life support. One of the surgeons told the gaurds to tell the that there is a man here and thought that she might whanted to know.

So the gaurd told the queen every thing the surgeon told her and the queen whanted to know if he will make it "because my daughter wants to know because i think she is is a little intrested in him."

So The gaurd came back and told the surgeon what the queen said an the surgeon said that she will not know until they run a DNA scan. While that was going on, the queens scientists were working on Fry's ship, trying to fix the engines, as well as fife support and everything else, except that they never seen such advanced technology like this. Even the circuitry for the stasis tubes were really advanced.

So wiil fry survive? And what about the facination that the queen's daughter has with him? Does she know something her mother does not? Stay tuned for part 2 of Fry's Destiny