Fan Fiction

Fry's Destiny, Part 4
By Raziel


With the deafet of Dark Fry's daughter Dakrea, Fry makes his way back home to his wife Leela and his daughter Bira. As soon as he got home they will all 3 get on board his ship the U.S.S. Lilith and go back to Leela's homeworld, which is known as Tigoria Prime, were Leela is known as their queen and her daughter is princess. As for Fry he is some considered their king, after all he did save her from the evil that was plaguing her mother's homeworld of Amazonia.

But back to the main point. You see the inhabitants of this planet is like the tiger version of the Amazons because they are like the Amazons in every way, they have the same strength and same heigth except they dress a little different. Where as the Amazons wear cloths that look like somthing straight out of ancient Greece, the Tigorians on the other hand wear cloths that look like they're from some sort of medieval fantasy type dream. This is what they looked like: the top was like a bikini top, but not like any old bikini top. They had jewels all over the cups and some had one two three or even four beaded strand's hanging down from the strap that is between the cups of the top. The bottom was sort of like the bottom of a bikini, except the front went down a little bit as did the back and on the front of the female loincloth. The one that Leela was wearing had the royal symbol on the front wich was a circle with the tiger's claw in the middle and with rays of light shining around it like the sun.

When they landed next to the palace, Leela was greeted by her royal gaurd and was taken to the throneroom so she could tell them what had happened on her mother's planet. With her gone Bira decided to go see what her room looks like. That just left fry to go and check out the palace.

When he got bored of doinig that he saw a huge wooden door hich he opened. The door opend to the royal library. As he wandered through the library, he passed shelves upon shelves of books. When he got the end of the library he saw a spiral staircase leading to another floor. When Fry reaced the top of the staircase he saw a sign that read Hall of Recorded Prophecies. As he walked along the row upon row of books full of every recorded prophecy ever spoken by this planet's highpriestes'. When he got to the second row the first book of that row caught his eye. Fry grabed the book. On the spine it said The Prophecy of the Dark Monarchs. This however made him remember what the priest of fire said back when he was still on Earth, something about he would be in many battles and he would be in a battle that will prepare him for the ultimate battle. He opened the book and started reading.

The scene changes from the library to the throneroom where Leela just got through explaining what happened. With that said she asked the guard if she had seen her daughter or her husband. The guard told her that her daughter was in her room but they had no idea where her husband was. Well how about the security cameras, maybe they saw where he went. So they patched into the security network and went from camera to camera until they found the right one. It shwed him at one of the tables that's in there reading a book. Leela asked the guard if she knew what he was reading. She said: not from this range but I could zoom in if you want? Yes please, Leela said. So the guard did as she was told and pressed a button that said zoom in their native language. When it got in as much as it could go Leela told the guard to stop so she did. Leela saw what he was reading and gasped when she read what was on the spine of the book.

Fry was siting at the table reading the book, his eyes opened wide when he saw the page he was reading talked about him even though it did not say his name. No, it is what it said about the birth mark that is on his right arm. It also talked about the enemy and it mentioned the name of this evil, it says that they are called the dark monarchs and it says they must be stopped because if they are not stopped then the intire planet will revert back to the way it was. The porophecy also fortold the coming of a hero that would come to do battle with the dark monarchs.

So will Fry defeat the dark monarchs or will the intire planet revert back to the way it was? What of this ultimate the priest talked about? For this and more stay tuned for part five in wich he discovers that there is another battle befor the final battle with the ultimate evil. Written by Raziel, see ya soon.